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Friday, November 30, 2007

11/30/07 - Forget About Judge Robinson

The village plans to proceed with a March 18 election for the Board of Trustees, although allegations of Hispanic-voter discrimination that halted a previous election have yet to be resolved.

The board posted notice this month that it would seek to fill five of the six trustee seats - those held by Gregory Adams, Domenick Cicatelli, John Crane, Joseph Kenner and Robert Sorensen. Candidates will compete for two three-year terms, two two-year terms and one one-year term.

Party leaders are beginning to plan for the election, even though Port Chester awaits U.S. District Judge Stephen Robinson's decision on whether its current at-large election system violates the Voting Rights Act.

His ruling could change how Port Chester's elections are conducted by forcing the village to switch from its at-large, village-wide voting system to one in which trustees are elected from individual districts.......

Reporter: Liz Sadler at esadler@lohud.com or 914-694-3525.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29/07 - An Artist Featured At Miranda Fine Arts In Port Chester Makes The News

Missouri museum buys print by local artist

A print by Purchase College art and design professor Michael Torlen, a Mamaroneck resident, was recently purchased by the Springfield Art Museum in Missouri for its permanent collection.

The print, "The Longest Journey," was featured in Prints U.S.A. 2007, a national, biennial competitive exhibition that opened at the museum this month. The competition featured 79 works selected from 311 entries; seven were purchased for the permanent collection.....

...Torlen exhibits his work at Miranda Fine Arts in Port Chester and Madelyn Jordon Fine Art in Scarsdale, as well as other galleries.

Source: Purchase College.

Local Contact: Miranda Fine Arts

6 North Pearl St.

Port Chester, NY 10573


914-934-0656 fax
email Miranda Fine Arts

Gallery hours: Wed thru Sat, 11-5 & by appt

11/29/07 - Something Smells At Eber Brother's In Port Chester. Oh No! It's Remy!!!!!!



So I used to have a fish at my last office (Eber Wine and Liquor).. People thought I was crazy at first but it soon became the attraction of the building... I even named him Remy (Martin Cognac) after one of our major brands that we carried.... This is the sad news I passed on to my ex-coworkers...

It is with deepest regret that we inform you of the passing of Remy, the goldfish. Purchased back in 2002 as a birthday present for $0.99 for his loving guardian, he grew up in Yorktown Heights, NY. He then made the move south county to White Plains and soon after settled into a wonderful foster home at Eber Bros Inc in Port Chester, NY.

Although at first, employees thought his owner was nuts for bringing him in, he was enveloped with love and tender care by many friends and co-workers. Unfortunately, no one was at his side when he went belly up on Sunday, November 25, 2007, but his memory will forever be ingrained into the warehouse-turned-shabby-office at 305 South Regent.

Remy's memory will live on forever in the soul of the next fish that will replace him today at lunch time. May he rest in peace in the big ocean in the sky. Peace be with you all.

ode to my fish...
by ao
i am a fish

i swim in the sea
i have a brain
the size of a pea

i don't do anything
just float all day
waiting for food
to come my way

it's hard to believe
i survived this long
5 years for a fish?
that must be wrong!

at funerals you know
the situation is tense
but i'll be replaced
for 99 cents

my name was remy
i was a goldfish
the folks at eber
i surely shall missh'

11/29/07 - The revised charter, which needs approval would solidify Rye Brook's interest in the library: PC Library Board President Melissa DeVincenzo



"No one has presented a governance model that I'm crazy about. Appointing their own members does not necessarily lead to public accountability." - Mayor Dennis Pilla


Attorneys are drafting a new charter and intermunicipal agreement for the Port Chester Public Library, signaling progress in the slow-moving negotiations over the library's funding.

The villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook and the library board have agreed to retain the law firm Turner & Turner of Croton-on-Hudson to rewrite the library's 1877 charter. The three entities will share the legal costs, which are capped at $15,000.

...DeVincenzo credited the subcommittees with the recent progress in negotiations. Rye Brook tentatively has agreed to increase its share of the library's taxpayer funding from 30 percent to 35 percent and share equally the cost of capital improvements with Port Chester, she said...

...Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla said his biggest concern is governance of the library. Trustees now are chosen by the library board, but Pilla has proposed that each village get to appoint some members....

Reporter: Liz Sadler at esadler@lohud.com or 914-694-3525

11/29/07 - Translation Needed For This Article About Acosta, Brakewood, Crane, Didden, Lopez, Pilla, Quiroz, And Sorensen

Y que paso con los concejales seleccionados...no hay ningun Hispano representante...porque?
Cuando el Alcalde de Port Chester, Dennis Pilla, hizo un llamado a la gente de Port Chester para seleccionar a dos concejales, ya que habian dos asientos libres (siempre hay seis concejales y un alcalde), tres Hispanos sometieron su nombre y su CV para ser tomados en cuenta. Ellos eran Ariel Acosta, pastor de un Iglesia Pentacostal en Port Chester, Blanca Lopez, Directora de un Programa de Vivienda sin fines de lucro, y Walter Quiroz, contador de impuestos.

Y que paso?

De los 12 candidatos que postularon, la junta de Concejales apuntaron a dos afro-americanos a que cubrieran estas dos posiciones.

Y porque no apuntaron Hispanos?....


Has Provided A Translation:

Many have been asking about the English translation to the last post, so nice to see that our blog is getting around...here it is:

When Mayor Dennis Pilla invited Port Chester residents to submit their letters of interests and resumes for village trustee appointments, three Hispanics answered Pilla's call...they were Rev. Ariel Acosta, Blanca Lopez, Director of a not for profit housing program, and Walter Quiroz, a tax accountant.

So what happened?

From the twelve candidates who sought appointments, the Board of Trustees appointed two African American men for the two open seats.

And why wasn't a Hispanic appointed?

It is not that there weren't any Hispanic candidates who were not prepared for this position. It is the opinion of this writer that Ms. Lopez was the best candidate for this position, but the two Republican Trustees, Robert Sorensen and Dominick Cicatelli, and the formerly registered Republican and now Independent Trustee, John Crane decided not to vote for her. Why?...because they felt that Lopez was too involved in politics since she was the Campaingn Chair for Trustee Brakewood and former Trustee Pilla when they ran two years ago, and also Chair for Mayor Pilla, when he ran last year. So, Lopez only received votes from Mayor Pilla and Trustee Brakewood in her quest to becoming appointed.

Wow...never in the history of Port Chester, has a Hispanic woman...an immigrant woman, I should say, like Lopez been involved in promoting change for this community and in such a short time; and that is possibly why, because of her involvement, that is has also created some backlash, because we all know that when an individual or group of people advance in this social system that we live in, there will always be people who will try to stop their progress.

So, lets analyze reasons why these three Hispanic candidates were not appointed....

Early last year, Rev. Acosta ran for Trustee with the Republican team. He ran with Mr. Cicatelli, and Bart Didden, our favorite village racist who was the mastermind behind the so called anonymous flyers where he referred to Lopez as a "wolf dressed in sheep's clothing and that she was "in bed with Pilla." It was discovered that he had assistance from current Trustee John Crane and then Board of Education President Dominick Bencivenga with the planning and editing for this flyer. Everything came out in the open when the Dept. of Justice questioned Didden and he immediately vomited to the feds everything he knew and those involved.

So, it seems that although Rev. Acosta wanted to become involved in this campaign to promote Hispanic participation and most importantly, get the Hispanic vote, the Republicans used him to promote their stance with Hispanics and to show the feds that they had recruited a Hispanic to run with them. Sadly, although Rev. Acosta wanted to be appointed to one of the open trustee spots, nobody voted for him, not even his republican counterparts, Cicatelli or Sorensen. I think that the Republicans used Acosta for their own benefit, and when he needed them they left him out to dry. Poor Reverend, he did not deserve this.

Mr. Quiroz also submitted his resume like a good citizen, but I do not think that he knew much about what this position entailed.

Well, so now lets analyze why

Lopez was not appointed, and this will be easy:

First, there is a rumor in PC that Trustee Sorensen wants to run for mayor in two years, and for trustee this coming March, so now he has to work very hard to please the Republican party and he needs to strenghten his position in it. The problem with Sorensen is that he owes a lot of money to the village because he has not paid his parking tickets. I do not think that PC voters will suppot a candidate who owes money to the village and who has shown to be a bad example for village voters. Maybe Sorensen should give up some or all of the $5k he gets from serving as trustee every year, and maybe that will satisfy his debt.

On the other hand. Mr. Cicatelli just looks lost....he lost the mayoral election, and now he is serving a term that has already expired. It seems that his vote against Lopez, was simply for revenge.... well, that's politics.

So what about Crane....who changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent a couple of months ago, and who also wanted to be appointed Village justice earlier this year. Unfortunately, Crane, an attorney, represents landlords like Great American, who exploit Hispanics and rent "problematic" apartments and rooms. Seeing how Lopez works in the housing area and knows about housing policies and laws, she may have been seen as a challenge for Crane. Also, it is not surprising that he voted against her since he was involved in the creation of the flyer which was sent to every voter in Port Chester.

There are so many things going on in this little village. It reminds me of a Mexican soap called "Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande." But, we have to recognize that the appointments made by the trustees was a slap in the face to Hispanics. How is it possible that in a community with a large Hispanic population, there is no Hispanic representative? However, it is also important to understand that if and when a Hispanic candidate runs for office, he or she must be professionally prepared and want what is best for the entire community. But that person must also know about the problems and challenges faced by immigrants as they acculturate into American society.

It is important that we as voters learn and understand each candidate's platforms and the relationship that they will have or have with the Hispanic community, in order to be assured that they will perform a responsible job once in office.









"Spanish As A Second Language"

How can two Non-Spanish speakers be the editor and publisher of Port Chester's Hispanic Newspaper.

Richard And Jananne Abel better hope that

365 Port Chester

And The Hispanic Businesses


Port Chester Don't Find Out How The Abel Exploit

Their Hispanic Cleaning Woman.

It's a damn shame that all the employees gets social security and unemployment insurance except her.

If Richard And Jananne Abel Found out about an Arab owned business that gave everyone benefits, except jews.

They would go nuts.

However, every English speaking employee of the Westmore News And Americana Latina gets New York State And Federally Mandated Benefits, While The Hispanic Cleaning Women Is Illegally Exploited.

The Greedy Abel's Desire To Save A Few Bucks Is


The Greedy Abel's Had Better Start Giving This Poor Hispanic Woman Her Legally Required Benefits, Before The Business Of Port Chester Start To Boycott

America Latina


The Westmore News.

Suportting Link:

11/25/07 - More Bad News For The Westmore Snooze And The Comic Book Known As Americana Latina - A Latino Citizen Journalist In Port Chester

11/28/07 - Three Cheers For The Port Chester Association

Once Again The Port Chester Police Union Is Using It's Funds To Buy Toys That Will Be Donated To The Make A Wish Foundation.

The Police Association is also accepting gifts from the public for children.

Donations can be dropped off at a box in the lobby of the police station at

350 North Main St.

Please support the Police Union in this noble charity project that will benefit needy children.

11/29/07 - Port Chester Wrestling Coach Greg Domestico's Team Will Host The Tony Carlucci Tournament

by Tony Pinciaro

Saturday begins the tournament portion of the season with the Tony Carlucci at Port Chester and the Bernie Miller Invitational at Rye. Port Chester coach Greg Domestico and Rye coach Matt Beckley always do a great job running their ...

11/28/07 - All residents, property owners, business owners, civic groups, community groups and others with an interest in Port Chester are invited

The village is conducting three more public workshops this week on the new comprehensive plan.

The workshops will take place at different locations throughout the village to encourage more people to participate. Translators will be present.

The plan, which dates to 1968, is being updated by Laberge Group, an Albany-based engineering, architecture, surveying and planning firm hired by the village.

Some 100 people attended the first workshop in September. This week's meetings will include brief updates on Laberge's progress. Those who attend also will be asked for feedback on specific issues such as land use, economic development, housing and the waterfront, said Nicole Allen, senior planner for Laberge....

11/28/07 - Port Chester Sports Wire

by Jim Sheahan

The feeling disappeared entirely when I realized Poughkeepsie was hosting Port Chester in boys' basketball on Tuesday. The winter season is here. We're putting the finishing touches on our Fall High School All-Stars, and the actual ...

11/28/07 - Port Chester Volunteer Cathy Egan comes to TMPG from ABC Television where she held the post of SVP of Marketing and Business Development

TMPG Names Cathy Egan New SVP of Business Development; Egan Was Top...

TMPG, Inc., the multi-award winning independent media promotion company, has announced the appointment of Cathy Egan as Senior Vice President of Business Development....

... She also serves on boards and advisory committees for charitable organizations including the Carver Center in Port Chester, NY, the P.O.T.S. soup kitchen in the Bronx and the Make A Wish Foundation of New York. New Creative Director Shari Sobine, ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27/07 - Port Chester Residents Can Laern English Or Spanish As A Second Language For Free !!!!


Go To 365 Port Chester Every Day And Read About What Is Happening In Port Chester.

First You Read The The Short News Story In English, Then You Compare It To The Exact Spanish Translation.

Soon you will have all of the latest Information About Port Chester and you will also have quickly learn how Spanish is used in real life situations.

For Example:

First Read This:

365 Port Chester: Want to support Hillary Clinton for President?

A petition signing rally to qualify New York delegates for Senator Hillary Clinton on Monday, Nov. 26 at the Port Chester Carver Center, 400 Westchester Ave., Port Chester, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. A free buffet dinner will be served.....


365 Port Chester: Quieres apoyar a Hilary Clinton para Presidente?

Habra una reunion para colectar firmas de votantes en Port Chester registrados con el Partido Democrata. La meta es de recautar muchas firmas para apoyar a Hilary Clinton en su campana presidencial. La reunion tomara lugar el Lunes, 26 de noviembre en el Carver Center, de 6 p.m. a 8 p.m.....


Well Maybe it is because Richard Abel, the so-called publisher and Jananne Abel, the so-called editor of Americana Latina don't speak spanish.

Further, these two rarely interact with the hispanic community of Port Chester. There main interaction with the hispanic community is to exploit the poor hispanic woman that cleans the Americana Latina offices at 38 Broad Street. (We are currently withholding the poor hispanic woman's name, because she appears to be a victim of criminal activity and not a public figure like Richard and Jananne Abel)

Richard And Jananne Abel sure do save a lot of money by not paying for this this poor hispanic woman's disability insurance, social security insurance and unemployment insurance.

I sure hope this poor hispanic woman was not planning on getting social security when she retires from cleaaning the Americana Latina offices.

Please pray that this poor hispanic woman isn't hurt or diabled while cleaning at the Americana Latina offices, or at Richard Abel's father's house in Rye Brook.

If she gets hurt she can not get disability or unemployment benefits, because the greedy Abel's wanted to save a few bucks.

Please Read This Post For More Information About How The Greedy Abel's And American Latina exploit this poor woman.

11/27/07 - Communication Breakdown - There was a detainer warrant. Shoud Port Chester police have arrestted the sex offender and put him in jail?

Jose M. Broudwiack posted the $10,000 bail as set by North Salem Town Justice John J. Johnston Jr. on Oct. 31 and has been free ever since.
Judge Johnston has declined to comment on the bail, and Mackin, the other town justice, handled last night's docket.



"The people have reliable information that the defendant has fled the jurisdiction"


NORTH SALEM - Town Justice Ralph Mackin issued an arrest warrant last night for a convicted sex offender and illegal immigrant who failed to appear in court for arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of failing to register as a sex offender.

Mackin also revoked $10,000 bail for Jose M. Broudwiack, 48, whose last known address was on Sugar Hill Road in the Purdys section of town.

...That information came after Broudwiack was arrested in Port Chester, where he was accused of driving with a suspended license. He failed to appear in Port Chester court Nov. 9 on that misdemeanor charge .....

...State police investigators at the Somers barracks determined that Broudwiack, who also goes by the surname Broudwiack-Lartiga, was convicted in California in 1999 of a sex crime against a child younger than 14. He was in the country illegally at the time. He served time in a California jail and was made to register as a sex offender before being deported to his native Peru in 2003....

...Federal authorities had issued a detainer warrant for Broudwiack after his Oct. 31 arrest by state police in connection with failing to register.

The warrant meant that once Broudwiack was in a holding facility, such as a county jail, he would be held on the warrant, even if he managed to make bail.

But the warrant could never be enforced because Broudwiack never made it to jail....

....Sometime after that, he re-entered the country illegally again and wound up living in Purdys and working at el Palacio de Los Mariscos restaurant on Main Street in Port Chester, authorities said....


Purdys residents outraged over sex offender who skipped bail

The Journal News

NORTH SALEM - Neighbors of an unregistered sex offender who missed his court appearance are outraged no one stopped him before he apparently skipped town.

Jose M. Broudwiack, 48, who failed to appear in court Monday for arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of failing to register as a sex offender, so far has not been found and is believed to have left the area, authorities said. He posted the $10,000 bail set by Town Justice John J. Johnston Jr. on Oct. 31 and has been free ever since. Johnston has declined to comment on the bail.

"Judge Johnston had the power to stop this man, and he dropped the ball," resident Clare Gasparri said last night. "Because he dropped the ball, that man fled the jurisdiction. He will hurt another child, and that will be on Johnston when that happens."

Broudwiack, whose last known address was 2 Sugar Hill Road in the Purdys section of town, was arrested Oct. 31 by state police after they learned he had been living in Purdys for about two years without registering. That information came after Broudwiack was arrested in Port Chester, where he was accused of driving with a suspended license. He failed to appear in Port Chester court Nov. 9 on that misdemeanor charge.....

....."(Johnston's) decision really degraded the efforts of the local and state police," said Dough Dligulil, a resident on Sugar Hill Road.
Dligulil said he was one of the people who went door to door alerting neighbors that Broudwiack was a sex offender and living in their neighborhood.

When asked what he thought of his efforts in light of this latest turn in the case, Dligulil said, "It makes you feel like a ... total schmo. ... I can't believe how many hours I spent on the computer researching this guy. I just had spinal surgery and there I was, limping around door to door to tell people. But what I feel bad about now is that this guy is somewhere, setting up in a new community, maybe next door to some 1-year-old girl, and the family of that little girl has no idea that he's a sex offender ........

Related Stories:

• Authors to address immigration tonight in White Plains talk

• Video: North Salem sex offender on the loose

11/27/07 -- Forget About That Comic Book Known As Americana Latina - Read Port Chester's One And Only Bilingual Online Newspaper !!!

365 Port Chester: MASTER PLAN Community Meetings

Come to the meetings listed on the flyer and participate in the creation of Port Chester's master plan. The master plan is an important document for the village because it articulates a broad vision for Port Chester's future and directs all development activities. It also guides the City's capital improvement projects. Come and express your views on the strengths and challenges of this community. Let your opinion count!


365 Port Chester: Plan Maestro de Port Chester = Reuniones Comunitarias

El gobierno de Port Chester los invita a participar en varias charlas para dialogar sobre los temas de importancia que ocurre en esta comunidad. Venga y participe. Su voz cuenta. El plan maestro de Port Chester es un documento importante para la municipalidad porque desarrolla una vision amplia para el futuro de Port Chester y tambien dirije todas las actividades de desarrollo y projectos de mejoracion que ocurren aqui. Es muy importante que todos nosotros, como Hispanos, vayamos a dialoguar y hablar sobre los problemas que nos afectan al vivir y trabajar en esta comunidad. No importa si no hablan bien el Ingles, habra traductores.

365PortChester@gmail.com You Are Doing A Great Job And Providing A Much Needed Service To The Residents Of Port Chester. Keep Up The Good Work.


11/26/07 - Are You Ready To Rumble - Port Chester High School's Athletes Are Ready To Wrestle

White Plains Journal News

Port Chester's Tony Carlucci tournament and Rye's Bernie Miller tournament get the wrestling season off to a rousing start this Saturday. ...

11/26/07 - Metro-North customers get a 5 percent discount on cars rented from the Port Chester Train Station. Cars can be rented by the day or hour



"The railroad has worked hard to provide transportation for all people in our region, not just the commuter traveling in and out of Grand Central Terminal every day," said Metro-North President Peter Cannito in a press release. "There are more and more people traveling out of New York, within the suburbs and for sightseeing jaunts. This rental car program has been designed to serve customers who need an end-to-end transportation package."


Connecticut Post - Metro-North Railroad is betting that bringing car rentals to the train stations will help it land more suburbs-bound tourists and commuters.

Monday, the railroad announced an agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to have automobiles available at 23 New York rail stations. The agreement does not extend into Connecticut, where rental cars have been available at two stations for years.

...According to Enterprise's Web site, the day-long cost for renting a car from the Port Chester station can start at $43.82. That does not include the 5 ...


For details about the rentals visit www.mta.info or www.enterprise.com .


San Jose Mercury News

The survey brought good news for one rental car company, however: Enterprise ranked highest in customer satisfaction among rental car companies for a fourth ...

Monday, November 26, 2007

11/26/07 - Thanks To Ex-Long Time United Hospital Chairman Bruno Gioffre Port Chester's Loss Is White Plain's Gain

The hospital is a bedrock institution that White Plains Residents would never trade for a hotel.

Journal News

WHITE PLAINS - Midway through a major renovation, White Plains Hospital Center last week announced another - a $50 million-plus reconstruction that will move the hospital's main entrance to Maple Avenue and add 85,000 square feet of new operating rooms, maternity wards and radiology labs.

The project would come on top of other renovations costing $150 million in the past 15 years, including the continuing reconstruction of the hospital's emergency room suite, and could be followed by another round of rebuilding a few years from now, said Jon Schandler, the hospital's president.....

... United Hospital in Port Chester - closed in the past four years, Schandler said in presenting the plan to the Common Council last week. Annual emergency room ...

....The bulk of the new construction would occur on Davis Avenue, where an administration building known as Winslow Hall would be demolished and replaced with a six-story wing of maternity, operating and radiology rooms. On Maple Avenue, a glassy, two-story entrance and a traffic circle would be built. On Post Road, an elevated, enclosed walkway would cross over Longview Avenue to connect the hospital with a municipal parking garage that is now under construction.

The renovation will add 24 beds in single rooms, but the bed count will not change because 24 existing rooms will be converted from doubles to singles, allowing the hospital to stay within its licensed capacity of 277 beds.....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/25/07 - More Bad News For The Westmore Snooze And The Comic Book Known As Americana Latina - A Latino Citizen Journalist In Port Chester

by 365 Port Chester

We are excited to offer up to the minute news on Port Chester and other issues with concern to the Latino community living and working in the village. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions from our readers.


by 365 Port Chester
Estamos orgulloses en ofrecer noticias al ultimo minuto sobre Port Chester y el Pueblo de Rye que importa y afecta a la comunidad Hispana que vive y trabaja en estos pueblos. Invitamos a nuestros lectores que hagan comentarios y ...





11-25-07 - Obiyuary - NICHOLAS DiSANTO, 82


passed away Friday, Nov. 23, at Community Medical Center in Toms River.
.... Born in Port Chester, N.Y., he lived in Totowa Borough before moving to the Crestwood Village VI section of Whiting in 1999. He was a police officer ...

11/25/07 - Shoppers head to WESPAC's Fair Trade Festival

Gia Ulmer, left, sells cocoa butter to Megan Mukerji and her daughter, Sitara, 7, during the WESPAC Foundation's Fair Trade Festival yesterday at Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains.

Shoppers head to WESPAC's Fair Trade Festival

WHITE PLAINS - In the world of fair trade, even the goats have a decent quality of life.

... cotton beach wraps were also part of One World's fare. 'It's just so beautiful,' said Nora Freeman of Port Chester, a speech language pathologist, of her new wrap. 'Like so many of the other things here, it's hard to make a choice. I'd like to ...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

11/24/07 - The Rye Brook Boys Might Have Won The Election, But The Port Chester Boys Will Be In Control Of All The Rye Town Cash - Terenzi Can't Wait!

Port Chester Trustee Bob "Some Folks Say I Drink A Little Too Much" Sorensen And Disgraced ex-Rye Town Accountant Sam "I Am So Sleazy" Terenzi Went To A Local Port Chester Financial Institution On Behalf Of Supervisor Elect Joe Carvin.

The two Port Chester new financial wiz kids were making all kinds of representations about how Rye Town Supervisor Elect Joe Carvin is looking to move large sums of money around.

Port Chester Trustee Bob Sorensen and failed Conservative candidate Sam Terenzi have been telling local bankers they will be in charge of moving money around for the Town Of Rye.

Didn't Joe Carvin tell the Journal News interviewers that Sam Terenzi was in no way involved in his campaign or future administration?

I guess "ole" Joe Carvin got caught lying again.

It looks like that Joe Carvin will soon officially appoint Sam "I Am So Sleazy" Terenzi as the financial czar of the Town Of Rye.

What else was Terenzi promised by Joe Carvin?

Is this Joe Carvin's version of "Jobs For The Boys"

Maybe it's "Joe's Jobs For Cowboys"

Does Terenzi have to give Joe Carvin the conservative line in 4 years?

Oh wait I forgot, Sam Terenzi does not control the conservative line.

Rye Town Conservative Chairman Gene Branca controls the Rye Town Conservative Line.

Joe Carvin's Cowboys apparently scared the hell out of local bankers who contacted Rye Town Supervisor Bobby Moribito.

At the last Rye Town Board Meeting, Supervisor Bobby Morabito exposed the fact that Port Chester Trustee Bob Sorensen and Sam Terenzi were representing the Town Of Rye, and was not authorized by the current administration, to do so.

It looks like there is going to be fire works in the new Carvin Administration.

Joe Carvin's right hand man, Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen Who Files False Police Reports" Abel is bashing Port Chester Trustee Bob Sorensen and the rest of the Port Chester Board for considering using a certain Port Chester Bank.

Meanwhile, Carvin's Cowboys are trying to make big financial deals with the very same local institution.

It looks like the psychotic inmates are running Carvin's New Rye Town Institution,

But Don't Worry Doctor Janus "I Need Money" Richards Will Be The New Secretary That Will Record Every Twist And Turn Of The Slow Train Wreck Know As The Joe Carvin Administration.

10/24/07 - "There's nothing better than having a training partner, but when you don't, the Butterfly Rings are a great alternative," Sufu Coram says

Sifu Stephen Coram of Port Chester invented the Butterfly Rings as a way to help martial artists develop their control and focus when they practice.

The Patent Trader

The room is silent save for the clinking of the hollow metal rings that encircle their forearms. Prompted by Chinese phrases called out by their teacher, Sifu Stephen Coram, the students advance toward a mirror punching the air in slow motion and blocking imaginary opponents with their open palms.....

... and expose the body to attack. They're called Butterfly Rings, and they were invented and patented by Coram, a Port Chester resident and father of three who is a sifu (the Cantonese term for teacher) in Wing Chun Kung Fu. In a martial art where ...


10/23/07 - The Greedy Abel's Are Ripping You Off - They Want You To Pay For This Junk The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze

Only A Moron Would Pay 30 Bucks To Read The Online Edition Of The News Paper Founded By


"I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills"


What Kind Of A Nut Would Pay 30 Bucks For This Garbage.....

The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze

November 17 - November 23

Reporter's Notebook: Driving a dark Appalachain road into the bright lights of a surprise
By Jeff Benzak
I learned on my vacation earlier this month that expectations are useless when traveling.
There were three instances during a 2,500-mile road trip to South Carolina and back that made me doubt my ability to anticipate a... [more]

Light and music fill service at Bethesda Baptist Church
Port Chester church celebrates 90 years
By Jeff Benzak
The abundance and absence of light was a recurring theme Sunday at a rousing 90th-anniversary service for Bethesda Baptist Church in Port Chester.
The service began at 3:30 p.m. Late-afternoon sunlight streamed through seven... [more]

Mayor launches anti-gang initiative
By Jeff Benzak
P.C. will host talent show after Christmas holiday
Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla is launching an initiative to reduce gang activity in the village. Although he said gangs here are not an immediate threat to the safety of citizens,... [more]

The history of Port Chester High School
To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the current PCHS building, this is the second in a series of articles about its history. This section relates the controversy revolving around the new school building's first principal.
By Ron Weckessar
The new high school's... [more]

You Can Get More And Better Information At The

Journal News For....


The Journal News / LoHud.com

November 17 - November 23

Mother of Port Chester train victim says his death was an accident
Friday, Nov 23, 2007
The mother of a man who was struck and killed by a train in Port Chester two days ago said her son was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with the family, and she believes his death was accidental. "He was going to go grocery shopping with m... read entire article»
Rebecca Baker The Journal News
'Big Hurt' has Rye feeling good
Friday, Nov 23, 2007
RYE - The nickname "Big Hurt" was born rather simply, way back during Aaron Walker's days as a bone crusher in Pop Warner. It was given to Walker by a man who he remembers only as Coach Dan, although the origin is less of a mystery. "I was probabl... read entire article»
Josh Thomson The Journal News
Holiday food drives, Putnam and northern Westchester
Friday, Nov 23, 2007
These food pantries are collecting and distributing food and serving meals for Christmas. Brewster: Needed by Dec. 16: turkeys, hams, stuffing, instant potatoes, yams, rice, cereal, soup, cranberry sauce, coffee, tea, cake mixes, napkins. D... read entire article»
Holiday food drives, southern and central Westchester
Friday, Nov 23, 2007
These food pantries are collecting and distributing food and serving meals for Christmas. Dobbs Ferry: Needed: canned, dried and packaged goods, frozen foods, vegetables and pastries. Distributed Dec. 1. Children's Village, Echo Hills. 914-... read entire article»
Dining, in brief
Friday, Nov 23, 2007
Here's a reminder of the restaurants we've covered recently. The most recently published are at the top of the list. Alfredo's: It calls itself Continental, but Italian is the dominant motif in this small, warm and bright New City sp... read entire article»
Metro-North: Man apparently jumped in front of train in Port Chester
Thursday, Nov 22, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A man was hospitalized yesterday after apparently jumping off a station platform and getting run over by a train, Metro-North officials said. Metro-North spokesman Dan Bruckner said initial reports indicated the man was in front of ... read entire article»
Aman Ali and Theresa Juva The Journal News
Man struck by train in Port Chester dies; ID'd as 22yo Bronx man
Thursday, Nov 22, 2007
PORT CHESTER - The man who was run over by a train yesterday afternoon has died, the Westchester Medical Examiner's office said today. The man, identified as 22-year-old Lacey Williams, Jr. of the Bronx, died last night at Westchester Medical Cent... read entire article»
Rebecca Baker, Aman Ali and Theresa Juva The Journal News
Metro-North: Port Chester train service resumes following fall onto tracks
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007
PORT CHESTER - Metro-North police have reopened the north and southbound train tracks at the Port Chester station after a man was run over by an oncoming train earlier today. Metro-North Spokesman Dan Bruckner said the man, who fell on the tracks ... read entire article»
Roller derby rolls into Westchester
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007
YONKERS - Denise Brana could not have been happier the day her derby name was approved by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. The emergency-room registered nurse from Yonkers had specifically chosen I.V. Drop to convey her medical savvy and ... read entire article»
Holiday food drives, south and central Westchester
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007
These food pantries are collecting and distributing food and serving meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dobbs Ferry: Needed: Canned, dried and packaged goods, frozen foods, vegetables and pastries. Distributed Dec. 1. Children's Village,... read entire article»
Lower Hudson schools officially get $13.1 million in funding for improved programs
Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007
Six Lower Hudson Valley school districts targeted for $13.1 million in extra state funding to shore up failing schools got the official go-ahead for their improvement plans, nearly three months after school started. But most, if not all, of the im... read entire article»
Randi Weiner The Journal News
LoHud Happenings: Westchester and Putnam
Monday, Nov 19, 2007
Chappaqua: New York Council for the Humanities Book Discussion. Topic: "War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning" by Chris Hedges. Free. 7:30 p.m. Chappaqua Public Library, 195 S. Greeley Ave. 914-238-4779. Montrose: Thanksgiving Stories... read entire article»
Cheerfest lets teams from 10 schools strut their stuff
Monday, Nov 19, 2007
PORT CHESTER There was no doubt that spirit was the word of the day at a cheerleading competition that drew teams from 10 schools in the Lower Hudson Valley to show off their best shouts, jumps and formations. The enthusiastic cheerleaders ... read entire article»
Barbara Livingston Nackman The Journal News
Rye town supervisor-elect says he will change way school districts are given tax revenue
Sunday, Nov 18, 2007
RYE TOWN - Supervisor-elect Joseph Carvin is pledging to change the way the town distributes school taxes, forfeiting hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest to its school districts. Rye town would lose $400,000 in interest revenue by turning... read entire article»
Liz Sadler The Journal News
Westchester holiday meals
Sunday, Nov 18, 2007
These Westchester food pantries are collecting and distributing food, and serving meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas: Croton-on-Hudson: Donate food items Saturdays 10 a.m.-noon at the Cortlandt Emergency Food Bank in the church basement o... read entire article»
Collision knocks out power on two Port Chester streets
Saturday, Nov 17, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A collision has caused a limited power outage in the village this morning. Electricity was reported out on Dock Street and part of Townsend Street after a truck collided with a nearby utility pole, Port Chester police said. Official... read entire article»
Vacant Port Chester firehouse set for demolition today
Saturday, Nov 17, 2007
PORT CHESTER - The dilapidated firehouse on South Main Street is scheduled for demolition today as part of the downtown redevelopment, after engineers deemed the building unsafe. G&S Investors, the developer of The Waterfront shopping and ente... read entire article»
Liz Sadler The Journal News
Francella misses cut at season-ending LPGA event
Saturday, Nov 17, 2007
Port Chester's Meaghan Francella failed to make the cut at the LPGA's season-ending, 32-player ADT Championship at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla. Francella shot a 4-over-par 76 yesterday and was at 9-over 153 for the tourna... read entire article»
Lower Hudson Valley pantries seek donations for holidays
Saturday, Nov 17, 2007
Organizations throughout the Lower Hudson Valley are celebrating the spirit of the holiday by offering traditional Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless, working poor, seniors or anyone who may want a hot meal. Here's a list of where you can donate... read entire article»

11/23/07 - Port Chester Roundup May Soon Start To Publish Articles In Spanish Since Most Hispanics Consider Americana Latina To Be A Comic Book.

It Is A Joke That Richard "I Can't Even Order A Meal In Spanish" Abel Is The Publisher Of
Port Chester's Americana Latina.

It Is Also A Joke That Jananne "I Don't Speak Spanish At All" Abel Is The
Editor Of
Port Chester's Americana Latina.

It Is A Joke That The Sales Person For Americana Latina Can't Speak Spanish.
No One In The Westmore News / Americana Latina Office Speaks Spanish At All. The Hire Independent Contributors To Write Fluff Articles For The Hispanic Community.
If Someone Was To Come In To Talk About This Item....

Soy Andina
"La familia Silva lo invita cordialmente a Ud. y su familia a compartir de un reunion en honor a nuestra MAMA PURISIMA el dia sabado 8 de Diciembre en su domicilio: 99 South Water St."
The Abel's And Their English Speaking Staff Would Only Understand...
"Port Chester" And "Greenwich
The Abel's and their Comic Book know as Americana Latina are exploiting the Hispanic Community.
For example their is a very nice lady that goes and cleans Westmore News Founder Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel's House. Then the poor woman goes over to clean the offices of Richard And Jananne Abel's Americana Latina.
But does this poor woman get mandated social security payments or unemployment insurance from the greedy Abel's who hate to pay their fair share of taxes.

They are exploiting this poor Hispanic woman, while selling their comic book ads to Hispanic businesses in Port Chester.
They Had Better Hope That No One Translates One Of These Web Pages....

Employment tax evasion schemes can take a variety of forms. Some of the more prevalent methods of evasion include paying employees in cash, filing false payroll tax returns or failing to file payroll tax returns.

If you have information about an individual or company you suspect is not complying with the tax law, report this activity.

Because The Poor Exploited Hispanic Woman Or Someone Else Just Might Turn The Abel's In For A Reward Of 10% Of The Unpaid Taxes.

Shame on any Anglo Or Hispanic Business That Would Buy An Ad From
The Comic Book Known As
Americana Latina
The Abel's Explotation And Tax Cheating Is Not Funny.

11/23/07 - RNN News Center Now - Port Chester Train Tragedy

Posted By Donna White LoHud.com

The mother of 22-year-old Lacey Williams Jr. of the Bronx, who was struck and killed by a train in Port Chester, believes her sons death was accidental, officials said. Nov. 23, 2007.


11/23/07 - Business - Company Profile for Selecto Products

Company Profile for Selecto Products
... list of satisfied customers. -0- *T Company: Selecto Products Headquarters Address: 36 Midland Ave PO Box 109 Port Chester, NY 10573 Main Telephone: 914-693-1300 Website: www.selectoperfecto.com Type of Organization: Private Industry: Supermarket ...

11/23/07 - Hillary doesn’t bother me very much. Dubya never made a speech that wasn’t staged and never attended a debate without a wire in his ear.

Posted by Glenn Blain At LoHud

Port Chester Democratic Chairman Gary Stracuzzi is hosting a petition-signing rally for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Monday evening. The goal is to gather signatures to help Clinton secure a spot on New York’s Feb. ...

11/23/07 - It Is A Shame Port Chester Lost "Big Hurt" To The Rye Garnets

Aaron Walker helped Rye reach Sunday's Class B state final with three sacks last Saturday against Peru.


"I was probably one of the youngest kids on the team, but that year I probably hurt six or seven kids," Walker said.


RYE - The nickname "Big Hurt" was born rather simply, way back during Aaron Walker's days as a bone crusher in Pop Warner. It was given to Walker by a man who he remembers only as Coach Dan, although the origin is less of a mystery.

... did not surprise the Rye players or their coaches. They say he has improved every day since moving here from Port Chester before last season. Walker, who arrived with just one year of junior varsity football at Port Chester to his credit, admitted ...

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