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Thursday, March 10, 2011

03/10/11 Port Chester Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving

Greenwich police officers arrested Sarah McBride, 64, of 5 Phyllis Place, Port Chester, at 10 p.m. on March 9 and charged her with driving under the influence.
Police said they found McBride after her car became stuck in the mud when she tried to turn around near Interstate 95 in Byram. She failed field sobriety tests, police said.
McBride was released on $250 bond and scheduled to appear March 23 in state Superior Court in Stamford.

03/10/11 Journal News Slams Bart Didden And Endorses Mayor Dennis Pilla

On Election Day Tuesday, Port Chester Voters Should Help Put The Past Behind Them, And Re-elect A Mayor Who Knows How To Look Forward

The race for mayor in Port Chester, one of Westchester's most closely watched villages, should be no contest at all — Mayor Dennis Pilla has done that outstanding a job the last four years, and as a trustee earlier. That it is, indeed, a race may say more about the resiliency of bigotry, mainly of the thinly concealed variety, than about his stewardship. Village voters should make a plain statement Tuesday that they support smart, fiscally responsible and progressive leadership, and vote to return Pilla for a third term. The alternative, Trustee Bart Didden, really is no option at all.

Democrat Pilla, who has worked in information management for major corporations, has spent the last years improving the financial picture for Port Chester, in the annual budget, reserves and capital plan; those efforts have been recognized by the ratings agency Moody's Investors Service with three upgrades — no small achievement amid economic recession. Even while serving in the political minority, Pilla has succeeded in pushing through an agenda that has promoted smarter development and planning; improved quality of life through vastly stepped-up code enforcement, a major issue in neighborhoods struggling with density and illegal apartments; and helped bolster professionalism in a village administration tainted by corruption.

Port Chester's commercial district — a vibrant mesh of big-box stores, ethnic restaurants and much more — continues to take root as a destination for those looking to try different cuisine and culture. Revitalization efforts advanced on Pilla's watch hold promise for improving the downtown core, Fox Island, and neighborhoods. All the credit certainly isn't his. Credit Pilla, however, for bringing smart ideas to the table and, time and again, reaching across neighborhoods and interests to include everyone in the discussion. Those are imperatives in Port Chester, easily one of the most diverse communities in the Lower Hudson Valley, by race, ethnicity, culture, economics and business diversification.

Even where there have been sharp differences in approach or opinion, Pilla has demonstrated an ability to lower the volume, while at once entertaining divergent views, and dispensing his own, usually smart, advice. That is progressive leadership — leadership not always in evidence on the current board, and the kind that Port Chester so richly deserves and needs. Republican challenger Didden, a village trustee since summer, is likely to disappoint on that score. He has the dismal track record — memorialized in sworn testimony — to prove it.

The owner of a village business, Didden played a leading role in the Justice Department's Voting Rights Act lawsuit against Port Chester, wherein a federal judge concluded in 2008 that the village's system for electing trustees unlawfully disenfranchised Hispanics. When the lawsuit was filed in 2007, Hispanics had never been elected to anything, despite making up about half the population. One of the proofs in such an action is whether past elections had been marred by blatant racial appeals. It was Didden who helped supply that proof — in the form of an anonymous flier sent to village residents prior to the March 2007 mayoral vote.

It complained that "The Hispanics are running the show already"; that then-mayoral candidate "Pilla will sell us out"; and said that "what (Blanca Lopez, Pilla's campaign manager and future school board trustee) cares about is only Hispanic." It implored recipients to "elect people who care about our history, heritage and what our kids will be told about us in the future." Didden, who in the court action admitted his role in disseminating the flier, has apologized. But that is hardly enough. The court case has already cost taxpayers more than $1.2 million and so much lost energy in recriminations. And the tab is growing: Didden and the board's conservative majority recently approved spending another $225,000 to appeal the mess he helped make.

Ironically, the revised election system suggested by Port Chester and OK'd by the court — so-called cumulative voting — ended up producing the most diverse village board Port Chester has ever had.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

03/10/11 The Port Chester Topix Message Board: Crime and courts roundup

Topix Port Chester

Port Chester - News March 10, 2011

Crime and courts roundup (thejournalnews)
PORT CHESTER: A 26-year-old village woman who reported her car was stolen is accused of covering up having been into an accident near Interstate 287, police said....
Sloppy Businessman And Mayor Wanna Be Bart Didden Twice Failed To File Financial Disclosure Reports (portchesterroundup.blogspot)

Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden, who is the owner of USA Central Station Alarm Corp and has been running around Port Chester bragging that he is going to spend $80,000 to win the Port Chester Mayoral job that pays 12,000 a year.

A check of Port Chester financial disclosure records shows that the only sloppy record keeper was Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

It wasn't until the last week of January that perpetual law breaker Bart "The Bigot" Didden got his act together and filed his Port Chester Trustee financial reports that were due in July of last year.

So far this year Mayor Wanna Be Bart "The Bigot" Didden has missed TWO campaign financial report deadlines.

Isn't Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden the college drop out and candidate running around saying that he is going to use his business skills to make Port Chester government more efficient?

If this wing nut has repeatedly been unable to efficiently get simple financial disclosure forms out for his poorly run mayoral campaign, how in the hell is he going to apply for and get out million dollar state and federal grants for Port Chester?

We hope that Bart Didden and USA Central Station Alarm Corp are getting their personal and corporate financial filings completed on time.

The more you learn about Bart "The Bigot" Didden, the more you know that he would be the worse and most expensive mayor in the history of Port Chester.

The Good People Of Port Chester Deserve Better, Than Bart "The Bigot" Didden

What Is A Sloppy Record Keeping Loudmouth Going To Do To Help Solve The Problems Facing Port Chester Taxpayers.
Familiar faces at Customers Bank (nj)
Sidhu, former CEO of Sovereign, and Taylor, a former president of the bank, have begun acquiring banking charters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York...

. ... cquired two other struggling banks that couldn't continue on their own: ISN Bank of Cherry Hill and USA Bank of Port Chester, N.Y.

It Looks Like Business Has Fallen Of At T And J's After They Hosted Extremist Tea Party Lunatic Bart "the Bigot" Didden Last January. Get a $25 Gift Certificate For Two Bucks At T And J's ....
ONLY IN PORT CHESTER: Even If You Tried You Just Couldn't Make This Stuff Up .... (portchesterroundup.blogspot)
Once Again Port Chester Voters Are Wondering What Kind Of LSD Are The Putting In Bart Didden's TEA

Extremist TEA Party Lunitic Bart "The Bigot" Didden Is Seeking To Put Spiritual Leaders From Port Chester's Churches And Temples In The Middle Of A Campaign Practices Complaint About This Year's Mayoral Election.

Yes It Is True, Bart "The Bigot" Didden Says That He Going To The Next Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee Today To Whine And Complain That Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla Has A Factual Ad That Says He Refused To Sign A Port Chester Clergy's Pledge To Keep The Election Civil.

Last month a group of Port Chester's spiritual leaders asked to meet with mayoral candidates on a busy Sunday afternoon last month, they were hoping for two things – a chance to tell Mayor Dennis Pilla and Bart Didden what's on their minds, and they wanted a pledge from both men to keep the election civil, fair and honest.

Both Port Chester Mayorial Candidates showed up to All Souls Church for the Feb. 20 meeting – Didden refused to sign the campaign pledge and left the meeting.

Mayor Dennis Pilla arrived to find an angry Bart Didden telling Port Chester's clergy he wouldn't participate in the meeting or sign the pledge.

Mayor Pilla even left a friend's wedding that he officiated at, because he felt the clergy's members meeting was so important to attend.

One church leader had left his wife with two sick kids home to attend the meeting that Bart Didden suddenly canceled.

Another pastor mentioned how difficult it was to rearrange his schedule, since Sunday was his busiest day.

Why didn't Bart Didden tell Port Chester's Clergy members days beforehand that he was not going to sign the pledge to be civil, fair and honest.

In Bart's letter to the WFCPC, he argues that the mayor's signing of the pledge – and calling for Didden to do the same – is tantamount to a personal attack.

In Didden's bizare and petty liitle world asking someone to be civil fair and honest is a personal attack.

How dare Port Chester' clergy members ask Bart Didden to be civil fair and honest !!!

The out of control Bart Didden has even got in a petty little e-mail exchange with the Reverand Bruce Baker of All Souls Church.
Patch Whiz Kids of the Week: Young Marines of Westchester
Patch Whiz Kids of the Week: Young Marines of Westchester (Scarsdale Patch)
View full size new Know a kid so smart, self-aware or sweet that he or she can only be described as a "Whiz Kid?" Each week, our site will highlight the accomplishments of local children and teens.

MiMedia Incorporates Social Media Integration (PRWeb)
Personal media platform now lets users share directly to Facebook and more. MiMedia - Your Digital Life- Anywhere, Any time, Any device "Social networking dominates the time many people spend online, so integrating these platforms into MiMedia was the obvious next step to creating an optimal user experience," said Erik Zamkoff, CEO of MiMedia.

03/10/11 Port Chester Woman Arrested For DUI In Greenwich

Sarah McBride, 64, of 5 Phyllis Place, Port Chester, N.Y., was charged March 9 with driving while under the influence. McBride was released on a $250 bond.

03/09/11 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

News Reports About Port Chester, NY
Our recommendation for mayor of Port Chester
The Journal News | LoHud.com
Watch an interview with the Port Chester candidates online; go to lohud.com/editorialspotlight; click "On Demand" and select the video from the menu. The race for mayor in Port Chester, one of Westchester's most closely watched villages, ..
Port Chester Woman Crashes Car, Claims It's Stolen – But Officer Spots Her ...
At least that's the story she told Port Chester police later that evening at 10:45 pm, when she reported the car stolen. Loja, 26, told officers no one else had the keys to the gray 2007 Honda, and police began filling out a report while putting the ...
Police: Port Chester Man Swung Nail-Studded Lumber at Mother and Baby
A Port Chester man was arrested early Wednesday morning after allegedly swinging a nail-studded piece of lumber at his sister and her one-year-old baby, police said. Officers were called to the Smith Street home at about 12:45 am and found the victim, ...
'Boy, that Was a Fire!': At DaDa's, the Routine Returns to Normal
"Going back years ago in Port Chester, there were neighborhoods that had their own names. This is Edgeland. Down the road, at the traffic light near the [Holy Rosary] church, that was Bowery," Amico said, gesturing east as he stood at the counter of ...
Alcohol Use Leads to Arrests
A Port Chester, NY man was arrested on a driving while intoxicated charge early Tuesday after Greenwich Police stopped him for driving without his car headlights turned on. According to a Greenwich Police report, Reynier Melgar-Arapa, 28, ...
A Piece of History Survives: DaDa's and the Regulars Reflect on Fire
On Wednesday, regulars at the old-time shop reflected on the fast response and heroic efforts of the Port Chester Fire Department, and talked about what the store and its owner mean to them and their neighborhood. DaDa's owner Daniel "DaDa" Radice was ...
Patch Whiz Kids of the Week: Young Marines of Westchester
The local Westchester chapter is based in White Plains, and has 26 members: Kyle Avery, 15 of Mt. Vernon; 15-year-old Lukas Brandon of White Plains; Debra Caminade, 10, of Port Chester; Sebastian DeGuisto, 16, of Poughkeepsie; 11-year-old Dylan ...
Grab and Go Kid's Planner
Where/When: 222 Grace Church St, Port Chester (Port Chester Senior Center). March 14, 3:30 - 5 pm Why Go: If you know someone at the Senior Center this is a great opportunity to bring your family and share in entertainment put on by students at Port ...

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03/10/11 PORT CHESTER PATCH: 'Boy, that Was a Fire!': At DaDa's, the Routine Returns to Normal and more news

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March 10, 2011

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'Boy, that Was a Fire!': At DaDa's, the Routine Returns to Normal

Nik Bonopartis | Mar 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

imageHe's sleeping in a water-logged, smoke-scented apartment, but 79-year-old Daniel 'DaDa' Radice says he's happy to have his shop – and his life – intact.

A Piece of History Survives: DaDa's and the Regulars Reflect on Fire

Nik Bonopartis | Mar 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

imageLast week's fire shuttered DaDa Radice for two days – but the shop re-opened, much to the relief of long-time regulars.

Police: Port Chester Man Swung Nail-Studded Lumber at Mother and Baby

Nik Bonopartis | Mar 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

imageAlex Herrera, 20, also tried to attack police, but officers were able to subdue him without using force.

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