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Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/26/07 - Woman struck by car in Port Chester, police seek driver

A Rye woman sustained a head injury after being struck by a black sedan that fled the scene Sunday. Police are asking for the public's help in finding the driver.

The 39-year-old was conscious and sitting on the sidewalk with a bloodied head, as police were told a black four-door sedan with tinted windows sped east on Westchester Avenue and disappeared down either Main or King streets after the woman flew across the vehicle's hood at 7:45 a.m.

The car had heavy pre-existing damage to both driver-side doors and front quarter panel, police said, and would have new damage on the hood of the car from this accident....

More about: Woman struck by car in Port Chester, police seek driver

Full Story: The Patent Trader

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12/26/07 - The Raw Port Chester News Feed

She has been lounging on the couch in her parents’ Port Chester home. She has hit all her favorite stops - from T & J’s restaurant in her hometown, to Poppy’s Cafe down the road in Rye. As Christmas approached, Francella was busy buying ...

The Patent Trader

... vs. Tuckahoe, 11:15 a.m. Briarcliff vs. Jamesville-DeWitt, 2:45 p.m. Peekskill vs. Cardinal Hayes, 4:30 p.m. Port Chester vs. Stepinac, 6:15 p.m. White Plains vs. St. Peter's, 8 p.m. Girls Challenge game: Our Lady of Lourdes vs. Briarcliff, 1 p.m. ...

New York City Travel Advice

Associated Content

... Great info Kat! I have never been to New York; although I want to. My husbands Grandfather was from New York (Port Chester/WestChester)and I want to do some genealogy there and visit the typical New York sites. I know they aren't 'close' to each ...
News from local schools

Journal News

Port Chester Middle School band and chorus students in grades seven and eight performed a holiday concert Dec. 20 at the King Street Nursing Home.
White Plains Journal News, NY -
Metro-North Railroad has added trains to and from Manhattan today, tomorrow and Friday, to accommodate holiday shoppers and sightseers. ...
...On Dec. 31, New Year's Eve, Metro-North will operate a regular Saturday schedule with extra overnight service for revelers, including last trains leaving Grand Central between 5 a.m. and 5:33 a.m. A regular Sunday schedule will operate on Jan. 1, New Year's Day.

For more Metro-North schedule information, pick up a timetable at Grand Central Terminal and Metro-North train stations, call 1-800-METRO-INFO or visit www.mta.info.

Stars spend summers practicing stagecraft

Norwalk Advocate

Like compact discs in the age of downloading music, Vaudeville lingered on stages for several years after its heyday.

The Three Stooges, who played in Stamford in the 1920s, climbed the curtains of the Palace Theatre in 1935 in what may have been curtains for Vaudeville-style comedy...

... the Palace stage, Lucille Ball appeared as a chorus girl and newspaper columnist Ed Sullivan, who hailed from Port Chester, N.Y., hosted the 'Dawn Patrol Review' in 1937. Sullivan's lineup was not unlike that of a Vaudeville show, or his future ...
Greenwich Academy sends letters to soldiers

Stamford Advocate

Greenwich Academy students and faculty wrote more than 200 holiday notes to soldiers overseas. Organized by community service volunteers, the letters with words of thanks and encouragement were sent to Fort Campbell, Ky., and included stockings filled with items such as DVDs, snacks, toiletries and books. The packages were distributed to the 101st Airborne Division 3-187 Infantry Battalion serving in Iraq.

Younger Greenwich Academy students participated in the Lower School Mitten Tree. Mittens, scarves and hats that were brought to school decorate a tree until January, when some of the girls will wrap and deliver the items to the Port Chester Head Start & Therapeutic Nursery and the program at the Port Chester Children's Place. The field trip to New York also offers each girl an opportunity to connect one-on-one with a young child in the program as they spend time sharing stories and reading books together.....
Staten Island Advance - SILive.com, NY
Two other CHSAA A teams, Archbishop Stepinac and Cardinal Hayes, join Briarcliff and Port Chester to fill out the field. The Eagles will play either ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12/25/07 - WWJD? - A Christmas Message For Imfamous Racist Bart "The Bigot" Didden Of Port Chester.

Jesus Was An Illegal Immigrant - Matthew's gospel records that Mary, Joseph, and little Jesus fled to Egypt to escape Herod's massacre of the innocents. What happened next? According to the noncanonical 'Infancy Gospels,' the child Jesus performed many miracles in Egypt before returning to Palestine.

Bart "The Bigot" Didden rails like a maniac against illegal immigrants while demonstrating his public piety by attending and supporting Church at Corpus Christi Church.

In fact, Bart "The Bigot" Didden has even accused persons of being anti-catholic at the lohud.com forums during the last Port Chester Mayoral Election.

No one in Port Chester can seem to forget Bart "The Bigot" Didden's racist two page flier that clearly intense anger toward Port Chester Hispanics.

Week after week, Bart "The Bigot" Didden's hostile anti-immigrant postings at lohud.com are very upsetting to the many Christians of Port Chester.

Didden's hostility is all the more jarring at Christmastime, when Christians around the world commemorate the birth of Christ.

You’d think that the season would bring forth an outpouring of compassion, mercy and generosity.

After all, the Bible, which conservative Christians hold out as the inerrant word of God, includes several admonitions to practice kindness toward “strangers.”

The biblical case against abortion is inferential. The Bible doesn't speak directly to the topic. It lays out some principles -- sacredness of life, humanity of the unborn -- that lead to the conclusion that abortion is not permitted. It's the same with stem cells, child tax credits, faith-based social service provisions, etc.

Immigration is different: The Bible is explicit. In the Torah, Moses commanded, "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt." The Bible is unabashedly pro-immigrant.

The argument is simple: You were immigrants in Egypt, and you didn't like being mistreated, so now that you have your own country, you should treat immigrants compassionately.

Compassionate treatment of immigrants is basically an early version of the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you used to want to be treated when you were in Egypt.

Jewish scripture, for example, speaks repeatedly of the kindness due to the “stranger” and reminds us that the people of the Bible--the Hebrews--were once despised foreigners in an alien land, Egypt.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, many verses seem to advocate a wide-armed welcome for immigrants and foreigners.

Here are a couple of examples from Leviticus:

“When a stranger dwells among you in your land, do not taunt him. The stranger who dwells with you shall be like a native among you, and you shall love him like yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt—I am the Lord, your God” (19:33-34).

“If your brother becomes impoverished and his means falter in your proximity, you shall strengthen him—stranger or resident—so that he can live with you” (25:35).

Leviticus 19:33-34: And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him. But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

Maybe the Bart Didden's of the world should read a few Jewish scriptures from Exodus.

Exodus 22:21: Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Exodus 23:9: Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Or maybe Mr. Didden should give a careful reading to Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy 10:19: Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

I don't know if Bart Didden has ever did one of those read the entire Bible in a year programs, but if he had he would have learned that.

King David surrounded himself with immigrants, as did his son, Solomon. The prophets spoke out on behalf of aliens frequently.

The Bible says we must not allow the aliens among us to be abused: "Do no wrong and do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow, nor shed innocent blood . . . " (Jeremiah 22:3).

Would Someone Please Tell The Uniformed Racist Known As Bart "The Bigot" Didden That Jesus Christ Was An Illegal Immigrant.

The Bible Teaches Christians That Mary and Joseph took Jesus and fled to Egypt, and that Jesus was an illegal immigrant.

Yes Bart, it is true - Jesus of Nazareth was an immigrant.

When Jesus was a child, he and Mary and Joseph crossed the border to Egypt illegally. You see, they had a well-founded fear of political persecution from a Middle Eastern dictator named Herod.

Jesus Christ is clearly concerned about how the poor are treated. His teaching in Matthew 25:31–46 says that to mistreat the "stranger" is to mistreat Christ.

The writer of Hebrews tell us, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels" (Hebrews 13:2).

And most compelling of all, when Jesus speaks to the disciples in Matthew 25 about the end times, when the Son of Man will return to judge the nations, he warns that some will receive blessings because they ministered to the strangers in their midst...

Then the King will say to those on His right hand, "Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me" (Matthew 25:34-36).

Harry Truman once said "Of course the Sermon on the Mount is the greatest of all things in the Bible, a way of life and maybe some day men will get to understand it as the real way of life."

Failure to render care and concern for these strangers in our midst is to fail in our most essential Christian duty. God is love, we are told, and every believer is equipped to share God’s love with those in need.

Surely, Bart Didden would not wish to be held accountable for misunderstanding his responsibility in this area.

Bart Didden's writing and statements not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures because his warped ideas would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself.

Most local observers agree that Port Chester is a very religious village.

By all measures of religiosity, Port Chester ranks high. Just look at the density. I don't think any other village in Westchester County has more Churches / square mile than Port Chester.

I would be willing to bet that at least 90% percent of the Port Chester's population would claim to believe in God.

Church attendance is high in the Port Chester.

With such a large number of Port Chester citizens holding religious beliefs, it is time that these beliefs are beginning to enter the debate over immigration to this village of Churches.

Is it Christian to believe that illegal aliens need to be found and deported?

Shouldn't a good Christian be welcoming and tolerant?

Most of the illegal aliens to Port Chester are of the Christian faith, doesn't that mean that they should be embraced?

What the Bart Didden fails to see is most immigrants, in fact, have enriched Port Chester, bringing brains and talent to the village.

Port Chester's wealth as a village is due, in some measure, to the contributions of immigrants from all over the globe.

It was the immigrants of Port Chester that helped build most of the churches of this village. And it it is the immigrants of Port Chester who are still organizing new churches in Port Chester.

As a Christian, Bart "The Bigot Didden should try and look at immigration this way. His brothers and sisters in Christ come in all colors, shapes, sizes and countries. His fellow Christ followers are in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Russia — in every country on the planet, including Mexico.

Among illegal aliens Bart "The Bigot" Didden attacks
are his brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Bibles call to share the Gospel with unbelievers and worship a merciful and gracious God with believers doesn’t stop at our national borders.

The Bible says that God saves all kind of men, and all kinds of men are Bart "The Bigot" Didden's fellow inheritors of Christ’s bounty!

Would Jesus criticize public benefits such as health care for the children of illegal immigrants.

Should Bart "The Bigot" Didden welcome the stranger because his Savior was not welcomed in mainstream society?

Has Bart Didden ever thought that the teaching of 'no room at the inn' was about someone poor and marginalized and pushed off to a stable?

Someone should warn Bart Didden about “demonizing” illegal aliens.

Bart Didden must remember that they are fellow human beings.

The big fear for Bart "The Bigot" Didden should not be Hispanic Immigration to Port Chester, but the wrath of God angered by how poor immigrants are being treated.

So for those who profess, like Bart Didden, to love God and embrace Jesus and the Bible as their ethical sources, the choice seems obvious: either stop invoking them or, better yet, live up to the principles you claim.

This would entail seeing and treating so-called illegals as our brothers, sisters, neighbors, and members of our various churches –as people who are part of us–rather than a “them” to be excluded.

What Is really hypocritical about some of these unenlightened people like Bart Didden, who are obsessed with illegal immigration is the fact that many of them claim to be devout Christians.

Regardless of the situation, the Bible clearly states that "all are equal in dignity before God".

Also, from a Christian/religious perspective, the whole concept of a human being being "illegal" is absurd.

I wonder if Jesus treated people differently based on their immigration status?

Anyways, it amazing how hypocritical and unenlightened some of these people like Bart Didden can be.

Immigrants do not threaten our culture; generally, they enrich it.

People who choose this country at great risk are more likely to share its values than those who are simply born here.

Latino immigrants sign up for military service in greater proportions than native-born Americans.

My Son recently served with a young man from Panama who signed up, even before being granted citizenship, and served with great courage in combat in Iraq.

Is there's a more telling metric for love of country than the decision to put one's life on the line.

Then there is the matter of the English language.

Bart Diden once asked me, "Do you want your grandchildren to grow up speaking Spanglish?"

Sure, why not? We all grew up speaking "Franglish." Our language is a mix of French (Bart Didden's Ansestrial Home) and Anglo-Saxon that started with the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Living languages change. I can read the Latin of St. Augustine pretty much as well (or, in my case, as badly) as that of John Paul II, because Latin is a dead language.

Jesus grew up speaking "Hebrelonian," a mix of Hebrew and the Chaldean that the Jews picked up in Babylon. Didn't he turn out pretty well?

Such propaganda from Bart "The Bigot" Didden blinds the American people from seeing the image of God in undocumented immigrants.

We could go the way of Bart "The Bigot" Didden, or we (a nation of immigrants) could go the way of the God of Israel, "The alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself, for you were aliens in Egypt...."

We must learn to look at the world through the lens of the Father of all children.

Again I will once again repeat for Bart Didden The Bible says God "defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing." (Deuteronomy 10:18).

Scripture says God loves all those who are in a vulnerable and helpless condition. So he commands the church to love the alien (Deuteronomy 10:19), to provide for them (Leviticus 19:10; Deuteronomy 14:29), to treat them as native-born (Leviticus 19:34), and to judge them without bias and discrimination (Deuteronomy 1:16; 24:17; 27:19). The Lord prohibits oppressing or mistreating the immigrant (Exodus 22:21; Leviticus 19:33).

Bart Didden should compare God’s teachings with his own feelings and attitudes and reflect for a moment on where he stands on this issue.

Is Bart Didden Going To Follow The Teachings Of Jesus "The Illegal Immigrant" Christ or reject his holy words of the Bible.

Monday, December 24, 2007

12/24/07 -''This is my hobby,'' said Former Port Chester Resident Edith Loewy, expertly flipping eggs with a spatula. ``I enjoy seeing people smile.''

Edith Loewy, 74, loves to cook.

...Edith Loewy makes all the food. Her husband acts as host and waiter. Their teamwork comes from 33 years of matrimony and owning restaurants together in Greenwich, Conn., Port Chester, N.Y., and South Florida.

The couple, both Jewish, are Holocaust survivors. Harold Loewy, 73, was born in Vienna and raised in Hungary, and was sent to a concentration camp during the war. Edith is from Romania and hid in the mountains to avoid being captured by the Nazis.

Harold met Edith when she was working behind a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greenwich. They married a month later, while Edith was on her coffee break, at a neighboring city hall, he said...

12/24/07 - Port Chester Holiday Sanitation Schedule

Christmas Day, Tuesday, Dec. 25, there will be no collection of household garbage or recycling.

Tuesday household garbage and recycling will be collected Wednesday December 26.

There will be no curbside trash and/or green waste pickup on Wednesday, Dececember 26.

Monday, Thursday and Friday garbage and recycling collection will remain the same.

Violators will be subject to summons and fines.

12/24/07 - It's a Slam Dunk - Port Chester Rams Are In The Slam Dunk Challenge

White Plains Journal News, NY

By Mark Alan Teirstein

There probably isn't a better way for a basketball fan to spend $3 than to travel to the Westchester County Center on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. That will get you a full day's admission to the Slam Dunk Challenge. The 16-team event is highlighted by an eight-team boys bracket, which includes reigning Section 1 champions Peekskill and Briarcliff, and defending tournament champion White Plains. Upstate power Jamesville-DeWitt features star junior Brandon Triche, a major Division I recruit, and Port Chester's Jordan Henriquez and Stepinac's Tony Taylor are part of a star-studded field. Games begin each day at 11:15 a.m.

12/24/07 - "The last few winters, Metro-North hasn't shoveled their property in violation of an ordinance," says Port Chester police Sgt. Mark Braccio

The Journal News / Lohud.com, NY

By Caren Halbfinger at chalbfin@lohud.com or 914-594-5004.

Michael Elpern had a simple request. He wanted to avoid breaking his neck as he walked from his parking spot at the Port Chester train station to the train he takes to and from Manhattan. But a week after the first messy snowstorm of the season, this Port Chester resident still had to pick his way over mounds of snow and slippery ice-covered sidewalks. Someone wasn't doing his job.

Elpern called the village police ...

...Metro-North's response was, well, frosty. The railroad claims that it is not subject to the local law that requires abutting property owners to shovel or sweep their sidewalks along Broad Street...

12/24/07 - Port Chester Business Wire - Seaboard Weatherproofing and Restoration Company

Irvington Presbyterian Church Bell Returns
... very unique. They always exceed expectations." About Seaboard Weatherproofing and Restoration Company: Based in Port Chester, NY, Seaboard Weatherproofing and Restoration Company is one of the leading restoration and alteration construction firms in ...

12/24/07 - Forget About Paying The Westmore News. We Will Post Your Classified Ad Here For Free !!!

Send Your Free Ad Copy To PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com
Port Chester Warehouse 12,000 square feet warehouse/ flexible space, 13' clear, OH door, parking. Will divide. Call owner: 914-934-2424 x12

Categories: Commercial for Sale/Rent

12/24/07 - Debra "Happy Holidays" Kener Really Pissed Off Ralph "Merry Christmas" Cirulli Of Port Chester

Stop marginalizing religious belief

Once again, I feel called upon to answer a letter in reference to the term "Happy Holidays," specifically that of Deborah Kerner.

Ours has become an increasingly secular society with, at times, little attention or respect paid to the Christian or any other religion, for that matter. At this special time of the year, such things as employers forcing sales employees to only say "Happy Holidays," or any other such generic term, is really way out of line.

Many people try to marginalize religion, to make it a thing of the past. To the great majority of people in this country, "Christ is the reason for the season." So yes, people should be allowed to say "Merry Christmas" to others, and it's perfectly fine to have a button reading, "It's OK to say Happy Hanukkah to me," too.

Ralph B. Cirulli
Port Chester

12/23/07 - Floralgal / Diana Just Posted A Port Chester Picture At Flicker

floralgal posted a photo:. Barn Window. Port Chester, New York.

also take a look at...

floralgal posted a photo:. Minimal. Barn - Port Chester, New York (texture accentuation)

Floral Gal Profile Says:

I live in New York with my two cats. (Yes, the state where the buildings fell down). My beloved and adored husband recently passed away suddenly of cardiac arrest at the young age of 51 on November 1, 2007. I am still in disbelief and shock, and wondering how I will ever go ahead without him, as I loved him so much. I am also a breast cancer survivor. Despite these two major life struggles, I have learned never to take life for granted. I have always loved taking photos, and have done so whenever my husband and I would travel to Europe. I want to continue to take photos in an attempt to never let the beauty of life slip by for as long as I am still here on this great earth to enjoy it (with God's will and blessing I hope). I am an advanced beginner wishing to grow and learn, and am my own harshest critic.

We would show you the pictures here, but Floralgal says, "Please note that all my photos are copyrighted, so please do not download, print, copy or use any of my photos without my consent."

floralgal's photos
Collections Sets Tags Archives Favorites

12/22/07 - Westmore Snooze Editor Jananne "The Spam Queen" Fable Is Once Again Putting Up Dead Links Begging For 33 Bucks

Please Pull Out Your Credit Card And Help The Greedy Abels
The Yearlong Telethon Continues.

Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel and Westmore Snooze Editor Jananne Abel who are known around town as dis-Abel and un-Abel are pleading poverty and begging for money for online access to The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze.

Every online newspaper based in Westchester county provides free online access to the advertiser supported news site, but the Greedy Richard and Jaanne Fable want your credit card.

It is a shame that newspaper founded by Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel refuses to give back to the residents and taxpayers of Port Chester.

Now you can pay 33 Bucks for this crap at the Westmore Snooze...

'Eternally modern' music society welcomes new members at PCHS
Steady growth in Tri-M Society since 2000
By Jeff Benzak
Twelve new members were inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society at Port Chester High School Monday night. The students were selected based upon their first-quarter academic progress reports and... [more] Warnning Westmore Spam Link

Port Chester charity to distribute 250 gifts
Port Chester-based Family Services of Westchester, a nonprofit that operates out of the One Gateway Plaza office building, helped collect more than 250 Christmas gifts Sunday at The Westchester mall in White Plains.
The gifts will be distributed to children who... [more] Warning Westmore Spam Link

The history of Port Chester High School
To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the current PCHS building, this is the sixth in a series of articles about its history. This section continues the story of the school's 1936 championship football team, relating the squad's spectacular defeat of... [more] Warning Westmore Spam Link

Santa and toys at the waterfront
Members of the Port Chester High School Brass Ensemble play holiday melodies at the Port Chester marina during an event sponsored by The Waterfront at Port Chester retail development and the Village of Port Chester on Dec. 9. They are,...

[more] Warning Westmore Spam Link

Or You Could Get All Of These News Articles At THE JOURNAL NEWS: LOHUD.COM For Free !!!!!

Rams ace another chemistry test
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
PORT CHESTER - The tools have certainly been there for Port Chester's boys basketball team the past few years. The Rams have had plenty of quickness, ballhandling and, above all, height. But this season it appears the aforementioned characteristic... read entire article»
Alex Myers The Journal News

Girls basketball roundup: New York School for the Deaf defeats German School 33-30; New Rochelle defeats Ramapo 55-37; Ossining defeats Peekskill 79-49; Clarkstown North gets first win
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
New York School for the Deaf 33, German School 30: At the German School, Tiffany Freeman gave NYSD the lead with two minutes remaining. Alisa Powell scored a team-high 10 points. Denise Norris had a game-high 22 points for the German School... read entire article»
Compiled from staff reports

Westchester serves up ban on trans fats at 3,000 eateries
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
NEW ROCHELLE - Westchester health officials have banned artificial trans fats from all food establishments, making it the only place in the state, north of New York City, to prohibit chefs from cooking with the artery-clogging oils. The 12 members... read entire article»
Candice Ferrette The Journal News

Area varsity events: Scores and schedule
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
Yesterday's results Boys basketball Solomon Schechter 63, Hawthorne Cedar Knolls 57 Pawling 60, Valhalla 47 Community 59, Green Meadow 35 Tappan Zee 52, Pleasantville 47 Westlake 69, Croton-Harmon 61 Pearl River 58, Clarkstown North ... read entire article»

Enjoy Season's Eatings at These Festive Restaurants
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
If you think long enough about your favorite holiday memories, food is bound to appear somewhere. Maybe it was Christmas cookies baked with Mom, or the big, boisterous holiday meal shared with the entire extended family. Or maybe it was the excite... read entire article»

Dining, in brief
Friday, Dec 21, 2007
Here's a reminder of the restaurants we've covered recently. The most recently published are at the top of the list. Michele Michelle: Old-school, red-sauce Italian dishes like they make on Arthur Avenue, so faithfully rendered that despite... read entire article»

Your Sound Shore Express community news
Thursday, Dec 20, 2007
The Harrison Council for the Arts will present "Watercolor My Way" by Brigitte Loritz, a Port Chester resident, at the Harrison Public Library on Bruce Avenue from Jan. 5 to 25. An opening reception will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Jan. 12. Loritz is... read entire article»

Bowling tournament, Suffern-Clarkstown North hockey on tap today
Thursday, Dec 20, 2007
The Southern Westchester Bowling League's Holiday Tournament rolls at White Plains Bowl at 4 p.m. today, and Rockland hockey rivals Suffern and Clarkstown North face off at Palisades Center Ice Rink at 4:15 p.m. Here's the full schedule of today's... read entire article»

Westchester/Rockland/Putnam wrestling notebook: Dual-Meet tournament is start of new era
Thursday, Dec 20, 2007
Once Jerry Zurla learned that Section 1 was holding a ground-breaking event -the first Section 1 dual-meet wrestling championship - he immediately called his brother, Marc. Zurla had to let Marc, a freshman wrestler at Columbia, know about this m... read entire article»
Tony Pinciaro The Journal News

Area varsity events: Scores and schedule
Thursday, Dec 20, 2007
Yesterday's results Boys basketball Solomon Schechter 63, Hawthorne Cedar Knolls 57 Pawling 60, Valhalla 47 Community 59, Green Meadow 35 Tappan Zee 52, Pleasantville 47 Westlake 69, Croton-Harmon 61 Pearl River 58, Clarkstown North ... read entire article»

Rye Brook man accused of sexually abusing 4-year-old Port Chester girl
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A 20-year-old Rye Brook man was accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl when the child's father left him alone with her, village police said yesterday. The father, upon returning home, fought with the man after his daughter to... read entire article»
Shawn Cohen The Journal News

Port Chester woman hit by car, suffers head injuries
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A 62-year-old village woman suffered head injuries yesterday morning when she was struck by a motorist as she walked across Grace Church Street. Antoinette Lowden of 181 Grace Church St. was thrown 20 feet in the air when a car driv... read entire article»
Shawn Cohen The Journal News

Holy Child, RCDS in girls basketball showdown today; Iona Prep, RCDS collide in hockey
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
Two of the area's top girls basketball post players - Sophia Aleksandravicius of Holy Child and Alexandra Osborn-Jones of Rye Country Day - meet at 4 p.m. today at Rye Country Day. Also today, Iona Prep visits Rye Country Day in hockey -the area'... read entire article»

Area varsity events: Scores and schedule
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
Yesterday's results Boys basketball Stepinac 52, Fordham Prep 37 Lakeland 63, Yorktown 38 Pelham 65, Byram Hills 62 Valhalla 69, Clark Academy 67 Ossining 61, Beacon 41 Scarsdale 79, Saunders 52 Iona Prep 61, Regis 49 Irvington 80, Y... read entire article»

WMC nurses deserve a fair contract
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
I was pleased to read your Dec. 8 article about the financial health of Westchester Medical Center. While things are better financially, there is another side to its current fiscal situation. The nurses have been trying to negotiate a fair contrac... read entire article»

Local actors find familiar turf in �A Christmas Carol�
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
Last week, Mrs. Cratchit opened her White Plains home to the Fezziwigs, Scrooge, Marley and all those ghosts for chicken, sushi and pasta. Last night, The Ghost of Christmas Past was set to serve Italian favorites. Next week, it's Mrs. Fezziwig's ... read entire article»
Peter D. Kramer The Journal News

Getting There: Planes, trains and automobiles: Rockland transportation in 2007
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
The good. The bad. The ugly. In short, that was Rockland's year in transportation in 2007. The Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project got off to a fast start early in the year but then plodded along for the rest of the year; residents were shocked ... read entire article»
Khurram Saeed The Journal News

Bowling: Yesterday's matches
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
Bowling Boys Valhalla 5, Mamaroneck 2 At White Plains Bowl Total pins: Valhalla: 2,797, Mamaroneck: 2,573. High game: 1. Matt DiPrinzio (V) 257; 2. Kameron Smith (M) 236; 3. Smith (M) 235. High series: 1. ... read entire article»

Wrestling: Yesterday's matches
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007
Wrestling Section 1 Dual Meet Championship Second round: New Rochelle 39, Nanuet 21 At Nanuet 152 - Tom Antonioli (NR) pin. Nick Galluzzo, 4:57; 160 - Blaze Jones (NR) pin. Nick Mertens, 5:45; 171 -... read entire article»

Port Chester woman hit by motorist, suffers head injuries
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A 62-year-old village woman suffered head injuries this morning when she was struck by a motorist as she walked across Grace Church Street. Antoinette Lowden, of 181 Grace Church St., was thrown 20 feet in the air when the car, driv... read entire article»
Shawn Cohen The Journal News

Rye Brook man accused of sexually abusing 4-year-old Port Chester girl
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A 20-year-old Rye Brook man was accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl when the child's father left him alone with her, village police said today. The father, upon returning home, fought with the man after his daughter told h... read entire article»
Shawn Cohen The Journal News

Section 1 Dual-Meet wrestling tournament: Upset-filled opening round continues today
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
Connor Tompkins had a vision that his match, the 215-pound bout, would eventually decide the Sleepy Hollow-Mahopac wrestling match. The Sleepy Hollow senior was prophetic as he pinned, lifting the Headless Horsemen to a 33-30 upset of seventh-seed... read entire article»

Stepinac-Fordham Prep basketball, Rye-Pelham hockey highlight today's varsity action
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
CHSAA rivals Stepinac and Fordham Prep collide in boys basketball today at 4:30 p.m. at Stepinac. Today's varsity schedule also includes Rye facing Pelham in a key Division II hockey game at the Hutchinson Ice Arena in Mount Vernon, and Tappan Zee... read entire article»

Area varsity events: Scores and schedule
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
Sunday's events Boys basketball Iona Prep B 81, Frederick Douglass Academy 42 Holy Cross tournament Championship: Blessed Sacrament 63, Cathedral Prep 58 Mamaroneck tournament Championship: Mamaroneck 60, ... read entire article»

A new history of the Archdiocese of New York tells the Catholic story of the last 200 years.
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007
When the Roman Catholic Diocese of New York was created in 1808, spun off from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, it included the entire state, Long Island to Buffalo. But there wasn't much going on. There were hardly any priests. The 12,000 Cat... read entire article»

Basketball, gymnastics highlight today's varsity schedule
Monday, Dec 17, 2007
Sleepy Hollow visits Rye in boys basketball today, while Putnam Valley hosts Irvington in girls competition. Also on tap today, Brewster heads to Carmel in gymnastics. Here's the full schedule of today's varsity events in the Lower Hudson Valley: ... read entire article»

Knicks' Crawford spreading cheer
Monday, Dec 17, 2007
WHITE PLAINS - In spite of everything that's gone wrong this season, charitable Knicks fans lined up yesterday to spend a moment with Jamal Crawford and left a pile of holiday presents in their wake. It was a welcome break in the action. For the s... read entire article»
Mike Dougherty The Journal News

LoHud Happenings: Westchester Putnam
Monday, Dec 17, 2007
Brewster: Zoning Board of Appeals. 8 p.m. Southeast Town Hall, 1 Main St. 845-265-5200. Croton-on-Hudson: Board of Trustees. 8 p.m. Village Hall, 1 Van Wyck St. 914-271-4781. Mamaroneck: Mamaroneck Avenue Task Force. 7 p.m. Village o... read entire article»

Area varsity events: Scores and schedule
Monday, Dec 17, 2007
Saturday's results Boys basketball Mt. St. Michael 48, Cardinal Spellman 44 Rye Neck at Solomon Schechter, ppd., TBD Peekskill 76, Poughkeepsie 66 Hastings tournament Tuckahoe 62, Salesian 61 Hastings 64, Irvington 58 Hen H... read entire article»

Henriquez enjoys block party as Port Chester downs North Rockland
Sunday, Dec 16, 2007
CHAPPAQUA - One rejection after another, Jordan Henriquez swatted shots in all directions. Off the backboard, into the stands, out to the perimeter to start transition. What went up came down with authority. It's pretty nice being 6-foot-11 in hig... read entire article»
Jeff Gold The Journal News

Region is ready for today's snow
Sunday, Dec 16, 2007
As the region wakes up to the second winter storm in days, those who are dealing successfully with its aftermath know that preparation is the key. Many across the Lower Hudson Valley got ready yesterday, stocking up on shovels, salt and other item... read entire article»
Stacy A. Anderson and Terence Corcoran The Journal News

Girls basketball roundup: Blind Brook beats Hastings; Pelham defeats Edgemont; Ramapo downs Pawling
Sunday, Dec 16, 2007
Blind Brook 62, Hastings 35: In the championship game of the Hastings tournament, tournament MVP Sam Levine had 16 points and 11 rebounds. Teammate Karen Mikva added 10 points, 10 rebounds and eight blocks. Pippa Mansdorf had 14 points for ... read entire article»
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Area high school events: Scores and schedule
Sunday, Dec 16, 2007
Yesterday's results Boys basketball Mt. St. Michael 48, Cardinal Spellman 44 Rye Neck at Solomon Schechter, ppd., TBD Peekskill 76, Poughkeepsie 66 Hastings tournament Tuckahoe 62, Salesian 61 Hastings 64, Irvington 58 Hen ... read entire article»

12/21/07 - Greenwich Residents Were Wrong To Blame Port Chester Youth For Tire Slashings

Teens arrested in Byram tire slashing spree
Norwalk Advocate
... Byram, North Mianus and Cos Cob. Reynolds noted that the two boys arrested live in town and were not from Port Chester or Stamford, as was speculated by some residents. 'It's interesting to see that they are both local kids,' Reynolds said. ...

12/20/07 - The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Thursday

Westchester serves up ban on trans fats at 3,000 eateries
The Journal News
... to find and have dropped in price. Jeffrey Kohn, owner of the Kneaded Bread bakery and Q Restaurant, both in Port Chester, said switching to the healthier oils wasn't difficult and affected the taste of only one of their offerings - the powdered ...

Marines Toys for Tots Website now Features Free eCards that Contribute Cash
PR Newswire
PORT CHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- With more than 1 million visitors expected at http://www.ToysforTots.org this December, they will now see free Month2Month.com eCards as a major sponsor along side ...

Westchester/Rockland/Putnam wrestling notebook: Dual-Meet tournament is start of new era
Journal News
... Lott had first-period pins to give new Eastchester coach Dave Massi his first win, 50-18 over Woodlands. ... Port Chester's Charlie Gonzalez (96) had a nine-second pin in the victory over Iona Prep, which received a 23-second finish from Greg Olin. ...

12/20/07 Reception to be held for Port Chester artist Brigitte Loritz

The Harrison Council for the Arts will present "Watercolor My Way" by Brigitte Loritz, a Port Chester resident, at the Harrison Public Library on Bruce Avenue from Jan. 5 to 25. An opening reception will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Jan. 12.

Loritz is on the faculty of the Rye Arts Center and an artist-in-residence for the Port Chester Council for the Arts. For information, call 914-835-0324.

12/19/07 - The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Wednesday

The nashuatelegraph.com's local, state, business and sports RSS feed
... win was about more than being listed ahead of Timberlane on paper. The Tomahawks also outwrestled teams from Port Chester, N.Y., and Coventry, R.I. - both powerhouse teams in their own states. For Cullinane it was nice to see Nick Beaulieu (140) and ...

Rye Brook man accused of sexually abusing 4-year-old Port Chester girl
Journal News
A 20-year-old Rye Brook man was accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl when the child's father left him alone with her, village police said yesterday.

The father, upon returning home, fought with the man after his daughter told him what happened, police said.

The incident is alleged to have occurred Sunday evening in the village.

Wilmer Batista of 32 Roanoke Ave., Rye Brook, was charged with first-degree sexual abuse...

Getting There: Planes, trains and automobiles: Rockland transportation in 2007
Journal News
... project unveiled what could come along with a new bridge along the 30-mile corridor between Suffern and Port Chester. More than 500 people ended up attending two open houses in Rockland and Westchester to look at the six options, which were laid ...

12/19/07 - Catherine Anderson Of Port Chester Tells The Journal News:Hospital's problems start at the top

Hospital's problems start at the top

Dear Journal News Editor:

It is obvious that the Sound Shore Medical Center has been suffering for several years now. If you have been a patient there or have talked to someone who has, you would know that the hospital service and care has declined, and the shortage of nurses in this country doesn't help.

Money always seems to be the issue, and the employees at the bottom of the totem pole always suffer. Maybe they should think about the top for a change. Many years ago, when the hospital started to suffer, it was the administration that was revamped, and the hospital recovered.

There are many hospitals that treat nonpaying patients, and this is a poor excuse for a lack of funds.

I would wonder where the real problems are when the administration draws a salary that is more than the president of the United States.

Catherine Anderson
Port Chester

12/19/07 - Port Chester Rec Department seeks new employees

The village Recreation Department is looking for two people to work for its Saturday afternoon program for developmentally disabled adults.

The program alternates each weekend between bowling and arts and crafts. One employee is needed to pick up the adults locally in the department's van. Those interested in the positions, which pay $20 an hour, should contact Thomas Hroncich at 914-939-2354.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

12/19/07 - Port Chester Teachers: If we had respect, we'd have a contract.

For Months Superintendent Dr. Donald Carlisle Has Claimed That He Is Continuing To Work On The "Language Issues." He Has With The Port Chester Teacher's Contract. When Is Carlisle Going To Realize That He Needs Dedicated Teachers Of Port Chester To Turn Around The Failing School System He Heads.

For Over 18 Months The The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore News Has Ignored The Plight Of Port Chester's 340 Teachers As They Have Worked With Out A Contract.

Unfortunately, the hopelessly biased newspaper founded by Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel has been a mouth piece for the School Superintendent and The School Board.

Time and time again Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel has refused to cover the mis-deeds of school board member's who has devastated single family homeowners with massive tax increases.

During the last school board election, Westmore News Editor Jananne Abel was given a letter that all the school board candidates admitted receiving. The letter detailed questionable and illegal activities, being undertaken by school board members and their family members.

The letter covered everything from ....

How Port disgraced ex-Port Chester School Board President Dominic "I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga was illegally living outside New York State for over 6 Months


How Current Vice President Jim "I Covered Things Up While The Police Chief Helped Dom Find An Apartment In Port Chester" Dreves has let his wife repeatedly engage illegal activities at the school.

Everyone, but the Abels understands that About the only thing going right at the failing Port Chester Schools are the dedicated staff of teachers. The Abels have put their head in the sand, because they are too close to Port Chester Board Members who feed them biased information about the Port Chester Schools.

It's time for the Port Chester School Board to stop screwing around and wasting money. School Board President Larry Lupo is allowing precious school resources to be pulled away from children and using the money pay a bunch lawyers' fees and the massive Martin Scheinman mediation bill.

Just Pay The Teachers What They Deserve And Give Them A Little Respect For The Hard Job They Do.

Last Night More Than 100 Port Chester Teachers Wore All Black And Symbolically Held Candles At The Front Steps Of The High School.

It is a shame that Port Chester Teachers must do these theatrical things, but they have no choice, because the hopelessly biased Westmore News wont tell both sides of the story.

However, Port Chester Roundup will continue to report what the hopelessly biased Westmore News tries to hide from the Parents of Port Chester school children. Plus, other news outlets are starting to take notice.

Last night Port Chester Teachers' Association President Linda O'Connor gave passionate and factual interviews to local television stations pleading the teachers' case against the do nothing but raise taxes school board.

Moreover, Last nights Port Chester Teacher's held rally was very heavily attended by concerned Port Chester parents.

Since Port Chester Roundup Started Pointing Out How The Hopelessly Biased Westmore News Was Ignoring The Hard Working Teachers Of Port Chester Many Parents Have Become An Increasingly Vocal Element In The Contract Debate.

Now many Parent-Teacher Associations in the district have drafted letters to the editor calling for an end to the contract dispute.

Port Chester should be proud that teachers, despite their lack of a contract, they have remained committed to the children of Port Chester, by staying in the classroom.

Many Of The Teachers At Last Nights Rally Wore Buttons That Said "When?"

Word Is The Buttons Stand For "When Are Richard And Jananne Fable The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze Going To Start Reporting All The Facts In The 18 Month Old Contract Dispute And Stop Playing Down The Teacher's Side Of The Story."

Friday, December 21, 2007

12/18/07 - The Raw Port Chester News Feed

Bowling: Yesterday's matches
The Patent Trader
... 1. Lavechhia (N) 634; 2. Pat Healy (N) 598; 3. Frank Wolak (N) 593. Records: Nanuet 50-13, Suffern 14-35. Port Chester 7, Irvington 0 Total pins : Port Chester: 2,309; Irvington: 2,094 High game: 1. Eric Oppenheimer (I) 229; 2. Jason James (PC) 206; ...

Hunterdon Co.: Police name women nabbed in massage parlors
Courier News
... of the women were born in China or Korea and maintained addresses in New York, including the towns of Flushing, Port Chester and New York City, police said. Yusun Kim, with an address in Naples, Fla., was the lone exception, according to ...

Port Chester woman hit by motorist, suffers head injuries
The Journal News
A 62-year-old village woman suffered head injuries this morning when she was struck by a motorist as she walked across Grace Church Street.

Section 1 Dual-Meet wrestling tournament: Upset-filled opening round continues today
Journal News
... a regular-season team champion. Four opening-round matches will be wrestled today with No. 21 Suffern-No. 12 Port Chester and Scarsdale-No. 5 Arlington at Arlington, and No. 11 North Rockland-No. 22 Dobbs Ferry and Edgemont-No. 6 White Plains ...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12/18/07 - Where The Hell Is The Building Department - There Are About 10 School Voter's Registered At 51 Perry Avenue In Port Chester

Yes the home of disgraced ex-Port Chester School Board President Dominic "I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga appears to have loaded up his little Perry Avenue Bungalow with people who vote in Port Chester School Elections.

The word around Port Chester is that school records show that up to 10 voters live there.

Also there is at least one child registered at the house, even though the child and his mother, lives in Patterson New York.

I guess it's OK, because the child is related to

disgraced ex-Port Chester School Board President Dominic
"I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga.

Plus, the child's parent is a Bencivenga related school employee.


should issue the Port Chester Building Department and The Port Chester Police Department a warrant to search this house, before the United States Department Of Justice shows up in Port Chester to investigate disgraced ex-Port Chester School Board President Dominic
"I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga, the Port Chester School System and


No wonder Port Chester School taxes went up 13 1/2%
and the school has been cited by the New York Department Of Education, because of poor performance.

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