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Monday, July 2, 2007

Archive 2007 January 1 - 7 The True Blue Conservative Review

Content is being digitized and will be posted soon.

Archive 2007 January 1 - 7 Port Chester Sports Wire

Today's YouTube Pick
"YouTube Or Boob Tube You Decide"
Port Chester Cheerleading On YouTube


Fishing boat out in Lakeville (KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul)

B. Johnson, Port Chester, NY.

Warm weather scotching ice fishing tournaments (Minnesota Public Radio) Minnesota’s ice fishing tournaments are fighting with the weather — and many are losing. One of the state’s biggest, ...

All About Hunting And Fishing - http://all-about-special-optics.com/blog

Archive 2007 January 1 - 7 Port Chester Diversions

Coperine - Chumenti Engaged
Mary Ann And Peter Coperine have annonced the engagement of their daughter Megan to Vincent Chumenti.
Megan is a graduate of Port Chester High School and Pace University. Vincent is the owner of Vinnie Pinstripe a graphic arts company.
They will be married in December
Happy Bithday !!!!!
Chris Messina (1st)

Sam Messina (2nd)

Danny Muzzy Decarlo (3rd)
Review: Edo in Port Chester, NY

140 Midland Ave, Port Chester, NY (914) 937-3333
Edo is the prototypical Japanese hibachi place except for the ordinary food part. The food is excellent, portions are generous, and the ambiance is nice. A chicken hibachi dinner with soup, salad, main course, and ice cream dessert is only $17. What a deal! You also get a fun show with the chef twirling the knive and throwing shrimp tails in his hat. It's right near the Home Depot and right off the I287 exit off I95. I give it 4 out of 4 yum-yums.

More From Tae's Abode:

Katie Tells Us All About Her Vacation & More At
Live Journal

2 Jan 2007 by Katie!
We went to dinner with my mom and her dad and then went down to meet my pals at Buffalo Wild Wings in Port Chester. We were only there for a hot second then headed down to Sam's to meet more pals. It is fun going to Sam's because most ...

Music Review & Interview

5 Jan 2007 The Boardlords are A Punk Band from Port Chester New York with catchy riffs and and very relatable lyrics..I recommend them to people who like aggresive punk with that (makes me wanna go skate) feeling!!!!

"We started up in the year 2000.We started drinking way before that.We played a bunch of cool shit: Skatopia, 2000 Winter X Games, 2002 Summer X Games, U.S Open of Snowboarding, 2005 West Coast Tour and many more stuff. We got loaded at all these events. We like to have FUN!!!!!! Skate Punk Full On!!!! Thank You , we'll drink with you soon."
Now Enjoy The Exclusive Interview for the Ya Can't Ya Won't And Don't Stop Blog.................

Joe: Who are The Boardlords?

BL: Steve..MC Rice (Big Asian who eats rice)-Vocals

Dan ..Mr. Furious (utterly disappointed)-Guitar

Christian-Total Recall (has three nipples)- Bass

Mike...Slampa (oldest and sexiest) - Guitar

John...Johnny Utah (Point Break,make it two)-Drummer

Joe: Okay,..Your page says You guys started up in 2000 with a bunch of cool shows.When did you guys make it official?

BL: We made it official last night when we took Johnny Utah to the Korean Health spa, But we've been jammin ever since. In 2000 we were partyin like it was 1999.......

Hear The Music & Watch The Videos Of The BOARDLORDS At My Space Music

Archive 2007 January 1 - 7 Port Chester Business Wire

January 2nd - Next big test of power to seize property?

Bart Didden wanted to put a CVS pharmacy on his property in Port Chester, N.Y. He even obtained approvals from the local planning board.
But because a portion of the CVS site was in a blighted redevelopment zone, Mr. Didden was told that planning board approval wasn't enough. He'd have to reach an understanding with a private company that had been selected by Port Chester officials to control all construction inside the renewal zone.
The developer, Gregg Wasser of G&S Port Chester, told Didden he'd have to pay $800,000 or give G&S a 50 percent stake in the CVS business. If Didden refused, Mr. Wasser said, he would have Port Chester condemn and seize his property and instead of a CVS he'd put a Walgreens drugstore on the site.
Related Stories
SkipJam Corp. Port Chester, NY 10573January 3, 2006 PORT CHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 3 -- SkipJam Corp., a leading provider of home automation and multimedia networking products announced today a bundle of the SkipJam iMedia XStream Storage Server (XSS) (announced separately today), together with a SkipJam iMedia Center for a total price of $2499. The SkipJam iMedia Center provides automated recording of programs from over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts, More....
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January 1st - Port Chester company restoring past glories

PORT CHESTER Michael Y. Ahearn didn't want his workers to make too much noise and upset the elephants.( via Journal News )
January 6th - Quorum, Avon credit unions merge

Quorum Federal Credit Union of Purchase, the largest credit union in Westchester County, has merged with the Avon Federal Credit Union of Suffern.( via Journal News )

Archive 2007 January 7 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Police Make Arrest In Murder Of Bronx Doctor

An arrest has been made in the murder of a 46-year-old Bronx pediatrician.[via Ny1.com]

Yonkers home connects slain doctor to his accused killer

YONKERS - A Bronx man accused of killing a beloved local pediatrician last week had recently owned the Yonkers home where the killing took place, police said.
We do not believe Saunders acted alone [via Journal News]

Archive 2007 January 7 Port Chester News Wire

By Jananne Abel

A hastily-called informational meeting hosted by the newly-created Port Chester Voter Rights Defense Fund last week appears to have changed course because of the makeup of those who attended.

A media advisory received last Thursday morning stated that at a meeting that night Professor of Law Randolph McLaughlin would address the legal significance of the Department of Justice voting rights lawsuit against the Village of Port Chester, the potential impact and next steps. It... [more]

Archive 2007 January 6 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Man sentenced to 22 years for 1993 Yonkers slaying

The man who brutally stabbed a mother of two in her Yonkers that went unsolved for a dozen years, was sentenced yesterday to 22 years to life in state prison.

"But I am not that man that killed his mother." [via Journal News]

Cold case murderer sentenced to the max

An inmate in a Virginia state prison was sentenced Friday in Westchester County Court to 22 years to life in prison on his November 3, 2006 conviction to tow counts of murder in the second degree.[via Mid-Hudson News]

Fake cop in sex probe, cops say

A convicted sex offender posing as a police officer lured a 12-year-old Brooklyn in Harlem, was arrested Thursday after New York City police tracked him down. Davis will likely be charged with statutory rape, endangering the welfare of a minor and unlawful imprisonment, authorities said.

Archive 2007 January 6 Port Chester News Wire

R. Scott Tucker, formerly of Rye and the son of Rye Brook residents, died Jan. 6, 2007.
Mr. Tucker was 36 Years Old and lived in Greenwich.
Mr. Tucker is survived by his wife Catherine and children Matthew and Melissa, parents Ann and Robert Tucker of Rye Brook and brother Kyle Tucker.

Archive 2007 January 5 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Town moves to silence plane noise

Annoyed by pilots who ignore a voluntary overnight flight curfew at neighboring Westchester County Airport, Greenwich officials said yesterday that they will seek a mandatory grounding of planes from midnight to 6:30 a.m.

In a series of announcements related to aircraft noise, the town also said it will hire a consultant to study a federal proposal to reroute planes over the area.

'Our area is getting hammered, in my opinion, by overflights from Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark,' said Erica Purnell, vice chairman of the Selectmen's Advisory Committee on Aircraft Noise.

The town recently formed the committee to come to terms with a quality of life issue that officials said was not being properly addressed at the local level.

Four of the committee's 18 members are current or former pilots, including chairman Bruce Dixon, who said he hopes to form a working group with his fellow aviators to discuss adherence to existing aircraft routes with air traffic controllers at Westchester County Airport.
Current flight patterns call for aircraft approaching the Rye Brook airport to begin their descent over Long Island Sound, a procedure that town officials say is often ignored to save fuel and diverts planes over Greenwich.

'You probably heard the phrase cutting the corner,' Dixon said during a news conference at Town Hall.

Another area of concern are breaches of the voluntary overnight curfew at the airport. Flights betwen midnight and 6:30 a.m. averaged about 13 per night in 2006, up from about 10.8 per night in 2005, according to the airport's noise abatement office.

Arlene Murray, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the agency has a process for handling mandatory curfew requests.

'They would have to show the FAA that they are not impacting interstate commerce and also that they would not unduly impacting the aviation industry,' said Murray, who noted that no other airports in the region have a mandatory curfew.

A mandatory curfew would not be new, as the airport had one that was challenged by the FAA and thrown out by the courts in the early 1980s and replaced with a voluntary one. In April 2001, the county closed the airport's parking garage from 12:30 a.m. to 5:50 a.m. to discourage travelers from taking flights that violated the voluntary curfew. Federal regulations forced the county to reopen the garage overnight after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, however.Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., pledged his support for the town's effort.
Full Story: Norwalk Advocate


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N2K News
"Need To Know News"


2 plead guilty to Mamaroneck drug charges

WHITE PLAINS - A Mount Vernon village last year and could face up to 15 years in state prison if convicted.[via Journal News]

Drug dealers pleads guilty

White Plains A Mount Vernon man pleaded guilty to drug possession and sale charges in Westchester County Court.[via Mid-Hudson News]

Somers man pleads guilty to criminally negligent homicide

A 32-year-old Somers man pleaded guilty Friday in Westchester County Court to one count of criminally negligent homicide.[via Mid-Hudson News]

Archive 2007 January 5 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester
Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano
Crashes Voting Rights Defence Fund Meeting

Law Professor Randolph McLaughlin spoke about the legal issues surrounding the Department of Justice voting rights lawsuit against the Village of Port Chester. The Meeting was open to the public but was geared toward the Hispanic community.

The meeting was organized by Cesar Ruiz, who heads the Voter Rights Defense Fund.
One of the early arrivals was Aldo Vitagliano, attorney for the Port Chester Voting Rights Commission established by the Board of Trustees when threatened with the lawsuit by the federal government. Vitagliano was at first told by McLaughlin that he couldn’t attend the meeting. However, after Vitagliano argued that he was a village resident, McLaughlin consulted with Ruiz and they allowed him to stay.

“My early arrival I think changed the tenor of the meeting,” Vitagliano said. “He did apologize for attempting to prevent me from attending the meeting.”

“In my opinion they absolutely changed the agenda when people from the public showed up,” he said.

“It looked as if they were soliciting participants in a lawsuit,” Vitagliano said after reading a story about the upcoming meeting on the Journal News Web site.
“To intercede at this stage of the proceeding is probably not helpful,” Vitagliano said, “except to saddle the village with attorney’s fees.”
St. Paul said there was typically a fee to represent a client, “but in this type of action the attorney’s fees can be awarded. You can ask for attorney’s fees from the Town of Port Chester.”
Fascinating lecture
Meanwhile, McLaughlin did speak for less than an hour to those assembled at the Carver Center.
“This was a very interesting lecture,” Vitagliano said. “I thought it was fascinating.”
McLaughlin, a law professor at Pace since 1988, represented a case against New Rochelle in 1991 challenging its at-large voting system. “The voters decided they wanted to change to a district system,” he said. He also successfully challenged the at-large voting system in the Town of Hempstead, Long Island, which took 10 years.

“This case is very different,” he said. “This case is where the DOJ has decided to initiate a voting rights lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act.” He mentioned that Ruiz filed a complaint with the DOJ asking that they look into it and they did. They had a series of experts analyze the elections and “they concluded there was a viable challenge to the at-large voting system.”
“The vote is the most important part a citizen can play in democracy,” McLaughlin said. He then attempted to explain why districting makes sense.
He said political scientists have done studies and people feel representatives have an allegiance to their district whereas under an at-large voting system they feel no elected official is responsible to them. “People elected at-large feel they are responsible to the entire city,” he said. “With districts (elected representatives) feel they have an allegiance to the city and to the district.”
The DOJ looked at 14 trustee, three mayoral and a number of school board elections, he said. “Eighty-two percent of the time the candidates preferred by the Hispanic community were defeated, according to the Justice Department.”
“You have to show that white voters are also voting as a group (racially polarized voting),” he said. “They showed (in their papers) that white voters were preferring different candidates so the Hispanic candidates lost most of the time (11 out of 14 trustee elections and three out of three mayoral elections).”
He explained that there were seven other factors presented in the lawsuit to make the DOJ’s case.
“It’s not a rush to judgment just because the DOJ has filed a suit,” McLaughlin said, “but I think they have a pretty interesting case.”
In order to win a preliminary injunction which would hold up the March village election, which the DOJ is seeking, they would have to prove that “their case is so strong they are entitled to relief now,” he explained. “The government has to show there is a substantial likelihood they will win the case.” He admitted that it was “pretty drastic to stop an election.” They have to prove that if they don’t stop the election, the Hispanic community and the U.S.A. will be harmed, he added.
“I don’t believe Judge Robinson has handled a voting rights suit before,” he said of the judge who will be hearing this case in federal court in White Plains in mid-February.

McLaughlin also made a strong case for the government.
“When the government decides to do this, they do their homework,” he said. “They have lots of resources. They’re not filing a lot of these cases.” He added that “I was surprised they would come to Port Chester and would file such a sweeping case. I was intrigued.”
He told those in attendance to get involved in what’s happening. “Come to the courthouse” when the case is heard, he said. “It’s a public process,” and “it’s your village.”
“It’s a difficult time in the village,” McLaughlin said. “There is going to be a strong reaction” by those who feel “who are you to tell us we’ve got to change? We’ve done it this way for 100 years.”
“Sometimes we do things because we think it’s the best way because it’s the way we’ve always done it,” he added. The question, however, is: “Is it fair to all residents?”
He wasn’t optimistic about the village’s chances in court.
“When the DOJ is against a municipality, you have a hard row to hoe,” he said, adding that if the village isn’t happy with Judge Robinson’s decision, it can go to the Court of Appeals and then to the Supreme Court.
McLaughlin ended his comments without taking any questions.
“He was like a deer in headlights,” Vitagliano commented. “It was disappointing he decided to hightail it out of Port Chester without taking questions.”
When asked at the end of the meeting, Ruiz said it was purely informational and the Port Chester Voter Rights Defense Fund was “a name we just picked up.”
“I just wanted to get people to come and learn a little more,” he said.
Top Court to Hear New Eminent Domain Case

In another legal test of eminent domain, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether a private company can demand payment in exchange for not seizing property.

Developer Bart Didden wanted to put a CVS pharmacy on property he owned in Port Chester, N.Y. He had approvals from the local planning board but because the land was in a blighted redevelopment zone, he had to also gain approval from the private redevelopment company hired by the city to control development in the zone.

The developer overseeing the zone told Didden he’d have to pay $800,000 or give the developer G&S, a 50 percent stake in the CVS business. Otherwise, G&S would seize the property and use it for a Walgreen’s drug store.

Didden refused and the Village of Port Chester began eminent domain proceedings.

Didden sued at various levels without satisfaction, and now the matter is set to go before the highest court. Property rights activists see this as an opportunity for the top court to clarify its controversial decision in Kelo v. New London.

In that opinion in June 2005, the court ruled 5-4 that local governments could seize private property and turn it over to a private developer when the action was part of an economic development project that benefits the public.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor, Warren Richey (01/05/07)

[via Realtormag.com]
Charles Nielsen takes reins of Port Chester Fire Dept.
By Jeff Benzak
Charles Nielsen was installed Jan. 1 as the new chief of the Port Chester Fire Department. Nielsen, 43, takes over for Peter Mutz, whose two-year term expired Dec. 31.
Like all chiefs, Nielsen is a volunteer. His regular job is working the night shift as a lieutenant with the Port Chester Police Department. Nielsen has been a police officer... [more]
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The Christmas season concludes this weekend with Epiphany observances.

The Christmas season concludes this weekend with Epiphany observances featuring worship, carols, gifts for children from magi and whimsical pastry.
It's a way of messing with you. ( via Journal News )
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Archive 2007 January 4 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Trucker Apologises to Rapper Over 'Road Rage' Attack

LATEST: Rapper STYLES P has received an apology from the truck driver who broke his leg in a New York state road rage attack last month .

I didn't know if he had a gun or something else he was going to throw at me. I feared for my safety, so I tried to get around him on the left side. I guess I was a foot off. I was all shook up.


Warning Dead Links

Shame On The Journal Snooze For Having These Dead Links

Westchester IDA to consider $1.3M in tax benefits

The Westchester County Industrial Development Agency will meet tomorrow to consider tax benefits totaling $1.3 million for three separate projects.

... of Greenwich, Conn., is seeking a sales-tax exemption of $50,625 to move its headquarters to 10 Rye Ridge Plaza in Rye Brook. The company manages a portfolio of commercial, retail, and residential properties in 37 states and Canada. The sales-tax ..."

Peekskill landlord helps dead man's family

PEEKSKILL - Having grown up in Belize, Eleanor Moshier said she has a special place in her heart for people who come to this country from Central and South America.

"I think they're great people. They're very decent. I'm from Belize, which is also a developing country, and even though I went to high school and college here, I understand their customs and culture." [via Journal News]

Special election to be set to fill vacant Westchester legislative seat

The race to replace Andrea Stewart-Cousins on the Westchester County Board of Legislators is beginning to take shape, with a special election expected Feb.[via Journal News]

Police: Yonkers Doctor Shooting Not Random

Police say the shooting death of a doctor at his Westchester County home was not a random act. "We want to reassure neighbors in the Brendon Hill neighborhood," said Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett.
"If you didn't have money or anything he would just give you the medication."
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Archive 2007 January 4 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

Will Rye City Work With Port Chester And Rye Brook To Develop A Health Care Facility That Would Emergency Room Service To The Area

Rye City Councilman Fahey to the Rye City Council that Congresswoman Lowey
has asked for ideas for grants and he wondered if Rye City might work with Port Chester and Rye Brook to develop a proposal

to develop some kind of a health care facility to restore emergency service to our area. The
Mayor said the Westchester Medical Group is looking at the old Lillian Vernon Building (1
Theall Rd.) to use as doctor’s offices. While this would not be 24-hour service it might be
additive. The application is currently before the Zoning Board of Appeals. He said establishing
an emergency medical facility would have to be done by some not-for-profit group rather than by a municipal government. The Mayor said generally the grant requests are selected from
proposed Capital Improvement Plan projects


Help Wanted - The Carver Center Is Looking For A Full Time Bookkeeper

The Port Chester Carver Center is a community resource in the village of Port Chester. Our mission is to provide educational programs and services to help children.

We are searching for a....

Archive 2007 January 3 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Warning Dead Links

Shame On The Journal Snooze For Not Maintaining Their Website in a manner That Would allow these like to be free on the web.

Via Journal News

... - stand next to a red plastic bucket hanging off a tripod outside the entrance to D'Agostino's supermarket in Rye Brook and ring a brass bell. All money to benefit needy children in the Port Chester area. I am proud to report that I was greeted ...


Via Journal News

... organ donations, offered by Port Chester resident Charles Rosenberg, went on to become law. Latimer represents Rye Brook, Port Chester, Rye City, Mamaroneck Town, Mamaroneck Village, Larchmont, and part of New Rochelle. Forms to submit proposed ...

Business associate indicted in Mount Vernon slaying

A Bronx man accused of shooting police detective while he was being questioned in the killing of a business associate was indicted yesterday on a murder charge.[via Journal News]


Police: Death of man, 30, found in driveway not suspicious

PEEKSKILL - Police said they don't believe the death of a man outside his home Sunday is suspicious.[via Journal News]


Offers of help for survivors of man struck, killed by car

MOHEGAN LAKE man who was struck by a car and killed while walking from work last week.[via Journal News]

Archive 2007 January 3 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

County Legislator Martin Rogowski says There Will Be A County Tax Decrease

Mr. Rogowski appeared came to the Port Chester Board Of Trustees Meeting Last Night to report that although the 2007 Westchester County budgetcalled for a 3 1/2% tax increase, there will actually be a slight decrease.

Mr. Rogowsky said,"I am very happy that my constituents in the 6th District are getting some property tax relief without any loss of services."

This is the second year in a row that property taxes have declined or stayed flat.

Today's links

Source: Christian Science MonitorPosted on 01.02.07 by Steve Trinward

“Bart Didden wanted to put a CVS pharmacy on his property in Port Chester, N.Y. He even obtained approvals from the local planning board. But because a portion of the CVS site was in a blighted redevelopment zone, Mr. Didden was told that planning board approval wasn’t enough. He’d have to reach an understanding with a private company that had been selected by Port Chester officials to control all construction inside the renewal zone.

The developer, Gregg Wasser of G&S Port Chester, told Didden he’d have to pay $800,000 or give G&S a 50 percent stake in the CVS business. If Didden refused, Mr. Wasser said, he would have Port Chester condemn and seize his property and instead of a CVS he’d put a Walgreens drugstore on the site. Didden refused. The next day, the Village of Port Chester began legal proceedings to seize Didden’s land by eminent domain.”

[editor’s note: Sounds a lot like a subplot on a The Sopranos episode - SAT] (01/02/07)

( via Rational Review )

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3 Jan 2007 by The Community Alliance COLLEGE CAREERS FUND OF WESTCHESTER is a small nonprofit group that helps disadvantaged youths from Port Chester, New Rochelle and White Plains get into college. This year, it received a $10000 grant from the New York State Senate, ...


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Shame on the Journal Snooze for not maintaining their website.You must go to the Port Chester Library to look up this information

Bob Baird looks back at year's end

There are two prevailing truths in life that apply to the news business and vice versa: Very little happens when you expect it and nearly nothing begins and ends when a ball drops on New Year's. We see that in ...[via Journal News]

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Archive 2007 January 2 Rye Brook, Westchester County & Beyond

Via TechTarget

A new survey suggests that all Red Hat customers want for Christmas this year is a reduction in support costs or they may start looking elsewhere.

The Pacific Crest Securities survey of 188 enterprise operating system buyers -- 86 were Red Hat Inc. support customers -- showed they are considering Oracle's Unbreakable Linux program, a cloned version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that Oracle was afraid people would have to stop and think about whether the company means Red Hat or Oracle is offering for 50% of Red Hat support costs.

Nearly two-thirds of customers, approximately 64%, said a support discount was a "very important" part of the decision-making process when evaluating their relationship with Red Hat.

And when customers were asked what kind of discount Red Hat would have to provide to keep their business, one-third said they would need an Oracle-like discount of 50% to 74%. Thirty-seven percent of Red Hat customers said they wanted a discount of 25% to 49%, and 27% said a cut in costs from 1% to 24% would be adequate.

Tony Iams, analyst with Rye Brook, N.Y.-based Ideas International Inc., said a discount of up to 40% would not be an unusual move from Red Hat. "That's about the industry's maximum discount, and a number like 25% would certainly be within the green zone for a lot of suppliers," he said.

Full Story: Tech Target


Police Call Woman's Death A Murder-for-Hire Killing

A man accused of fatally shooting the owner of a beauty salon here had been hired by a companion she was trying to break up with, the police said on Tuesday.[via New York Times] Registration Required


Castro's true legacy is a bloody trail

IT WAS on New Year's Day in 1959 that Fidel Castro's guerrillas toppled Fulgencio Batista, and a week later that Castro entered Havana and launched what has become the world's longest-lived dictatorship. This week thus marks the 48th anniversary of Castro's revolution -- and the last one he will celebrate, if the persistent rumors that he is dying prove to be true. Which makes this a good time to ask: What will be said about Castro after his death?

For decades, journalists and celebrities have showered Cuba's despot with praise . Norman Mailer, for example, proclaimed him "the first and greatest hero to appear in the world since the Second World War." Oliver Stone has called him "one of the earth's wisest people, one of the people we should consult."

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Archive 2007 January 2 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

George Latimer Wants Port Chester Residents To

"Make Your Own Law"

State Assemblyman George Latermer is inviting residents of Port Chester to submit proposals for state legislation.

Mr. Latimer's staff will evaluate all submissions for ideas that are legally permissible and benificial for the residents of Port Chester.

In April, Mr. Latimer will announce the bills that will be proposed from this 2 year old project.

Mr. Latimer feels that many citizens have very good ideas, but they need his office to takr their ideas to the next step.


Today's Links

by Wendy Del Monte

Let me tell you... I am the last person who ever thought I would run for public office here in Port Chester. I was happily enmeshed in my own life, raising two terrific children, enjoying my wonderful husband, being involved in the schools, having good friends, and enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Maybe it was because I am a stay-at-home mom that I was beginning to see more and more things that were happening in our Village that I didn't like.

I saw that our Village is overcrowded. I saw that our schools and infrastructure simply cannot support our growing population. I saw that Port Chester has one of the higest tax rates in the county, and that we have suffered 50% tax increases. I saw that one or two companies that own most of the apartment buildings in our Village, effectively controlling the housing market. I saw that these landlords (slumlords, really...) allow their apartment buildings to be chopped up into numerous illegal apartments. I saw that our Building Department turns a blind eye towards these illegal, terrible apartments. I saw instances where 5 mailboxes are attached to one two-family house.

Let me be perfectly clear about this: I do not hate immigrants nor their presence in Port Chester. On the contrary, I welcome them. This Village was founded by immigrants - it's lifeblood is our immigrant community. But, I saw them cramming into small, dark, unsafe apartments that are hardly cheap in terms of rental rates... and nothing was being done to address it. Everyone deserves a safe place to live.

I saw that certain officials are simply not requiring certain individuals to uphold certain laws. I saw major breeches in code enforcement. I saw that an "old boy network" runs our Village government, and has for years. I saw that if you are rich in this town, and have "friends in high places," you can pull special favors.

I finally got to the point where I was tired of seeing things I didn't like, and tired of complaining. I decided that I had a choice: be part of the problem or be part of the solution. Of course, I chose to be part of the solution. I took action. I switched my party registration from Republican to Democratic. Locally, I found myself much more aligned with the CHANGE I saw coming from the Port Chester Democratic Party than the STATUS QUO being preached by the local Republicans. I asked the powers-that-be if I could be considered as a candidate to run in the upcoming March election. I interviewed with the PC Democratic Nominating Committee (Dan Brakewood, Gary Stracuzzi and Raymond Sculky). Party Chairman Gary Stracuzzi asked me this:

"What makes you a good candidate for Trustee in our Village?"

My answer was and is simple:

I am not indebted to anyone. Noone is indebted to me. I do not need a new driveway, an addition on my house, a job for my cousin Vinny, or extra money in my pocket that has not been legally earned. I am for our Village, Port Chester. I love this Village. My husband Dave and I have been here for generations. Dave's grandmother's grandmother had a house on Willow Street. My Mom's family grew up on the South Side of Town. There are lots of Port Chester High School graduates in my family, inlcuding me and Dave. I care deeply about Port Chester, and am committed to helping to make it a great place for my kids to live. I am for our Village. My Village needs people like me.

This is not a pitch - it's something I really mean. I am tired of hearing people complain but do nothing to change things. It's time for me to do my part and try to make a difference. I've put my name in the hat to run for office, and the window should be open to me. The Democratic Party caucus is coming up on January 30th. I hope you'll help me spread the word. It's at T&J's at 7pm (come early) and food will be served. Help approve my nomination! Help me kick off my campaign!

Archive 2007 January 1 Rye Brook Westchester County And Beyond

The Rotary Club Of Port Chester - Rye Brook Is Offerring It's Annual $1,500 Scholarship To High School Seniors.
Port Chester High School and Blind Brook Seniors are both elligible for the awards.
In Addition, the club offers two $250 Individual Achievement Awards
Two request an application students should write to the club at 400 King Street in Port Chester. All Applications must be returned before April.
Juniors should mark thier 2008 calanders.
Also Seniors should inquire at other Port Chester Service Clubs for the availability of more scholarships.
White Plains man arrested for stabbing in Yorktown

YORKTOWN - A White Plains man is facing assault charges after allegedly stabbing a local resident in the back early this morning.

Archive 2007 January 1 Port Chester News Wire

Happy New Year !!!!!
Eye On Port Chester
Charles Nielsen was installed today
as the Port Chester Fire Cheif.

Congradulations And Thank You To Cheif Nielsen For His Volunteer Service To The Village Of Port Chester.

Robert Draught and Kevin Mc Fadden were also appointed First and Second Engineers.

These men will lead the Port Chester Fire Department for the next two years.


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The True Spirit of the Holidays

Meet Captain Noel Rodriguez of The Salvation Army, Port Chester, New York.

This is Mrs. Rodriguez, and their 4 month young baby, Leonardo David.

Recently, I telephoned The Salvation Army and voluteered my services for the Holiday Season.
My Assignment: Stand outside D’Agostino’s supermarket in Rye Brook, along side a red plastic bucket hanging off a tripod. Wear a red smock. Ring a brass bell.
This is me.

For three days I rang the brass bell Captain Rodriguez entrusted me with and I collected money — Lots of money — Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and cash.
I collected donations from kind shopping strangers and their small children who gave wholeheartedly to benefit needy children.
On Christmas Eve morning I was privileged to be at the Carver Community Center, 400 Westchester Avenue, and watch as Captain Rodriguez, along with Mrs. Rodriguez, and a handful of cheerful volunteers, distributed Christmas presents to excited children, ages 1-12 years.

I wish you could have been there to see the smiles on their happy faces.

This is Vanessa Sanchez, 11 years old. One lucky gift recipient.

Vanessa says, “Muchos gratias.”
So does Captain Rodriguez and Mrs. Rodriguez.
To learn more about Captain Rodriguez, The Salvation Army, and the many programs created to benefit needy children, contact him or Mrs. Rodriguez at 914-939-2725. Tell him, “Linda” sent you.


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