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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

06/05/12 THE HATRED OF HISPANICS CONTINUES IN PORT CHESTER: Bart "The Bigot" Didden Is The Only Trustee To Vote Against Making Luis Marino Port Chester's First Hispanic Deputy Mayor


Failed Port Chester Mayoral Candidate Bart "The Bigot" Didden Is Mad As Hell, Because Deputy Mayor Luis Marino Will Fill In When The Mayor Is Not Available.

Port Chester Trustees Vote 6 To 1 To Name Luis Marino As Port Chester's New Deputy Mayor
Port Chester Board of Trustees member Luis Marino has been named as the village's deputy mayor. Trustee Marino was approved for the position in a 6-1 vote, with Trustee Bart "The Bigot" Didden voting against the appointment.

 The deputy mayor role is especially important so that Port Chester can be represented during meetings of the Rye Town Park Commission when the Mayor Dennis Pilla is unable to attend or if an emergency meeting is needed when the mayor is out of town.

"I going to try to do the best I can," Marino told fellow trustees after his appointment.

And we all know that Bart "The Bigot" Didden is going to do the best he can to undermine Port Chester's first Hispanic deputy mayor. :

Port Chester Lost The Voting Right Case, Because Of The Reckless Actions Of Bart Didden

Port Chester Turns Out To Picket Bart "The Bigot" Didden In Front Of T And J Villaggio Trattoria On Westchester Avenue

What Kind Of LSD Are They Putting In Bart Didden's Tea?

Meet Facebook Loser Bart "The Bigot" Didden

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Extreamist TEA Party Lunatic Bart Didden Has Very Simple Wrong Answers To Complex Problems

Will The Real Bart Didden Please Stand Up

Why Are The Corrupt Port Chester Good Ole Boys Lining Up To Support Bart Didden?

Journal News Slams Bart Didden

Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden Knew That It Was Morally Wrong To Mail His Racist Flyers To The Good People Of Port Chester

Westchester Fair Campaign Committee Finds Fault With Bart "The Bigot" Didden In Mayoral Race

Can You Believe That This Village Idiot Wants To Be The Mayor Of Port Chester?

USA Central Station Alarm Account Paid For Racist Flyer That Was Mailed In Port Chester By Bart "the Bigot" Didden

Has Bart "The Bigot" Didden Given Up And Thrown In The Towel In The Port Chester Mayoral Election?

Meet Your Typical Bart Didden Supporter

BREAKING NEWS: Better Late Than Never - Two Days After The Fact - The Westmore Snooze Finally Reports On Tuesday's Mayoral Election

Disturbing News About Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin

Once Again Port Chester Learns That Sam Terenzi And Bart Didden Don't Know Their Asses From Holes In The Ground

06/06/12 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

Port Chester Newswire
Port Chester Police: Car Stolen From Ryan Avenue
June 5, 2012 at 5:02 PM
A car was reported stolen from Ryan Avenue in Port Chester on Monday, according to Port Chester police.
Controversial Video: Port Chester Man Charged In Theft Of Unconscious Man's Wallet
June 5, 2012 at 2:30 PM
A A Port Chester man who turned himself in on Monday to Port Chester police is accused of taking a wallet and $400 from a man who was lying unconscious on North Main Street .
Second person charged in Port Chester robbery
June 5, 2012 at 12:35 PM
... NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER: David Roman is charged with stealing the wallet from a man who was passed out on a Port Chester sidewalk last month. (June 5, 2012) A second person has been charged in the case of an intoxicated man who was passed out and ...
Police find illegal, 12-inch knife during traffic stop
June 5, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Lame without Lindley? Wave falls behind 6-0 in first half on way to 9-6 loss to Rams at states After passing a police officer on the right in a single lane, a Port Chester, N.Y., man with a lengthy criminal record was arrested for carrying a foot-long knife in his backpack.
Motor Vehicle Stop = Arrest; Mailboxes Smashed
June 5, 2012 at 5:48 AM
... in state Superior Court in Stamford. A narcotics investigation by Greenwich Police has led to the arrest of a Port Chester, NY man on charges he had a quantity of suspected cocaine in his possession. According to a Greenwich Police report, Jorge L. ...

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