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Sunday, January 27, 2013

THE PORT CHESTER TOPIX NEWS MESSAGE BOARD: (4 stories) Crime and courts: 1/27

Topix Port Chester

Port Chester - News January 27, 2013

Brian Harrod - The Local Topix News Editor

Crime and courts: 1/27

(The Journal News)
James Ladeairous said. Brandon Devers was arrested about 10 p.m. after he allegedly broke windows at 185 and 191 Westchester Ave.
Members of The Saints Brigade drum and bugle corps of Port Chester are set to be part of the entourage for Carly Rose Sonenclar on Sunday as she is honored in a parade in Mamaroneck for her achievements.

Port Chester Roundup Is Seeking Reader Help On An Investigative Story About The Port Chester Industrial Development Agency


 We Are Currently Conducting A Journalistic Investigation About Some Reports Of Cronyism And Patronage At The Port Chester Industrial Development Agency (IDA).

 Some unconfirmed reports seem to indicate that this Cronyism And Patronage reach into the upper levels of County Executive Rob Astorino's Administration via Port Chester Trustee Joseph Kenner who has a lucrative county job with the Astorino government.

 We understand that there maybe audio tapes of an out of control Port Chester Industrial Development Agency Chairman Neil Pagano having a big fat out of control meltdown at a meeting of the local IDA.

There may have been an angry slip of the tongue from Chairman Pagano, who recently moved to Port Chester to take over his deceased father's local real estate empire.

If you have access to these Pagano tape or tapes, then we would like to hear them and get a copy to and post it at Port Chester Roundup, so the taxpayers of Port Chester can hear what is going on at the local IDA.

For too many years the problems with the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency have been swept under the rug with no accountability to taxpayers.

Recently, a local Port Chester development corporation was created in-name separate only from the Port Chester IDA.

Astorino administration employee and village trustee Joe Kenner is on the board of directors of this new additional Port Chester agency which will have the same board members as the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency.

Kenner who is wearing a lot of political hats is also Neil Pagano's vice chairman of the Port Chester IDA.

Wouldn't it be better to open up the process and bring more Port Chester residents in to help out instead of having Kenner wearing four or five hats?

 The Port Chester IDA should be another way for the village to promote and enhance employment opportunities and help foster an environment that says Port Chester is serious supporting projects that are beneficial to residents.

 It should not be insulated club for political insiders that isn't interested in welcoming partisipation from Port Chester residents.

Rye and Port Chester Patch editor Liz Giegerich will be holding a January "office hours" on Jan. 30 from 3 to 4 p.m. at Andy's Pure Food, located at 46 Purchase Street, Rye....

Bart Didden's Cousin Kieth Morlino Is Shocked That Crime Occurs In Other Towns Besides Port Chester!!!! Patch's Usual Suspects Column: The Park Bench Defecator; Thieves Targeting Cooking Oil Used at Restaurants, Etc, Etc., Etc.....

A second arrest of an Indian Point employee was made last week in connection with the arrest of a Tarrytown man who worked at the nuclear energy facility earlier this month. The second employee allegedly stole several thousand pounds of copper wire valued at more than $10,000 and sold it for several thousand dollars in cash. 
Tarrytown police reported finding human feces on RiverWalk park benches. Approximately seven specimens of human feces were found on park benches and along the periphery of Pierson Park between late November and early December. The problem seemed to have stopped until now. 
An Orangeburg business was the target of a new trend in thefts when $334 worth of used cooking oil was stolen from a Planet Wings location. A Long Island man is accused of the crime, which involved the removal of 125.5 gallons of the used cooking oil.
Port Chester police confronted a 24-year-old Port Chester man near The Capitol Theatre after receiving reports that he was intoxicated and throwing his body into storefront windows. The man broke windows at two store locations before police were able to stop him -- initially the man refused to stop for officers when they called to him and fought with officers, according to police. Police searched the man and found he was carrying Ecstacy pills, leading to a seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance charge. The man was not injured from the incident.  
After a father told his daughter she could not go to a friend's house, the 16-year-old Rye girl called the police. Although the girl hung up, the officer who received the call heard crying and called back, at which point the father told the officer why the girl had made the call. 
A Brewster man apparently lost control of his vehicle as he was trying to exit a Main Street driveway and ran through bushes, over a stonewall, and onto the sidewalk before it hit a parked pickup truck and came to a rest. No one was injured and police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. 
Related Topics: Unusual Suspects

via Port Chester Newswire http://bedford.patch.com/articles/unusual-suspects-412fa9e5

Port Chester Patch: Breaking News Alert - Yonkers Police Investigating Possible Plane Crash in Hudson River

Yonkers Police Investigating Possible Plane Crash in Hudson River

Julia Halewicz | Jan 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

Police are investigating a report of a plane going down in the Hudson River.

PORT CHESTER DAILY BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Ice, Sleet, Freezing Rain Poised. To Slam Westchester On Monday

Sunday, Jan 27 2013
Port Chester
News Alert

by Bob Dumas
WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The National Weather Service is calling for a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain throughout ...

Port Chester Drum and Bugle Corps Part of Parade to Honor X Factor Teen

Members of The Saints Brigade drum and bugle corps of Port Chester are set to be part of the entourage for Carly Rose Sonenclar on Sunday as she is honored in a parade in Mamaroneck for her achievements.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/port-chester-drum-and-bugle-corps-part-of-parade-to-honor-x-factor-teen

A Question For Bart Didden's Cousin Kieth Morlino....How Are These BITTER People Going To Make Port Chester A Better Place?

Port Chester Residents Are Getting Sick And Tired Of Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Little Band Of Haters At "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place"

These Unhappy And Raging Fools Are Are Once Again Are Increasing The Chances For A The Poorly Liked Port Chester Republican Party To Have Yet Another Crushing Defeat In The  Upcoming Village Mayoral Elections.......

please help make port chester a better place so that my houses value will rise back again and I can sell it and get the hell out. Phil michelson was right when he said "they are taxing us out of here".......so pleeeeeease help and by the way ,I am not alone and when the exodus begins who will be left with the tax burden?

  • Joseph Amelio Run like a thief Bobby, they're trying to fix the Titanic...
  • Robert Charles Hopf this is the year 2013 ..I am all for equal rights ...when the ship starts sinking women and children after me...get to the back of the line now we are equal for all the past times when you went first.
Many Village Residents Think That Bart Didden's Controversial Port Chester Facebook Front Group, "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Is More Problem Than Solution.....

This Village is going down the Shitter faster than we all can flush our own toilets!!
January 22 at 11:17pm near Port Chester
  • 2 people like this.
  • Linda Turturino were you at the meeting last night ?

  • Regina Grillo Linda!! LOL!!

  • Bryan Santucci No I was at a more important meeting! why what great things did I miss? am I going to get a tcket now that I missed the meeting?
  • Linda Turturino no Brian, our Village meetings are important and you need to come to the meetings and speak not just complain to this FB page
  • Bryan Santucci Ive made no compaints, ive commented on posts, and actions, and made statements..
  • Keith Morlino And there it is Bryan Santucci LoL....

  • Linda Turturino so when are you going to come to a meeting and speak...
  • Linda Turturino i dont think you ever answered me what board or commission do you sit on to try to make this a better place
  • Keith Morlino He did come to a public safety meeting I had ..

Bart Didden's Little Band Of Haters Just Go On And On And On......

Bryan Santucci Im just tired of all these parking rules etc... Now im not allowed to be at a bar past 1am? Maybe every bad should close at 1am and let Albany find out how much in sales tax they lose! PC is losing revenue as well, making people go elsewhere! Wait a minute...maybe that is the true intentions, bring PC resident to neighboring towns to spend our hard earned money! Hmmmmmm\


Michael Bambace So you raise the rents to cover the fees. Then you can't rent out the apartments because people can no longer afford to live here. Now you have vacant apartments you can't rent, next comes the mortgage and tax foreclosures. Then the village seizes your apt house. Now theres no fees, fines or taxes to collect because the village now owns your vacant apartment building.... Yeah that sure makes Port Chester a better place!

  • Linda Turturino Bottom line if you have a 3 bedroom house and have 15 mattress in them the Village has no problem with that and Village employees have even stated so - I know someone will back me up - this is the problem eyes shut no enforcement !
  • Linda Turturino Liz quick question do you have a CO for your house ? And if you do does the Village have a copy ? if not it may not be as easy to get OUT as you think

Elizabeth Czajkowski-Rotfeld I wasnt calling you stupid. I love you! Just the idea of taxing people with children more. I respect you all. Sorry I was wrong using those words. I get fired up bc I want my kid to have what neighboring district kids have. I dont want to move.

Nancy Casino Let's not ruin a good thing.....how about no personal attacks and no trashing the town which we are trying to improve......you know, if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing.....

Keith Morlino Try and be nice and positive ? Maybe ? Would be nice

Bryan Santucci Im calling the police and filing a noise complaint for every horn I Hear! I am home from work sick today and I am being bothered! where are all the supporters of the noise complaints? Oh wait im not a bar, so it doesnt matter where else there is noise, only if its a bar! 

Joseph Amelio When I was a kid, I dreamed of living in my family's home and raising a family there. By the time I was old enough, I knew better. Very sad...

Tina Guglielmo-Fiore Regina-do u still live in PC? We have had a drug epidemic for yrs now. People have been complaining. Now they decide to crack down. We are losing our kids to drugs here. I have never seen so many screwed up kids. There is nothing in PC to grab there attention. And these are the ones that our supposed to take care of us in the future. That's scary!! We are over populated by lots of immigrants. People don't have jobs bec they can work for cheap so we lose out. Meanwhile we struggle to make it and not only do they get a paycheck but they get free medical, food stamps and. Cash assistance 

  • Bryan Santucci who cares how high someones grass is! you are not walking on someone else's lawn, who gives a shit! clean up the streets first before we attack a possible elderly couple, a handicapped person's grass! If i feel i want my lawn 12 inches high thats my problem, no one else's!!
  • Keith Morlino Your not cutting my lawn Bryan Santucci

  • Bryan Santucci No im not!

  • Joseph Amelio Why doesn't anyone go after the annoying taxis that refuse to obey traffic signs and buzz around the town like Mosquitos?

  • Bryan Santucci that is not an issue Joe, only bars are an issue in the village, over crowding, illegal housing, none of that is an issue, if you are a bar, or restaurant you are the biggest criminal there is and deserve no business!

  • Keith Morlino You know Bryan Santucci I get your point but there is something to be said about keeping your property in a neat clean fashion BUT that being said the law would apply to everyone equally ....I mean all you got to do is take a ride down fox island road....no offense to the people living on fox island but it is kind of a wreck

Bryan Santucci that's just it! It is not about what I think, or what I want, it's about making the village better! who cares if a car is parked on a street because someone went to a bar! if that person is making so much "noise" they can be summoned or arrested for DISORDERLY CONDUCT! why punish the tax paying businesses and the patrons?

Charlie Pops Bryan Santucci, slow down, the parking rules were enacted last night to address an issue concerning upper N Main st,All other locations already have those parking restrictions, for 15+years already .Most of the area neighbors signed a petition in favor of it.It's not about what committee your on or how you get involved, it's about being Involved anyway you can.Someone who works out there at night, I believe it's a good thing with these parking restrictions.

Joseph Amelio Umm, Keith, it might be easier abandoning this town and starting a whole new one, a mecca so to speak...

Bryan Santucci how about abolish taxes!!! HA!!


Keith Morlino Listen , it's Facebook I can't control what people say. Is some of it garbage .... Yes ... Does some of it piss me off ?? Absolutely but if you read between the crap and garbage there are some good comments and suggestions ...

Regina Grillo What the hell is wrong with you guys..if you don't agree or don't have something constructive to say why are you on this page... there is a little button to the top right that says leave group...use it..

Joan Grangenois-Thomas Is anyone on this thread an active member of the Port Chester Cares Community Coalition? Is anyone on this thead an active member of the League of Women Voters? Is anyone on this thread an active member of the NAACP? Is anyone on this thread an active member of the Rotary? Is anyone here an active member of Building Community Bridges? Get involved. Register people to vote, volunteer to offer informational sessions on why it's important to vote. Be the change you want to see.

Maybe If Port Chester Just Left The Late Night Bars On Main Street Alone Then Bart Didden's Little Band Of Haters Just Might Settle Down..... 

Bryan Santucci ohhh and the new "building codes" that bars have to now pay to have work done to bring everything up to code! you cant even go to lunch in this village without paying to park at MOST Places!

Sometimes I Wonder If "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Is Being Fueled By A Bunch Of Degenerate Alcoholics From Unhappy Households.....

Did You Ever Think That Bart Diidden And His Little Band Of Hatters At "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Sound Like Bunch Of Drunk Lunatics?

Lets See.... These Drunken TEA Party Lunitics Have Attacked Mayor Dennis Pilla For Teaching Sunday School At Corpus Christi School And Appearing On A National Christian Radio Network.....Hmmmm......Maybe After Throwing A Few Beers Back They Will Attack The Mayor For Showing Up At The Don Bosco Fun Night at Corpus Christi Holy Rosary School That Has A Special Appearance From Paul the Magic Clown.

Dennis Pilla This is a wonderful annual community event.

The 8th grade Confirmation candidates at Corpus Christi (from PCMS, Blind Brook & Corpus Christi), on their own, put together this mini-Carnival for the younger kids in our community.

This is a part of the
ir service offering to God & the community, demonstrating their maturity & readiness to be Confirmed and become adults in the Church. 

All these kids are shining stars!

Deacon Mike Gizzo & I love this event and have been involved in it for the past 10-12 years, building it into the Confirmation program. 

(God bless Deacon Mike. He's the best! How lucky we are to have him in the community.)

But what do you expect from a controversial Port Chester Facebook Group that has a very active member who owns G&A Entertainment which runs La Dolce Vita where hot young Latinas sell dances and much more.

I wonder if Kieth, Bryan and Bart are going to be getting drunk at their group member's infamous establishment that needs constant attention from the Port Chester Police Department.

Hey, I have got an idea!!!!

Lets Make Port Chester A Better Place By Getting Rid Of The Bar Owned By One Of The Members Of Trustee Bart Didden's Facebook Political Front Group.....


I don't know which hurts the image of Port Chester more?

All of the mean spirited comments from Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart Didden and his little band of haters......

Or.... The "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Member And Hoochie Coochie Girl Supplier....


Maybe Trustee Bart Didden's Cousin Kieth Morlino Will Have His La Dolce Vita Member Be The Liaison Member To Help Improve The Port Chester Police Department.

The La Dolce Vita Proprietor Might Be The Perfect "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Person To Monitor How Effective Port Chester Police Chief Joseph M. Krzeminski's Crime Fighting Skills Are.

After All She Has A LOT Of Experience In Dealing With Criminals.

She even employs many out of town convicted criminals and brings even more criminals to the village in hired vans.


Bryan Santucci is probably going to be upset, but Port Chester Roundup is going to have to start exposing  what is occurring at this Main Street Hoochie Mama bar in the future, but we first need to complete our investigation of the under preforming Port Chester Industrial Development Agency.

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