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Friday, November 2, 2007

11/01/07 - Are You Ready For Some Jets Football? Mark Of Port Chester Checks Out The - thejetsblog.com

Marc (Port Chester): How soon before we find out if Kellen Clemens is the answer?

SportsNation Matt Williamson: Next year at this time. It takes a while bro!

TJB Brian Bassett: Should Clemens play the rest of the season, I think we’re off to a good start on seeing how he’ll fare, but let me preach patience. Patience, patience, patience … you can’t expect him to go out and be the panacea of this team, especially with the competition he’ll face. According to Football Outsiders defensive rankings, in the coming weeks, he would be slated to play Washington (5th), Pittsburgh (2nd), Dallas (7th), Miami (31st), Cleveland (29th), New England (3rd), Tennessee (1st) and Kansas City (8th). Don’t expect to see him putting up 400 yards and 4 TDs week in and out.....

11/01/07 - Meeting House Electrocution Lawsuit Reaches Settlement

The parties involved in a lawsuit over the death of a painter, who was electrocuted while at work at the municipally-owned Newtown Meeting House on Main Street in July 2004, have reached a legal settlement of ...

...In the July 26, 2004, accident, in which an aluminum ladder made contact with an 8,000-volt power line on the south side of the meeting house, Mr Tenecela, 25, of Port Chester, N.Y., died due to accidental electrocution. Victor Saquisela, then age 21, also of Port Chester, was seriously burned. Both Mr Tenecela and Mr Saquisela were originally from Ecuador.

The two men were among a work crew which was completing a repainting project on the meeting house at 31 Main Street, which formerly served as Newtown Congregational Church.

In the legal settlement, Philip Russell, a trustee for the plaintiff, received $300,000 to be distributed to Mr Tenecela's survivors....

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