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Sunday, December 2, 2007

12/02/07 - Once Again Scooped By A Citizen Journalist - And The Award For Last Place In Local Reporting Goes To The Westmore Snooze

The Westmore Snooze Is Poorly Ran By A Bunch Of LOSERS>

Stop The Presses !!!!!

The Westmore Snooze Just Learned That.....

Columbia Elevator Co. acquires Kansas plant

Rye Brook's Blaiotta founded company that is survivor of Port Chester's past

Decades ago Port Chester was a manufacturing center. The village produced everything from parachutes for World War II soldiers to bolts, men's dress shirts and even Life Savers candies. But over time, those businesses faded. They moved down South or out of the country altogether, attracted by...

Port Chester Roundup Readers Knew About This Over One Month Ago

We provided this link to the story:

Source: Arkansas City Traveler

The Cowley County Commission voted Tuesday to approve the intent of Columbia Elevator Products Co., of Port Chester, N.Y., to purchase Elevator Solutions International at Strother Field.

The sale, according to Leroy Alsup, county administrator, is "subject to their submission of the appropriate applications."

The Commission will issue industrial revenue bonds, and grant a tax exemption to Columbia Elevator Products. MDL Realtors, also of Port Chester, will be purchasing the building, while Columbia will buy the machinery and assets of the company......

12/02/07 - Port Chester Police Officer Walter Alcivar says he informed the Westchester DA Fred Green about the California warrant on the sex offender

el Palacio de Los Mariscos in Port Chester.

A Week Ago Port Chester Roundup Was The Only Media Outlet Asking The Big Question......

11/27/07 - Communication Breakdown - There was a detainer warrant. Should Port Chester police have arrested the sex offender and put him in jail?

The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore News Failed To Ask The Question.

Lazy Liz Sadler, Port Chester Reporter For The Journal News Failed To Ask The Question.

But Shawn Cohen, the North Salem reporter for the Journal News did ask questions about why the Port Chester Police Department did not arrest and hold a sex offender on a detainer warrant.

Now There Has Been An Investigation.

And Here Are Some Of The Answers

Missed chances at deporting North Salem sex offender

Source: The Journal News / Lohud.com, NY


A convicted sex offender remains on the run after various law enforcement agencies failed to act on a felony arrest warrant ...

..."At the time we were called regarding the bail application, we were not aware that there was any kind of a warrant," said Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the Westchester District Attorney's Office.

A Port Chester police officer, however, said he informed a county prosecutor about the California warrant. A state police investigator, meanwhile, said he told the District Attorney's Office about the federal detainer, issued so Broudwiack could be held for deportation proceedings....

...when Port Chester police stopped him in September for a faulty brake light, his criminal history did surface.

Officer Walter Alcivar ran a computer check and learned that Broudwiack's driving privileges had been revoked twice. He also found out about the California warrant, which revealed the sex-crime conviction.

Alcivar said he called police in California to check on the case and was told that they weren't willing to extradite him. The warrant, in fact, notes "no extradition outside California."

The Sheriff's Department claimed it never got the call, though it wishes it had.

"If we had known the guy was in custody," spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "the Sheriff's Department would have gone back to the district attorney and asked them to amend the warrant so we could have retrieved him."

Regardless, the Port Chester officer followed up by researching New York's sex-abuse registry. He found out that Broudwiack had never registered as a sex offender in New York, though he was required to do that.

Alcivar said he called the Westchester District Attorney's Office and asked Assistant District Attorney Fred Green whether he could arrest Broudwiack on the misdemeanor offense of failing to register. Alcivar said he also mentioned the California warrant.

state police in Somers because they have jurisdiction in North Salem, where Broudwiack was living at the time.

So Port Chester charged him with aggravated unlicensed operation, a misdemeanor. He posted $200 bail and left.....

Would some one please call and call (914) 939-6864 and tell Jananne Abel, at the Westmore Snooze and tell her about the sex offender that was working at in Port Chester.

Obviously the Westmore Snooze Knows Nothing About The Communication Break Down That Prevented A Sex Offender From Being Arrestted And Detained In Port Chester.

Last Week The Westmore Snooze reported......

Port Chester Middle School conducts evacuation drill
In nine minutes, 800 students evacuate, then walk to high school auditorium
The Port Chester Middle School staged a massive evacuation drill that went off without a hitch Thursday morning.
More than 800 students and 100 faculty members - the whole school... [more]

The history of Port Chester High School
To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the current PCHS buildin this is the third in a series of articles about its history. This section talks about Paul Weckesser and the PCHS Band.
By Ron Weckessar
"He arrived on the scene like a... [more]

Rye Brook to move forward with comprehensive plan
By Jananne Abel
"A comprehensive plan will give you a snapshot of the village at a specific time. From that picture, you will identify areas of concern."
-Marilyn Timpone Mohamed,Frederick P. Clark Associates
After some study, the Village of Rye Brook, now at... [more]

JFK principal honors IBM volunteers
Louis Cuglietto, principal of the John F. Kennedy Magnet School in Port Chester, was scheduled to spend Thursday morning in Armonk speaking at an event honoring IBM employees who are also committed volunteers.
The event honored 60 Westchester IBM employees for... [more]

Reporter's Notebook: Harvard-Yale and roller derby: one day, two timeless events
By Jeff Benzak
The Harvard-Yale football game is one of the most staid sporting traditions in the United States. Fans wear tweed sport coats and red corduroy pants. They puff pipes. They sit on 90-yearold cracked wooden bleachers with... [more]

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