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Sunday, July 20, 2008

07/20/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Sunday


Hispanic couples take marriage vows, again


... Gonzalez, 29, after his "first dance" at the Don Bosco Community Center next door with his bride, Mildred. The Port Chester couple had a civil marriage 11 years ago, and have two children, 10 and 4. "We planned to marry in church, but never put the ...

Hard times for some hosts; foreign exchange students need places to stay

The Citizen

... year. Yvonne Forman, executive director of Program of Academic Exchange, a foreign exchange program based in Port Chester, N.Y., said it is always a challenge to find host families for the growing number of foreign students who want the opportunity ...

Voters demand tax reform

Journal News

Dear Editor,

The idea of capping property taxes and keying them to an individual's income of the previous year, rather than today's arbitrary unjust valuation of each house, has certainly gained momentum. In my school district, the same supervisor who yearly blowtorches our tax rebates with endless bond issues is now proposing building projects that rival the Taj Mahal - proving why property tax reform must pass this November.

The state legislators in Albany must close their ears to professional lobbyists - the voters are the only lobby they must care about. I have never seen voters across the spectrum so united on an issue. And because there is a historic presidential election, the turnout will be huge.

I have already seen advertisements from challengers attacking current legislators for not passing property tax caps and circuit-breakers before leaving Albany for vacation. They will have this negligence thrown in their faces unless they get back for a special session and vote for the reforms that Gov. David Paterson has already agreed to sign. People can, will, and already have crossed party lines in droves over the issue of property taxes. Just ask the ex-incumbents of Rye town. They were booted out in a landslide last November after more than a decade.

People are literally having to choose between heating their homes and paying taxes on them. Everyone in office is making sympathetic clucking sounds yet nobody is doing anything. If the politicians won't do it for us, then they may need to look for new hobbies after November.

Lina Accurso

Port Chester

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