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Friday, October 12, 2007

10/12/07 - Suspect in Port Chester rape pleads not guilty, denied bail

A 26-year-old man accused of raping a woman after sneaking into her car in Port Chester was denied bail yesterday after pleading not guilty to sex charges.

Full story: Journal News
Reporter: Jonathan Bandler at jbandler@lohud.com or 914-694-3520.

10/12/07 - "Hey, I've got to prove to myself that I can make it and I'm a part of this team. Luckily it went in and went my way."

Port Chester's Joseph Rivera, left, and Aaron Cueva had plenty to celebrate after Rivera got the Rams on the board with a goal in the first half of yesterday's 2-0 win over Tappan Zee.



"For us, we don't get much respect around here because we are a soccer team. We proved them wrong. That's our first mentality that comes to mind, that we have to prove everybody wrong and that we have a team."


Maybe they should consider installing permanent lights at their stadium.

Either that or schedule homecoming every week.

Playing in an emotionally charged atmosphere illuminated by 14 portable lights, the Port Chester Rams dispatched gritty Tappan Zee 2-0 for a huge League II-C boys soccer triumph last night, avenging last month's one-goal defeat to the Dutchmen in Orangeburg.....

Source: Journal News



You won’t read this in the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze, but…


Six months ago Goldie Solomon, Max Ramirez and their single family homeowner supporters repeatedly argued that Port Chester had enough money and that Port Chester Village could cut taxes just like the Town Of Rye Has for the last two years in a row.

Deputy Port Chester Mayor Dominick Cicatelli even agreed with Goldie, Max and their supporters by saying, “I believe that it is entirely possible for the Village to cut taxes.”

According to Trustee Dan Brakewood, the Port Chester Village Manager and the professional staff under estimated revenues and expenses by about 8%, Apparently, Port Chester is sitting on over 1 million bucks of extra money that would wipe out this years Port Chester Village Property Tax increase.

When are the politicians and the professional staff going to start listening to Goldie Solomon when she says, “Cut the taxes, we can’t afford this anymore!” When are the politician’s and professional staff going to start listening to Max Ramirez, who has repeatedly said “Give the homeowners back their money,”

This extra one million dollars in tax money needs to be refunded to the single family homeowners of Port Chester immediately.

The taxes have been cut in the Town of Rye two years in a row. If we can give each single family homeowner a Port Chester Village Property Tax Rebate, then we can go after Abel’s school board buddies and try and reverse the outrageous 13% Port Chester School Tax increase.

When is the hopelessly biased rag known as the We$tmore $nooze going to expose the outrageous waste behind the
13 ½% school tax increase that is choking the single family homeowners of Port Chester.

When the Port Chester School Union members told the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze, that ex-Port Chester School Board President Dominick “I Did Not Edit Bart’s Racist Flyer” Bencivenga had moved out of New York State for six months and not resigned from the Port Chester School Board. The hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze refused to report the story.

When school employees complained to the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze that Port Chester School Board Member Jim “Leave My Wife Alone” Dreave’s wife was illegally pressuring school employees to buy her overpriced costume jewelry while on school time and property. The hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze refused to report that Port Chester teachers were illegally being pressured to buy Ms. Dreave’s gaudy and tasteless trinkets.

Why wont the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze expose the waste that is behind this years 13 ½% School tax increase.

10/11/07 - Port Chester Planning Board Chairman Micheal Antacki Working On Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Building Which Has No Certificate Of Occupancy.

10/11/07 - Former Port Chester Newspaper Editor Retires. Sherwood "Woody" Weingarten Was Known As A Fair And Unbiased Port Chester Newspaper Editor



“I always enjoyed my dialogues with Woody, even when we did not see eye to eye. I have a strong appreciation for his newspaper savvy, and in particular his appreciation for the creative energies in our Jewish community, which he was eager to capture in reaching out to new readers. He brought a free spirit to the one Jewish newspaper we have, and it was all the richer for it.”


... A native of New Rochelle, N.Y., Weingarten graduated from Colgate University, launching his career at a New York City weekly. He went on to serve as editor and city editor of daily newspapers in Cherry Hill, N.J., and Port Chester, N.Y.. He also founded and published The People’s Paper, a weekly in Clearwater, Fla.

A music buff, Weingarten also wrote a monthly column for Audio magazine for five years.

During his career, he won numerous awards for news writing and investigative reporting.
But it was at the Jewish Bulletin and j. that he spent the bulk of his career, leaving a lasting mark on the Bay Area Jewish community. ...

Source: The Jewish News Weekly

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