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Friday, February 26, 2010

02/26/10 Press Release Port Chester Business Sets Up Social Wish List Community For Parents And Their Kids Promotes Giving Back By Introducing MYKID GIVES

MyKidsRegistry.com, a children’s wish list social networking site recently announced its launch. The site is a resourceful and comprehensive tool for parents dedicated to birthdays, birthday parties and holidays. A parent can create a wish list for their child, or some may enjoy creating one with their child. Parents can help guide their children to give as well as receive with the newly created “MYKID GIVES” page. The “MYKID GIVES” is a page dedicated to charities, with a focus on kids.

The concept of mykidsregistry.com is to save parents and party guest time and money. It is a reality that kids love toys but is also a reality there are those in need as well.

Segal believes in allowing kids to be kids and receiving toys on their birthday is part of being a kid. She also believes as a parent it is her responsibility to teach her children to give and it is her hope that others will as well.

That said, the MYKID GIVES page was recently launched. The MYKID GIVES was always a part of the original concept. Segal’s goal is to provide awareness to the charities listed and to give parents the option to request a charitable donation in lieu of a gift.

Mykidsregistry.com will not profit from supporting any charity. It is simply a page to raise awareness and give members an additional option for their party and guests. Mykidsregistry.com will not charge a handling fee for any donations made to a charity.

Its free membership is designed to assist parents in planning and shopping for the perfect party. It is a one stop shopping social community for kids birhtdays and holidays.

MyKidsRegistry.com allows parents to invite guests through the online email invitation function. It is a nice way of being green and again “saving money”. The email invites also allow guests to easily view the party girl or boy’s wishes and charity of choice.

Mykidsregistry.com also provides an online photo album, which in turn can be a “through the years” celebration of photos.

The site makes memory sharing easy and as with any social networking site, friendships can be made. Currently MyKidsRegistry.com has over 260 members across the U.S.

Segal writes a weekly blog on the site and award-winning early education member and founder of wigglegigglelearn.com, Tracey Stuckey, is a guest blogger. Members are encouraged to also start their own blogs. MyKidsRegistry.com was also recently featured on Naomi’s blog, TalesOfASingleParent.com and interviewed, via podcast.

To learn more or become a member please visit: www.mykidsregistry.com

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