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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

07/21/09 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

Teacher's 'obsession' takes him to China
Lower Hudson Journal news
By Theresa Juva • tjuva@lohud.com • July 21, 2009 PORT CHESTER - A science teacher is planning to see in China this century's first and longest total solar ...
Small Business Owners Denounce Sotomayor's Past Eminent Domain ...
The Epoch Times
Village of Port Chester while serving on the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York. Sotomayor ruled in favor of Port Chester, upholding the ...

Natalie Distler Biography Wooden Spears
By Richie Berges
Name, Natalie Distler. Date Of Birth, 21-Oct-89. Place Of Birth, Port Chester, New York, USA. Height, Be the first to add this. Weight, Be the first to add this. Nationality, American. Celebrity Status, Actress ...
Wooden Spears - http://woodenspears.com/
Sonia Sotomayor on the Environment and Energy CleanTechies Blog ...
By joseph
Village of Port Chester (a Sotomayor decision - and progeny of Kelo - that. Ilya Somin in the Detroit FREEP thinks is even worse for private property rights). Still, what's bad for private property may just turn out to be good for the ...
CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com - http://blog.cleantechies.com/
Cos Cob Roundup: 07/20/09 The Raw Cos Cob News Feed By Robo Blogger
By Robo Blogger
07/20/09 The Raw Port Chester News Feed - - Business people in the news posted on July 19, 2009 04:47:44 pm Michael J. Ceruzzi of Cortlandt recently was named chief internal auditor ... 8 hours ago. Rye Brook Roundup ...
Cos Cob Roundup - http://coscobroundup.blogspot.com/

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