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Thursday, April 21, 2011

O4/21/11 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

News Reports About Port Chester, NY
India's finest crafts showcased by Port Chester woman
The Journal News | LoHud.com
Parviz Batliwala is the owner of Echo Handmade of Port Chester. / Photos by Tom Nycz/The Journal News Colorful prints are a few of the items available from Echo Handmade. To see more of what Parviz Batliwala offers, or to schedule an appointment, ...
Port Chester sends voters $79.56 million school budget
The Journal News | LoHud.com
PORT CHESTER — Voters will have their say next month on a $79.56 million school budget for 2011-12 that raises the tax levy by 3.3 percent. The school board adopted the plan April 14. An earlier proposal had called for a 6.5 percent tax levy increase, ...
Elementary Schoolers Build Air-Powered Toy Cars, Send Greetings to Local Seniors
By Christine Loughran | Email the author | 3:00pm Forget your Toyota Prius hybrid car, Port Chester youngsters are now learning to power miniature vehicles using…air balloons? Students from all four district elementary schools put their heads together ...
Maria Benzinger, chief anesthesiologist at D.C. General, dies at 93
Washington Post
She relaunched her medical career with a night job running an ambulance service in Port Chester, NY Over the next several years, she learned English while training at hospitals in New York and Ohio, completing residencies in anesthesiology and ...
MiMedia Partners with KeyOn to Bring the Cloud to Rural and Underserved ...
(PR Web Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Port Chester, NY (PRWEB) April 20, 2011 MiMedia today announced a partnership with KeyOn (OTCBB: KEYO), giving customers of the wireless broadband provider access to the cloud to store, secure and share their digital ...
Speak out on TZ/I-287 plans
The Journal News | LoHud.com
Beyond the new Tappan Zee station, public transport options vary in Westchester: 4C: Bus Rapid Transit from Tarrytown to Port Chester, transfer to New Haven Line. For those who believe the impact of the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Project will only be felt ...
Artist Channels the Mind of a Dreamer at Clay Art Center
Port Chester natives aren't the only ones smitten with Chatterley's sentimental resonance. Signature tones by the Michigan artist have earned him over twenty awards from around the world, including venues like the Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award in ...

There Is Nothing From The Port Chester Westmore News

Richard Abel Has Not Updated The Local Rag's Website For Over Six Days

Westmore Snooze Readers Are So Uninformed And Are Always The Last To Know What's Going On
Recently Updated Web Pages About Port Chester, NY
retail associate PETCO jobs in Port Chester, NY - CNNMoney.com
13 retail associate PETCO jobs in Port Chester, NY available on CNNMoney.com.
Port Chester Underground Eletrical Fire - 4/20/2011 | Flickr ...
IFO The Port Chester Post Office. Port Chester, NY.
Send She's Lovely in Port Chester NY - Albert Florist
Order She's Lovely from Albert Florist, your local Port Chester florist. Send She's Lovely T038-1A for fresh and fast flower delivery throughout Port ...

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04/21/10 The Port Chester Topix News Message Board: Community news

Topix Port Chester

Port Chester - News April 21, 2011

Community news (Journal News)
PORT CHESTER - Bessie Pellegrini, a parishioner at Corpus Christi Church in Port Chester, recently celebrated her 102nd birthday.
Angela Raffel, Retired Greenwich High Teacher (The Daily Greenwich)
Angela Raffel, a former Greenwich High School teacher and lifelong educator, died Friday.

... York University and the University of Bridgeport. She taught high school throughout her career in Lewis, Del.; Port Chester, N.Y.; and Greenwich. At Greenwich High School, she was the adviser of the Green Witch, the school's literary magazine ...
Police: Axe-Wielding PC Man Hits Girlfriend, Flees with Their 4-Month-Old Baby (Patch)
Here's a rundown of incidents to which the Port Chester Police Department responded earlier this week: Police on Monday responded to a 911 call at 65 Wesley Ave.

04/21/10 Forget About Rye Town Park: What Is Happening At 10 Pearl Street In Port Chester? Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin Is Planning Worldwide Corporate Control Of Agriculture

From Rye Brook Roundup:

04/21/11 Heartless Rye Brook Resident Plans Corporate Farmland Grabs As African Children Starve

Illusions Of Grandeur: If You Give Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin A Million Bucks To Run Rye Town Park He Can't Turn A Profit, But He Is Ready To Lead The Rush For Control Over Overseas Farmland

"My boss wants to create the first Exxon Mobil of the farming sector," said Joseph Carvin of Altima Partners' One World Agriculture Fund to a gathering of global farmland investors in New York in June 2009

With all the talk about "food security," and with a news report that a South Korean corporation Deawoo leased half of Madagascar's land.
It may not be evident to a lot of people that the lead actors in today's global land grab for overseas food production are not countries or governments but corporations.

So much attention has been focused on the involvement of states, like Saudi Arabia, China or South Korea. But the reality is that while governments are facilitating the deals, private companies like Joe Carvin's Altima Partners are the ones getting control of the land.

And Joe Carvin's interests are simply not the same as those of governments or the poor people who live in those countries.

Joe Carvin's private-sector involvement in the global land grab basically amounts to traditional agribusiness or plantation companies, like Unilever or Dole, simply expanding the contract farming model of yesterday.

In fact, Altima Partners, with little to no experience in farming, has emerged as a crucial corporate player. So much so that the very phrase "investing in agriculture", today's mantra of development bureaucrats, should not be understood as automatically meaning public funds. It is more and more becoming the business of ... big business.

The Role Of Finance Capital: Blame Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin If Your Grocery Bill Goes Up

Joe Carvin has secretly been taking over farmlands around the world for offshore food production. From what Roundup Media has gathered, the role of Altima Partners -- investment funds and companies -- is truly significant.

Joe Carvin is not siting in his huge Rye Brook house and taking up agriculture to solve world hunger or eliminate rural poverty.

From Rich To Richer: Carvin Wants Profit And Doesn't Care Who Get's Hurt

The world has changed in ways that now make it possible for Altima Partners to make big money from farmland.

From the heartless investor Joe Carvins' perspective, global food needs are guaranteed to grow, keeping food prices up for those who control the farmland.

Joe Carvin is convinced that he can go into Africa, Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet bloc to consolidate holdings and transform below-potential farms into large-scale agribusiness operations.

Altima Partners goal is to generate revenue streams both from the harvests and from the land itself, whose value they expect to go up.

Carvin's One World Agriculture Fund's pace and extent of their farmland appetite is remarkable

Billions of dollars are going into farmland acquisitions for a growing number of "get rich quick" schemes. And some of those dollars are hard-earned retirement savings of teachers, civil servants and factory workers right here in the United States and from other European Countries.

This means that a lot of ordinary citizens are unaware that they have a financial stake in Joe Carvins plans of world food domination.

This also means that Altima Partners is leading a new, powerful lobby of corporate interests that is coming together, which wants favourable conditions to facilitate and protect their farmland investments.

Joe Carvin and the other hedge fund pirates want to tear down burdensome land laws that prevent foreign ownership, remove host-country restrictions on food exports and get around any regulations on genetically modified organisms.

For this, we can be sure that they will be their hedge fund wealth to push their agendas around the globe through free trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties and donor conditionalities.

Joe Carvin's Plan: Exporting Food Insecurity

Given the heavy role of Altima Partners in today's land grabs, it is clear that Joe Carvin is not interested in the kind of agriculture that will bringing the world food self reliance.

With hunger rising faster than population growth, it will not likely do much for food security, either.

Altima Partner's land grabs are basically "exporting food insecurity". Joe Carvin is all about answering some people's needs - for maize or money - by taking food production resources away from others.

Carvin is basically planing on going into poor countries, deplete the soils of biological life and nutrients through intensive farming, pull out after a number of years and leave the local communities with "a desert".

Entire communities have been dispossessed of their lands for the benefit of foreign hedge fund pirates.

Altima Partners Devious Plan Is Downright Dangerous

From the United Nations headquarters in New York to the corridors of European capitals, everyone is talking about making these deals "win-win". All we need to do, the thinking goes, is agree on a few parameters to moralise and discipline these land grab deals, so that they actually serve local communities, without scaring investors off. The World Bank even wants to create a global certification scheme and audit bureau for what could become "sustainable land grabbing", along the lines of what's been tried with oil palm, forestry or other extractive industries.

Before jumping on the bandwagon of "win-win", it would be wise to ask "With whom? Who are the investors? What are their interests?"

It is hard to believe that, with so much money on the line, with so much accumulated social experience in dealing with mass land concessions and conversions in the past, whether from mining or plantations, and given the central role of the finance and agribusiness industries here, that Joe Carvin and Altima Partners would suddenly play fair.

Just as hard to believe is that governments or international agencies would suddenly be able to hold these hedge fund pirates to account.

"Some companies are interested in buying agricultural land for sugar cane and then selling it on the international markets. It's business, nothing more" Sharad Pawar, India's Minister of Agriculture

Making Altima Partners investments work is simply not the right starting point. Supporting small farmers efforts for real food sovereignty is.

Those are two highly polarised agendas and it would be mistaken to pass off one for the other. It is crucial to look more closely at who the investors like Joe Carvin are and what they really want.

But it is even more important to put the search for solutions to the food crisis on its proper footing.

Maybe Rye City, Rye Brook And Port Chester Taxpayers Have To Make Up A Rye Town Park Deficit, Because The Supervisor Is Preoccupied With Grabbing Third World Farmland From Poor Peasants.


04/13/11 Rye Mayor Doug French And Joe Sack Have Had Enough Of Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin's Mismanagement

City Of Rye Claims It Was Blindsided By The Carvin Administration

Rye Town Park Prepares For Possible Rye City Audit At April 26th Budget Showdown

Problems at Rye Town Park came to a head several months ago when a projected annual deficit of around $40,000 in September swelled to more than $140,000 in December during the three months when the park was basically closed.

That amount included more than $50,000 in unemployment insurance. Mayor French maintained that kind of last minute “surprise” made balancing a budget unpredictable, and he and Joe Sack, a Rye City Council and Rye Town Park Commission member, insisted that kind of inaccurate financial forecasting had to be addressed before they would vote on the $1 million-plus budget for the upcoming season.......


The “New Scramble” for Africa

Feb 10, 2011 by terna

The IFC's investments – directed to agribusiness and related industry – passed 1.3 billion dollars in 2008, and the corporation has set up a 625 million dollar fund in collaboration with hedge fund Altima Partners, specifically to ...

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04/21/11 PRESS RELEASE: New York Yankees Coach Kevin Long Gives Baseball Instruction in Port Chester

After a solid 5-2 victory over the Texas Rangers, most New York Yankees would go home after a hard day’s work; except Kevin Long. Long, the Yankees hitting coach, left Yankee stadium and came straight to ProSwing of Port Chester, where a select group of forty athletes would receive personal instruction from him.

Promoting his new book Cage Rat, Kevin Long decided to practice what he preached. During his three-hour clinic, Long personally evaluated each athlete’s swing, and then took them aside to talk about their mechanics and approach at the plate. “He really helped me with my swing,” said fifteen-year-old ProSwing Pride player Garrett Longhurst. “I saw him helping A-Rod and Jeter during the day on TV, it was awesome that he was helping me tonight.”

Dan Gray, co-owner of ProSwing Athletic Training Center and former Los Angeles Dodger player was excited to bring the high-profile event to Port Chester. Says Gray; “It’s an honor to have Kevin come to ProSwing, he’s arguably the best hitting coach in the major leagues. This opportunity to bring such high-caliber coach and instruction to our athletes is just fantastic. I think this event highlights the quality of instruction we at ProSwing are committed to providing kids of all ages and levels.”

The Great American Baseball Company along with ProSwing of Port Chester teamed up to bring Kevin Long to ProSwing for this exclusive event. ProSwing boasts approximately 25,000 square feet of space, making it the largest indoor baseball and softball training facility in Westchester. With locations in Mount Kisco and now Port Chester, ProSwing brings a philosophy that Gray went on to add “ emphasizes confidence building along with acquiring skills that prepare players for success in meeting challenges in baseball and in life. “

The clinic took place from 7:00p.m. – 10:00p.m. this past Saturday (April 16th, 2011)

ProSwing of Port Chester is located at 36 Midland Avenue in Port Chester, NY.

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04/21/11 Today In History: Tiananmen Square Protests


Qwiki of the Day - Apr. 21
On this day in 1989, 100,000+ students marched on Tiananmen Square Beijing, China demanding political reform. Tanks and troops used live fire to clear the area on June 4, 1989, gunning down hundreds of protesters and inciting international outrage. Conclusion: You can kill a revolutionary, but you can't kill the revolution.

Learn More:
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989


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