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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

08/07/07 - The Last Thing Port Chester Needs Is A Hedge Fund Guy Like Joe "The Greedy One" Carvin In Charge Of School And Property Taxes


Tom Wolfe on boorish hedge fund managers


Tom Wolfe Does It Again.

A few months ago, Tom Wolfe published an amazing piece in Portfolio magazine (now available online) about hedge-fund managers — specifically, about why people who are so young and have made more money than God seem to be so angry and ill-mannered.

For a local example you might look at how Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin acts at the Rye Town Board Meetings held at 10 Pearl Street in Port Chester.

It seems you can’t buy class.

Tom Wolfe, is one of America's best sociologists, because he writes about class and status. In "The Pirate Pose " we get an inside look at how hedge fund managers act and think.

Tom Wolfe has written about Wall Street types before in his best selling "Bonfire of the Vanities". He concludes that the Wall Street "Masters of the Universe" today are more bad mannered than ever.

This piece by Tom Wolfe is a good read for anyone who (1) likes Tom Wolfe's writing (2) is fascinating by the clash between new money and old money, or the clash between new money with mere human beings who get in new money's way; or (3) is as worried as I am about hedge funds.

With his usual vividness, Wolfe writes about the sociology of hedge-fund managers.

Tom Wolfe unloads the sort of wickedness of which only he is capable upon the deserving heads of the New Masters of the Universe - hedge fund managers!

A sample to give you a flavor of it:

"While fathers all over America tend to become overzealous, even violent, these days in trying to turn their children into little sports superstars, in Greenwich a father who is one of these people will try to take control of every element in a game: his child’s teammates, their coach, the opposing team’s coach, its players, and most definitely the referees. In a famous instance, one of these people came to watch his teenage daughter play in an ice hockey game against a team from neighboring Port Chester, New York, a town known in Greenwich as the place where one’s plumbers, electricians, computer swamis, roofers, glaziers, air-conditioning mechanics, wall-to-wall-carpet humpers, and household servants live. The man began bellowing so loudly, nobody at the rink could shut out the sound. He upbraided the referees for their poor eyesight and worse judgment. He told his daughter’s coach how to play her and all her teammates and kept him abreast of his mistakes in strategy. He scolded the Port Chester coach and the players for their incessant cheating and malicious roughness.

This is just like a Rye Town Board Meeting where Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin will try to take control of every element in the public meeting: the press (Richard & Bernie Able Of The Westmore Snooze), a trustee (Billy Vilanova), the Republican Party, the Cablevision TV Video Camera , and will rudely interupt the Rye Town Supervisor, while trying to dominate the meeting.
Watching Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin at a Rye Town Board meeting you get the feeling that he will say or do anything to gain control over disbursing property and school taxes. You wonder if bad things will come to Port Chester if the greedy one gains control of the Rye Town Board Of Trustees.

But this is not fiction a Low Class Greedy Hedge Fund Guy could soon be in charge of your property and school taxes.
The thing that most readers take away from Wolfe's piece is that the end is nigh. More precisely, things are cyclical, and the cycle is about to turn. Whenever a group of businesspeople feels so entitled, so superior, and--here's the main point--is so disconnected from actually creating value, I don't usually have to wait too long for their "uppance to come." Like NASDAQ millionaires before the 2000 crash, these people are making tons of money by convincing gullible people to pay them huge fees for outsmarting the market. In the long run, though, it never works. The money and expectations keep flowing in long after all of the real money-making opportunities have been snapped up; people let their greed get the best of them; and things end unhappily for anyone who doesn't get out in time.

Tom Wolfe is the best America has to offer on reporting about the human animal's fixation on status.

If Joe "The Greedy One" Carvin succeds in gaining control, you he will get the status that he is fixated on and the single family homeowners of Port Chester will get the huge tax increases

This election is all about Joe "The greedy One" Carvin trying to legitimize himself by grabbing status at the expence of single family homeowners.

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Source: True Blue Conservative Review

Publication Date: August 07, 2007

Reporter: Brian Harrod

08/07/07 - Greenwich First Selectman Jim Lash: "We've been encouraging people to make claims"



A high-end car dealership on the Port Chester side of the Byram River is seeking in excess of $750,000 in flood damages from the town of Greenwich for losses caused by an April 15 nor'easter.

In a claim currently under review by the town and its insurance carrier, Hunting Ridge Motors said it sustained losses to its vehicle inventory, office equipment, records, shop tools, diagnostic automotive equipment and vehicle parts during the storm, which also disrupted business and sales.

The dealership, which sells Ferraris, Maseratis and several other makes of luxury cars from its 11 Riverdale Ave. showroom, said the town could have prevented the losses.The claim, which also names the Department of Public Works and the local Flood and Erosion Control Board as defendants, said the town was responsible for opening several dams upstream from the dealership that caused the river to overflow......
In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Greenwich Time - Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc

Publication Date: August 7 2007

Reporter: Neil Vigdor

Source URL: http://www.norwalkadvocate.com/news/local/scn-gt-a1lotus8.7aug07,0,3704576.story

08/07/07 - “He had a year to turn those grills in”



STAMFORD - The Police Commission in a hearing last night made no decision about the officer accused of buying stolen grills and power tools from a family friend last year.
Police Chief Brent Larrabee has recommended Officer Joseph Rainone be terminated after internal affairs investigators concluded Rainone knew, or should have known, the goods were stolen.

Two other officers have been suspended for buying goods from the informant, a 46-year-old cocaine addict now in prison for using his employer's credit card to buy the items without permission.......

......... of the first grill. 'Joe had no idea,' she said. She said the informant had a friend who worked at a Port Chester, N.Y., hardware store and could buy goods under an employee discount. Joseph Rainone could not have known the informant had .........
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Source: Norwalk Advocate

Publication Date: August 07, 2007

Reporter: Zach Lowe

Source URL: http://www.norwalkadvocate.com/news/local/scn-sa-police3aug07,0,5092314.story

08/07/07 - The One Thing Unforeseen When The Voting Rights Act Was Passed In 1965: Massive Hispanic Immigration.



The Westchester municipality has been governed by a six-member board of trustees and mayor, all elected at-large rather than from districts, since 1868 -- but the U.S. Department of Justice has decreed that it must now move to district-based elections so as to elect more Hispanics, and a federal judge is sufficiently impressed with this case that he casually canceled a forthcoming town election. Visiting AEI fellow Edward Blum, who's writing a book on voting rights law, asks: what's wrong with this picture?

P.S. On the many surprising consequences of the VRA, the best single-volume source is probably still Manhattan Institute scholar Abigail Thernstrom's 1987 Whose Votes Count?

Source: PointOfLaw Forum - http://www.pointoflaw.com/ (Published by the Manhattan Institute)

Publication Date: August 07, 2007

Reporter: Walter Olson


Dear Editor of the NY Post,

It was really dumb that you posted pictures and rated the bridges of New York.

I know that it was done in light of what happened out in Minneapolis, and we all sympathize with them.

And while I'm sure that millions of commuters who use any of the bridges are very curious as to how our bridges are holding up, we should not make those details public and broadcast it like it's celebrity gossip on Page Six.

Jaclin Rodriguez

Port Chester
Source: NY Post
Publication Date: August 7, 2007
Reporter: Jaclin Rodriguez




Our dear friend, Sheila Morehouse, has entered into eternal life. Sheila was an alto in the choir of St. John the Evangelist and a founding member of the Stamford Schola Gregoriana. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

From the “Stamford Advocate”:

A longtime resident of Greenwich passed away on July 31, 2007 at the Greenwich Hospital after an extended illness, she was 71. She was born on December 10, 1935......

......A funeral mass will take place on Saturday August 4, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at Sacred Heart R.C. Church on Willet Ave. in Port Chester, NY.......
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Reporter: Scott

08/07/07 - Costcos Non-compliance Is A Mystery To Westchester's Consumer Protection Department



Three months after Westchester's Consumer Protection Department asked grocery store operators to provide warnings about the dangers of high levels of mercury in fish, Costco stores in Port Chester, Yonkers and New Rochelle are still not in compliance, the department says.

The department said the Stew Leonard's in Yonkers also does not have signs or provide brochures indicating that young children and some women should avoid eating seafood with high levels of mercury, but a Stew Leonard's spokeswoman said that is not true.

Meghan Flynn, who works out of the Stew Leonard's office in Norwalk, Conn., said a sign in the seafood department provides a U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning about mercury and refers shoppers to the consumer protection department's Web site, http://www.westchestergov.com/consumer/.

......But the reasons behind why Costco is not in compliance are a mystery to the department.

"They haven't given us any indication why they haven't (complied with the request)," said John Gaccione, a department spokesman. "We've certainly made every effort to contact them."

Calls placed yesterday to Costco in Issaquah, Wash., were not returned.
In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Publication Date: August 7, 2007

Reporter: Reach Allan Drury at adrury@lohud.com or 914-694-5069

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