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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

09/05/07 - Accused Rapist Ordaz-Cejia Has A Tattoo Reading "Ordaz" Centered On His Back. Port Chester Police Are Circulating A Wanted Poster Of Him.



Police have identified the man they say abducted a 21-year-old village woman from a local gas station at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her.

He is no longer in the area, Lt. James Ladeairous said today. The man, identified as Federico Ordaz-Cejia, 26, is believed to be in the fourth district in Chicago, he said.

He fled, Ladeairous said, soon after the Aug. 27 incident which began at the 37 Westchester Ave. Citgo station and ended on Fox Island Road. He had no known local address.

The rapist, who had sneaked into the back seat of the victim's car around 11:45 p.m., is a white male with brown eyes, black short hair, about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighing 140 pounds.......

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: September 5, 2007


A rapist remains at large who allegedly abducted a 21-year-old village woman from a local gas station then forced her at knifepoint to drive to a nearby parking lot, where he committed the sexual assault, police said today.
The suspect sneaked into the back seat of her car as she entered the Citgo station at 37 Westchester Ave. at about 11:45 p.m. Sunday, police said. When she returned to her vehicle, he popped up wielding a knife and ordered her to drive him to a parking lot on Fox Island Road, Port Chester police Lt. James Ladeairous said.
After the assailant raped her, the woman jumped out of the car and ran down the street, where a cab driver saw her, picked her up and called police, Ladeairous said. Officers went to the parking lot, but the assailant had already fled.........
Source: Journal News
Publication Date: August 30, 2007
Reporter: Shawn Cohen at spcohen@lohud.com or 914-694-5046

09/05/07 - It Is Getting Anoying - We$tmore $nooze Parot Joe Carvin Just Can't Stop Repeating The Lies In Bernie Abel's Town Crier Column

Joe Carvin Is A Parrot On A Chain


The Bernie Abel Vendetta Continues.....

Everyone In Port Chester Is Wondering If Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin Even Capable Of Developing An Original Thought.


Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel's new pet parrot has become annoying.
Every time Bernie pulls on Carvin's chain and collar.

Carvin says,"Jobs For The Boys....Jobs For The Boys.....Jobs For The Boys.....Carvin Wanna Cracker......Jobs For The Boys......Jobs For The Boys......Carvin Wanna Cracker......Carvin Wanna Cracker."
Carvin always says that in order to work for the Town of Rye you need to be prepared to vote for or contribute to the Democrats.

First of this statement is wrong, because it suggests that Port Chester Democrats are a well oiled political machine.

No one in his right mind would call the Port Chester or Rye Town Democratic Party organized.
The Carver Center is more organized than the local Democratic Party.
If Carvin knew anything about Port Chester, he would know that it is the Republicans that is organized into a well oiled political machine.

Danny Collangello loses every single voting district in Port Chester, including his home district and the Republican machine gives him a six figure job at the Port Chester housing authority.

Rye City Republican Chairman Anthony Pisconere gets $750,000 of Port Chester tax dollars for losing a one week trial.

Port Chester Gary Gianfrancesco gets 1 Million Dollars, because of Horton School.

Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano needs an accountant to keep track of all of his Republican jobs.

These four guys alone with salary, benefits and retirement will be over 2 Million Dollars.

The Whole Town Budget is 4 Million Dollars.

Talk about Jobs For The Boys.

Four Republicans equal one half of a New York Town budget.

I really don't think Carvin actually knows many people who work at Town Hall or at the Town Parks.

If he did he would know that a lot people who work for the Town are not even registered to vote.

And even if they are registered to vote it dose not mean that they do vote.

The Town Employees are hard working guys and gals who are just trying to pay their mortgage and put some food on the table.

The Town Employees are not like that know it parrot and hedge fund guy who can shell out tens of thousands to the Republican machine just, because he woke up one morning and decided that it would be cool to be the Rye Town Supervisor.

The Town Employees don't live at some Fancy Nancy community in Rye Brook.

The Town employees are Conservatives, Democrats, Independents and Republicans.

The Town employees are just hoping that some parrot and hedge fund guy does not eliminate their job. They are so afraid that some parrot of a hedge fund guy will start talking about privatizing Rye Town Parks in the same manner that Playland has been privatize.
I have just one question for the Parrot Joe Carvin.

How does Sam Terenzi's Dad Have A Job At Rye Town Park If There Is Some Secret Political "Jobs For The Boys" Machine In Place?

Hasn't the Sleazy Sam Terenzi been working hand and glove with you and Bernie Abel for the last 4 or 5 years?

09/05/07 - Joe Carvin Is Bernie Abel's Parrot Is Knowingly Being A Pathetic Liar

(Emblem of the Dead Parrot Society)
While At Harvard Joe Carvin Was President Of The DPS - Dead Parrot Society.
A Club For Senseless Dorks.


Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel And His Parrot Joe Carvin Are Knowingly Lying To The Single Family Homeowners Of Port Chester.


First the Town Of Rye took Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel to court for once again failing to pay all of his taxes.

Then the Abel and Westmore News Vendetta started against the Town Of Rye.

Over and over and over Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel has used his Town Liar Column....

Oh I am sorry the.... Town Crier Column....

to say that Rye Town Is Corrupt.

Yet, Bernie or his son Weestmore News publisher Richard Abel has ever complained to any law enforcement or government agency about their allegations of wrong doing.

The reason reason that these two numb nuts known as Abel And DisAbeled don't put their lies in a formal written complaint is that they know it is a felony to file a false police report.

And now Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel has a new weapon to continue his vendetta against the Town Of Rye.

It is called a parrot named Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin.

All this guy does is repeat all of the garbage that Bernie's Town Liar Column and Richard's Westmore News has spewed out over and over.

I am beginning to think that Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is even capable of an original thought.

First Carvin repeats the Abel's constant lie that.....

The New York State Controller's audit says that there is corruption in the biding and contracting practices in Rye Town.

I challenge Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin to send an email to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com and show any place in the controller's audit the word Corruption is even used.

Meeting after meeting "The Harvard Educated Fool" joins Bernie, Richard and Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Vilanova in saying that the New York State Controller's report says the Town uses corrupt hiring methods.


It is clear that Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin can talk the talk, because he is an expert at repeating the crap that is in the hopelessly biased Westmore news.

Let's see if Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin can walk the walk.

Can "The Harvard Educated Fool" stand and deliver?

Will "The Harvard Educated Fool" send an email to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com and prove that New York State Controller said that Rye Town was corrupt or suffering from corruption?

Will "The Harvard Educated Fool" send an email to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com and show me where the New York State Controller even uses the word corrupt or a similar type of word?

Well the ball is now in Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin's court. Let's see if he is man enough to stand and deliver an email to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com.


It has been a month and Joe Carvin has failed to respond to my challenge that he show me where the New York State Controller used the word "Corruption" when describing Rye Town Hiring Practices.

Yet he still writes page after page of saying the New York State Controller has labeled the Town Of Rye as corrupt.

The Pathetic Abel Parrot Joe Carvin can't back up his political rhetoric so he only will send letters to the Hopelessly Biased Westmore Snooze, which doesn't even know what fact checking means.

No emails have been received from the coward Carvin.

Now everyone knows that the "Harvard Educated Fool" is a particularly dimwitted twit and a inept frat boy who can't back up what he says.


I know the Harvard Educated Fool thinks the single-family home owners of Port Chester are stupid, but they know one thing...





Joe "The Harvard Lying Fool" Carvin is not going to get elected so Bernie can once again get out of paying his taxes.


I saw Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin at the last Port Chester Board Of Trustee Meeting and while we were waiting for a cable TV battery to recharge the dimwitted Joe Carvin said in front of others that he was not afraid to debate me.

Yet when pressed he refused to set a date so that we could publicly debate.

Once again the ""Harvard Educated Fool" proved that he was irrelevant.

Just Click On Here To See How Stupid He Looked Talking At A Port Chester Public Hearing On Parking Meters.

09/05/07 - Joe Carvin The Harvard Educated Fool

The True Blue
Conservative Review
Port Chester’s Most Influential Newspaper Published By Brian Harrod

Inside This Issue:
The Harvard Educated Fool
Crack Cocaine Accounting Methods
The Law Offices Of
Kean And Bean Brain

And How Port Chester Republicans Rejected Rye Town Supervisor Wanna Be
Joe Carvin


They Take And They Take And They Take

The True Blue Conservative has repeatedly reported that Bernard Abel, the founder of the Westmore Snooze, repeatedly did not pay hundreds of school and property tax bills.

We have also reported that Richard Abel, the publisher of the Westmore Snooze, as a young man went door to door in his father’s buildings collecting rents in father’s poorly maintained multi-family eyesores.

This paper has also reported that Berne Abel’s failure to pay taxes allowed Richard to go to college in style and return home to a guaranteed job at the Westmore Snooze and to buy a house on Quintard Drive.

At times there were three or four newspapers competing in Port Chester, unfortunately the other papers left or folded because they could not compete against a paper that was funded by failing to pay taxes. The other papers were at a completive disadvantage, because the founders and investors paid all of their taxes in full.

It is clear that the Abel’s have taken and taken and taken from Port Chester.

Have you ever heard of the Abels’ giving a something back to Port Chester?

Have they ever made up for their misdeeds by donating books to the Schools, giving computers to the library, or helping the poor or seniors of Port Chester?

In fact, the Abels’ have a long history of throwing poor Italian families on the street with out giving them the due process of the courts. Plus there are rumors about the Abels’ illegally turning of the heat on African American families in the middle of winter in order to force them out of their apartments.

Because Berne Abel has no remorse for his past sins, and because the Westmore Snooze has repeatedly allowed Bernie Abel to avoid punishment. Bernie has once again been caught failing to pay on his Rye Town Property Taxes for multiple years. We say shame, shame shame on the Abels.

The Harvard Educated Fool To The Rescue

Richie the "Republican Spin Meister" and his new puppet is Joe “I Went To Harvard” Carvin have pushed officials in the Blind Brook School District to demand that the Town Of Rye change the way it distributes school taxes, so that the Blind Brook will once again have to start paying a school tax collection fee at the expense of taxpayers. We can’t afford the Abels’ new puppet Joe “I Went To Harvard” Carvin.

You don't have to be a Hopelessly Biased Newspaper Publisher, like Richie Abel or a Harvard Educated Fool, like Carvin not to realize that this is going to increase school taxes in Blind Brook, Rye Neck and Port Chester Schools. We can’t afford the Abels’ new puppet Joe “I Went To Harvard” Carvin.

Bernie Abel And Joe Carvin’s Foolish Plan will Increase Blind Brook School Taxes.
You would think that a School Superintendent like Ronald Valenti would stay out of politics. Why is Valenti making this politically motivated move during town elections?

Why is Valenti pushing for a new distribution method would that will increase Blind Brook School taxes? The single-family homeowners can’t afford another unnecessary school tax increase in Blind Brook, Port Chester and Rye Neck Schools.

It appears that Ronald “I am really not being political” Valenti is going along with this foolish plan to increase Blind Brook School taxes, because he is afraid of what the Abels’ and the Westmore Snooze will to do to his reputation if he objects.

Obviously, Joe “I have got a degree from Harvard” Carvin and Ronald “I am really not being political” Valenti are too new to the area to understand the fairly recent history of the Town Of Rye and The Blind Brook School System's 1974 arrangement that benefits the single family homeowners of Rye Brook, Rye Neck and Port Chester. This agreement has saved tax payers each and every year for 33 years.

Give Us $175,000 Now So The Tax Payers Can Pay More Than $250,000 Later.

If Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin and Blind Brook Superintendent Ronald Valenti get Rye Town to change its distribution method, then the Town would have to go back to charging taxpayers a school-tax collection fee. This is what most other Towns in Westchester County and New York state do.

Could someone please tell the Joe "I got A degree from Harvard" Carvin that the Town has been depositing school taxes in its own bank account since 1974 when the Town Board passed a resolution agreeing to waive the school-tax collection fee which is authorized by New York state law.

This innovative 1974 Rye Town Resolution was passed in order to give all the Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck Schools and all of children who attend these schools more money.

What good is a Harvard degree in Public Administration if you lack common sense?

Would someone please sit Ronald "I am really not being political" Valenti and the Harvard Educated Fool down and explain to them that the tax-collection fee used to be 1 – 5 percent of the total school-tax levy.

Can someone explain to these two mathematically challenged that the total levy for the 2006 school year was almost 26 million dollars.

It is clear that Valenti And The Harvard Educated Fool have trouble with math, so maybe they can get a eighth grader to explain that a 1% school fee on 26 Million Dollars would cause taxpayers to pay at least a quarter of a million dollars in extra taxes. At 5% the cost would be as much as 1.25 million.

Abel, Carvin, Kaplan And Valenti Want To Use Crack Cocaine Accounting Methods

Richie “The Republican Spin Meister” Abel and Joe “The Harvard Educated Fool” Carvin needed a school board member to propose an unnecessary increase school taxes.

That’s where Joe Carvin’s best buddy, who just happens to be the mathematically challenged, Rye Brook School Board member Steven Kaplan comes into play.

Steven "I am a forensic accountant" Kaplan wants to get some quick cash now that will cost Rye Brook single family homeowners at least a quarter of a million dollars when the taxes come due in January.

This is the school finance equivalent of crack cocaine.

Kaplan looks like a money addict that’s saying….

“I want the money now!!!!!!

Give me the money now!!!!!!

I don’t care how much it will cost the tax payers next year!!!!!!!”
Carvin Loves Kaplan’s Crack Cocaine Accounting

“I want the cheap political sound bite now!!!!

Give Kaplan and Valenti the money Now!!!!!

I don’t care how much it will cost the tax payers next year!!!!!!

I will blame the previous administration when the tax payers
complain about their school taxes go up!!!!!”

The Harvard Educated Fool thinks that the single-family homeowners are stupid.

A first year student at Westchester Community college can understand that $250,000 is more than $175,000. However, the Harvard Educated Fool insists on increasing Blind Brook School taxes.

But, Why does Joe “ I have a degree from Harvard” Carvin and Ronald "I am really not political" Valenti want to increase Rye Brook school taxes?

Let's keep the Harvard Educated Fool and his unnecessary school tax increase out of Port Chester.

Is the school superintendent of Rye Neck going to go along with the Harvard Educated Fool's unnecessary school tax increase plan.

Joe Carvin's little buddy Blind Brook school board member Steven Kaplan, who claims to be a forensic accountant has been pushing the Harvard Educated Fool's unnecessary tax increase plan through the Blind Brook School Board.

And it looks like that Blind Brook taxpayers will get soaked by Carvin And Kaplan.

We Have To Stop Carvin & Kaplan’s Crack Cocaine Accounting

Can Steven "I am a forensic accountant" Kaplan explain why he wants to earn $175,000 in interest, so that the Blind Brook School Board will be charged a 1% school tax collection fee that will cost $250,000.

Where Is All This Money Going To Come From?

Worse yet now that these eggheads Carvin, Kaplan and Valenti realize that there is going to be a $75,000 tax increase, they are trying to justify their ignorance.

Now they now want to meet with the district's attorney Lawrence "Please Don't Sue Me If I Gave Bad Advice" Praga of Keane And Beane Brain.

Praga should have properly explained how their crack cocaine accounting methods and outrageous demands will destroy a 33 year old plan that gives our children’s schools more money year after year.

Who is going to stop Carvin, Kaplan, Praga and Valenti from screwing up a longstanding distribution method that benefits all of the school children and home owners in Rye Brook, Rye Neck and Port Chester?

It is inexcusable that the Harvard Educated Fool is planning on taking money away from the education of our children," Carvin, Kaplan and Valenti are risking the educational needs of our children for political reasons. The children will suffer, because of Carvin’s political greed.

Maybe Kean And Beane Brain Will Properly Educate Kaplan And Valenti
Hopefully, Lawrence "Please Don't Sue Me If I Give Bad Advise" Praga will inform the school board that in 1933, the Ossining school district sued the towns of Ossining, Yorktown and New Castle, saying they owed the district thousands of dollars in interest from placing school taxes in interest bearing accounts.

Guess who won?

The Towns of Ossining, Yorktown and New Castle began charging the 1 – 5% fee for collecting school taxes. Ossining has lost millions and millions and millions of dollars, because of a few stupid politicians.

Guess who lost?

Ossining School Children have lost countless millions, because of a few opportunistic politicians.

Why is the Harvard Educated Fool trying to destroy an agreement that benefits all of the children and homeowners of Rye Town?

If Carvin, Kaplan and Valenti want to change the 1974 school disbursement agreement then let them each pay Blind Brook School $50,000 each out of their own pockets year after, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after…....


Port Chester Republican’s Do Not Support Joe Carvin

In 2004, Joe Carvin applied to be the Port Chester Village Manager who would replace Richard “Fritz” Falanka. Joe Carvin should have been able to scoop up the job with ease.

Carvin was a Republican and Republican Mayor Gerald Logan and Six other Republican Trustees governed Port Chester. Also, Carvin was active in local politics and had strong political connections with all of the Republican Movers And Shakers. The other candidates lacked such strong connectons.

Carvin has a Harvard Degree in Public Administration and the other job candidates did not have the same prestigious degree. Plus, Carvin lived less than a mile from Port Chester and would be easily available for a village emergency, the other candidates lived very far away.

However, in 2005, Mayor Gerald Logan, Deputy Mayor Dan Colangelo, Trustee Bob Sorensen, Trustee Ken Manning, Trustee Pete Ciccone and Trustee Cicatelli decided not to hire Joe Carvin.

All Of These Main Stream Port Chester Republicans Unanimously Rejected The Hotheaded and Opportunistic Joe Carvin And His Harvard Degree.

They chose Bill Williams who did not have the local political connections or the Harvard Degree that Carvin can’t stop bragging about. Bill Williams even lived far away and might have trouble quickly responding to emergencies in Port Chester.

Why no City, Town, Village or Hamlet in America has has ever hired Joe Carvin and his fancy Harvard Degree in Public Administration to be their Manager or Administrator?

What Made Logan, Colangelo, Sorensen, Manning, Ciccione and Cicatelli not support and hire their fellow Republican Joe Carvin?

09/05/07 - Remembering Joseph Mathew Yankowich, Formerly Of Port Chester



Greenwich Time: - JOSEPH MATTHEW YANKOWICH - 88, residing in Pawling, NY and longtime resident of Port Chester, NY died on August 31, 2007. He was born February ....

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

09/05/07 - Changes Comming To The Port Chester # 13 Bus



A new express bus route to Westchester Medical Center will start serving riders today, one of several changes on the county's Bee-Line bus routes this fall that are being made to accommodate growing ridership.

The new Route 43 "Super Express'' buses will travel on the Cross County and Sprain Brook Parkways, which will help cut travel time between Mount Vernon and the Westchester Medical Center in half.

"We will start bus service ...between the 241st Street subway station, downtown Mount Vernon and the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla," said Transportation Commissioner Lawrence C. Salley. "There will be three trips in the morning and three trips back in the afternoon using coach-style buses."

Ridership has been growing an average of 9.5 percent a month since April, Salley said. That's when the county joined the MetroCard fare system, which offers free transfers within two hours from local city buses and subways.

Other changes beginning today will be on Routes 4, 7, 13, 16, 20, 45, 55 and BxM4C, and Loops A and H. The highlights are........

.......Route 13: Earlier Sunday morning service from Ossining to White Plains and Port Chester......

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: September 4, 2007

Reporter: Caren Halbfinger at chalbfin@lohud.com or 914-694-5004


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09/05/07 - Time For Port Chester Catholic School Uniform Ritual



As students prepare for the first day of school, store owners are seeing an influx of parents shopping for uniforms and solid-colored threads to comply with dress codes.

Jonathan Newman, manager of Liebman's Children's Clothing and School Uniforms in New Rochelle, said the number of customers more than doubles from mid-August to early September.......

......Holy Rosary School in Port Chester uses a Newark, N.J.-based company, Scholastic Uniforms, to supply students with clothes for the dress code. The company comes to the school to take student measurements.

Girls wear blouses and blue-gray plaid jumpers or skirts with shirts bearing the school logo. Boys wear navy slacks and white- collar shirts. All students wear black shoes and blue socks. And there's a gym uniform.

"I like it better and the kids look better," said Mary Norelli, principal of Holy Rosary. "It's a lot easier on parents in our neighborhood. ... In the long run, it's better for them."

Norelli said the school also provides gently used uniforms to families that cannot afford to buy new ones. She said uniforms help make the classroom a better learning environment.

"It puts everyone on the same playing field. They're not worried about designers and labels," Norelli said. "We try to keep it simple for them and for the parents.

"Children shouldn't have to live up to those designer names and 'got-to-haves,'" she said.........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: September 4, 2007

Reporter: Stacy A. Anderson at sanderso1@lohud.com or 914-694-5080


09/05/07 - There Is A Criminal Element On Quintard Drive In Port Chester, New York


Port Chester Police Investigate Theft Of True Blue Conservative Newspaper Box On Quintard Drive


A True Blue Conservative Newspaper Box has came up missing on Quintard Drive.

Port Chester Police Officer Connetta investigated the apparent theft.

Officer Connetta said that he would file a larceny report after checking with village officials, to make sure the village had nothing to do with the newspaper box disapearing from the corner of Quintard and king street.

Village Manager Bill Williams, said that he had checked and found that no one from the village had taken the newspaper box.

Updates to follow......

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