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Thursday, March 31, 2011




The Greenwich Ballroom an NDCA affiliated dance studio brings home a Top Studio award in the Tri-State Challenge Dancesport Championships held in Stamford, CT.

As The Greenwich Ballroom has only just opened its doors six months ago, it is an unheard of achievement to have earned this award in such a short period of time.

Eddie Melendez owner of The Greenwich Ballroom took his students to compete in The Tri-State Challenge Dancesport competition for the very first time. This was the studios very first competition as they have only been open since late September 2010. The Greenwich Ballroom and those involved miraculously took home several awards. Owner Eddie Melendez brought home the Top Teacher awards in professional Dancesport American Smooth and Rhythm. He also won first place in the Top Teacher award overall!! Then, if that wasn’t enough, the Top Studio award was given to The Greenwich Ballroom and received with such gratitude. The five students that competed each won a trophy in their categories of dance, and one of them even won the second place Top Student award overall. The Tri-State Challenge competition is held every year in Stamford and is considered one of the well-known competitions featuring Pro/Am, Amateur, and Professional Dancesport competition in American Smooth & Rhythm and International Standard & Latin.

Ballroom dance has become a center of attraction. Anyone can dance like a star!!!
Esther Don, owner and organizer of the Tri-State challenge stated," What an accomplishment!!! I have never given away so many awards to such a brand new studio, this is unheard of." Following then came a congratulations and everyone applauded. This was unreal. The Greenwich Ballroom then took home their awards and was in awe of their winnings.

The Tri-State competition is held every year at the Stamford Marriott (tri-state.challenge@usa.net). The Greenwich Ballroom (tgbdance.com) is a sophisticated studio located in the heart of Port Chester, NY. There, they share the building that the delicious kneaded bread is located in, and just feet away from the new Tarry Market. TGB (The Greenwich Ballroom) will be having their grand opening party on Saturday April 2nd from 6pm to 9pm. There will be professional dancing, a live band, a fashion show staged by boutique named Siren (www.sirenboutique.com) that is coming from Mamaroneck, and not forgetting a TGB raffle, drinks and hors d'oeuvres. There will be a celebration of TGB and all it's accomplishments, and what a perfect time to have a celebration and an invitation for all to join.

Owner Eddie Melendez of The Greenwich Ballroom has been dancing professionally and teaching for 15 years, winning the Puerto Rican salsa championship, and is a world mambo finalist. Eddie's passion for dance has projected enthusiasm, elegance and determination for his students to carry through out their private lessons, group classes and competitions. As Eddie says, " there’s so much more than dancing to be gained here – stress relief, escape from the every day, physical conditioning, and a chance to learn grace and poise.”

Please join us in celebrating the grand opening of The Greenwich Ballroom!!!!

180 North Main Street In Port Chester

April 2, 2011, 6 to 9pm

Contact Information:
Nina Melendez
The Greenwich Ballroom
914 305 1888

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

03/31/11 Where The Hell Is The Westmore News? Here Is Today's Raw Port Chester News Feed

Westmore News Readers Are Always The Last Ones To Know Whats Going on In Port Chester

The Westmore Snooze Has Not Updated Its Website Since Last Friday.....

Digital Dinosaur And Westmore Snooze Publisher Richard "My Daddy Gave Me This Newspaper After He Forgot To Send In 100 Property Tax Checks To The Town Of Rye" Able Just Can't Seem To Get Things Up

Maybe If Bernie Had Not Been Greedy And Paid The Taxes On Those Multi-Tenant Apartment Buildings, Then Maybe Port Chester Would Be Just A Little Better Today

News Reports About Port Chester, NY
Town Of Rye Mulls Whether To Dissolve Itself Out Of Existence
CBS New York
It also maintains two parks and a few bridges for the villages of Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Neck. "Government can run more efficiently," Nowotnik said, "in private business, for example, we don't hesitate to explore an opportunity to save money. ...

Caps alone won't protect taxpayers
The Journal News | LoHud.com
About a dozen districts in the region are looking for new superintendents, including Ramapo Central, Dobbs Ferry, Port Chester and Briarcliff Manor. Nyack also pointed to the proposed salary cap, saying it will make school posts less attractive to top ...

Blog Posts About Port Chester, NY
Exceptional senior game on tap for Apr. 6 | Varsity Insider
By Josh Thomson
Anthony Ordonez, Port Chester Ryan Wagner, Mahopac John Martin, Sleepy Hollow Dan Annunziata, Valhalla Ryan O'Rourke, Tappan Zee. Share and Enjoy: Print · Digg · Sphinn · del.icio.us · Facebook · Mixx · Google Bookmarks · Blogplay ...
Varsity Insider - http://varsityinsider.lohudblogs.com/
The Hartbeats - July 1970
By Light Into Ashes
In his view, the Fillmore East and the Capitol Theater in Port Chester were the only two theaters in the US set up for good sound and good lighting! "They are the only two places that are set up pretty groovy all around…the rest of the ...
Grateful Dead Guide - http://deadessays.blogspot.com/

Recently Updated Web Pages About Port Chester, NY
Port Chester, NY 10573-4899 914-934-7990. King Street Elementary... Rating: 8.3 ... 77 BRECKENRIDGE AVE, Port Chester, 0/0, 1868, 5314 Sq. Ft. $439000 ...
Port Chester Westmore SNOOZE ZZZZZZZZZZZ: Port Chester hires new building inspector
March 25, 2011: Port Chester hires new building inspector, from our Local News section.
Apartment for Rent - $1450 - Port Chester, NY ...
2BR/?BA, Location: Summit Ave at South Regent St Port Chester NY US, Description : Port Chester, NY.
Single Family in Port Chester for $619000 MLS #3107381
Single Family in Port Chester, Westchester County, New York for $619000, 3.00 bedrooms, MLS number: 3107381.

Please Also See This Report From Rye Brook Roundup About Getting Rid Of Rye Town:

03/23/11 Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin Should Issue His Own Pink Slip

Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin has a goofy plan to dissolve the 350 year old Town of Rye.

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin wants to eliminate the small amount of the $3.6 million budget, that the 8,000 some properties in Rye Brook support.

The Harvard Educated Fool wants the tiny village of Rye Brook to collect it's own taxes taxes, conducts it's own property assessments and pay to maintain all of crawford park and possibly have to pay more to access the Rye Town Park Beach.

But the Harvard Educated Fool wants the little village of Rye Brook to set up it's own court system.

Joe Carvin failed to mention that the village of Rye Brook will need to hie about 18 full time unionized employees and several part time people.

Currently the village of Rye Brook pays less than two million something million in non-union salaries and benefits. And most of that cost is picked up by Port Chester.

Mr. Carvin, a manager at Altima Partners, a London-based hedge loot management firm, that has become the latest hedge fund manager that needed to build up its in-house legal capability.

Recently, Altima Partners made headlines when its legal chief Ursula Newmanjumped from the ship of rats and went to another firm..

Clueless Joe Carvin has flushed $50,000 in tax dollars down the toilet studying " What do the hard working nonunion employees of the town of Rye do?"

Carvin's bone headed move comes amid a state-wide push to consolidate more than 4,000 local municipalities in an effort to pare away layers of bureaucracy that drive up costs and taxes.

New York State is pushing for consolidation by folding villages, back up into towns or by combining villages and school districts, but the Harvard Educated Fool is going into the wrong direction by folding the Town into two separate villages.

And even though Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin has spent $50,000, he still can't tell Rye Brook residents what he is going to do about unincorporated areas of the town like the Rye Neck section, which has it's own school system and is on the other side of the City Of Rye.

What is going to happen to Rye Neck?

Is the village of Rye Brook going to annex this area?

Will the village of Rye Brook now have to deal with three school districts instead of the current two school districts?

The problem is particularly acute in Westchester, Rockland and Nassau counties, all among the top 10 counties with the highest property taxes in the U.S., according to an analysis of Census data by the Tax Foundation.

This all sounds good to hear let's dissolve part of our government.

The current push has yet to yield any village or town consolidations.

Last year's New York State budget halved the state's $11.5 million appropriation to fund efficiency grants, and under the Governor's budget cutting ax next year's budget is likely to chop away at the remaining $5 million.

Dissolving local entities isn't easy.

Most Rye Brook residents are not interested in picking up the bulk of the $4.6 million Carvin Administration debt.

Every election year Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin comes up with a dim witted plan that sounds good that sounds good in theroy, but won't work in the real world.

Remember three years ago, when Carvin had the birdbrained and silly solution that would have merged Port Chester, Rye Brook and everything into the City of Rye.

The City Of Rye split away from the town in 1942, because it did not want to be associated with Rye Brook and Port Chester.

Was Joe Carvin even around when both the Rye City and the Rye Brook police departments went nuts when Gary Zuckerman pushed to consolidate both police departments.

When push came to shove and all options were put on the table, the voters shot down Gary Zuckerman's unworkable idea.

Now we have a new Rye Town Supervisors election and Joe Carvin has a new dog and pony show: "I am garnering support for dissolving the Town of Rye."

Mr. Zuckerman, an attorney is feeding Joe Carvin this idea. The problem is that Zuckerman and Carvin are fiddling as Rye Town burns.

Now Zuckerman and Carvin want Rye Brook to hire a unionized employee and pay other unionized employees overtime to run Rye Brook elections.

And guess what?

That new election totally ran by and paid for by Rye Brook tax payers will include a new Rye Brook Village Judge who needs a unionized court clerk to handle tickets from the Rye Brook speed trap.

I wonder if a lawyer like Gary Zuckerberg would be interested in being Rye Brook's first village judge. Maybe Zuckerberg could hire his wife to be the new unionized court clerk, who will probably need a part time unionized assistant to help her with the paperwork.

Maybe Zuckerberg has eye on taking over the $131,000 the town of Rye spent on legal expenses.

But Joe Carvin and Gary Zuckerberg can find things to cut in order to fund this massive expansion of Rye Brook government.

Hey they could cut the $3,500 that the Town of Rye gives to veterans.

If Gary Zuckerberg and Joe Carvin's idiotic plans sounds confusing, it's because it is.

Mr. Zuckerman, who has been angeling for he can profit by gutting of Rye Town for more than a decade.

But everytime Rye Brook taxpayers to study Zuckerberg's ill informed proposals, they reject them.

Gary "Let's Make Rye Brook Government Huge" Zuckerberg and Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin just can't reasonably figure out what governments should provide and at what costs.

If someone offered Zuckerberg and Carvin $50,000 to study folding all of Westchester County into Rye Brook, they would take the money in a New York minute and tell us it's the best idea since the pop up toaster.

The fact is that taxpayer funded study after taxpayer funded study has shown that savings are only going to come from merging village services with Port Chester or by combing the Port Chester and Blind Brook school districts.

And that's a bridge that Rye Brook is just not ready to cross yet.

Taxpayer study after taxpayer study has concluded that real savings would only come from dissolving the villages into the town.

Rye Brook taxes shot up exponentially after they formed a village to take over services already provided by Rye Town in the 1980's.

What ever happened to Joe Carvin's four year old election promise to bring the Rye Town tax rate to zero, by using his business expertise to run Rye Town off of the interest on tax payments.

It looks like it was just another one of the Harvard Educated Fools pie in the sky promises to Rye Brook taxpayers.


02/28/11 Republican Party Patronage Returns To Port Chester - Republicans Once Again Looking To Get Rich Off Of Port Chester Taxpayers

Hiring Rye Supervisor Brother Get's $750.00 / Hour To Let Port Chester Once Again Lose To The United States Department Of Justice

Long-time Republican and the brother of Rye Town Supervisor Joe "Didden Is A Race Baiter" Carvin has been hired by Port Chester's Republican trustees at a cost of $225,000 to start another futile lawsuit against the Department of Justice last week

More than a few Port Chester Taxpayers and local leaders are crying foul. 

Despite the public outcry over the cost and prospects of an appeal, the village board voted 4-2 last week to hire Michael Carvin for a fee of up to $225,000.

Port Chester's initial legal battle with the justice department cost the village $1.2 million. Opponents of the decision to appeal say the new $225,000 legal bill could balloon and eventually rival what Port Chester has already spent.

"That's the brother of the Rye Town supervisor," resident Gene Ceccarelli said during Tuesday night's board meeting. "I don't know how they can justify that as they're going through their ethics review."

Greg Adams, a former Port Chester trustee and member of the local NAACP chapter, agreed. "How was this law firm picked? I don't know," he said. "But the relationship, to me, is a little bit uneasy."

"This is a black eye on Port Chester," resident Gary Sullivan said of the Justice Department's successful challenge, under the Voting Rights Act, to the village's system for electing trustees. "It is healed. So now you're going to pay to walk into another punch in the eye?"

"I wouldn't vote for 10 more cents" to be spent on the case, former Republican Trustee Domenick Cicatelli

Silvio Buccieri, a retiree who was born and raised in Port Chester said, "I wished he had more information about the legal aspects. I've watched so many up-and-downs. I'm very sorry to see what's happening. I was hoping people would get together, and let's work together and not against each other.

Randolph McLaughlin, a Pace Law professor said. "Well, by opening up this can of worms, the Second Circuit's going to have to ask the question: What's going on in the Village of Port Chester? Why don't they want to give Hispanics a fair opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice?"

Jon Greenbaum, a former DOJ litigator and chief counsel at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law, called the republican decision to hire the Rye Town Supervisors brother to lead an expensive and futile appeal the "most bizarre thing that's happened in the case so far."

“Those who do notlearn from history are doomed to repeat it”

"This case is about our system looking closed," Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla said. "It doesn't look closed when we bring in the Republican chairman and the Republican supervisor's brother to be the lawyers?"

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla noted that another Republican patronage inside representing Port Chester in the case, Anthony Piscionere, he is the former chairman of the Rye Republican Party.

The Fiscally Responsible Port Chester Mayor correctly points out that the $225,000 was only for the “first leg” of an appeal. If Port Chester succeeds and an appellate panel orders a retrial, he said, that could cost another $700,000. And every $200,000 translates to about a 1 percent tax increase.

“This is like a spigot,” Mayor Pilla said of the vote. “This is like a big, 5 percent tax increase.” 




Port Chester's most intluential newspaper.


Keeping you current with what is going on in and around Port Chester,and how it might impact your lives. We are dedicated to bringing you the whole in depth story, not just part of it.


Board Of Trustee Meeting Notes 03/22/07

The Things You Don't See On Cable TV Meeting Telecasts #1

Loud Meltdown In Executive Session Is Overheard In The Hallways As
Real Estate Lawyer And Republican Chairman Anthony 
Pissonere Goes Nuts Over Port Chester Board Of Trustee's Desire
To Get Advise From An Independent Expert

Date Line (Port Chester) --- A public board meeting was opened at 5:30 pm and then an
closed executive session was immediately called to discuss litigation. 

Members of the public and press were then required to wait in the hallway at 350 Main Street.
Goldie Soloman even took a chair to the hallway to sit comfortably in the hallway.

As usual the public slowly started to talk and gather out in the hallways, when all of a
sudden a loud voice started to boom out in the hallway. Soon persons were saying that
the loud voice belonged to Rye City Republican Chairman Anthony Pisionere.

No One In The Executive Session Could Be Heard Except For Pisinere.

It sounded like Rye City Republican Chairman Pisonere was calling the Board, "Stupid".

Yes our Half A Million Dollar Patronage Lawyer, Anthony Pisionere was yelling at the
Port Chester Board Of Trustees and saying they were, "Stupid".

No wonder Port Chester lost on Pisonere's Half A Million Dollar Hearing,

We had a lawyer with no professional decorum or self-control.

Rye City Republican Chairman Anthony Pisionere's melt down continued with
complaints that his legal performance was discussed during the election.

This real estate lawyer from Rye goes to court and gets outclassed and costs the village
half a million dollars for losing one hearing and then he thinks that the taxpayers of Port
Chester should not discuss his courtroom failures.

Port Chester taxpayers in the hallway were laughing and joking about Pisionere' s
meltdown. People were calling Pisonere a "Legal Loser' and a "Patronage Pig."

The most insightful comment was that, "It's not pretty when a political insider starts
to have his patronage pork cut off."

Then Rye City Republican Chairman Anthony Pisionere went nuts when the board
appeared to suggest that they needed the help of an independent expert to advise them
about his performance, the Department Of Justice and other issues about the lawsuit.

No one could hear any board members, just the angry and nasty hollering of the out of
control Pisionere. 

Pisionere just doesn't seem to perform well while under pressure. Why did The Republican's choose this Rye Real Estate lawyer for this high stakes Federal voting rights lawsuit.

Mayor Logan must have been too afraid of the Rye City Republican Chairman, because
he made no effort to control his unprofessional and embarrassing outbursts.

Finally after 7 pm Goldie Solomon interrupted the meeting and said that it was time to
wrap up the meeting with Pisconere, because the people of Port Chester were getting
tired of waiting and some citizens were leaving in disgust.

They made Goldie leave the meeting room and then locked the door as Rye City
Republican Chairman Anthony Pisionere went on and on for another 30 or 40 minutes.

It looks like the Rye City Republican Chairman Anthony Piscionere scared the hell out of
Mayor Logan and the other Republicans, because they quickly came out of executive session and voted 5 to 2 to table any talk of hiring an independent expert to advise the Port Chester Board Of Trustees.

Only Trustees Dennis Pilla And Daniel Brakewood voted to hire an indepent expert.

Why Are The Republican's Afraid Of Advice From An Independent Expert?

Could It Be That Independent Experts Get In The Way Of Patronage?


Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

03/31/11 Where The Hell Is The Westmore News? Port Chester Topix News Message Board Town Of Rye Mulls Whether To Dissolve Itself Out Of Existence

Westmore News Readers Are Always The Last Ones To Know Whats Going on In Port Chester

The Westmore Snooze Has Not Updated Its Website Since Last Friday.....

Digital Dinosaur And Westmore Snooze Publisher Richard "My Daddy Gave Me This Newspaper After He Forgot To Send Over 100 Property Tax Bills To The Town Of Rye" Able Just Can't Seem To Get Things Up

Maybe If Slumlord Bernie Able Had Paid His Fair Share On All Of Those Multi-Tenant Apartment Buildings Things Would Be A Just A Little Bit Better In Port Chester

Topix Port Chester

Port Chester - News March 31, 2011

Town Of Rye Mulls Whether To Dissolve Itself Out Of Existence
Town Of Rye Mulls Whether To Dissolve Itself Out Of Existence (WINS-AM New York)
The Town of Rye in Westchster County is trying to decide whether to pink slip itself out of existence and dissolve after 350 years.

For exiting Westchester lawmaker Rogowsky, the 'alarm has gone off' (Journal News)
A longtime Democratic lawmaker is saying sayonara to politics - or at least the Westchester County Board of Legislators.


03/20/11 What Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin Is Doing To Our Local Communities And Schools Is Absolutely Heinous And Outrageous

Many of Rye Brook's largest commercial-property owners are challenging Rye Town Supervisor's failure to stay ahead of declining property assessment curve.

Joesph Carvin's failure to plan ahead is creating an additional strain on both the financially strapped village village of Rye brook and the two school districts that serve Rye Brook's children.

A battle erupted last month in the town of Rye when the Doral Arrowwood Hotel and Conference Center in Rye Brook, N.Y., challenged four years of the town's assessments on its 114-acre property. If the hotel wins its appeal, the school district, the village of Rye Brook and the town could be forced to reimburse millions of dollars to the hotel. Doral has been hit with nearly $11 million in property taxes over the past four years, including about $2.7 million last year.

Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin has foolishly failed to plan or adequately warn village and school leaders about this pending $11 Million dollar loss.

And this is just one property that Carvin is responsible for.

The hotel's case is one of about 250 assessment appeals—the process is known as tax certiorari—the town of Rye is just sitting on this year.

Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, who is also a hedge-fund manager with Altima Partners in New York City is simply gaming the system until after the November election.

250 Property owners in Rye Town say they are merely trying to pay their fair share in taxes, but not more and are headed to court because Joe Carvin can't plan for and stay ahead of obvious trends.

Every taxpayer has the right to a fair and equitable assessment and that's all that the 250 Rye Brook taxpayers are seeking.

In the case of Doral.....

Over the last couple of years, Joe Carvin has done nothing as the net income of that facility has been declining significantly.

Joe Carvin fails to realize that the market for these types of properties have dipped in a dramatic way.

Rye Brook taxpayers are going to get tax shock after tax shock as Carvins do nothing attitude causes a mushroom cloud of court cases that will harm the village and schools.

Carvin just doesn't understand that as companies downsize more of these corporate properties will be emptying out.

The financial crisis has hastened the trend as Carvin just kicks the tax problem down the road a year or two.

The Rye Town corporate tax inventory is aging, and big corporations are downsizing and Rye Brook residents are going to get soaked, because Joe Carvin has not stayed ahead of the trend.

In 2010, Rye's town assessor says the value of its assessed property went down about 9%.

But Rye Town Insiders say that when all these court cases come home to roost the taxpayers are going to discover that the town has lost about 23% in assessed property values.

Assessed by the town at about $100 million, everyone knows that the Doral Arrowwood is worth significantly less than that.

But it's not all bad news, because Joe Carvin is giving some of his pals $50,0000 to be outside appraisers of the hotel's value.

In June, Rye Town taxpayers are forced to watch Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin head to court and lose big bucks.

This will be the first of many losses for The Harvard Educated Fool.

03/31/11 Drunken Nazareth Student, Danielle Pitcher, Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Crash That Killed Port Chester Student Gabrielle Acevedo



Walk, Ride, Car Pool, Call

Just Don't Drive

Rochester, NY - A Nazareth College student pleaded not guilty Wednesday to killing a fellow student and seriously injuring another woman while driving drunk.

Deadly Underage Drunken Driver Danielle L. Pitcher, 20, is charged with the felonies of second-degree vehicular manslaughter and second-degree vehicular assault and two counts of the misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated in a head-on, two-car crash Jan. 22 on French Road that killed fellow student Gabrielle E. Acevedo, 21, and injured Renee Broderick, 40.

Let's Hope And Pray That Underage Drunken Driver Danielle Pitcher Doesn't Pick Up Another Bottle Of Jägermeiste Or Judge Geraci Will Have Blood On His Hands

Monroe County Court Judge Frank P. Geraci Jr. allowed Pitcher to remain free from custody after Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles said he had no objection.

If convicted of manslaughter, Ms. Pitcher faces a penalty ranging from probation to a prison term of up to seven years. 

Yet Gabrielle Acevedo's family must suffer year after year after year without their loved one.

Ms. Pitcher, hid her face with the hood of her winter jacket after leaving court. She declined to comment.

Her lawyer, Edward L. Fiandach, said she is devastated by the death of Acevedo.

The Intoxicated Ms. Pitcher, of Oswego, was heading west on French Road, with three other Nazareth students as passengers, when she hit another car being driven by John Bernard, 44, of East Rochester. Acevedo, of Port Chester recieved a serious head injury and suffered in the hospital for two weeks before her tragic death.

Ms. Broderick, of Fairport, also suffered very serious injuries, because of Ms. Pitcher's drinking and driving.

Ms. Pitcher admitted to a sheriff's deputy that she had been illegally drinking on campus before the crash, according to court documents.

A pre-screen breath test of the druken Ms. Pitcher, registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.16 percent, twice the level needed to bring a drunken-driving charge.

According to court documents, Ms. Pitcher admitted to a deputy that she had illegally consumed two shots of Jägermeister, an alcoholic liqueur, mixed with Red Bull, an energy drink.

"This is my fault. I was going 50 miles per hour, and the car slid," she allegedly said.

She also likened the deadly crash to one depicted in a graphic public-service television commercial aimed at preventing texting while driving.

"It was like that commercial, the one about texting and driving? Where all those girls died. I remember thinking it was just like that. I told the girls I was sorry and I climbed out the window."

What's next

Danielle Pitcher returns to court May 18 for argument of motions, when her defense will try and challenge evidence and how it was gathered.

Judge Frank Geraci scheduled her trial for August 29th.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

03/31/11 Southern Comfort 101: BBQ, Barbecue or Barbeque? The Science of Spices and Slow Cooking and more from Port Chester Patch

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March 31, 2011

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Southern Comfort 101: BBQ, Barbecue or Barbeque? The Science of Spices and Slow Cooking

Hailee Moore | Mar 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

imageWhere's the beef? Let Hailee take you into the smokey world of Texas' most popular dining fare. Cowboy boots not required.

Police: Drunk PC Man Sideswipes Driver, Narrowly Misses Patrol Car Before Crashing Into Pole

Nik Bonopartis | Mar 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

imagePedro E. Tapia of Port Chester registered a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, according to police.

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