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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Bound, New Rochelle's Ray Rice Bringing Joy to Local Teen

I am Now Rooting For The Under Dog Ravens In The Super Bowl....

With Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Bound, New Rochelle’s Ray Rice Bringing Joy to Port Chester Teen 

When the Baltimore Ravens face off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday in New Orleans, Port Chester, NY teen Odele Alexander Jr., 17, will be watching with special interest after a phone call from Ravens All-Pro Ray Rice, a call that changed his life.

Odele's story has been described as "complicated". He grew up in a difficult family situation. He lived most of his life under foster care through the Westchester County Department of Social Services (WCDSS).

O'D, as he is known to his friends, has long considered Rice a source of hope and inspiration.

WCDSS staff speak glowingly of O'D. They know him as a young man who has persevered over tough odds, searching deep within himself and remained positive, optimistic and upbeat.

O'D's personal motto is "I live for today, Can’t worry about yesterday.”

O'D has put a lot of that positive energy into football. As a youth he played in the Pop Warner League in Port Chester, NY. Football became his passion and outlet. He loves being part of a team and the sportsmanship that comes with it. As he grew older, O'D settled on playing running back like Rice. He joined the Port Chester High School football team where he plays running back for the Rams. He dreams of following in Rice's footsteps and playing in the NFL someday.

Last fall O'D suffered a tremendous personal loss. Leslie Farucci, his WCDSS caseworker, soon after noticed a change in O'D. His normal enthusiasm just wan't there. She became worried.

Farucci works in the WCDSS Foster Care and Preventative Services Unit in White Plains, NY. She has worked in the foster care system protecting kids for more than 20 years.

"I have known O'D for a long time," Farucci says. "I want to do everything I can to give this kid an opportunity to succeed in life."

She sensed O'D was losing direction and focus. She knew he needed something to help him stay motivated and on track. She wanted to give O'D a special “once in a lifetime” experience. She was looking for a miracle.

She discussed the situation with John Eforo, her Supervisor at WCDSS. Eforo was also close to O'D. Farucci and Eforo came up with a plan; find a way to give O'D something he would never forget, a chance to speak with his idol. They became determined to make it happen.

They both realized that O'D admired Rice not just as a great player but for what Rice had been through in his own childhood and how Rice had persevered and eventually triumphed.

Rice had his own struggles growing up in New Rochelle, NY. Rice's father was shot and killed when Ray was just one year old. Ray's cousin was close to Ray and mentored him but when Ray was 12 his cousin was killed by a drunk driver. Ray's mother raised four children as a single-parent......
Read The Rest Of The Story At The Link Below...

via Port Chester Newswire http://www.newrochelletalk.com/content/baltimore-ravens-super-bowl-bound-new-rochelle%E2%80%99s-ray-rice-bringing-joy-local-teen?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NewRochellesTalkOfTheSoundBlogs+%28Most+Recent+Blog+Posts%29

Port Chester Democrats Nominate Pilla, Brakewood, Marino, Adams for 2013 Election

Port Chester Democrats have nominated Mayor Dennis Pilla for re-election and also are supporting village Board of Trustees members Daniel Brakewood and Luis Marino for re-election.

Democrats also named Greg Adams as a candidate for one four other seats up on the Board of Trustees in Port Chester's March 19 election.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/port-chester-democrats-nominate-pilla-brakewood-marino-adams-for-2013-election

BREAKING NEWS: Heavy Rain, Wind Predicted For...

Tuesday, Jan 29 2013
Port Chester
News Alert

by Art Cusano
WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – Wednesday could bring thunderstorms, severe winds and heavy rain to Westchester County, according to the ...

T And J Villaggio Will Host Port Chester Republicans Caucus At 223-225 Westchester Avenue

The Port Chester Repbulican Party is set to nominate its candidates for mayor and village trustee seats at a caucus tonight. Read More At Port Chester Roundup

Tonight, Port Chester Republicans meet in a 7 p.m. caucus to select their candidates for the election.

When voters go to the polls, they have seven positions to vote on, but in Port Chester's cumulative voting, they can cast more than one ballot for their favorite candidate. Voting for the trustees and mayor opens a week before the March 19 election day.
via Port Chester Newswire http://www.topix.com/city/port-chester-ny/2013/01/t-and-j-villaggio-will-host-port-chester-republicans-caucus-at-223-225-westchester-avenue

Port Chester Republicans Caucus slated to nominate candidates for mayor, trustee seats.

The Port Chester Repbulican Party is set to nominate its candidates for mayor and village trustee seats at a caucus tonight.

GOP members are preparing for the March 19 election, in which Port Chester residents will vote for the entire seven-member village Board of Trustees — including the mayor's post and six trustees.

The Republican caucus is set for 7 p.m. at T&J Villagio Tratorria, 223-225 Westchester Ave., Port Chester.

The 2013 village election allows for residents to cast their ballot in advance during the week prior to March 19. In addition, the election allows for cumulative voting, in which residents can cast more than one of their votes for a favored candidate.


01/25/11 Port Chester Turns Out To Picket Bart "The Bigot" Didden In Front Of T And J Villaggio Trattoria On Westchester Avenue

Infamous Port Chester Racist Bart Didden's Struggling Mayoral Campaign Suffers A Couple Of Major Setbacks This Evening At The T&J Villaggio Trattoria.

First Foul Mouthed And Bloated Rye Town Conservative Chair Sam Terenzi Could Not Get Port Chester Conservative Party Members To Support Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

The Conservative caucus resulted in a vote for Former Port Chester Mayor John Branca over Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

The Conservative party leadership has been divided between hefty Sam "I Got Junk In My Trunk" Terenzi, the current Rye Town Conservative chair and Gene Branca, the popular and former longtime Rye Town Conservative chair

Mr. Branca is the son of former Port Chester Mayor John Branca.

Former Rye Town Conservative chair Gene Branca said he was proud that the “true Conservatives” had spoken and rejected Bart "The Bigot" Didden's campaign.

If That Wasn't Bad Enough Bad News For Bart "The Bigot" Didden....

Twenty picketers showed up with signs against former Westmore News columnist Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

The signs said things like “We don’t want a racist for mayor.”

The signs made reference to Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden’s infamous 2007 flier attacking popular two term Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla and Latino supporters of his earlier mayoral campaign.

The lewd and crude racist mailer assembled by Bart "The Bigot" Didden, his wife and child became important evidence in the Justice Department’s successful voting rights lawsuit against the village of Port Chester.

The Federal Judge strongly cited Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden's hate filled two page flyer when he ruled that Latino voters were effectively shut out of the trustee election process in Port Chester.

Sylvia Rodriguez, a Port Chester mother of three, who is studying for her bachelor’s degree from Fordham University carried a sign that read “Bart is proud to be a racist.”

Ms. Rodriguez said “We don’t think he cares about Hispanics,” and also said, “He doesn't want us to live here.”

Ms. Rodriguez also was critical of USA Alarm owner Bart "The Bigot" Didden’s recent comments made at a public debate in the trustee race.

The infamous racist and extremist TEA Party lunatic said he would “starve” Hispanic apartment buildings by targeting laundromats and other services that serve tenants of such housing.

Leonardo Coronado, 50, said he was protesting because “we need somebody who represents all of Port Chester we don't need discrimination here.”

Esau Rodriguez held a sign that said, “Bart does not represent you and me!”

Others read: “Port Chester deserves better than Bart.”

The twenty Port Chester protesters were confronted by Bart "The Bigot" Didden Supporter Town of Rye Supervisor Joe Carvin. 

Fabiola Montoya said,“Racism and discrimination is everywhere."

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin tried speak to the largely Hispanic group in Spanish by saying my wife is a minority and she says Didden's flyer was not racist, but an example of race baiting.

Huh ????

'It's race baiting, but it's not racist" ????

What kind of LSD are they putting in the Harvard educated fool's tea?
Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin's bizarre argument in support of Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden is sort of like a pedophile saying, "Sure I penetrated the child, but it wasn't rape."

Many protesters in the crowd wondered if Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin had a bit too much to drink at T and J's bar and did not engage the lunitic Supervisor in further conversation.

Later inside the caucus at T And J Villaggio Trattoria the Rye town supervisor was fuming over the picketers’ use of the word “racist.”

Joseph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin, a Republican who lives in an exclusive gated community in neighboring Rye Brook just doesn't understand that diversity has always been the strength of Port Chester.

Many First Generation Jewish, Irish and Italian families got their start in Port Chester.

The Rye Town Supervisor said the Port Chester protesters actions were "totally un-American,”

It looks like Joseph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin has never heard of the First and Fourth amendments of the United States Constitution that he swore to protect and defend when he became Rye Town Supervisor.

Joseph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is just starting to come to grips with the fact that Didden's vitriol is going to destroy Port Chester, a community that has always proudly been known for welcoming immigrants.

Maybe, someone should remind Joesph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin that School board member Blanca Lopez was a target of Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden's hate filled flier.

Maybe, someone should remind Joesph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin that Didden's hate filled flier targeted Latinos, and said “the Hispanics are running the show already.”

Didden's racist two page flier was used as evidence of racially based campaigning in Justice Department’’s successful voting rights lawsuit against the village, a case that forced a change to the trustee election system.

But none of this is important to Rye Town supervisor Joe Carvin, because his family is getting ready to make $200,000 off the backs of Port Chester taxpayers.

Joesph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is pushing Port Chester to set aside the money and pay his brother Michael "Ka Ching Ka Ching Ka Ching" Carvin $750 an hour to assist in the appeal of the voting right's case.

$750 / Hour !!!! For Rye Town Supervisor Joesph "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin's Brother?

The Republican Party insiders are getting ready to once again rape the Port Chester taxpayers again, as the Westmore Snooze turns a blind eye.

But who would expect the newspaper founded by Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel to stand up for the hardworking homeowners of Port Chester.

But There Is Some Hope .....

But Is Bart "The Bigot" Didden Slowly Starting To Reject His Racist Views????

To Didden's credit he did call his involvement in producing the hate filled flyer with Former Port Chester Board of Education President Dominic Bencivenga And Former Port Chester Trustee John Crane as “wrong”.

Diddeen said of the picket "I understand how some people feel it was insensitive. I've come to regret my participation. We learn from our mistakes.”

But is this just clever words and political spin from Didden???

Didden, then turned around and said the hate filled flyer was "not racist." Didden continued “It may have been insensitive, but racist, no.”

Who In The Right Mind Would Want To Be Linked To Bart "The Bigot" Didden?
Afterall This Creep Cost Port Chester Millions After He Mailed His Racist Flyers All Over 
Port Chester.

Port Chester ended up on the losing in a voting rights/civil rights lawsuit - a federal court case that exposed a litany of wrongful conduct by the Didden family that was resistant to change, including the distribution of a racist flier by BrigidAnn Didden and her parents. 

The letter was important in the civil rights court case because one of the proofs in such litigation is whether past political campaigns have included overt or subtle racial appeals. Among other things, the offending letter complained, "the Hispanics are running the show already."

365 Port Chester: Bart Didden continues to attack Lopez and ...

Dec 11, 2007 – Everyone in Port CHester knows about our infamous village racist, Bart Didden, who sent out the racist flyer during the mayoral village elections last march. ...

After the lawsuit, a chance for Port Chester village to move forward ...

Feb 8, 2008 – In a 56-page opinion, Judge Robinson clearly ruled that the system has... The two elected officials agreed at trial that the flyer was racist or had ...

Racist flier casts shadow over Port Chester election

(05/14/07) PORT CHESTER - A racist flier circulated around Port Chester could have some career-damaging consequences for a school board candidate who ...

Candidates Pull No Punches at Candidates Night - Port Chester, NY ...

Mar 3, 2011 – The two men running for Port Chester mayor face off in debate. ....LYING about his RACIST FLYER … that later became evidence in the DOJ case .....being mostly forgotten and then you pasted it back up on the front pages.


Cesar Ruiz - Westmore News

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Jul 9, 2007 – Page 2 ... PORT CHESTER SHOULD BE ENJOINED FROM CONDUCTING ... election system in the Village of Port Chester violates section 2 of the Voting ... with the dissemination of a flier they acknowledged was “racist” and ...

Port Chester Has Had Many Racist Incidents...

NYS/Westchester County:Racist fliers tossed at kids - Page 4 ...

www.stormfront.org › Stormfront › News › Archive
10 posts - 7 authors - Feb 22, 2004
If one can distribute deli flyers, one can distribute racist flyers in the ... If there is a property transaction and only one of the two parties is willing, it is called theft. ... "A copy of the Port Chester flier was obtained and shown to the ...

340 - Hate Incidents | Southern Poverty Law Center

www.splcenter.org › Get Informed
Port Chester, NY. About a dozen racist flyers were tossed to children outside at a day care center. ... Flyers from the neo-Nazi White Revolution were distributed in twoneighborhoods. ... Milford, CT. A racist flyer was left in an resident's mailbox.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Did you give any copies to anyone else to fold and mail?

Bart Didden: I did

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Who

Bart Didden: John Crane and my wife and my daughter helped me.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: How many flyers did you mail out?

Bart Didden: Hundreds Close to a thousand. Thereabouts.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Thousands?

Bart Didden: Maybe a little more or a little less.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Where did you mail the mailings from?

Bart Didden: The Greenwich Post Office

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Does Port Chester have a post office.

Bart Didden: It does.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Why did you go to Greenwich to mail it.

Bart Didden: I did not want to be observed in front of the Port Chester post office with a thousand envelopes putting them in the post box because that could lead to someone suspecting that I had something to do with the mailing.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Do you see a quote you gave Ms. Sandler [Journal News Reporter] in the paragraph of the email "you can quote me."

Bart Didden: Yes

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: And you did use quotes there, right?

Bart Didden: Yes

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: What was the quote you gave to Ms. Sandler?

Bat Didden: That "I am disgusted by the actions of some individual or individuals in our community that either I Dominick Cicatelli, Ariel Acosta, nor I Bart Didden ever need this type ofassistance from someone that is working from their own personal agenda.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: In giving Ms. Sandler the quote, did you intend to suggest that you did not in fact have anything to do with the flyer?

Attorney Mr. Piscionnere: Objection Judge. This is all leading. It's his witness judge.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: I'm going to allow it. Is that what you intended?

Bart Didden: Yes


Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Is the Rev. Ariel Acosta Hispanic?

Bart Didden: He is. He appears to be.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Did you ever speak to him about the flyer?

Bart Didden: No


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Mr. Didden would it be a fair statement that during the election season when Mr. Cicitelli was running for mayor in March '07 that you were one of his supporters.

Bart Didden: Strong supporter.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: You campaigned with him right?

Bart Didden: Happy to.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Did you walk around with Mr. Acosta?

Bart Didden: No


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: But the flyer "Pilla will sell us out" does refer to Mr. Pilla's son, isn't that right?

Bart Didden; No.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: No?

Bart Didden: I don't think so. If you want to refer back to the flyer.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Immediately below "Pilla will sell us out", right below to the left. "PC mayoral candidate sends child to Rye school." Do you see that.

Bart Didden: I see that.

United States Attorney Michael GarciaSo does the flyer refer to the child of Mr. Pilla?

Bart Didden: That was a letter published in the Westmore News?

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: But, you copied it into the flyer didn't you?

Bart Didden: I did.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: You didn't think that this brings his child into the campaign?

Bart Didden: Can I show you a blog?

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Just answer my question? Do you think that this brings his son into the campaign? You can answer I do or I don't.

Bart Didden: I don't. I would like to give some context to my answer.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: I have let you ramble on a lot here. Just answer my question.

Bart Didden: No, I do not think it does.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: In sending out the "Pilla will sell us out" flyer which is Plaintiff's Exhibit 63, did you sign you have the nerve to sign your name?

Attorney Mr. Piscionnere: Objection. Judge.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Overrulled.

Bart Didden: I don't know.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Okay. Does your name appear anywhere on the "Pilla will sell us out" flyer. Plaintiff's Exhibit 63?

Bart Didden: No I did not sign it.

United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Turn to the next sentence.

Bart Didden: "There is nothing about Blanca's family, friends other than the candidate or nothing other than the truth. She is Hispanic.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Do you know whether the percentage of Port Chester that is Hispanic is greater than the percentage of Port Chester that is white?

Bart Didden: What do you consider white? If you are not Hispanic or not African American, are you white?


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Are you aware that the 2000 census found that a larger portion of Port Chester's residents were Hispanic, than are white?

Bart Didden: I guess again I don't know what you consider white versus something else.


Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson:  Let me ask you a couple of questions. First of all, what do you mean when you say,"I am the white casualty" to Mr. Ruiz.

Bart Didden: Well, Mr. Ruiz's claim, in my opinion, is because he is Hispanic.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: What does that have with being white? Does that mean he is not white to you? Do you seperate from him because you see yourself as white and he as Hispanic?

Bart Didden: I think it is ironic that you don't have to be Hispanic to be abandoned.


United States Attorney Michael Garcia: Are you aware of any Hispanic to be elected to any office in any district in which Port Chester is located.

Bart Didden: No, I Am not aware


Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Okay. What is it you meant when you said,''well thank you Mr. Pilla for standing up for the non-Hispanics that elected you the first time." What did you mean by non-Hispanics, who were you refering to?

Bart Didden: I am not sure how to phrase it, or quantify it or define it.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Were you refering to people of Hispanic origin? When you say non-Hispanics, are you referring to them?

Bart Didden: No

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Are you refering to African-Americans?

Bart Didden: I assume not. Well I assume so.

Federal Judge: Stephen C. Robinson: Are you refering to African-Americans?

Bart Didden: Well, I don't know if African-Americans are considered Hispanic. I don't think that they are.


Do You Know Where This Photo Was Taken?

Can you correctly identify where this picture was taken? The first person to provide the correct answer here on Rye or Port Chester Patch wins! Feel free to post in the comments section below as soon as you know what the picture is of or where it was taken.

via Port Chester Newswire http://rye.patch.com/articles/do-you-know-where-this-photo-was-taken-6e930c13



I Think Liz's Should Talk To A Certain Member Of The Controversial Facebook Group Known As "Making Port Chester A Better Place"

The Word Is She Can Get LIZ A Very Lucrative Position At La Dolce Vita



Many think that Bart Didden's Neighbor Elizabeth Czajkowski-Rotfeld could make Port Chester a better place by helping get her Facebook member to shut down the Dangerous Hoochie Mama Bar where young girls are exploited and many are made to do things they don't want to do.

But the hypocritical Liz doesn't care about those girls. She is 100% loyal to  her Facebook group member who is pimping out these young ladies.

And everyone in Port Chester knows that Liz she is also 100% loyal to her neighbor Bart "The Bigot" Didden who is pimping out "Making A Port Chester A Better Place" Group.

A controversial Port Chester Facebook Group  that recently went from an open group to a closed group.

I wonder what a young exploited girl being made to do things she doesn't want to do at La  Dolce Vita thinks about the Facebook members who are in group that allows their pimp to be a member they had their money too.

Shame, Shame, Shame on anyone that would be in Port Chester Trustee Bart Didden and his cousin's Kieth Morlino's controversial Facebook group that has a member who is a Port Chester Pimp.

You Are NOT Making Port Chester A Better Place and you are known by the company you keep. And you keep company with someone who exploits young girls in Port Chester.

La Dolce Vita has a long history of trouble in Port Chester.


When the owners of La Dolce Vita, a bar at 451 North Main St., offered to pay the Town of Rye approximately $100,000 in taxes, penalties and interest in April to reclaim their property, the majority of the town board denied them the opportunity in a 3-2 vote against allowing the redemption.
The owners had their chance to pay the taxes over a nearly sevenyear period, they said. Some board members thought it was too late, that it wouldn’t be fair to other taxpayers and they didn’t like the idea of the town being used. They preferred to put the parcel up for sale at auction.

Port Chester Homeowner's Have Had To Pay Higher Taxes Because The Criminals At La Dolce Vita Did Not Pay Their Taxes. La Dolce Vita should be shut down and no decent Port Chester resident should be in Facebook group administered by the owner of La Dolce Vita.


Gunfire The Latest In String of Violent Incidents at N. Main St. Bar

Police found a shell casing after reports of gunfire outside La Dolce Vita early this morning.
Gunfire erupted outside of a North Main Street drinking establishment early this morning, marking the latest in a string of violent incidents at the same bar.…


I thought Ms. Rotfeld told the Westmore News that she decided to leave the Facebook page as it has not lived up to her expectations. She resigned as an administrator and also as a member.

I could have swore she told the Westmore News she suggested closing down the controvercial Facebook page, but now that its election time......she's back!!!!

Looks Like Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Neighbor Elizabeth Czajkowski-Rotfeld is just a hypocrite.


Controversial posts threaten existence of Facebook group
Published as part of the November 23, 2012 edition.


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