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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Archive 2007 July 31 Port Chester News Wire

Pro golf tour returns to Concord this week


Monitor staff

When Meaghan Francella double-bogeyed the treacherous par-5, 16th hole at Beaver Meadow Golf Course in last year's Duramed Futures Tour event, the Port Chester, N.Y., native was distraught.

She had just thrown away a great chance to win the event - eventually tying for second - and with only four tournaments to play, was unsure whether or not she'd get one of the five coveted exemptions to play on the LPGA Tour in 2007.

Although angry, Francella remained undeterred and went on to finish in no worse than 16th place over the final four events, earning her tour card for the current LPGA season.

The Duramed Futures Tour - the LPGA's Developmental Tour - makes its fourth consecutive stop in the Capital Area and third straight at Beaver Meadow for this year's USI Championship....

...Francella, however, may be the most accomplished of last year's graduates. Currently 18th on the money list, Francella earned her first LPGA win in March in a four-hole playoff against the face of the LPGA Tour, Annika Sorenstam. ...

Archive 2007 July 31 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Rye Brook Trustees Votes Condos for Konigsberg;

RFAC Considers Legal Action

Tuesday evening the Rye Brook Trustees approved Kip Konigsberg Bowman Avenue development. One of two things just happened: A. one of the most obvious flood mitigation opportunities just went down the proverbial drain; or B. the buyout price for the land just went way up for Rye City and Westchester County.

If government can’t organize itself a little better, that $50 million over five years Andy Spano set aside won’t mitigate very much.

MyRye.com received this update from the Rye Flood Action Coalition in reaction to the Bowman development:

It was not an unexpected setback for the Rye Flood Action Coalition. The development was approved after one of the Trustees tried to rationalize for 20 min. how she came up to her decision. It sounded more like an apology to us than an endorsement for the project........

Full story: My Rye

Archive 2007 July 30 Port Chester News Wire

by Hezi Aris

Westchester County Board Legislator Martin Rogowsky (D, I, WF – Harrison) was pleased to announce that the Village of Port Chester has received a $65000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). ...

...Angelo Place has inadequate storm water facilities in the road bed caused by development on the street. This project will include, but is not limited to, rock removal by trenching, installation of 15” piping, and concrete pavement.

“I’m glad that I was able to help Port Chester in obtaining this grant as this project will help minimize flooding in this area” said Rogowsky.


A great catch Fishermen keep an eye out for bluefish

By Michael Dinan

Roger Cortello, 73, a retired chef from southern France, stretched his legs from a cooler set on Steamboat Road's stone pier yesterday afternoon and peered toward the spot where his fishing line disappeared into the gray Long Island Sound.

'I enjoy fishing, and I have nothing to do after breakfast and lunch. So far I've caught one bluefish,' said Cortello, a Utah resident who comes to Greenwich for six weeks each summer to cook for a wealthy woman that lives here. 'Maybe I cook it for her. Maybe not. I keep a few. We have three people cooking for the one lady.......

Jesus Santilla, 15, of Port Chester, N.Y., a weekend fisherman at Greenwich's only public pier throughout the summer, said it's exciting to land a bluefish, but enjoyable regardless of the catch.

'I just like trying,' Santilla said. 'If I catch one it's good. If not, it's still fun.........


From The Journal News

Meaghan Francella was never in contention yesterday, but the Port Chester native increased the size of her check by finishing the Evian Masters with a 2-under-par round of 70.

She passed two dozen competitors and finished tied for 30th at 3-over 293.


by Petes2Cents

Going green - I really never thought about saving our planet, till I became a little older. But when I did start thinking about it, and talking to my friends and family, I realized, that when I was younger, growing up in Port Chester, Westchester County, New York...spring would start, right around March 21, summers were long, falls would inch right up till Thanksgiving, and Christmas's would be white.

In addition, everything was so much greener, so much in fact, that all my high school buddies became landscapers......

Archive 2007 July 29 Rye Brook Westchester & Beyond

Local Letter To The Editor

'Being green' just up to little guy?

"Don't make left turns." This is what my wife called me at work about after reading an article on saving fuel and becoming more "green." I wondered then, "How will I make it home?"

With the planet seemingly on the brink of collapse from global warming, I can only hope that some day we will end our reliance on gasoline, and have "clean"-burning fuels instead.......

....It would be refreshing to hear the CEOs of fossil fuel-producing companies, and even the president of the U.S., announce that cleaner, more environmentally friendly fuels are on the way- and soon! Then I can go back to making left turns and finally make it home.

G.R. Ceccarelli

Port Chester

Link To All The Days Letters To The Editor


by rht

The NY Times posts "Now You Own It, Soon You Don't?," a story about property owners fighting eminent domain abuse in Long Branch, NJ; Norwalk, CT, and Port Chester, NY, among other places. The article also details the legislative ...


Denise Grant emailed us at PortChesterRoundUp@gmail.com

and sent us this message.....

More water access desired

My cousin thought this was interesting.

"Almost four centuries ago, Henry Hudson and Adriaen Block became the first Europeans to fully explore the Hudson River and Long Island Sound.

To get to the waters now associated with their names - the Hudson for Henry and the Sound (capped by Block Island) for Adriaen - the two sailed an ocean bounded by the unknown.

From Pelham Manor to Port Chester on the Sound and from Yonkers to Haverstraw to Cold Spring on the river, getting to the water can be a challenge. ..."

Do you?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Archive 2007 July 29 Port Chester News Wire

From The Journal News

Teeing off well before the leaders, Port Chester's Meaghan Francella continued her fast ascent up the leaderboard today at the Evian Masters in Evian-Les-Baines, France.
Francella shot a 2-under-par 70 in a round that included four birdies and two bogeys and finished tied for 30th.

Archive 2007 July 29 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

From The Journal News

Arriving at a "seventh wonder" is not an easy task. There is simply too much weirdness out there.

Readers were challenged to come up with their own favorite oddities to assist in the completion of my list of six parochial wonders (see my July 10 column) and they did not disappoint. More than 30 suggestions were sent in. Some were easily discarded but most were quite good.....

... parks and whole municipalities. Mixing civic pride with political criticism, Beth Galasso suggested that Port Chester is a wonder because 'I wonder all the time.' ...

Full Story: Journal News

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Archive 2007 July 28 Port Chester News Wire

From: The Journal News

More than a decade of effort has brought significant progress in cleaning Long Island Sound, a vital fishing and boating paradise that pumps billions into the regional economy.

Striped bass and bluefish run strong; ospreys, egrets and herons prod the waters for prey. Dozens of treatment plants scrub sewage before allowing it into the 116-mile- long estuary of the Atlantic Ocean.

... he said. "But it still shows up as an issue of concern." Kevin Reynolds, the captain of a fishing boat out of Port Chester, remembers when the Byram River on its way to Long Island Sound would run red. Or green. Or maybe purple. "When I was a kid, ...


The Journal News

Meaghan Francella began to climb back up the leaderboard yesterday at the Evian Masters.

... the leaderboard yesterday at the Evian Masters. After shooting a 79 and barely surviving the cut on Friday, the Port Chester native shot a 1-over-par 73 and moved into a tie for 54th place after three rounds at the Evian Masters Golf Club in ...

Today's Port Chester Pick
"YouTube Or Boob Tube, You Decide"

Archive 2007 July 28 Rye Brook, Westchester County And Beyond

Archive 2007 July 28 Rye Brook, Westchester County And Beyond

Rye People: Matt Fahey

Your Day Job: Director at Credit Suisse. I am responsible for financial planning and analysis of all fixed income products within the Investment banking division of the firm.

... expands the number of ethnic cuisines we can order from. Some of my favorites: 1. A Taste of India (Indian, in Port Chester) - ' Though they don't deliver, they make exceptionally good Chicken Tikka Masala, and their na'an is always freshly baked. ...

Full story: My Rye

Friday, July 27, 2007

Archive 2007 July 27 Port Chester News Wire

Empire State Games Update

Charles Gonzalez From Port Chester win silvers in Greco-Roman wrestling

....Melvin Cooper Jr. (Nanuet) and Charles Gonzalez (Port Chester) win silver medals in Greco-Roman wrestling.....

Full Story: Journal News


by Tony Pinciaro

Melvin Cooper Jr. (Nanuet) and Charles Gonzalez (Port Chester) were silver medalists in open and scholastic men’s Greco-Roman wrestling, respectively. Cooper Jr. (167-pound weight class), who is 45, and was competing in his first Games ...


Also In Port Chester Sports News

Francella shoots 1-under 71 in first round

of Evian Masters

Port Chester's Meaghan Francella shot a 1-under-par 71 yesterday in the opening round of the Evian Masters in Evian, France.


Hurry And Sign Up

by Doug Henwood

From: Joanne Landy jlandy@igc.org

Date: June 27, 2007 1:20:34 PM EDT


Hi all! (please reply with any questions, and with the theater/timeyou have chosen. If you like, you can use the little form at the endof this message. Otherwise just send a fresh email with the info),

PLEASE JOIN US IN HELPING BUILD A national movement to take advantageof movie goer’s frustration after seeing Sicko and channel theirenergies towards helping improve healthcare and promoting a singlepayer platform.

We now have a reasonably full list of movie theatersshowing the film — more than 50 volunteers, including a fleet ofmedical students, so we should be able to cover most of the theaterson opening night, Friday, June 29. We can use more volunteers, soplease help if you can! (and apologies in advance if you get morethan one copy of this email.)

WESTCHESTER -NO TIMES LISTED YET–check the newspapers or call Regal New Roc City Clearview Bronxville AMC Loews Port Chester Jacob Burns Film Center All Westchester Saw Mill. NASSAU COUNTY- NO TIMES LISTED YET–check the newspapers or ...

Archive 2007 July 27 Rye Brook, Westchester And Beyond

Please Note:
Port Chester Round Up Graveyard

Some of the links that have been previously worked on Port Chester Roundup are broken.
Many of the links are gone or now require payment. News organizations seem to think that current news should be free but you should have to pay for old news. If you are looking for something you remember seeing some months ago, the link should be there, but the story may be gone.
Virtually All Westmore News Stories current or old will require a visa or master card.
When are News Publishers going to learn that news should be free.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Archive 2007 July 26 Port Chester News Wire

Police Blotter

"If it Bleeds it Leads"

A village teen charged with hitting his uncle on the head with a bottle was additionally charged with participating in a burglary a week later, police said.

Christopher Stanley, 16, was accused Monday afternoon of being among the three to five men who participated in a Sands Street home burglary on July 11. During the burglary, one of the men sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman who was asleep alone in an apartment, police said.
Stanley was arrested Mondayon a...

A man and woman helping a 78-year-old widow hang curtains filched an envelope containing nearly $4,000, police said.

But one of the thieves had remorse and turned herself in.

"I think it got the best of her and that's why she came in," Lt. James Ladeairous said about the 41-year-old Port Chester woman.

Carolyn Turner went to police headquarters yesterday and told detectives that she and Larry Johnson, 49, picked up an envelope containing $3,995.......

Ann O'Keefe-Bave of Larchmont

Needs facts about drinking age

Letter To The Editor

As the parent of teenage children I am puzzled about the item in your A.M. Report on July 20. Apparently an 18-year-old from Rye purchased beer at a Port Chester grocery and only the clerk in the grocery was charged with a crime. Is it really legal for underage people to purchase alcohol, just not consume it? What if the beer was open, is that a crime?

Full Letter To The Editor: Via The Journal News


Here is one for you all - Restaurant review: Palomino (Norwalk Advocate)"Rafael Palomino is well-known for innovative interpretations of his native Colombian and other South American cuisines.

With Sonora in Port Chester, N.Y., and Pacifico in Port Chester and New Haven, Palomino established his reputation for upscale, sophisticated Latin food in a colorful, fun setting. The newest venture, Palomino, in Old Greenwich, expands these horizons by billing itself as ..."

Here is the linkRead More


On The Lighter Side....

Warm Hands Is Looking For A Hook Up

26 Jul 2007

Gender: Man

Income: Please ask me

Age: 20

Located in: Port Chester, NY, United States

Title: I seek a hot white girl that is looking for a black guy.

Archive 2007 July 26 Rye Brook, Westchster & Beyond

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Archive 2007 July 25 Port Chester News


$ We$tmore $nooze $


It looks like the Greedy Abel Clan just lost another potential customer for their advertisers.

Johnston-Scala wed at Manhattan College (People Section) from Google Blog Search: “manhattan college” -marymount by unknown Please log in to read at http://pc.westmorenews.com/.

Hey Richard, Here is a very smart media analyst Vin Crosby also finds fault with the growing trendtoward paid subscriptions. It’s a quick fix that only digs publishers in adeeper hole.

It is time that Bernie And Richard Abel started giving back to Port Chester.

Verizon is now taking orders for FiOS TV in parts of Bayville, the Town of North Hempstead, New Hyde Park, Sands Point, the Town of Haverstraw, West Haverstraw, Chestnut Ridge and the Town of North Castle, including the unincorporated hamlets within each of the eight towns. The company already offers FiOS TV in more than 70 New York communities through cable franchises that have been approved in White Plains, Rye Brook, Irvington, Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown, Eastchester, Mount Kisco, Elmsford, Port Chester, Tuckahoe, Orangetown, Piermont, the Town of Greenburgh, Airmont, Clarkstown, Nyack, South Nyack, Upper Nyack, Grandview-on-Hudson, Massapequa Park, Cedarhurst, Laurel Hollow, Lynbrook, Mineola, East Rockaway, Farmingdale, Valley Stream, Freeport, Williston Park, Huntington, Smithtown, Hempstead and Oyster Bay. Verizon also has been granted franchises by Mount Pleasant and Old Field and will launch FiOS TV in these communities soon. "Residents of these eight additional communities now can join the other New Yorkers who have been given an outstanding, superior choice for their video entertainment," said Monica Azare, Verizon senior vice president for New York and Connecticut. "FiOS TV will bring something to consumers they've never had before, with incredible pictures and sound clarity and innovative new services - all from a brand they know and trust. "Customers who liked what FiOS did for their Internet connection will love what it does for their TV. We've harnessed the speed and capacity of fiber-based broadband with the power of broadcast to create a revolutionary, new entertainment experience," said Azare. Consumers can check online at www.verizon.com/fiostv to see if FiOS TV is already available in their area, or to request that Verizon contact them when FiOS TV becomes available

Archive 2007 July 25 Rye Brook Westchesr & Beyond

Cops: Operator knew victim wasn't seated

“I am confident the park is safe. I am confident that the park continues to be safe. However, there was some things that were falling through the cracks, specifically with the concessionaires, that I believe are going to get stepped up”

A teenager at the controls of Playland's Mind Scrambler started last month's deadly ride at full throttle, even though he apparently knew that a co-worker was not properly seated in one of its cars, according ... via Journal News

Full story: Journal News

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Archive 2007 July 23 Port Chester News Wire

More On Brody's Legal Victory Over Port Chester

by Thomas L. Knapp

“After seven years of litigation, a federal trial judge confirmed last week what Bill Brody has known all along — the government must provide citizens with notice before their right to challenge eminent domain expires. Further, the judge ruled, the Village of Port Chester violated Brody’s rights by failing to do so. …

While Brody was restoring four abandoned buildings in Port Chester, the village issued him permits but never once informed him that in the end it planned to take his buildings, bulldoze them, and hand the land over to a private developer for a Stop & Shop supermarket parking garage.

Instead of mailing Bill notice of the imminent loss of his rights, the village published a legal classified ad that didn’t mention anything about the fact that property owners would be waiving their rights if they didn’t file a lawsuit within 30 days. Now, seven years after his fight began, Bill remains in federal court; proceedings later this year will determine what remedy Bill is due for the Village’s violation of his rights.” (07/22/07)

“This is an important decision for the rights of property owners across the country,” said Dana Berliner, a senior attorney for the Institute for Justice, which represents Brody and property owners fighting eminent domain nationwide. “The judge has rejected the village’s dangerous attempt to undermine the Constitution and vindicated a fundamental principle: that the government cannot rely on hints and rumors to warn citizens that their rights are in jeopardy. It is the government’s job to provide citizens with fair notice—not the citizens’ job to chase down the government and ask if it plans to violate their rights that day.”

The consultants and volunteer members attending were thoughtful, thorough, dedicated, and professional. But, a tunnel alternative to the bridge is not now being considered in the alternatives under study by this working group, and three other working groups (Traffic/Transit, Land Use, and Bridge Design). At an earlier environmental stakeholder meeting, the higher cost of a tunnel, various impeding logistics, and affect on wetlands were noted as restraints....

... bridge with eight general purpose and two high-occupancy, higher speed toll lanes for BRT between Suffern and Port Chester. 4) Commuter Rail Transit (CRT) in Rockland and in Westchester plus a new bridge 5) CRT in Rockland, Light Rail in Westchester ..


Stephen Marc Beaudoin - is a performing artist, writer and director currently based in Portland, Oregon. Beaudoin has performed as soloist or ensemble member with Trinity Consort, Cappella Romana, Opera Boston, King's Chapel, Cantores in Ecclesia and Portland Baroque Orchestra; acted in multiple award-winning productions with New Repertory Theater, Lyric Stage Company of Boston, Hand2Mouth Theatre, Boston Playwrights Theatre and American Heartland Theatre; and stage directed for Opera Omaha, Vox Consort, Opera Boston and New England Conservatory. Beaudoin is currently contributing arts writer/critic for Willamette Week (Portland, OR); staff singer at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral; as well as a nonprofit arts consultant. He is a founding member of the new classical manband, FourScore. Beaudoin is an alum, with distinction in performance honors, of Boston's New England Conservatory of Music.

But the number one thing that stephen is proud of is that someone from Port Chester visited his blog. If you want to get Stephen excited send him an email and tell its from Beautiful and exotic down town Port Chester.
Maybe Stephen will do a blog post that called "Just Got An Email From Port Chester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He can be reached at stephenbeaudoin@hotmail.com

Archive 2007 July 24 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

With little notice and barely any fanfare, the community health centers that serve the poor and the uninsured throughout the Lower Hudson Valley have quietly expanded in recent years.
... Open Door Family Medical Center, which started as a storefront clinic in Ossining in the 1970s, now cares for more than 30,000 patients a year in four clinics - in Ossining, Sleepy Hollow, Mount Kisco and its newest, a gleaming two-story clinic in Port Chester, which in 2006 replaced a smaller clinic in Rye Brook. These clinics provide medical care on a sliding-scale basis to ...
Full Story: The Journal News
Video From Open Door Medical Center
Up Comming Events From Open Door Medical Center

Monday, July 23, 2007

Archive 2007 July 23 Port Chester News Wire

“I am a total proponent of affordable home ownership and the fact that it is a tool to use with developers to get some housing for people starting out in the village”

Local housing advocates are dismayed over the defeat of a proposal to require moderate-income housing in new developments downtown.

via The Journal News

Full story: The Journal News

Archive 2007 July 23 Rye Brook Westchester & Beyond

Letters To Journal News About The Death At Playland Park Dominated The Opinion Page

Laurino Rubino Of Port Chester Writes....
Owner of ride put safety first

When I think of Playland, I think of Billy Lukaswitz. As a teenager, a lot of my friends used to work for Billy at Playland, running the Mind Scrambler........

........It is unfortunate that these incidents have occurred. I do not think that any of these rides or games owned and operated by S&L Amusements should be shut down. These rides and games have been a part of Playland history for many, many years.


William R. Lacerenza of New Rochelle writes...
Criticism of Playland is undeserved

The death that occurred at Playland was a very sad event indeed and should have never happened, but I feel there is a lot of unfair scrutiny of Playland and Westchester County.
First, you have to look at the overall picture. Playland, which opened in 1928, did not have the first fatal incident occur at it until 1988......
......The county has also come under fire in regards to Playland because it does not turn a profit and even some people are going as far to say it should be sold.

Read all of today's Journal News Letters To The Editor ( Here )

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Archive 2007 July 22 Port Chester News Wire

Port Chester wrongly took businessman's land, judge rules

LoHud.com brings us the ultimate nightmare situation: the eminent domain case is won - after the buildings in question have been knocked down, paved over, and made into parking lots.

Brody's fight centered on whether the village had properly informed him of its intent to seize his properties. The village announced its intention in a legal ad in The Journal News in July 1999, following a public hearing on the matter. Brody then had 30 days to challenge the village's "determination and findings" regarding the project.

Brody said he didn't find out until 2000 that the village was going to seize his properties. By that time, his 30-day window had long since expired and he no longer had the right to challenge the seizure.

Largely because of Brody's case, New York state changed its eminent domain law in 2004 to require municipalities to notify property owners by certified mail or personal delivery of decisions to seize their land.

From The Blog: No Land Grab

Here is the Journal News article
More On The Brody Decision
PORT CHESTER—After seven years of litigation, a federal trial judge confirmed last week what Bill Brody has known all along—the government must provide citizens with notice before their right to challenge eminent domain expires. Further, the judge ruled, the Village of Port Chester violated Brody’s rights by failing to do so.

...........“This common-sense ruling is long-overdue: now, there is no question that Port Chester failed to provide Bill Brody with the basic notice guaranteed by the Constitution,” said IJ Staff Attorney Robert McNamara. “For property owners nationwide, this ruling means that there is still some teeth to constitutional protections for their homes and small businesses.

“Bill Brody has waged a heroic fight against eminent domain abuse, and it is fitting that his constitutional rights have finally been vindicated,” said Chip Mellor, IJ president and general counsel. “His never-say-die determination is a shining example for home and small business owners across the country.”

Full Story: North Country Gazette

Archived Links:

http://www.northcountrygazette.org/articles/2007/031907DomainTrial.html http://www.northcountrygazette.org/articles/120505IllegalSeizure.html 7-22-07


Port Chester wrongly took businessman's land, judge rules

22 Jul 2007 by admin LoHud.com brings us the ultimate nightmare situation: the eminent domain case is won - after the buildings in question have been knocked down, paved over, and made into parking lots.

read more.Planetizen Radar - The Planning and Development... - http://radar.planetizen.com


The History Of Brody's Legal Battle

July 1999: The village of Port Chester announces its decision to seize William Brody's four office buildings and two lots as part of its downtown redevelopment plan.

October 2000: Brody files a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, challenging the village's attempt to seize his properties.

August 2001: The village annexes Brody's properties. His four buildings and two additional lots are among 39 properties incorporated into the massive development that includes a Costco, a Super Stop & Shop, a Loews movie theater, and a Bed, Bath & Beyond. The village closes or relocates 100 businesses to make way for the project.

January 2005: A federal judge rules the village legally seized Brody's properties.

December 2005: U.S. Court of Appeals reverses the lower court's decision and sends the case back to U.S. District Court for trial.

March: Judge Harold Baer conducts a non-jury trial on the case.


Archive 2007 July 22 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Blind Brook school officials say Rye town reaps benefit of district's money
RYE TOWN - Officials in the Blind Brook school district are calling for the town to change the way it distributes school taxes, saying the town is unjustly reaping well over $100,000 in interest each year by parceling out the district's money....
Full story: Journal News

Archive 2007 July 22 - 31 Port Chester Business Wire

July 23rd

TiVo CEO juggles life, work on 2 coasts
Company head commutes between Calif., New York

Twice a week, Tom Rogers gets on a plane to commute between his home in Harrison, N.Y., and his job in Silicon Valley.As president and chief executive officer of TiVo — the company that made digital video recorders popular — Rogers needs to be in California four days a week. But when he took the job in 2005, he made no secret of his plans to keep his home base in New York.

Born in Scarsdale, N.Y., Rogers has a life that's not easily transplanted.

His wife, Sylvia, owns a local indoor play center in Port Chester, N.Y. ("She's probably better known locally than I am," he said.), and two of his three children go to school there."

We sat down as a family and talked about it, and everybody in the end was supportive of seeing if we could make it work," Rogers said. "It helped that my kids were enormous TiVo fans."

He's in rare air. Alan E. Pisarski, the Virginia-based transportation consultant and author of "Commuting in America," said he's never heard of anyone with a commute like Rogers'.

"He probably has the record for the longest commute in the country by a lot," Pisarski said........

.........Every night, the family holds a conference call that includes his son in Boston and his wife and two younger children in Harrison.

"Everybody gets on the phone, and we have 45 minutes or so of everybody talking about their day and what's going on. We've been doing that for two years," he said. "It's a remarkable way to keep the family dynamics going."

Sylvia Rogers said the couple long ago learned to balance career and time for each other. It was during their courtship that Tom took the job on Capitol Hill while she stayed in New York.

Full Story: The News Press Of Southwest Florida


TiVo CEO works in California, lives in Westchester

His wife, Sylvia, owns the Leapin' Lizards indoor play center in Port Chester. ("She's probably better known locally than I am," he said.) His daughter, Jessica, just graduated from Rye Country Day, and his 14-year-old son, Jason, ...

tivo Community - tivo Coffee House - tivo... - http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb

Archive 2007 July 22 - 31 Port Chester Diversions

Port Chester E. A. S. E.
Entertainment – Arts – Social – Etcetera

July 28th

16th Annual Richard Grandazzo Sr. Memorial Baseball Tournament

The Kiwanis Club Of Port Chester / Rye Brook will hold the 16th Annual Richard Granazzo Sr. Memorial Baseball Tournament at Lyon Park in Port Chester. The tournament for 11 year olds will start at 10 am.

This is a tournament of teams of 11 year olds from surrounding communities in a double elimination contest.

All proceeds from the tournament will go to charitable causes that will help and serve the community. The MVP trophy will be in memory of Longtime Kiwanis member Bill Santora.

The tournament will be held on July 28 and 29, as well as, August 4th and 5th . Food and drinks will be sold. For additional information contact Raymond Sculky at (914) 481 – 4360.


July 24th

Review of Hostaria Mazzei in Port Chester

Here's how the meal went

"Appetizer"(not really an appetizer, but bread and butter) - Fantastic. The bread was hot and fresh; the breadsticks were also fresh and made with rosemary. Butter was clearly hand made, and was delicious. A+ for the bread and butter.

Entree - I got the veal. It was OK. Not the best meal I've ever had, but not the worst. I'd give this a B+.

Desert - I got a chocolate cake. It was horrendous. It tasted like it had just been defrosted from some frozen desert in the supermarket.

My brother got the sorbet. This was the worst part of the meal. It was LTIERALLY from Costco. They just fluffed up the top and made it wavy. What kind of restaurant serves something DIRECTLY from Costco? Seriously, this is a new low for restaurants.

Overall, I probably wouldn't go back, as the desert aspect put me off so much. The fact that a restaurant would even think of using prepared foods from costco is just frightening.

By: mikesown

Link : Chowhound's Latest » Tristate Region - http://www.chowhound.com/boards/20


July 23rd

Chamber Of Commerce Summer Feast

Port Chester – Rye Brook – Rye Town Chamber Of Commerce will hold it’s annual summer feast at Crawford Park from 6 to 10 pm. Dinner, Free Giveaways and a live band will be featured. However, you must bring your own bottle if you want alcoholic refreshments.

The cost is $45 per person and is limited to the first 125 persons who RSVP with Vinnie Carr at (914) 939 -1900. This event will held rain or shine.

Crawford Park is located at 122 North Ridge Street in Rye Brook.


White Plains Hospital Center Upcoming August Events

Written by Westchester.com

Monday, 23 July 2007

Health Check

A free screening program, sponsored by WPHC Home Care, makes nurses available to answer health questions and perform free blood pressure and blood sugar testing. Screenings will take place at:

  • 169 Terrace Avenue, Port Chester, August 8th, 11:00 am- 12:30 pm.

  • 10 Drew Street, Port Chester, August 15th, 1:00- 2:30 pm.

For additional information, call 914-681-1087.

Full Listing Of Events (Here)


Ebb Tide in Port Chester

26 Jul 2007 Maybe I'm going at odd times, but I've eaten there probably 3 or 4 times and never encountered any line beyond maybe 1 person. We were there at lunchtime on July 4th and the patio was close to full, but no one was inside and there was ...

Chowhound's Latest » Tristate Region - http://www.chowhound.com/boards/20


Ecuadorian restaurant in NYC?

From Lonely Planet

I was going to say the same thing! Search Chowhound on the "outer boroughs" of the NYC boards...you will not find it in Manhattan.

... you are in the outer outer boroughs , ie New Jersey or New York State, there are some Ecuadorian restaurants. Port Chester in particular (20 minute Metro North ride from Manhattan) has a long strip of Latin American restaurants. Kearny, in NJ, not ...

via Lonely Planet

Archive 2007 July 22 - 31 Port Chester Media Watch

Carvin, Kaplan, And Valenti Are Going To Cause School Taxes To Unnecessarily Skyrocket With The Help Of Ritchie Abel and The Westmore News

Single Family Home Owners In Rye Brook, Rye Neck And Port Chester Will Suffer.

Ritchie "The Republican Spin Meister" Abel is at again.

In the latest issue of the Westmore Snooze Richie has given the village another edition of his publisher's corner column which is solely designed to punish the Rye Town Employees and Officials who once again caught his father cheating on his property taxes.
For More Information On Bernard Abel's Latest Tax Cheating Please Go Here

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Archive 2007 July 22 - 31 Port Chester Sports Wire

July 23



The tournament directors at the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship invited the "Who's Who" of women's golf.

Instead, they wound up with the "Who? Who?" of the sport.

With nine of the top 10 players being knocked out before the third round, yesterday's final featured 22nd-seeded Seon Hwa Lee and No. 12 Ai Miyazato - not exactly household names.
Lee, who despite lacking star power, is quickly becoming one of the top players on the tour, captured her second LPGA title yesterday, beating Miyazato, 2 and 1.

The South Korean Lee is one of the best young players in the world, as is the Japanese Miyazato, Though they are celebrities in their native countries, that is not the case here. It was evidenced by the paltry amount of people who actually attended the finale at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle.

Such was the state of the tournament and to a greater extent, the LPGA itself, which has a handful of players who can draw a crowd. And virtually all of those players were gone by the end of the second round.

Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis were gone by Friday and Michelle Wie turned down an exemption to play in the tournament, leaving Port Chester's Meaghan Francella to keep people interested. When her run ended after the quarterfinals on Saturday, so did much interest in the event.......

Full Story: NY Post



NEW ROCHELLE (New York): South Korean 10th seed Kim Mi-hyun reached the semi-finals of the US$2 million Women’s World Matchplay Championship on Saturday with a one-up victory over compatriot Lee Jee-young.

Kim was just one of two players within the top 12 that made it to the quarter-finals in the upset-strewn tournament at Wykagyl Country Club.

... Meaghan Francella had her run ended with a 4 and 3 loss to Maria Hjorth of Sweden. Meaghann, a native of nearby Port Chester and the 33rd seed, had shocked top-seeded Lorena in the second round

Full Story: New Straits Times (Malaysia)


Kim was just one of two players within the top 12 that made it to the quarter-finals in the upset-strewn tournament at Wykagyl Country Club.

Among the top players knocked out between Thursday and Friday were world No. 1 Lorena Ochoa, third seed Annika Sorenstam, No. 5 Pak Se-ri, eighth seed Paula Creamer and No. 13 Brittany Lincicome, the defending champion.

But Kim, winner of the the SemGroup Championship in May, was able to buck the upset trend to set up a match with 22nd-seeded compatriot Lee Seon-hwa.
The 18-hole final was to follow the semi-finals.....

... Francella had her run ended with a 4 and 3 loss to Maria Hjorth of Sweden. Francella, a native of nearby Port Chester and the 33rd seed, had shocked top-seeded Ochoa in the second round. It was the second straight time that the 25-year-old upset the ...

Full Story: Taipei Times (Tiawan)


Seon Hwa Lee birdied the 17th hole to beat Ai Miyazato 2-and-1 in the final of the HSBC Women's World Match Play Champioship at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle...

... 1-up after three holes on 40th-seeded Maria Hjorth, the player who ousted local favorite Meaghan Francella of Port Chester in yesterday's quarterfinal

Full Story: The Journal News


Francella, Francella, Francella, and More Francella.

Francella, Wagner playing out of the country this week

Meaghan Francella will be a long way from home.
A week after returning to Westchester to play in the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, the Port Chester native will be playing in the Evian Masters in Evian-les-Bains, France.

Full Story: Journal News


Doubts surface about HSBC's future at Wykagyl

NEW ROCHELLE - Like Seon Hwa Lee, the unassuming South Korean who prevailed through six rounds of the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship, assessments of the tournament's debut at Wykagyl Country Club were modest in nature......

Ochoa, and Karrie Webb; and featured a number of compelling upsets, most notably Ochoa's loss on Friday to Port Chester native Meaghan Francella. But by Sunday, those upsets had yielded a final four largely devoid of star power, and the result was ...

Full Story: Journal News


Officials happy with HSBC, fans not so sure

NEW ROCHELLE - Banners featuring the LPGA's biggest stars have lined North Avenue for the past month, highlighting a field at this week's HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship that featured Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa and Paula Creamer.....

... into the weekend at Wykagyl Country Club. The top nine seeds were eliminated after Friday's second round, and Port Chester native Meaghan Francella, a strong local attraction, was knocked out in Saturday's quarterfinal. According to tournament ...

Full Story: Journal News


LPGA: Meaghan Francella aimed high.

Facing a blind second shot on the par-5 18th, the North Carolina alumna hit a perfect 3-wood into the middle of the green to finish off top-ranked Lorena Ochoa in the second round of the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship in New Rochelle, N.Y."I just picked out a cloud," Francella said. "I didn't know where it went and then I heard the claps."

Francella, a tour rookie from nearby Port Chester, thrilled her large, vocal gallery with the 1-up victory over No. 1 Ochoa, who dropped out along with No. 3 Annika Sorenstam, No. 5 Se Ri Pak, No. 7 Suzann Pettersen and No. 8 Paula Creamer. No. 10 Mi Hyun Kim is the top remaining seed in the final 16

Full Story: News & Record (Greensboro, North Carolina)


MARIA Hjorth ended Meaghan Francella's run in the Women's World Match Play Championship, beating the local favorite 4 and 3 in the quarterfinals at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, New York, on Saturday.

The 40th-seeded Hjorth, a 19-hole winner over Angela Stanford in the third round on Saturday morning, set up a semifinal match against Japanese star Ai Miyazato. The 12th-seeded Miyazato birdied the par-5 18th to beat No. 61 Amy Hung 1-up.

In the other semifinal, No. 10 Kim Mi-hyun will face No. 22 Lee Seon-hwa in an all-South Korean matchup. Kim, the highest remaining seed, beat No. 15 Lee Jee-young 1-up. Lee Seon-hwa topped No. 35 Lindsey Wright of Australia 3 and 2.

Full Story: Shanghai Daily (China)


Junior golfer Alessandra Kutz of Sanford shot an even-par 72 Saturday in the first round at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships in Palm Beach Gardens. Kutz, competing in the girls 12-13 age division, enters round two of the three-day tournament tied for second. Kutz is entering seventh grade at Rock Lake Middle School. Leading the tournament is Thailand's Moriya Jutanugarn, who went 4 under to take a four-stroke lead. Kutz is tied for second with Briana Mao of Folsom, Calif.....

......"This week has been really, really good off the tee," Hjorth said. "I guess I'm considered as a long hitter, so that sometimes can be a bit of a help. I think also being able to have spin on the ball on these greens, because they're starting to firm up a lot and be really quick, is a big advantage, too.

"With wind gusts again making club selection difficult on the hilly course, the 33rd-seeded Francella, from nearby Port Chester, fell to Hjorth after beating No. 1 Lorena Ochoa 1-up Friday and topping Pat Hurst 2 and 1 Saturday morning.

Full Story: The Orlando Sentinel (Florida)


The large gallery that followed Meaghan Francella throughout her four rounds at the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship was left disappointed yesterday, but the crowd was perhaps not as disappointed as the tournament officials.

Francella, a Port Chester native, was eliminated in the quarterfinals, 4 and 3, by No. 40-seed Maria Hjorth, leaving the tournament with no major draws as it heads into its last day.

Full Story: NY Post


Maria Hjorth ended Meaghan Francella's run in the Women's World Match Play Championship, beating the local favorite 4 and 3 in the quarterfinals Saturday at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, N.Y.

The 40th-seeded Hjorth set up a semifinal match today against 12th-seeded Ai Miyazato, who birdied the par-5 18th hole to beat 61st-seeded Amy Hung 1-up.

In the other semifinal match, 10th-seeded Mi Hyun Kim will face 22nd-seeded Seon Hwa Lee. Kim, the highest-ranked player left in the field, beat 15th-seeded Jee Young Lee 1-up, and Seon Hwa Lee topped 35th-seeded Lindsey Wright 3 and 2.

Full Story: Chicago Sun-Times


NEW ROCHELLE - Last year the HSBC Women's World Match Play's final four were Lorena Ochoa, Juli Inkster, Paula Creamer and eventual champ Brittany Lincicome.

How many of HSBC's dollars do you think the title sponsor would pay to have any one of those players at Wykagyl for its final four today?

Never mind that. How many of HSBC's executives (or CBS-TV's) would volunteer to pick up Meaghan Francella in Port Chester and carry her and her gallery of friends, family, neighbors and former classmates - "people I haven't seen in years," Francella said - to New Rochelle today?

Full Story: The Journal News


NEW ROCHELLE - At the very end, when she was all out of frustration, Meaghan Francella could only manage a bemused smile. The Port Chester native had a ball in the rough, a stance in the bunker, and no realistic chance of knocking her ball close. In other words, she had her quarterfinal round in the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship summed up perfectly.

Full Story: Journal News

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