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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

09/19/07 - Billy Vilanova Has Turned Out To The Biggest Two Faced Politician In All Of Port Chester And Rye Brook

The True Blue

Conservative Review


Published By Brian Harrod


Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Vilanova Is Not The Only Two Faced Politician.


When Billy Vilanova Sits Down At His Rye Town Council Seat He Should Tell The Residents If He Is Speaking As The Port Chester Republican Chairman Or As The Rye Town Councilman.

The True Blue Conservative is not often wrong, but when he screws up he really screws up.

The True Blue Conservative was wrong about Billy Villanova

As everyone knows the True Blue Conservative supported Billy Villanova's successful bid to be a Rye Town Councilman years ago.

The True Blue Conservative argued that the Rye Town Board should be a politically mixed board. So the True Blue Conservative supported the first available Republican who wanted to be a Rye Town Councilman. So when Billy Villinova announced his candidacy.

I strongly argued that every political board needed two sets of eyes to protect the peoples interests. So I supported Billy Villanova so the 5 - 0 Democratic Board would be diversified. I also supported Dennis Pilla and Dan Brakewood drive to politically diversify the 7 - 0 Port Chester Republican Board.

Most everyone agrees that I was right in Port Chester, but wrong in Rye Town.

While Mayor Pilla and Trustee Brakewood have worked cooperatively with the Republican Majority, Billy Villanova has been an embarrassing failure.

I hate to admit it, but I was wrong about Billy Villanova.

Actually, Billy Villanova talked a good game. He told everyone that he just wanted to make the Town better and that he would work cooperatively with the other councilmen and women to improve the town.

But ever since Billy Villanova got on the Rye Town Board the Town Meetings have devolved into complete and utter chaos.

The problem is Billy has brought a bunch of creepy advisers and supporters to the Rye Town Meetings. First Billy brought Westmore News Founder Bernie "I Forgot To Pay 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel to disrupt the meetings.

Billy's Advisor and Buddy Bernie caused so many crazed and loud disruptions, the Town had to start hiring a police officer to maintain order at the meetings.

Then Billy Villanoova started bringing his political mentor ex-Port Chester Republican Chairman Janus "I Love Racially Charged Campaigns" Richards. Everyone knows how Janus was the Port Chester Republican Chairman and Billy Villanova was the Port Chester Republican Vice Chairman were in charge when Bart "The Bigot" Didden mailed his two page racist fliers all over Port Chester.

Worse yet, on election day, some ignorant fool put a swastika on a very large Port Chester Democratic campaign poster that was in front of the Post Office

Personally, I never Heard Billy denounce the election day swastika.

After the Bart "The Bigot" Didden racist fliers backfired on the Republican party, Janus stepped down and Billy became the new Port Chester Republican Chairman.

Everyone thought the disgraced Janus Richards slither back under the rock that he came from.

But no Billy moved Janus and his racially charged campgain tacticts over to Rye Town Board Meetings.

But everyone knows how much the disgraced Janus Richards loves racially charge campaigns. So after each Rye Town Meeting Janus, Billy would take Bernie Abel and his son Richard Abel out to the Port Chester Diner. Plus Janus Richards constantly would stop into the Westmore News and encourage Bernie and Richard Abel to come to the Rye Town Meetings.

Soon Bernie Abel and Richard Abel were telling wild tales about how the Town Of Rye is anti-Semitic. Bernie claimed that Rye Town was messing with his mail at the Post Office and that Rye Town was looking in his windows and threatening to kill him and his new wife.

At times the property tax deadbeat Bernie Abel would tell the Rye Town Police Officer to "Arrest Me"and "I want you to arrest me"

I started to hear jokes at Port Chester Diners about how Bernie and Richard Abel would soon be claiming that they had been kidnapped by space aliens and anally probed.

Residents of Rye Brook and Port Chester were all shocked at Bernie And Richard Abel. But what really shocked them was how Rye Town Councilman Billy Villanova encouraged and supported Bernie and Richard Abel's crazed behavior.

Then Billy started helping Joe Carvin talking down the Town Of Rye. Virtually every statement out of Billy's mouth was accusatory and full of false innuendo.

At first, I thought Billy was acting this way, because maybe he had a bit of an inferiority complex. I mean after all Billy had failed to complete high school and needed to get a G.E.D.

However, I was not worried because I thought Billy would eventually settle into his Rye Town Council Seat and become a cooperative and productive member on the Rye Town Board.

But it was hard for Billy to settle into his seat, because Janus Richards was yelling in one of his ears while Bernie Abel was yelling in the other ear.

Billy Villanova became more and more Political and adversarial. In fact, Port Chester Residents started saying that it was not proper for him to the Port Chester Republican Chairman and a councilman at the sane time.

Everyone now realized that they had elected a Republican Party Official to a Rye Town Council seat. Worse yet Billy seemed to place his Republican Chairman duties above those of his Rye Town Council Seat.

The Reason Mayor Dennis Pilla And Dan Brakewood have been successful and Billy Villanova has been a miserable failure is that Pilla and Brakewood are not political.

Let me give you an example.

At the last meeting I once again reported that Bernie Abel had failed to pay over 100 Property Tax Bills and how Rye Town had to take Bernie Abel to court in order to collect on other tax bills.

Now the property tax deadbeat Bernie Abel can't say that I am a liar, because I am telling the truth and Bernie Abel and the Westmore News recently lost a liable case.

So Bernie Abel gets Billy Vilanova to interrupt my Public comments at the Rye Town Republican meeting to ask Mr. Harrod can I ask where your paper is printed.

And when I answer that I generally print the paper in my office. He wants to know the exact address. So I give the address of my office in Greenwich.

So now Billy wants to make some big deal that I am some kind outsider, even though I operate a business in Port Chester since Billy was knee high to a grass hopper. I was collecting sales tax in Port Chester even before Billy Villanova gave up and dropped out of high school.

Now the Westmore News is not printed in Port Chester. The Journal News is not printed in Port Chester. Nor is the Westchester Guardian or other papers printed in Port Chester.

Before Billy rudely repeatedly interrupted my answer some of the issues of my paper have been printed at Pronto Printer in Port Chester.

But Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova has become an expert at making false innuendos about the Town, it's employees, it's officials, citizens and businesses.

When some comes to the town and says that Westmore News founder Bernie Abel was only acting up on cable TV, because he once again got caught cheating on his property taxes.

Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova, doesn't chastise Bernie for increasing his neighbors tax bills and hurting school children.

No, Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova want to attack the messenger with some false innuendo about where the paper is printed.

So the Homeowners pay higher taxes while Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova defends Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel.

Billy and Bernie have never said that I have lied about the unpaid property tax bills.

Nor has Billy and Bernie denied that Homeowners paid higher taxes, because of Bernie's failure to pay his property taxes.

Nor has Billy and Bernie denied that school children were hurt, because of Bernie's failure to pay the property tax bills.

Nor has Billy and Bernie denied that they are only attacking the Rye Town Supervisor, because of the current court case about Bernie's property.

No Billy wants to ask where my paper is printed.

But this is Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova stock and trade, the false innuendo.

Can anyone name one thing that Billy Villanova has brought to the Rye Town Board accept Chaos and false innuendos.

When is Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova going to learn that innuendos are an unfair political tactic.

Even though, I may disagree with how Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova conducts himself while sitting in the Rye Town Council Seat.

It would be fair to talk about his conduct while he is sitting in that seat. However, it would be unfair and unrelated if I wanted to talk about how Billy conducted himself around Ralph's son.

Billy's conduct around Ralph's Son has nothing to do with his duties as Port Chester Republican Chairman or as a Rye Town Councilman. So it would be wrong to talk about how Billy Villinova acted around Ralph's son and I wouldn't do that.

It would only be appropriate for me to talk about how Billy and Bernie conducts themselves at the Rye Town Meetings.

In fact, Billy should stop making false and misleading innuendos and start doing the peoples business while sitting in that Rye Town Council Chair. False and misleading innuendos are unfair and Billy should stop using them.

Billy needs to develop an open mind and stop listening almost exclusively to Bernie And Janus.

Maybe if Billy started listening to others in the community he might realize that Bernie's failure to pay over 100 property tax bills most likely severely hurt Port Chester Schools.

Maybe if Billy started listening to others he might realize that he might not have failed to graduate from Port Chester High School if the school would of had more money and resources.

Billy you are not the only one who failed to graduate from the cash starved Port Chester High School. Billy you might not have failed in high school if the school had more recourse's.

Billy do you remember trying to learn from old beat up text books.

Billy do you remember not having a well stocked school library.

The money from 100 property tax bills would have bought a hell of a lot of text and library books.Billy you and other Port Chester Children suffered, because of Bernie Abel's greed

Worse yet, If Joe Carvin Is Elected, Then Bernie Will Once Again Be Abel To Walk Away From His Property Tax Debt.

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