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Friday, August 31, 2007

08/31/07 - Are You Ready For Some Port Chester Football

Section 9 football gets rolling tonight. We'll update these scores as they come in:
F.D. Roosevelt vs. Kingston @ Dietz Stadium, 7 p.m.
Pine Plains @ Port Chester, 7 p.m.
Millbrook @ Schenectady, 7 p.m.
Marlboro @ Port Jervis, 7:30 p.m.
Highland @ Wallkill, 7:30 p.m.
Publication Date: August 31, 2007
Reporter: Jim Sheahan, Poughkeepsie Journal Sports Editor

08/31/07 - The Man Who Committed The Stabbing In Port Chester Got Away. He Is A Hispanic, 5-Foor-8, 160 Pounds, Dark Hair, Wearing A Striped Shirt.



.........The victim, from the Bronx, was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, said police Lt. James Ladeairous.

The attack occurred outside La Dolce Vita at 451 N. Main St., about 4 a.m. The victim had just left the bar and was walking to his car when three men confronted him. The victim's brother, a bouncer in the bar, saw the confrontation and scared the men away. A few minutes later, the same trio men attacked the victim again, this time stabbing him in the lower back.

Police arrived moments later and arrested two of them: Antonio Lezama, 33, of 24 Warren Ave., Greenburgh, and Rubin Alvarez, 34, of 2074 Barnum Ave., Stratford, Conn. They were charged with first-degree gang assault, a felony, because the attackers numbered more than two.

They were arraigned this afternoon and released on $500 bail, pending appearances Thursday in Village Court........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 31, 2007



Antonio Lezama and Rubin Alvarez were arraigned this afternoon and released on $500 bail, evnn though they were both from out of town. In fact Alverez is from out of state. The have a court appearance on Thursday in Village Court.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

08/30/07 - Rape On Fox Island Road In Port Chester


Suspect remains at large after Port Chester abduction, rape


A rapist remains at large who allegedly abducted a 21-year-old village woman from a local gas station then forced her at knifepoint to drive to a nearby parking lot, where he committed the sexual assault, police said today.

The suspect sneaked into the back seat of her car as she entered the Citgo station at 37 Westchester Ave. at about 11:45 p.m. Sunday, police said. When she returned to her vehicle, he popped up wielding a knife and ordered her to drive him to a parking lot on Fox Island Road, Port Chester police Lt. James Ladeairous said.

After the assailant raped her, the woman jumped out of the car and ran down the street, where a cab driver saw her, picked her up and called police, Ladeairous said. Officers went to the parking lot, but the assailant had already fled.........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 30, 2007

Reporter: Shawn Cohen at spcohen@lohud.com or 914-694-5046

Source: URL: http://www.nyjournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070830/NEWS02/708300441



08/30/07 - Lowey joins effort to stop Administration from limiting children's health insurance



Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-Westchester/Rockland) Wednesday announced that she will lead the effort to stop the Bush Administration from undermining the efforts of New York to provide children with healthcare.

“SCHIP is one of the most successful federal programs in existence,” said Lowey. “Given that 47 million Americans lack health insurance, including nine million children, it simply makes no sense that the Administration would go out of its way to prevent more children from having access to health care.”

Last week, the Administration issued new requirements that states must meet in order to provide health insurance to children in families earning more than 250 percent of the federal poverty rate. ........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.


HEAR today's news on MidHudsonRadio.com, the Hudson Valley's only Internet radio news report.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

08/29/07 - Is Supervisor Wanna Be Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Afraid That A Hardworking Port Chester Landscaper Is Going To Sue The Pants Off Him?


Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin Is Using The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The We$tmore $nooze To Spread Vicious Lies And Heinous Slander About An Honest Port Chester Landscaper.


Over and over and over Joe "The Hardvard Educated Fool" Carvin and the We$tmore $nooze has made false and misleading statements about a Port Chester Landscaper.

These unfair and nasty campgain tactics have libled and slandered a good man and the company he relies on to feed and care for his family.

Personally, I have never heard Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin say the landscapers name in public.

Maybe, I have never heard the The Harvard Educated fool use the landscapers name, because he is afraid that he might lose his Fancy Nancy house in Belle Fair to this landscaper.

For The Record

Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin and the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze know that there is no evidence what so ever that this honest landscaper conspired or racketeered to comit any crimes or break any laws. Nor has this honest landscaper had any criminal intent what so ever.

Further, Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin and the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze should be as ashamed of themselves for slandering and liabling this hardworking landscaper for political reasons.

Year after year after year this hardworking landscaper has fully, completely, legally and honestly completed any and all all contracted jobs that he had.

And If you don't believe me ask Richard And Bernie Abel, because they use this landscaper at thier own homes.

Richard And Bernie Abel can't find a better, cheaper or more responsive landscaper, but some how they expect the Town Of Rye to find a better, cheaper and more reponsive landscaper.

All Of Carvin's Lies and the Abel's Fables is about Bernie once again getting caught cheating on his property and school taxes.

The poor hardworking and honest lanscaper is just a victim of the Abel's vendetta against the Town OF Rye.

It is time for The Harvard Educated Fool to put a end to all of his Vicious Lies and Heinous Slander against a landscaper that has done nothing wrong.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

08/28/07 Q BBQ Of Port Chester Is Headed To Mount Kisco



Heard that "Q" (of Port Chester) will be opening in Mt.Kisco ... Across the street from TJ Maxx where the UPS store is. Lots of construction going on there ... Hope the guy in the UPS store is right.

Steven C. Davidson, Attorney At Law, Blogs About Dog Fighting In Port Chester


Going to the dogs


My cell phone died. It got wet. It vibrates when it rings. It was placed somewhere it shouldn't have been placed, and when it rang, the vibration caused it to slid into a glass of soda. That's how it got wet. Now I have to replace it ASAP. My cell phone is a big part of my law practice. Anyway, the Michael Vick story is all over the place. I represented a dog fight case once in Port Chester. Really hard to get behind my client. I love dogs. But I did it anyway. That's my job.

Source: Steven C. Davidson, attorney at law, Westcheste... - http://journals.aol.com/sdavidsonesq/StevenC...

Source URL: http://journals.aol.com/sdavidsonesq/StevenCDavidsonreadyforthedefens/entries/2007/08/28/going-to-the-dogs/246

Donna Cribari.Of Port Chester To Be Honored At Cab Calloway Awards



The awards also note Calloway's dedication and support for young, rising talent. The actor-musician was a resident of Elmsford for more than 30 years.

The recipients are recognized for their body of work, dedication and contribution to some aspect of the performing arts in Westchester County.

Since the award is for “lifetime achievement,” the individual should be “of sufficient age to warrant such an honor,” according to organizers. The individual must have made some significant contribution to the performing arts. Those eligible might include performers, educators, entrepreneurs, technicians, designers, producers, directors, choreographers, composers, librettists, conductors, actors, dancers, mentors or even individuals who, through their continuous support, “have had a positive effect on some aspect of the performing arts in Westchester.”

Making guest appearances at the Sept. 1 event at Westchester Broadway Theatre will be Robert Hager from the Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, Jason Spoor and The Westchester Dreamcoats, plus special guest presenter Craig Schulman (of The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misrables and more).

Additional performers will be announced.

The 2007 Honorees are:

Asbury Summer Theatre: In recognition of Andrew Gmoser for his 32 years of dedication as a board member, director, lighting designer and set designer. AST will be closing its doors after this season. Gmoser is the founder of Silent G Productions. He has been the resident lighting designer at The Westchester Broadway Theatre for the last 18 years.

Donna Cribari. A beloved composer, musical director, conductor and teacher, she was commissioned by the Westchester Bicentennial Commission to compose Thomas J., which was presented locally and at Lincoln Center. She is one of the founders of The Port Chester Village Players and the Port Chester Council for the Arts. For over 30 years, she served as musical director of the Mt. Pleasant Community Theatre and numerous other organizations.................
In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

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08/28/07 - Very Loud Music In Port Chester - Soulwood Music, Richie Famous & Tropical Night Club Have Set Up Myspace Pages.


Port Chester New York Is The Musical Capitol Of Westchester County


Of coarse everyone has heard of the "Pride Of Port Chester' which is the World Famous Port Chester High School Band. But many residents forget that a lot of new musicians got their start in the clubs in and around Port Chester.

Years ago it was Moby playing at the beat. Today it is Soulwood & Richie Famous playing in clubs like Tropical.


Other artists have contacted us and ask that we list their myspace page

Plus A Cut From A Port Chester Veteran:

We Are All Made Of Stars Remix

Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars (Remix) (2001) Biography of Moby: Real Name: Richard Melville Hall Profile: Born : September 11, 1965 // New York, NY, United States . One of electronic music's most visible and talked-about figures by far, Moby's career comprises many years of work and many many musical twists and turns. His career stretches all the way back to early rave and acid-house...

08/28/07 - Port Chester Taxi Companies Are Better Than Greenwich Taxi

Letter To The Editor



To the editor:

I have a simple solution to the lack of available parking at Westchester County Airport (Greenwich Time news story, Aug. 20).

I live in Greenwich, like many people who utilize this convenient airport. In fact, I live 6.5 miles from the facility. If I want to leave my car at home and take a taxi, I have to pay $46 one way, not including tip, for the 6.5 miles.Greenwich Taxi seems to be the only transportation available.

Why can't I find another company to compete with Greenwich Taxi? There are a couple in Port Chester, but they seem intimidated to take a fare to the airport. Am I imagining this? What's that about?

I'd be happy to take a bus or shuttle, but one is not available.I travel to Chicago often, and average airfare price is $200. To use Greenwich Taxi at $92 round-trip, plus tip, would cost me $105 plus. So the 6.5 mile ride, which takes nine minutes and frees up a parking space, would cost more than half the price of my airfare.

I really don't blame Greenwich Taxi. The company is asking and getting what it wants. But isn't there some town committee that could take a minute from deciding which color tulips to plant downtown and instead decide how better to manage transportation to the airport?

Barbara DuBois


Source: Greenwich Time

Monday, August 27, 2007

08/27/07 - Review - At Paleteria Fernandez, Popsicles Are The Prize. You'll Find Mexican Varieties Like Tamarind, Mango With Chili, And Rice Pudding



Though it waves in English speakers with the label "ice cream shop," at Paleteria Fernandez, popsicles are the prize. You'll find typical Mexican varieties like tamarind, mango with chili, and "rice pudding" as well as familiar friends like cherry, lemon, and lime, but my instincts sent me looking to the far end of the spectrum. ("I think that's spicier than you'll like it, sir," the counterman said, though not quite in those words.)

The pico de gallo, a mosaic of cucumber, mango, and jicama with orange, chili, salt, and pepper, is, indeed, a spicy popsicle — spicy enough that I chased it with a simpler, creamier guanabana (soursop) paleta not long after.

Even though Paleteria Fernandez seems to have an eye on wholesale business — the popsicles are sold in clear wrappers branded with the shop's name — the paletas themselves are idiosyncratic to a fault. The pico de gallo was aggressively spicy, and the guanabana still contained a few fibers from the soursop that flavored it. (For that matter, the pico de gallo was also presented as the "roaster's mix," the guanabana, as "sour soup.") And at $2 to $2.50, they're about twice the price you'll usually pay for a paleta. Artisinal popsicle, anyone?

Paleteria Fernandez
33 North Main St.,

Port Chester, New York


Publication Date: August 27, 2007

Reporter: Dave Cook


This slab of focaccia ($2.75) was so large and so soft you could use it for a pillow, except that you'd be picking olives, onions, and roasted red peppers out of your hair. Other eat-on-the-spot choices include ready-made sandwiches, salads, and the like, but the main attraction is the bread — perhaps 20 varieties, each hand-labeled with name and pedigree. Sweeter options include macaroons, croissants, and a reverse-engineered "Ring Ding."

The Kneaded Bread

181 North Main St.,

Port Chester, New York


Reporter: Dave Cook


Waggin' Tail cream soda (12 fl. oz.; $1.50), one of three Freaky Dog flavors, is sweetened with cane sugar rather than corn syrup (and at that price, it had better be); otherwise, just OK.

Marini's Deli

340 Willett Ave.,

Port Chester


Reporter: Dave Cook

08/27/07 - For today's Web-savvy youths, "R.I.P." pages on Facebook and MySpace and tribute videos posted on YouTube.



HAVERSTRAW - At first, Juan Serra thought it was all a bad joke.

A friend beckoned him to his backyard on April 21 and said, "Jensy died in a car crash last night."

Then Serra looked up the street, where their 17-year-old neighbor and North Rockland High School classmate lived, and saw the crying crowds beginning to form.

Shock turned to sorrow, then Serra turned to his laptop. Within hours, a group dedicated to Jensy Mendez's memory appeared on Facebook, a social networking Web site popular with teens and young adults. Within days, hundreds of members had joined, sharing their memories and photos of the athletic young man........

........"It makes me feel like I'm not alone," said Brendon Barnwell, 19, of Port Chester, who created the "R.I.P. Justin Miceli" group on Facebook.

Noting that the group now has more than 1,700 members, he smiled and added, "Justin always used to bring people together. Even now, he's bringing people together.".........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 26, 2007

Reporter: Nicole Neroulias at nnerouli@lohud.com or 914-694-3527.



Some of the online memorials to Lower Hudson Valley youths, taken verbatim, and their titles:

Facebook Requires an account to view groups

Dominique Alice Blakely, 19, Pelham: "In Memoriam: Dominique Alice Blakely"

Colin Marren, 20, Rye: "RIP Colin Marren"

Jensy Mendez, 17, Haverstraw: "A Rememberance For Jensey Mendez"

Justin Miceli, 19, New Rochelle: "R.I.P. Justin Miceli"

Justin Wagner, 17, Mahopac: "Justin Wagner #45 ['07-'08 Is For You]"


Karesse Ebron, 16, Spring Valley: "I am the Resurrection and the LIfe: He who believs in me even if he dies, shall live: and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die." And "qone but never forqotten. thisz is for you karesse. [r.i.p]"


Emily Cornish, 16, Yorktown: "Slideshow for Emily" and "In Loving Memory of Emily Cornish!"

Justin Miceli, 19, New Rochelle: "RIP Justin"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

08/26/07 - Wendy Del Monte Of Port Chester Really Likes Burgers, Shakes And Fries



Tonight we were headed to Route 22 in Stamford, (Port Chester, -someone PLEASE wake up and open a restaurant other than Italian or Hispanic food.. and NOT the diner or- but a family friendly place.. oh..I digress. ...

Publication Date: August 25, 2007

Reporter: Wendy Delmonte


Tried a new spot in CT just over the Port Chester border. They have been open for three weeks and as the title suggests the menu and the name is Burgers Shakes and Fries. Frist the Burger, a tasty piece that is cooked on a griddle, ...

08/26/07 - Westchester County Police Said They Ran The Six-Hour Checkpoint At Putnam And Hillside Avenues With The Assistance Of Port Chester Police.



Ten people were charged with drunken driving during a checkpoint that ended early this morning in Port Chester.......

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 25, 2007

08/26/07 -Wanda Decarlo. Surviving are two sons, William Jr., Scranton; and James, Dover Plains, N.Y.; a granddaughter,Alyssa; many nieces and nephews



Wanda DeCarlo, Scranton, died Friday morning at the Golden Living Center. She was preceded in death by her husband, William DeCarlo Sr.

Born in Port Chester, N.Y., daughter of the late Dominick and Mary Chodokowski, she was employed by St. Joseph’s Center before retirement. A dedicated Catholic, she was devoted to the rosary........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

08/25/07 - Chris Madden, whose design empire, Chris Madden Inc., is based in Port Chester,



Chris Madden knows the impact of a good housewarming gift. Madden, a home-decorating expert, speaks fondly of a gift she received a few years ago.

The veteran designer, who does a signature home collection for JC Penney and has written numerous books on decorating, had moved from Rye to Purchase.

The custom-made plate, created by Wirth Salander's Custom House Portrait Plates, featured "a line-drawn image of my turn-of-the-century carriage house rendered in black and white."........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 25, 2007

Reporter: Mary Shustack at 914-694-5040 or mshustac@lohud.com

Help Wanted In Port Chester


........... who is interested in staffing PART TIME positions for their company. The job details are as follows: Position: Part Time Retail Associate NY/CT LOCATIONS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE: Port Chester West Nyack Mohegan Lake Nanuet Brewster..........

08/25/07 - If You Eat A Big Fancy $35 Meal And Drink A Bottle Of Water, Then Pellegrino Will Donate A Buck To The Hungry.



.......Starting Sunday and going through Thursday, you can order a three-course meal at more than 20 Westchester restaurants for $25 at lunch or $35 at dinner. You'll get a free bottle of San Pellegrino or Acqua Panna water, and Pellegrino will donate $1 to Share Our Strength, a nonprofit that helps the hungry.

And the meals sound pretty good. At F.I.S.H. in Port Chester, you can choose between a salad or a seafood soup for your first course, and a pan-roasted salmon or a wood-roasted chicken for your entree........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 24, 2007


Here's a list of the other Port Chester participating restaurants:

Alba's Restaurant
Cafe Mirage

Hostaria Mazzei


Pasquale Ristorante


The Willett House

Thursday, August 23, 2007

08/23/07 - Phantom Entertainment Of Port Chester Annouced That It Is Placing It's Products In Hotel Rooms.



Phantom® Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PHEI) announced today that it has signed a marketing agreement with ProGames Network, a subsidiary of MobilePro Corp. (OTC BB: MOBL), to place the Phantom® Wireless Lapboard and Phantom® Game Service content in hotel rooms of international hotel chains in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

“The Phantom® Wireless Lapboard and Phantom® Game Service content fit our goal of providing the most user-friendly and content-rich hotel amenities,” noted Martin Gray, President and CEO of ProGames Network. “Phantom Entertainment will help us deliver user friendly wireless technology and a content-rich catalogue of video games to the hospitality industry.”

“We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to provide our Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Phantom Game Service content to Pro Games Network for placement in hotel rooms worldwide. We believe this opportunity will demonstrate that hotels and other location-based providers can offer video game entertainment as part of their marketing efforts,” said Greg Koler, President and CEO of Phantom Entertainment, Inc.

About ProGames Network

ProGames Network was formed in 2006 by MobilePro Corp., a North American wireless broadband company located in Bethesda, MD, to focus on developing tools, content and specialized connectivity for online gamers. ProGames Network offers brand name mobile and online games through its well established distribution channels, and its web site also offers its new narrow channel game search engine. Additionally, ProGames will soon begin offering online daily sweepstakes on a variety of sporting events through its exclusive sweepstakes platform. For more information about MobilePro, visit http://www.mobileprocorp.com/. For more information about ProGames Network, visit http://www.progamesnetwork.com/.

About Phantom Entertainment

Phantom Entertainment is a global entertainment and interactive game company. Phantom Entertainment has developed and is marketing the Phantom® Wireless Lapboard, a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface that enables users to work or play games from any comfortable setting. For more information, please visit http://www.phantom.net/.

Source: Business Wire (press release), CA

Reporter: phantompr@comcast.net

Source URL: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070822005741&newsLang=en

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08/23/07 - Whatever Happened To Assistant Port Chester Schools Superintendent Michael Kohlhagen



Michael Kohlhagen was appointed the new superintendent of schools by the school board in May. Kohlhagen, 44, started his three-year contract, which pays $162,045 annually, on July 2.

Kohlhagen is no stranger to the Greater Hartford area; he worked for three years as an assistant superintendent in the Hartford public school system.

More recently, Kohlhagen worked for six years as assistant superintendent in Port Chester, N.Y., a municipality located in Westchester County just south of Greenwich.

Kohlhagen said in an interview in his office on Aug. 22, that he was "excited" for the school year to begin and that he is looking forward to working "really hard to take the school system to the next level."

Toward that end, Kohlhagen has adopted the mantra "Success and Rigor for Every Student."........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Wethersfield Post

Publication Date: August 23, 2007

Reporter: Questions or comments? E-mail the editor.Click here for home delivery of the Wethersfield Post.

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08/23/07 - "They do a schtick together," said Pete Lucia, the festival's chairman, talking about how John LaBarca and Ange Rubino improvise on stage.



MONROE — The summery sweet aroma of fresh fried dough coated with melting powdered sugar hung in the air like an invitation.

An invitation to eat.

"I love the fried dough with the sugar on it," said Sonja Macri, of Monroe, as she strolled with her husband, Vinny, through the grounds of St. Jude Roman Catholic Church for the 17th annual St. Jude Italian Festival.

It was opening night Wednesday. The festival at the junction of Routes 110 and 111 is one of the town's major events and continues through Saturday night, offering steaming plates of freshly prepared Italian foods, as well as rides and games.

Macri recommends the cavitelli with broccoli, before taking a shot at the games.
"It's seasoned with garlic and it has olive oil," Macri said, talking about the pasta dish with great admiration.

Food isn't the only attraction. Italian singer Angie Rubino, 76, of Port Chester, N.Y., lulled the crowd with his resonant vocals on Italian songs, some of which appeared to be from long ago.........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Publication Date: August 23, 2007

Reporter: TONY SPINELLI tspinelli@ctpost.com

08/23/07 - Roomate Wanted - I thought I'd try again on here before going to craigslist.I am looking for a place in Port Chester.

Roomate Wanted



I'm looking for a place in Port Chester or anywhere around Purchase. Right now, anything is awesome - if you have an apartment and are looking for a roomate, please let me know. *** I'll be a senior.

I'll be a senior BALA: Performance Art major (I made it up: it's art+dance+music+other stuff) ... my advisor is Carol Bankerd.. so that gives you some idea.

I work a bunch on weekends, stay at school a lot, have a car... kind of a hermit sometimes.

I'm clean, usually quiet, love dinner parties and food in general. I like to cook, play music, write.. I like nature - the woods mostly, and I like sleep.

You can even check out my facebook if you want: Gabriel Hoff

So please call or drop a comment if you're interested! 845-653-1195



08/23/07 - It was a tall order, writing songs for Shakespeare, Says Josh Carriero of Port Chester

Emma Green, Sergio Marroquin and Elinor Reina rehearse

for "As You Like It,"



When they started Lawn Chair Theatre last summer with "Much Ado About Nothing," the folks at the Port Chester Council for the Arts had a plan.

They set up their stage in a clearing between ball fields in Lyon Park and invited theater lovers to bring their own chairs and enjoy a show outdoors.

What they didn't plan on was an opening-night hailstorm that pelted cast, crew and theater lovers with ice pellets the size of golf balls and forced all to clamber to the shelter of the Girl Scout House in a far-off corner of the park.

The show went on the next night, inside the cozy cabin, safe from whatever Mother Nature could send their way.

This year, Lawn Chair Theatre's production of "As You Like It" ..........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 23, 2007



Where: Lyon Park, at Parkway and Putnam, Port Chester.

When: Today and tomorrow at 7 p.m.; Saturday at 6 p.m.

Tickets: Free.Call: 914-939-3183.

Note: Bring your own lawn chair.

A production of the Port Chester Council for the Arts.

With: Emma Green, Jake Lewis, Larry Reina, Mario Rodriguez, Elinor Reina, Sergio Marroquin, Diego Molano, Madeline Rende, Ana Sarmiento, Anna Kamenski, Alexa Greto, Efrain Barajas, Michelle Altmann, Paulina Bukanowski, Teddy Schaeffer, Kiah Thomas, Scott Faubel, Simon Edmonds-Langham, Jake Adler, Lorna Whittemore, Olivia Green, Kevin Rishel, Steve Greto, Terry Hanson.
Directed by Peter Green.

Here’sa look at this week’s newest theatrical offering: “As You Like It” in Port Chester tonight and tomorrow.

08/23/07 - Business - Overall, USA Bank's total past due loans as a percentage of total loans is considered manageable at 1.7%.



Fred DeCaro, Jr., Chairman of the Board of USA Bank, announced today that USA Bank (OTCBB: USBK) has increased its asset base at June 30, 2007 to $149 million, an increase of $43 million, or 41%, over the $106 million reported at December 31, 2006. Mr. DeCaro, Jr. further stated that, “Loan quality continues to be exceptional, as evidenced by the fact that the Bank has only one classified loan, for .......

......Mr. Ron Gentile, the President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "That with the continued growth of high quality loans, the Bank's net interest income should become a major factor in operating result improvements on a quarterly basis during the forthcoming quarters." Mr. Gentile further reported that, "As of today, the Bank has a pipeline of commercial real estate loans for portfolio of approximately $34 million and a pipeline of commercial and residential mortgage loans for sale of approximately $55 million, which is impressive in this challenging environment."

The Bank has also developed a draft of a new Strategic/Business Plan. It was developed in cooperation with the Bank's Board of Directors, senior operating management and FinPro, Inc., who is represented by Mr. Nicholas J. Ketcha, the former Head of the Division of Bank Supervision for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, D.C.

This press release contains forward-looking statements which reflect our current views with respect to future events and financial performance. There may be factors, including those described in the Bank's Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB for the quarter ended June 30, 2007, that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated.

Read the rest of this entry: Market Wire - Earnings Reports

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Reporter: Fred DeCaro, Jr.Chairman of the Board (914) 417-3211

For more information regarding USA Bank visit thier website at http://www.usa-bankers.com/.


USA Bank is hiring!

USA Bank is always looking for excellent candidates with strong customer service skills. We are currently accepting resumes for loan officers and other positions. Contact
Human Resources for a full list of available opportunities.


08/23/07 - "I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted him to get out of the way," Maureen Jackson told the Port Chester detective



“I didn't want to hurt him. I just wanted him to get out of the way”
A woman accused of killing her ex-boyfriend by running him over with her car told a detective that she first got angry with the victim when he made her walk four blocks and then more so when he stood in front .........

.........She said she asked Schribman to put her bag in her car and got mad at him when he asked for a ride back to his car. She wouldn't open the passenger door for him, she told the detective.
"I started to pull away and he stood in front of the car," she said, according to the statement. "He wouldn't move so I pressed on the accelerator very gently just to try to get him to move. I nudged him with my front bumper but he stood his ground directly in the middle of the front of my car. I then accelerated harder because I was even more angry now and I wanted to speed away."

She said she "felt a thud after I ran over his body" but she kept going because she wanted to get back to Mount Kisco.

Jackson had worked for the agency that managed the group home and was known to have mental health problems of her own. The housemate she claimed to be dating said in January that they only had a platonic relationship. Another housemate, William Petrovich, told The Journal News that Schribman was trying to stop Jackson from leaving because they were concerned she was depressed. She had promised them she was going to see a psychiatrist the next day and they didn't think she was in any condition to go home by herself, Petrovich said.

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08/23/07 - Port Chester - Resturant Review - Chowhound - Poster says "Coyote Flaco = Coyote Flunko"



And then I was told that I went to the "wrong" CF- that Portchester is waaay better. I don't know bc I haven't been, but I am so soured on them at this point that I'll stick with Little Mexican Cafe the next time I want Mexican in ...

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Publication Date: August 23, 2007

08/23/07 - cops noticed a 25-year-old Port Chester man stumble out of the bar and then saw Castro, Donahoe and Tineo walk up to him and rob him.



WHITE PLAINS - Three men, who at first appeared to be helping an intoxicated Port Chester man, were arrested on a grand larceny charge after police said they turned out to be helping themselves to the man's wallet.

Anthony Castro, 16, of 159 S. Lexington Ave.; John Donahoe, 20, of 250 Martine Ave.; and Emmanuel Tineo, 19, of 529 Locust Ave., Port Chester, were all charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, after police said they held down the victim and went through his pockets shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday outside the Crystal bar, 60 W. Post Road........

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Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 22, 2007

Reporter: Richard Liebson at rliebson@lohud.com or 914-694-3534.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

08/22/07 - Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook EMS. They cover 3 muncipalties with fully staffed, ALS ambulances.



With the turmoil EMS is in in the Hudson Valley region, it seems more and more elected officials want to seek out the best bargain they can when it comes to providing EMS, meanwhile, the companies that provide it continue to bleed cash and barely stay alive.

So, why is it that these communities are always looking to get a bargain for such a critical, life saving service? I'm sure these same elected officials don't care about how gluttonous some fire departments are, or how much money their DPW is losing them.

Although EMS is the new kid on the block, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Firefighters and Police Officers. Nobody would ever suggest contracting out for Fire or Police or even DPW, yet even get away with doing it.

I blame ourselves. I don't think EMS does anything proactively, like community education as to what we do. Nor do I think EMS makes a good enough case to justify to the elected officials that we're neccasary. I really think some elected officials truly think it's just a ride to the hospital.

Although there are excellent private companies that provide superior EMS, I don't feel EMS should be provided by for-profit companies. I also don't think that "BLS Interfacility Transports" should be considered Emergency Medical Services. All this does is blur the line for us.

Take Yonkers for example. There's no reason why they can't provide EMS that sets an example and a standard, just like their Fire and Police Departments do. Also, look at Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook EMS. They cover 3 muncipalties with fully staffed, ALS ambulances. They've progressively grown from a volunteer agency to one of the premier, self sufficient, independent agency EMS systems in Westchester County- pehaps the only one.......

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