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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Archive Port Chester News - TBCR Issue 03 - PC's Alternative Underground Newspaper - The True Blue Conservative Review

June 15, 2007



Archive Port Chester News - TBCR Issue 02 - Pc's Alternative Underground Newspaper - The True Blue Conservative Review

May 5, 2007

Mike Walker, Zaragoza

Baterista Mike Walker en un taller musical con el Coro Gospel de Zaragoza.

Drummer Mike Walker, from Port Chester NY, at a musical seminar with the Zaragoza Gospel Choir.

Mike Walker- Drummer, Percussionist, Producer

Mike has been playing the drums since the early age of 5. Growing up in a Pentecostal church in Port Chester, NY, Mike quickly discovered a love for the sound of the drums. Initially learning to play by ear, he would sit in the front row at church every Sunday picking up any tips he could from his older cousins, who played the drums as well. He didn’t have the opportunity to participate in a structured music program until he entered the 6th grade. There he participated in the marching, concert, and jazz bands, and also learned to read sheet music. At the age of 12, he auditioned & was elected to be a part of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), which is the largest, most successful MENC state unit in the United States. He continued to participate in bands throughout high school, where he competed in numerous competitions all over the east coast in marching & jazz bands. He was a part of the Port Chester High School Marching Band when they received 1st place, as well as Best Percussion in the US Scholastic Band Championships in 1995 & 1996.

After high school, Mike continued to play drums in church. He played for a local New York choir called Psalms of Refuge, out of Refuge Christian Center in Port Chester, NY. There he learned about being sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT concerning his playing. Mike moved to New Jersey in 1999, but continued to travel back & forth to New York every weekend to play the drums at Refuge Christian Center because he felt that GOD had not released him to leave there as of yet. However in 2002, after plenty of prayer & thought, he became a member of Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey. He took a back seat for a while, as there were already more than enough drummers there. So Mike began to get into his BIBLE, and study the word of GOD more than he ever had before. For it was at Bethany that Mike learned first hand that GOD honors faithfulness & commitment. He waited patiently for his opportunity, attending every rehearsal he could, watching the other drummers and getting a feel for atmosphere. Still, he never gave up, and finally got his chance in 2004, when he started playing for the youth church. Mike played the drums there, as well as alternated services in the main sanctuary for drummers who were unavailable for a period of 2 years. During that period of time, Mike had the opportunity to play for some well known gospel artists such as Kim Burrell, Deitrick Haddon, Angela Spivey and Pastor Lonnie Hunter. He also started playing for a local group out of Bethany named Kevin Jarido & Nu Virtu, who released an album in 2006.
Mike started producing in 2006 as well. What started as a past time at home on the computer, has turned into an opportunity to once again show exactly how good GOD has been to him. He is currently trying to establish himself as a well known producer and arranger, which has been a dream of his for quite some time. As a reward for his commitment and his humble spirit, he was appointed to be the main drummer for the Disciples for Christ choir as well as Journey in 2007, which are two of the premier choirs at Bethany Baptist Church. The Disciples for Christ are scheduled to be working on an album this year as well.

Mike is known for his strong pocket and his creative fills. He has experience in a wide variety of music genres, and incorporates them all into one style to produce a one of a kind sound and feel. Mike has both performed and shared the stage with a host of talented groups & musicians. Currently he is touring & in the studio with Kevin Jarido &
Nu Virtu, who are working on there sophomore album. Mike’s promotion has not only been a testimony to others, but to himself as well. He has seen GOD open doors for him that he could have never opened on his own. His story is simple, and one to learn from. Put GOD first, and he will take care of the rest. Always acknowledge GOD in everything that you do, for without him, it would not be possible. Always remain humble, stay committed and remember, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16

May 6th

County Center

Archive Port Chester News - TBCR Issue 01 - PC's Alternative Underground Newspaper - The True Blue Conservative Review

April 6th

James jumping over Sarah

James jumping over Sarah at the high school filmed by mark

April 9th

Rescue 40 Video

a lil sumthin to the guys in the rescue

Stolen Minds - Unicorn

Live at Marty's P.C.

April 20th

Me Gusta Mexico

A day in the life of Port Chester NY...

April 30th

despues del retiro en port chester


Archive Port Chester Diversions 2007 March

Added: March 08, 2007

Peekskill vs. Port Chester


Added: March 11, 2007

White Boy Fighting

Added: March 15, 2007


IT's POLLUTION!! PLANNED POLLUTION! MUST SEE VIDEO of bizarre chemtrails and chemclouds taken by Chemtrail Chaser Peter Iasillo. Music is by TANGERINE DREAM with some frightening editing and results. I live in Port Chester, NY in Westchester County and the amount of chemtrail activity is MIND BOGGLING. The Enviornmental Protection Agency is turning a very blind eye to this criminal activity. They gave me the phone number of a fellow by the name of Bob Kelly who was nothing more than a radio voiced naysayer. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! KEEP POSTING VIDEOS! Visit me at www.myspace.com/nyactor

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