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Saturday, July 26, 2008

07/23/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feeed For Wednesday


RESTAURANTS: Pick up a Philly cheesesteak

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

... "It's all about the bread," says owner Tom Brown. Shipments of soft, airy Italian rolls arrive from Port Chester, N.Y., to create the restaurant's best-selling sandwich. Porterhouse steak is sliced razor-thin, seared on the grill with salt and ...

Union Accused Of Retaliation

Hartford Courant

... on behalf of Patricia Pelletier by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. The suit accuses the Port Chester, N.Y.-based Local 1103 of the Communications Workers of America of forgery, identity theft and civil conspiracy, among other ...

Guilty plea expected in Port Chester hostage case

The Journal News

The Texas man accused of holding illegal immigrants hostage in a Port Chester attic will likely plead guilty to federal charges in the case, according to federal authorities.

One arrested, two sought in Port Chester home invasion

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - Three men armed with a shotgun invaded a Grace Church Street residence early Saturday and made off with a lighter and a pack of Newport cigarettes, which they dropped, police said.

Francella playing in France this week

Journal News

Port Chester native Meaghan Francella is back in action this week on the LPGA Tour, playing in the Evian Masters in Evian, France

Port Chester group gives support to immigrant women

Journal News

PORT CHESTER Sandra Garcia's weekly meetings for Latina immigrant women are not a place where you'll find can-do stories about pursuing the American dream.

Her Friday morning support group at Summerfield United Methodist Church deals with some of the downsides, including the isolation that women feel in their new community and the difficulties in handling problems such as domestic violence, evictions, illness and loneliness. The program has become a catchall for women who feel alone and, in many cases, do not have legal status in the United States.

If nothing else, Garcia said, the goal is to create a couple of hours during the week when the women can relax.

"At the same time I feel like I want more for the community, especially for my people, for 'mi gente,' " she said last month, as women wheeled their strollers out the door to end the program's sixth year. "Especially with immigration. I'm just waiting and waiting for something to happen."

Family Services of Westchester, a nonprofit organization based in Port Chester, sponsors the support group along with similar programs for Hispanic families in Tarrytown and Mount Kisco. Another Port Chester support group, Project Madres, meets across town at Holy Rosary Church, sponsored by the Junior League and Catholic Charities.

Men are welcome at Garcia's program, called Latino Connections, but most participants are young mothers. About 50 took part in the past year, from September through June. The participants may be referred to specific services, such as one-on-one counseling, as needed, said Gerry Goldberg, outreach coordinator at Family Services of Westchester.

Garcia, a mother of four who is married to the Rev. Rafael Garcia, said she is frustrated to see the ways that immigration problems compound a family's struggle. Many women are undocumented with no way to earn legal status, and with no way to visit their relatives back home. Some have come to the U.S. to support children in their home country, then bring on new challenges by having another child here.

One woman had been afraid to leave an abusive husband because she was an illegal immigrant, Garcia said, but she managed to qualify for a visa available to domestic violence victims. Others have come just for the companionship. A 36-year-old woman from Mexico said she came to the meetings because she had no extended family nearby and felt alone.

She described her husband's continuing, 6-year-old attempt to gain legal residency and their decision to bring their three children to the U.S. without legal papers. The oldest, 19, works with his father in construction.

"Now after three years, I'm getting accustomed," she said. She plans to stay in the United States "as long as they don't take us away."

She and others did not want to be identified because of their undocumented status.

Maria, another woman from Mexico, said she has decided to return home after six years in the United States.

"I came because my husband was here. I didn't want to be alone anymore with my children," said the 34-year-old mother of three, who has worked in a Pennsylvania apple orchard and a nursery. Now the family has saved enough money to buy an avocado farm in Michoacan, Mexico. For the youngest child, who is 7, it will mean going to a village she hasn't seen since age 1. Maria said she is concerned that her older children won't have a good future in this country without U.S. citizenship.

"I've told them a lot about their village, so she really wants to go," Maria said of her youngest child. "And I told her we'll never come back here, and it's OK. There are many opportunities there (in Mexico). It's that people don't know what to do to get ahead there."

Another woman, Luz Dueñas, has legal permanent residency in the United States but struggles with the language barrier. For about eight years, since emigrating from Colombia to support two children, she has worked nights on the cleaning staff at New York Medical College. Though she studies from an English textbook at home, she left a doctor's office recently because she wasn't able to communicate.

"People reject you because you don't speak English," Dueñas, 46, said in Spanish.

In their meetings, which are conducted in Spanish, the women have listened to guest speakers discuss topics like personal health and the public school system.

Port Chester is easily half Hispanic, but bridging the culture gap still takes work, said Brenda Giancaspro, who works for the Port Chester schools. She has attended the support group for the past four years as a way to get past the distrust and intimidation that can keep Latino parents from seeking help for their children.

"I really try to foster mutual respect, both ways," she said. "I think the barriers are starting to be broken down."

Psychologist Mariana Dueñas, who is not related to Luz Dueñas, visited last month and coached the women on how to look after their own needs. She urged them to seek opportunities for themselves and for the next generation.

A toddler was wandering around the room, and the psychologist asked: "Who knows if that girl might become a senator someday?

"You are the ones responsible," she told them.

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07/26/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Saturday

  1. Francella loses ground at Evian Masters

    The Journal News

    ... firing a third-round 76 at the Evian Masters in Evian, France. It was the worst round of the week for the Port Chester native, who's tied for 50th at 2-over par. Francella's only birdie of the day came on the third hole. She was 5-over the rest of ...

  2. Police: 54 hurt when school buses collide in N.Y.

    International Herald Tribune

    PORT CHESTER, N.Y. : Police say 54 people suffered minor injuries when two school buses collided on Interstate 95 in New York's Westchester County.

  3. Merging two cultures in life and at home

    The Patent Trader

    ... Julia was working for a retail company in Maryland and Brian was selling imported Mexican furniture for a Port Chester company. She had grown up in exotic Indonesia, while he was from nearby Mamaroneck. After relocating to Maryland, he and Julia ...

  4. Port Chester offers top pay for village manager

    The Journal News

    ... officials said the high salary was important in attracting the most qualified applicants. "The challenges Port Chester faces certainly demands a certain skill set and expertise that comes with a compensation package that reflects that," Trustee Bob ...

  5. 59 children hurt in pileup on I-95

    Journal News

    PORT CHESTER - Two buses carrying schoolchildren were involved in a three-vehicle accident yesterday on Interstate 95 near Exit 2, causing 59 of the kids to be taken to hospitals for minor injuries.

  6. Two Major (Though Often Overlooked) Ways to Stretch a Tight Training Budget

    Press Release News From 24-7 Press Release

    PORT CHESTER, NY, July 26, 2008 - One of the most vexing and persistent challenges facing many training directors is "the need to do more ...

  7. Soccer store owner tries filling the void after fire destroys shop


    ... in Greenwich, St. George still tried to promote soccer in other parts of the region. He established a league in Port Chester, N.Y., and helped organize another in Hartford. Now he's setting his sights on Norwalk. Recently, St. George and Laughton ...

  8. Business in the Burbs: 1,400 local Verizon workers prepared to strike after Aug. 2

    Journal News

    ... their leadership to call a strike if a new deal can't be reached. The local CWA unions include Local 1103 in Port Chester, representing 1,100 Verizon workers in Westchester and Putnam, and Local 1107 in New City, representing 300 Verizon workers in ..

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

07/25/08 The Raw Greenwich Feed For Thursday


Charlotte Mae Elson


... by her son, David A. Elson of Bordentown; two daughters and sons-in-law, Charlene and Carl Colangelo of Port Chester, N.Y., and Robin and Mark Arnold of Clayton, N.C.; her sister-in-law, Carol Bozarth; three grandchildren, Valerie, Jonathan and ...

2 women beat up Port Chester cabbie in rob attempt

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - Two women passengers punched and tried to rob a village taxi driver who scared them off after he began honking his horn, police said...

....The incident took place shortly after 3 p.m. yesterday after the cabbie stopped at 7 Leonard Ave. to pick up two women wearing black hooded sweatshirts. They asked to be taken to Touraine Avenue and, when they got there, the one in the back seat started punching the driver while the other, in the front seat, cut a wire to his radio.

That's when the driver honked his horn, trying to call attention to the crime. He suffered scratches to his face and neck.

Only a vague description of the attackers was provided; they were described as black, one slim and about 5'6" tall, the other heavyset.

Francella 2-under after first round of Evian Masters

Journal News

... Francella is off to a good start in the Evian Masters after firing a 70 this morning in Evian, France. The Port Chester native is tied for 19th at 2-under par, five shots behind first-round leader Lorena Ochoa. Francella has eight consecutive ...

Port Chester man raises funds in triathlons

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - Jason Black, 29, is having a busy summer. The Port Chester resident has already completed one triathlon and is scheduled for two more to raise money for the research and treatment of multiple ...

Texas man seeks plea deal in hostage case

Journal News

WHITE PLAINS - A Texas man charged with kidnapping illegal immigrants and holding them captive in the attic of a Port Chester home is trying to work out a plea deal in the case, according to court documents.

Swim classes in Port Chester help many take first dip

Journal News

PORT CHESTER Brrrr. Brrrr. Brrrr. A handful of boys and girls dunked their faces in the pool as instructor Jinsoop Carrion showed them how to breathe while swimming.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

07/20/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Sunday


Hispanic couples take marriage vows, again


... Gonzalez, 29, after his "first dance" at the Don Bosco Community Center next door with his bride, Mildred. The Port Chester couple had a civil marriage 11 years ago, and have two children, 10 and 4. "We planned to marry in church, but never put the ...

Hard times for some hosts; foreign exchange students need places to stay

The Citizen

... year. Yvonne Forman, executive director of Program of Academic Exchange, a foreign exchange program based in Port Chester, N.Y., said it is always a challenge to find host families for the growing number of foreign students who want the opportunity ...

Voters demand tax reform

Journal News

Dear Editor,

The idea of capping property taxes and keying them to an individual's income of the previous year, rather than today's arbitrary unjust valuation of each house, has certainly gained momentum. In my school district, the same supervisor who yearly blowtorches our tax rebates with endless bond issues is now proposing building projects that rival the Taj Mahal - proving why property tax reform must pass this November.

The state legislators in Albany must close their ears to professional lobbyists - the voters are the only lobby they must care about. I have never seen voters across the spectrum so united on an issue. And because there is a historic presidential election, the turnout will be huge.

I have already seen advertisements from challengers attacking current legislators for not passing property tax caps and circuit-breakers before leaving Albany for vacation. They will have this negligence thrown in their faces unless they get back for a special session and vote for the reforms that Gov. David Paterson has already agreed to sign. People can, will, and already have crossed party lines in droves over the issue of property taxes. Just ask the ex-incumbents of Rye town. They were booted out in a landslide last November after more than a decade.

People are literally having to choose between heating their homes and paying taxes on them. Everyone in office is making sympathetic clucking sounds yet nobody is doing anything. If the politicians won't do it for us, then they may need to look for new hobbies after November.

Lina Accurso

Port Chester

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

07/19/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Saturday


Tight times dry host pool for foreign students

Palm Beach Post

... Suite 1045, San Diego, Calif.92108, (888) 743-8721. The Program of Academic Exchange (PAX), 14 Willett Ave., Port Chester, N.Y. 10573. Call Jeanne Monte at (561) 883-2783 or contact the National PAX Office at (800) 555-6211. "Most of our families ...

Police: Drunken driver fled crash scene, then hit 3 more cars

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - A driver allegedly fled an accident in Greenwich, Conn., before striking three parked cars in Port Chester, but told police she didn't realize it when they later found her sitting in her car, ...

Larchmont/Mamaroneck right at home for Babe Ruth tournament

Journal News

... which commences today with four games and runs through July 26 at Mamaroneck High School. The field includes Port Chester, Kingsbridge, the EMS Sharks, South Shore, HBQVB, the Long Island Titans, West Islip and the host. Larchmont/Mamaroneck will ...


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Friday, July 18, 2008

07/18/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Fridayy


Police: Drunken driver fled accident scene, then hit 3 more cars in Port Chester

The Journal News

A driver allegedly fled an accident in Greenwich, Conn., before striking three parked cars in Port Chester, but told police she didn't realize it when they later found her sitting in her car, bleeding from the ...

Neri's Bakery Products: No End in Sight


So much can happen in three years. For Neri’s Bakery Products, Port Chester, NY, production and physical plant expansion have more than doubled output compared with three years ago, when Baking & Snack first visited the company. While management continues its philosophy of quality, consistency, flexibility and adaptability for its customers, general consumption increases and economic conditions have led to astonishing growth.

As a family company, the Neris had two choices of running their business in the competitive world: autocratic or democratic. Wisely, they chose democratic. "We have a cohesive group focused on success, teamwork, flexibility and participation," Bob and Anthony Neri noted collectively. "There is no one person better than another here, and that goes from Dominick to every production employee on the line," added Domenick Cicatelli, vice-president operations.

Family influence includes Dominick Neri, president and c.e.o.; his brother Paul, vice-president; Sal Neri, director of pastry production; Sandro Neri, night shift supervisor; Bob Neri, vice-president sales and marketing; and Dominick’s son Anthony, general manager and the fourth generation to join the company. Other core management includes Mr. Cicatelli and Dago Santos, senior supervisor, who is also in charge of employee orientation and training — employment has nearly tripled from 60 employees to 170 in the past three years.

CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS. With the good also comes challenge. In the past three years, the economy has deteriorated, commodity prices have skyrocketed and fuel costs have more than doubled. "There’s no fighting the markets," Dominick Neri said. "You have to deal with it one way or another. Our customer base will bear only a small price increase. The rest has to come from creative strategies and initiatives."

Mr. Cicatelli spearheaded these efforts with input from everyone in the plant. "We weren’t going to skimp on quality and knew we had to save in other ways such as waste, labor and conservation of energy to offset commodity increases," he said. "We implemented some creative strategies.

"We used to generate product waste by the truckload — cripples, product that fell on the floor or would be off-spec," Mr. Cicatelli continued. "Through added controls, education and conscientious awareness and employee input, we reduced product and packaging waste by 75%. It was a huge savings with very little capital outlay."

"The biggest thing was education," added Mr. Santos. "We made sure employees were aware of the causes of waste. We solicited, listened and implemented their suggestions. Some were very simple such as guides on conveyors; others increased preventive maintenance (PM) schedules. It ran the gamut."

Looking at environmental issues and creative ways to reduce costs, Mr. Cicatelli partnered with Public Energy Solutions (PES), Englewood, NJ, in cooperation with its local Con Edison utility supplier and qualified for its watt-reduction program. "We replaced more than 400 460-watt metal halide fixtures with 180-watt fluorescent reflective lighting throughout the plant," Mr. Cicatelli said. "It cut wattage by more than 50%, and all use electronic ballasts so there is no warm-up time. Price tag for the project was more than $40,000 of which Neri’s contribution was $4,000."

The company also replaced its backup 1,000-amp generator with a 2,000-amp (1,025-kwh) unit, which can run the entire operation and still have power capacity. "We are under the voluntary energy shutoff plan with Con Edison and receive rebates for having the generator," Mr. Cicatelli said. "This is especially important in the summer if the utility needs additional power. They give us 24 hours notice, and we switch over to the generator. "

The company admits the unit is almost four times what it needs at the moment, but they are ready for any future expansion.

Other strategies included changing its electric meter to time-stamp usage every 30 minutes so the company now pays on-peak and off-peak rates. "We also broker our electricity and gas, which gets us the best price," Mr. Cicatelli said. "The current gas price is about $1.40 a therm. We are paying roughly $1.08. Con Edison likes this. It would rather be the distributor. We buy through a broker direct to a producer and use the utility company for power transfer only."

Neri’s is in the process of converting its refrigeration system from Freon to glycol and qualified for a grant through PES, who will meter energy usage prior to the changeover, then again upon completion and pay Neri’s $700 for every kilowatt-hour saved.

The plant also captures heat coming off its refrigeration system and pumps that heat back into loading dock areas. It takes only a small amount of electricity to run the fans but the plant gains tremendous savings on heaters and lamps, and it is just as comfortable for employees. "And with the positive air pressure we no longer have the cold air pouring through the dock area in the winter," Mr. Cicatelli added. "It’s free heat; no oil or gas required."

"All these ideas and initiatives save us money and help offset the increases we are seeing in commodities," Dominick Neri stated. "We estimate that our total savings is roughly $500,000 annually. We saved $70,000 from the lighting alone."

WISE SPENDING. In the past year, Neri’s spent $2 million on equipment and upgrades alone, not including construction costs for its new muffin top production. "We installed new sugar and oil tanks that hold 6,000 lb each," Mr. Cicatelli said. "Two 100,000-lb capacity flour tanks from Pfening, one for white and one for whole-wheat, are set to be installed by the end of July along with a new Pfening sifter."

The company has two production buildings of 70,000 and 79,000 sq ft with a single-story structure sandwiched in between. Currently, the bread building, which also produces muffin tops and square bagels, has one 130,000-lb-capacity flour tank. The second building, solely producing bagels, has two white flour tanks of 168,000 lb each and a 75,000-lb-capacity whole-wheat tank. Bread products include Kaiser, club rolls, hero’s, French and Italian breads. Specialty breads such as twisted 6-ft loaves are baked in an Empire Mundialle deck oven with three shelves. Neri’s does not produce pan bread.

The company started producing corn muffin tops (marketed as corn toasties) about 18 months ago, taking over space occupied by Neri’s corporate offices. "A customer was looking for someone to produce the product, and we had the space available," Dominick Neri said. "We decided to do it, simple as that. It was a good idea, good product and good market potential, and it helps us diversify as well."

"Actually we didn’t have the physical space at the time," Bob Neri countered. "Within the span of three weeks, we moved our entire office department — computers, phones, wiring, furniture, everything that makes the operation run — to temporary quarters downstairs. During those weeks, we also refurbished the vacated 15,000-sq-ft space for muffin production."

The company worked 24/7 those three weeks to make the transition. It brought in equipment — mixers, depositors, ovens, trays, racks, packaging equipment. And all of it was refurbished on-site. The first order was shipped three weeks after it started the project. "It was incredible," Bob Neri said. "Like ‘Extreme Home Makeover’ on an industrial scale."

Equipment to produce the muffin tops includes a new depositor from Unifiller. Five Revent rack ovens, a pan washer and packaging equipment were brought in from another bakery. The Unifiller depositor has the flexibility to add inclusions such as fruit pieces, chocolate chips, etc. "We are looking at adding bran, blueberry and other muffin top varieties as well," Bob Neri added.

Batter is deposited into hamburger bun pans, racked and then baked in the ovens. After ambient cooling, product is robotically picked and placed into a Formost horizontal wrapper then manually placed into 6-pack trays, overwrapped and closed with a Kwik Lok clip. All products are bound for retail market.

The new office location was only temporary. "Our ultimate office space is part of the 12,000-sq-ft physical expansion to square off the building, to which we are still putting finishing touches," Bob Neri noted.

Other additions to the bread building include a new Peerless 1,300-lb mixer that replaced an 800-lb unit to match the other two systems in place. A new roll line that includes an AMF proofer and a Winkler divider and stamper outputs 2,400 doz Kaiser rolls per hour. Operations total three lines — one string line and two roll lines.

A peel board elevator from Capway brings products down from the second floor makeup to the two baking ovens. One oven uses an Capway automated loading system, and a second transport and loading system is being installed this month for the other oven. A new AMF 90-ft tunnel oven replaced a 60-ft oven in 2006. Additionally, the proof box was expanded from 60- to 96-rack capacity.

Neri’s also expanded capacity of its square bagel production by adding 30 ft to the existing 60-ft oven, two LeMatic slicers and five Formost packaging lines.

BAGEL BOOMERS. In the bagel building, two of its three bagel lines were expanded from 4- to 5-pocket systems, increasing output from 2,000 dozen per hour to 3,600 dozen per hour. The other line was upgraded from a 4- to a 6-pocket line.

The Pfening ingredient handling system supplies the Peerless mixers, after which a chunker and divider split dough balls that feed individual BakTek bagel formers. Raw bagels are placed on peel boards, racked, proofed and then retarded for various times at approximately 38°F.

Bagels are automatically fed to the inlet conveyor of the Heat and Control hot water baths before the ovens. Bagels traverse the 210°F kettles in 60 to 90 seconds. They then bake at approximately 215°F for eight to 10 minutes.

Ambient cooling takes approximately 100 minutes using Capway overhead racetrack double conveyors. Cooled products descend to LeMatic center-hinge slicers, followed by Loma metal detectors and then to the Formost packaging lines. Kwik Lok closure clips secure the bags. For the mini bagels, a Key Technology vibratory conveyor and Capway transfer conveyors move products to the Affeldt bulk baggers.

"We doubled the number of Affeldt twin baggers for mini bagel packaging and added a Master Ingredients minor-ingredient scaler in the makeup area as well as a third 1,300-lb mixer," Dominick Neri said. "The fully automated preprogrammed system scales up to 12 minor ingredients down to ±1 g."

Bulk flour delivery now totals 35 truckloads per week, and daily production output increased from 60,000 doz to 130,000 doz regular-sized bagels in the past 36 months.

One of the most significant innovations to the bagel operation, according to Mr. Cicatelli, and one that improved not only the plant’s environmental condition but also employee well-being and product quality and consistency was the infrared burners from Flynn Burner Neri’s installed between the bagel boilers and oven belts.

"Coming out of the boiler, bagels are very wet, and as soon as they hit the oven belt, they stick to it and get destroyed upon exiting when they transfer off the oven band to the discharge belt," he said. "It created a tremendous amount of waste, and we had to have several people at the oven exit just checking for damaged product. For years, we had oil sprayer systems that each used 15 jets spraying the bottom of the bagels with an oil solution to prevent them sticking to the oven band, basically displacing the water with oil."

According to management, oil mist was everywhere, even with a vacuum hood system above the line. "It smelled terrible, created a safety hazard and the jets got clogged every few days," Mr. Cicatelli noted. "The mist was all over the building.

The infrared burners from Flynn are positioned within the conveyor loop of the transfer link belt between boiler and oven. "The infrared burner quickly dries the bottom of the bagel, forming a skin so they don’t stick," Mr. Cicatelli said. "Our quality has improved as well as our yield. The operation is much cleaner, and product is better with less waste. Although the system is gas fired, costs far offset the cost of the solution — 750 gal per month — repair and waste."

TREND READY. "Customers want whole grain, fiber, 100% whole wheat and multigrain," Bob Neri said. "We have school districts converting their orders to whole wheat as well, requesting whole-wheat Kaiser rolls and bagels. We eliminated all high-fructose corn syrup and changed to liquid sugar. One customer is adding potato-based products just to add something new to its product line — potato rolls, square bagels and soon round bagels.

What’s next for Neri’s? "Maybe frozen capabilities," Dominick Neri said. "The key is to stay flexible and capture opportunity. Contract manufacturing has great potential because it allows bakeries to get into products they couldn’t ordinarily get into without great expenditure. We already have the infrastructure and flexibility within our core product group to produce just about anything."

Catherine Todenhagen Hafker, 93

Cape Cod Times

... Frederick Todenhagen of Molunkus, Maine. Catherine was affectionately known by many as "Kitty." She grew up in Port Chester, N.Y., where she later graduated from Grasslands School of Nursing. She went on from college to work at United Hospital in ...

No penalty too harsh for child rapists

Journal News

Dear Editor,

Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy's opinion that "the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child" (one assumes when the child is not killed as result of rape) is cause for disquiet. There is nothing more vile and revolting and morally depraved than rape of a child, and to consider that there may be punishment too harsh hints at an atrophy of morality and of willingness to protect ourselves that appears to increasingly pervade this country.

But the court's ruling has a positive side. Child molesters are not popular among general prison populations. There will be justice.

Rene Prochelle

Port Chester

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

07/17/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Thursday


Longford's Looking to Become Local Favorite

Greenwich Citizen

... store to give people what they want." The story of Longford's Ice Cream, which is based and manufactured in Port Chester, N.Y., is indeed an interesting one. The founders, husband and wife Pat and Nolan West of Westport, each had previous careers ...

Port Chester man crawls for help after stabbing

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - A 20-year-old man just barely survived a stabbing in his Weber Drive apartment Tuesday, police said.

Wagner, Francella taking week off

Journal News

... qualify for the British Open and is skipping the PGA Tour's U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. Francella, a Port Chester native who has made two consecutive cuts on the LPGA Tour, is skipping the LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield, Ill.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

07/16/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Tuesday


White Plains Hospital Center Upcoming Events


... at: Community Room, 76 South Lexington Ave, White Plains, August 6th, 1:00 2:30 pm 167-169 Terrace Avenue, Port Chester, August 13th, 11:00 am- 12:30 pm. 10 Drew Street, Port Chester, August 20th, 1:00- 2:30 pm. The Piggy Bank Thrift Shop, 261 S. ...

Grand Gelato


... in White Plains, Ossining Pizzeria and Restaurant in Ossining, Sal's Pizzeria in Mamaroneck, and Longford's in Port Chester. Although the majority of flavors were delicious, some stood out from the rest. I tasted hazelnut gelato, or nocciola, from ...

POKO presents Phase I to public


... that can create commerce," said Kenneth M. Olson, POKO Partners managing partner. POKO Partners, based in Port Chester, N.Y., is the city's selected developer for the Isaacs Street portion of the Wall Street neighborhood. The area had been ...

The Unfrench Bakeries


... cake in a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, cream, and milk. La Flor De Jallisco Bakery 217 Westchester Ave, Port Chester (914) 937-5305 If you're looking for all-butter icing, natural coloring, and not-so-bad-for-you sweets, La Flor de Jalisco ...

Some Like It Raw


... days get steamy and hot meals are just too much, slide into the pure, cool waters of raw. Beef Carpaccio Nessa, Port Chester's enoteca-cum-panini palace, offers the traditional Venetian raw-beef salad. It starts with tender, lean, eye-round, sliced ...

New Billerica town manager's $135G deal differs slightly from that of his predecessor

Lowell Sun

BILLERICA -- It's official. The selectmen ratified, and Bill Williams signed, an employment contract last night, locking the 60-year-old New York native in as Billerica's new town manager.

Williams, who will retire from his position as the village manager of Port Chester, N.Y., at the end of the month, begins working in Billerica on Sept. 2 at an annual salary of $135,000. Former Town Manager Rocco Longo, who resigned in February to become the town administrator of Marshfield, was earning $130,000 per year.

"We wish you a long and prosperous stay," Selectmen Chairman Jim O'Donnell said to Williams. "You have a terrific team who will have you up to speed in no time."

Williams beat out Swampscott Town Administrator Andrew Maylor and former Stratford, Conn., Chief Administrative Officer Mark Haddad for the position.

Selectmen praised Williams' team-building attitude and easy-going personality in making their decision.

Williams and his wife, Debby, will be moving into a rental unit at Princeton Properties on Boston Road next month as they try to sell their home in New York.

"It's a pleasure to be here and an honor to accept the appointment of the board officially," Williams said....

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Friday, July 11, 2008

07/11/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Friday

Francella 1-under at Corning Classic

The Journal News

... is 1-under through 10 holes in the second round of the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic in Sylvania, Ohio. The Port Chester native opened with a 1-under 70 on Thursday and is in good shape to make her second consecutive cut. The current projected ...

Cops: Illegal AK-47 found after accidental shotgun blast blows out Port Chester window

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - Police found an illegal AK-47 assault rifle in a Haseco Avenue home after an accidental shotgun blast knocked out an attic window, police said.

Brian Cugno, 27, of 42 Haseco Ave. was charged Wednesday.

Police went to the home on a call of a shot fired at 1:30 a.m. on June 29.

Cugno had dropped a loaded shotgun in the attic room that overlooks the street, causing it to shoot through the window, police said.

No one was injured.

In the attic room where the widow had been shot out, Officer Salvador Baldo noticed a box of ammunition that would only have fit an automatic weapon.

Police said Cugno produced the AK-47 when asked. Police confiscated the AK-47, the shotgun, two air rifles and an air pistol.

Investigation to establish that ownership of the AK-47 gun was illegal delayed Cugno's being charged, police said.

He came in voluntarily and was charged Wednesday with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony, and unlawful discharge of a firearm within the village, a violation.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

07/10/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Thursday

Carlos Enrique Lopez Castaneda of 84 Washington Street

Cops: Port Chester man had oral sex with 3-year-old boy

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - A 27-year-old Port Chester man accused of having oral sex with a 3-year-old boy was to be arraigned today in Port Chester village court.

Police said they have proof Carlos Enrique Lopez Castaneda of 84 Washington St., had oral sex with the 3-year-old, whose family he knew, nine months ago at the family's home.

The boy's mother reported the matter to police yesterday and Castaneda came in voluntarily, police said.

Why the woman waited so long to report the incident has not been established, police said.

The mother had caught Castaneda lying with the child, police said, and became suspicious.

Castaneda was charged with first-degree criminal sexual act, a felony.

Francella shoots 1-under 70; Creamer finishes at 60

The Journal News

Port Chester's Meaghan Francella shot a 1-under 70 in the first round of the LPGA's Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic in Sylvania, Ohio.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

07/09/08 The Raw Port Chester News Feed For Wednesday


UConn's Kelly transfers to K-State


... College Abdul Herrera, 6-11, c, Jr., Hutchinson Community College Jordan Henriquez, 6-11, c, Fr., Port Chester, N.Y. *eligible 2009-10 season Posted on Wed, Jul. 09, 2008 10:54 AM UConn's Kelly transfers to K-State Kansas ...

Today's Birthdays and Today in History: July 9

Home News Tribune

... Service Cross was established by an Act of Congress. In 1938, Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo died in Port Chester, N.Y., at age 68. In 1944, during World War II, American forces secured Saipan as the last Japanese defenses fell. In 1947, ...

Pace alum Dominici wins MGA Publinks

Journal News

... was Zeldin, who shot a 33 on his last nine holes to catapult himself into a second-place tie. J.F. Sorbella, a Port Chester resident who plays out of Maple Moor, finished five shots off the lead and tied for fifth place. 'The public courses in the ...

Cops: Greenwich woman, 21, nabbed with stolen pocketbook in Port Chester

Journal News

PORT CHESTER - She comes from well-to-do Greenwich, Conn., but police said the 21-year-old carried a stolen purse as she strolled through Port Chester's Fourth of July celebration.

Rye Town Park: A little of everything

Journal News

... on weekdays and $8 on weekends for non-permit holders. Children under 12 get in free. Residents of Rye City, Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye, Harrison, Larchmont and Mamaroneck can purchase seasonal permits. The Park is also the site of the Jarden ...

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

07/06/08 Port Chester Sports News For Saturday

Help available for immigrant women

Journal News

... That's one of the reasons The Guidance Center has been offering Latina Drop-in Centers in New Rochelle and Port Chester since 2004. The women attending our programs have spoken out about their troubles and struggles, and we have found that they are ...

Wagner shoots 1-over 70 in third round at AT&T National

Journal News

.....first round before carding a 2-under 68 in the secound round. In the LPGA's Northwest Arkansas Championship, Port Chester native Meaghan Francella shot a 4-under 68 in the second round to bring her to 5-under for the tournament.....

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Friday, July 4, 2008

07/04/08 Mayor Dennis Pilla said letting the cab companies conduct the tests on their own still increases administrative tasks for the village

Port Chester board votes against transferring licensing to county

The Journal News

By Theresa Juva

PORT CHESTER - The village board voted against handing over taxi licensing to the county this week and is considering whether to allow cab companies to conduct their own background checks and drug tests.

Mayor Dennis Pilla proposed giving licensing to the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission because it could perform drug testing and background checks on drivers - measures the village does not take. He had argued that licensing through the county would cost less and would free up village resources.

he Port Chester Taxi Association staunchly opposed the idea and staged a four-day strike last week. Some of the village's 125 cabdrivers have argued that passing the licensing applications to the Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission would lead to more stringent regulations. Pilla has said the commission does not have the legal authority to oversee livery cabs. The village board opposed commission control in a 4-3 vote.

Cabdrivers appealed to the board and asked if they could conduct the tests themselves.

In a new proposal presented Monday, the village's cab companies would charge drivers and hire a private agency to administer the tests, which will be completed by Aug. 20. Cabdriver licenses expired Monday.

The board will vote Monday on whether it will extend drivers' current licensing until September to allow for testing.

Pilla said letting the cab companies conduct the tests on their own still increases administrative tasks for the village, adding, "I don't see see significant efficiency gained for the village."

Stephen Neilsen, president of the Port Chester Taxi Association, said even if the board doesn't approve the new measure, the companies plan to do the tests anyway.

Drivers will have to pay $120 for the tests, in addition to the $195 they pay the village to process their applications.

"They want to prove they are safe drivers, so they don't have a problem paying for it," Neilsen said.

The municipality is also putting together a committee that will work to reform the village's taxi laws, ordinances that Pilla has referred to as "broken." The committee will be composed of taxi drivers, a cab company owner, a police officer and members of the riding public. Neilsen said the committee would serve to avoid future conflict between the drivers and village.

"It's going to be positive for us," he said. "The drivers will give input before any changes are made."

Pilla said it would give the public, law enforcement and the taxi industry a chance to discuss concerns and create more effective laws.

Reach Theresa Juva at tjuva@lohud.com or 914-694-5012

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

07/03/08 Port Chester News

Mamaroneck High School student wins community service scholarship

Journal News

... ior League of Westchester on the Sound serves the communities of Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye and Rye Brook. For more information, call 914-833-2119 or visit www.jlwos.org.

Wagner, Francella set to return to action

Journal News

... off the 10th tee at Congressional Country Club at 12:50 p.m., along with Charles Howell III and Dean Wilson. Port Chester native Meaghan Francella is entered in the P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship in Rogers, Ark., but the 54-hole LPGA event ...


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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jul 2, 2008 | Port Chester News Clips

Profanity sends wrong message

Letter To The Journal News Editor

Profanity sends wrong message

In the June 26 edition of The Journal News, a letter-writer expressed his sadness at the passing of George Carlin. In his letter, he also mentioned Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, George Kirby, etc., as people he had found to be in the same class as Carlin.

I'm a firm believer in free speech, and I subscribe to the Bible verse that says, "Let the one without sin, cast the first stone." I do wonder, though, at the validity of obscenities to prove a point. I have been blessed with five grown children and seven grandchildren. How could I express to them the hypocrisies in this world by using swear words and other uses of profanity? Satire is one thing, but spouting profanities to prove a point is not what I would want to convey to my family members .

The world that we live in is a gift from God; the same God who looks upon us with love untold. I offer my condolences to Mr. Carlin's family and friends. May his passing cause us concern about the anger throughout our world, and the obvious hypocrisies that exist when proving a point.

Bedford Brown

Port Chester


Billerica picks Williams as new manager

Lowell Sun

Selectmen voted unanimously to offer the town manager's job to Bill Williams, the village manager of Port Chester, N.Y.

Williams, Swampscott Town Administrator Andrew Maylor and former Stratford, Conn., Chief ...

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07/02/08 Port Chester News For Thursday

Latimer Announces Star Tax Rebates For 2008


White Plains, NY - With a public debate at hand over funding for local schools, Assemblyman George Latimer announces that 2008 will be the third year of State STAR property tax rebate checks, designed to offset increases in local school property taxes......

... Latimer can be reached at (914) 777-3832 at his Mamaroneck District Office. He represents Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye City, Larchmont, Mamaroneck and part of New Rochelle in the State Assembly.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jul 1, 2008 | Port Chester Sports News

Little League: Stony Point softball, Sherman Park baseball prevail

Journal News

... Wednesday night at 7. Baseball: Sherman Park 10, Dobbs Ferry 0: In a District 20 Little League game at Port Chester Sherman Park, James Grieco pitched a one-hitter and had a two-run homer. Sherman Park hosts Eastchester Thursday night at 7.

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