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Monday, January 28, 2013

Helen Makowski, 88, Formerly Of Greenwich

... Jan. 24 at her home in New Fairfield, surrounded by family. She was 88. Makowski was born March 1, 1924, in Port Chester, N.Y., to Cortland and Helen Reynolds. She graduated from Greenwich High School and married Joseph Makowski in 1946. She worked ...

via Port Chester Newswire http://greenwich.dailyvoice.com/obituaries/helen-makowski-88-formerly-greenwich

Worker Charged With Stealing $1,000 From Port Chester Store

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. A Bridgeport, Conn., woman was charged Saturday with taking $1,000 from the Port Chester Bed Bath & Beyond where she worked, police said.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.dailyvoice.com/police-fire/worker-charged-stealing-1000-port-chester-store

Police: 5 Cars Damaged in Port Chester DWI Accident

A Port Chester man who told police officers he was on his way to buy beer was charged with drunken driving early Sunday after he damaged four parked cars as he tried to get out of a driveway, according to Port Chester Police.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/police-5-cars-damaged-in-port-chester-dwi-accident

Port Chester Store Worker Charged in $1,000 Theft

An 18-year-old worker at a Port Chester store has been arrested in connection with the theft of $1,000 from the store, according to Port Chester Police.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/port-chester-store-worker-charged-in-1-000-theft

I-95: Accident Brings Northbound Delays

The New York State Thruway Authority says a northbound accident on the New England Thruway in the area of Exit 21 is causing traffic delays in the Port Chester area.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/i-95-accident-brings-northbound-delays

Cashier pocketed $1,000, Port Chester police say

A cashier at Bed Bath & Beyond allegedly pocketed $1,000 at the end of a shift earlier this month, admitting to co-workers that she stole the cash when they confronted her about it, village police said.

via Port Chester Newswire http://www.lohud.com/needlogin?type=login&redirecturl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lohud.com%2Fapps%2Fpbcs.dll%2Farticle%3FAID%3D2013301280087%26nclick_check%3D1

Weather Cancellations, Closures

... tonight. Rye City School district has cancelled all use of school facilities after 6 p.m. today, Jan. 28. The Port Chester school distict has cancelled all after-school activites for today. Does your business or organization have a closure or ...

via Port Chester Newswire http://rye.patch.com/articles/weather-cancellations-closures-8a0a957a

FORGET ABOUT OPENNESS AND TRANSPARENCY: Those Dirty Dogs At "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Take Their Hate Fueled Nastiness Behind Closed Doors

What Are Administrators Liz And Tara Doing With Bart Didden's Boys Behind The Newly Closed Doors At Making Port Chester A BITTER Place? 

Maybe The "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Active Member Can Bring Some Of The Hoochie Mamas From La Dolce Vita Who Will Dance And Do More For A Few Dollars.

Who Cares If Young Girls Are Geting Exploited And Often Forced To Do Things They Don't Want To  By This Mean Spirited Group Administrator?

The Bible Says You Are Known By The Company You Keep.

Corinthians 15:33 says "Do not be deceived, 'bad company corrupts good morals.

So I Guess It Is Alright For Liz To Be A Facebook Administrator To Have A Member That Is A Pimp, As Long As, You Are Helping Your Neighbor Bart "The Bigot" Didden Pimp Out A Controversial Port Chester Facebook Political Front Group.

That's Why We Say......Those Dirty Dogs At "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Will Just Take Their Hate Fueled Nastiness Behind Closed Doors


FORGET ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The Controversial Facebook Group Founded By Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Cousin Kieth Morlino Has  Deleted Even More Posts And Posters That Disagree With The Little Closed Mind Click That Runs This Mean Spirited Group Known As Making Port Chester A BITTER Place.

ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY: Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart Didden's Political Facebook Front Group That Masquerades As A Grassroots Community Organization Has Went On A Deleting Binge Of Anyone That Disagrees With Them.

Scores Of Honest Hardworking Port Chester Residents Have Been Deleted And The Groups Numbers Has Dropped By About 10% And Now Total Only About 450 Members.

Of Which Only About 20 Or 30 Members Are Active. This Group Is Affectionately Known Around Port Chester As Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Little Band Of Haters.

But These Clueless Drunken Morons That Follow Bart "The Bigot" Didden Around Were So Busy Deleting Honest Port Chester Residents From Their Group. They Didn't Even Notice That A Fake Facebook Spam Account Was Trying Trying To Give Its Members A Virus Or Key Logger.


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I ordered some pairs nike shoes from a FB friend,today i got them!!! they are good!!!!SO CHEAP SO COOL!!!PAYPAL ACCEPT this is her website: http://newarriveresale.us/?beilou everybody can free to check it out!!!






Maybe Bart "The Bigot" Didden's Neighbor Liz Czajkowski-Rotfeld, Who  Had Quit And Then Returned As An Administrator To The Hate Filled Group, Wanted To  Close The "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" Group Behind Closed Doors After This Was Posted....

Liz Czajkowski-Rotfeld If You Think Things Are Bad Now, Then Just Wait Until Bart Didden And Company Get Their Way And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds And Hundreds Of Rental Apartment Units Are Built At The Old United Hospital Property...... Liz We Are Going To Need To Build A New School And A New School Bus Yard To Handle This.

Perhaps Kieth Morlino's Profane And Hard Drinking Buddy Bryan Santucci Did Not Want Port Chester Homeowners To Know That He Strongly Opposed....

Port Chester's Overnight Parking Restrictions To Combat Noise 

Maybe The Port Chester Republican Party Wanted Bart Didden's Mean Spirited Facebook Political Front Group To Move Behind Closed Doors, Because.....Controversial And Bitter Facebook Group Hurting Port Chester Republican Party's Chances For Victory


Maybe Two Bit Censors Like Liz Czajkowski-Rotfeld, Joan Grangenois-Thomas, Tarin Gonzalez, MaryRoseMunnick And Keith Morlino Should Look At The Faces Of The Brave Young Men And Women Who Paid The Ultimate Price For The Freedoms They So Easily Take For Granted.

Shame, Shame, Shame On 
Liz Czajkowski-Rotfeld, Joan Grangenois-Thomas, Tarin Gonzalez, MaryRoseMunnick And Keith Morlino

Micheal Bambace Summed Things Up Pretty Well

But If He Keeps Talking Like This, Then He Just Might Join The Scores Of Honest Hard Working Port Chester Residents That Have Been Deleted By Port Chester Trustee Bart Didden's Cousin Keith Morlino

‎"Making Port Chester a Better Place was an Idea by Keith Morlino to create a forum of which Port Chester residents, past and present, express their ideas and views on how to make the Village a better place. Instead it has become a glorified police blotter that puts too much emphasis on crime and whats wrong and a place where people bitch, moan, cry and complain. While I believe many of you support a better village. Most just participate to vent. Rather than focusing on the negatives, it would be more proactive to highlight the great things about PC and support the positive ideas and solutions that PC needs to grow and flourish. Like if you agree, positive comments please
Anyone With Half A Brain In Port Chester Knows That The Purpose Of Port Chester Trustee Bart Didden's Little Political Front Group Is To Attack Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla And Bring Down The Image Of The Village.....

If The Port Chester Police Department Gets A New High Tech Video Surveillance System For Free Then The Haters At Lets "Make Port Chester A BITTER Place" Must Viciously Attack The Mayor....

Security cameras (funded by a federal grant) are being installed at the riverfront promenade and will be connected to the PCPD. This is part of our Downtown Revitalization Strategy to make Port Chester a better place!
Security cameras (funded by a federal grant) are being installed at the riverfront promenade and will be connected to the PCPD. This is part of our Downtown Revitalization Strategy to make Port Chester a better place!
  • 14 people like this.
  • Bart Didden Considering the aesthetics of a crumbling bulkhead, that our Mayor can't seem to get replaced after SIX years with a long lasting steel bulkhead (like everyone else uses on rivers in the Northeast), those ugly poles saddled with an equally ugly equipment cabinet are in perfect harmony to ruin any view that might be left.
  • Michael Bambace And what will these cameras be watching? The Byram
    River which has no boats in it 6 months a year or the cars in the parking lot? I never read a patch article than mentioned any crime by the waterfront. Was this really a priority or could there have been alternative places in the Villiage where the cameras could be more useful?
  • Dennis Pilla Michael, the cameras will monitor the promenade walkway, not the docks or parking lot. We have had a number of incidents there, including one very serious. The area is pretty hidden from view. Unfortunately, under the grant, only certain areas like parks were eligible. The promenade walkway is considered a park. We also installed them in a few other parks to safeguard our investments there. I hope this is helpful. Best wishes for a happy new year.
  • Keith Morlino It is necessary area that does need camera having obseved first hand experinece during the summer. Some areas that we should also consider is the waterfront parking garage
  • Nancy Casino yes, waterfront parking garage........
  • Regina Grillo try repairing the waterfront FIRST...dont need cameras where no one will be going because the walkway is falling into the river....
  • Brian Harrod I wonder if the cameras will monitor that modified Bronx amusement ride Owned By Bill Freenz of Greenwich.

    Maybe the Department Of Environmental Protection can use the cameras to document the Showboat's two porta potties dumping raw sewage into the Port Chester side of the Byram river.

    Or maybe an grieving family member can sue the Village of Port Chester for millions after they use the freedom of information laws to get video footage of a family member falling of the unrailed structure.

    These and many other liability reasons are why this "boat" with no engine had to leave Greenwich Harbor.

    And I can only assume that the same liability concerns is why the showboat did not make its much trumpeted move to Mamaroneck two years ago.

    God forbid if a fire breaks out while Bill Freenz and his band are playing at parties hosted on board on this modified Bronx amusement ride from the 1950's.

    This could be worse than the infamous Port Chester Gulliver's fire that is still one of the deadliest entertainment venue fires in America.

    How soon we have forgotten about those twenty-four young men and women who were killed by the smoke and fire, their cars sitting in the parking lot, their parents at home waiting for them to return.

    For those who survived, the fire's impact has barely faded. In addition to abiding mental pictures of piles of discarded shoes, of soot-stained lips, tongues and nostrils, of friends last seen in the darkness of panic, they have been left with permanent fears of crowded theaters and buildings where they cannot make hasty departures. And memories of youth have lost the hues of frivolity and fun.

    In the aftermath, some municipalities put safeguards against fires into effect, but it was not until 1980, when a blaze at Stouffer's Inn in Westchester killed 26 -- that lawmakers in Albany overcame landlord resistance and approved tougher fire safety legislation.

    I thought Port Chester said, "NEVER AGAIN" after the Gulliver's fire.

    There never are any ceremonies on July 1st marking the anniversary of the Gulliver's fire, none of the communal reflection that persists long after such hometown disasters. 

    Maybe if there was such an annual ceremony then fire safety at entertainment venues would remain on our minds in Port Chester.

    In the meantime may God protect those drinking on that floating party band structure in the Byram river.
  • Sean McNerney This is extra security which our town desperately needs in as many places as we can get it. If it truly isn't costing us anything, than I say that's all the better. While I agree there are other projects that certainly still need tending to, I'm very happy that this will at least help to improve one location. Dennis, what ever happened to the Rapid Deployment camera that was supposed to be put up on my end of North Main Street? I thought that was agreed to about 6 months ago now?
  • Keith Morlino I agree with you Sean McNerney. Although we need major inprovments to fix the bulkhead it's a good first step because there is a significant amount of incidents in the area that needs to be monitored
  • Bart Didden Nobody is actively monitoring these camera's because that will take additional personnel. They only record and are available for playback after the fact. Its not the panacea that is portrayed here by the Mayor.
  • Keith Morlino No doubt Bart Didden but it is a start. I hope we figure out how to implement before the kick off of the summer season. I think the record of incidents down there were probably committed mostly in the summer timeframe. I am sure that this is a first step and that everyone is working together in order to execute this along with other safety measures for its citizens. My hope it just doesn't sit there for an extended period of time with no use ...I am not an security expert or a network expert but wouldn't it make sense to have it transmit live feed to the PCPD dispatch desk ?
  • Bart Didden The PD does have the ability to view, but the cost is taking an officer off the road. It all comes back to the balance between where is the best investment for our Police personnel, on the road or at a desk staring at a display? Additionally, our current PD space is not set up for someone to watch a display and help with other tasks. The desk officer is at their limit between phones, dispatching and maintaining records of current events into the computer system. What we need is a new up to date facility but because of a lack of a majority willing to reinvest into our Villages essential services, lead by the Mayor, we can't even consider your wishes in the future under the current circumstances. Good thing there is an election coming up.
  • Michael Bambace Face it, the waterfront was poorly designed, and we already know it was poorly constructed. There should be less parking and more green space right up to the street to make it more friendly and inviting to the community as well as making it more open and visible from the road. If you want to designate it as a park, it should have a big enough lawn to resemble a park! Improve the landscaping and scenery. How about a small amphitheater or bandstand for live music in the summer?? Nobody thinks outside the box!
  • Dennis Pilla Here we go again...We are moving Port Chester in a forward direction, one step at a time, despite considerable partisan political resistance. Imagine a day when not only can a desk officer see the camera picture, but also an officer or supervisor in a squad car. That's where I am trying to head us in this area. This is where we ARE heading with surveillance cameras. We need this ability for cameras in our schools too! I am confident we can get there. Babe Ruth, the greatest baseball home run hitter of all time, only batted .374. This means he struck out 6-7 out of 10 times at bat. That's what happens when you only swing for the fence. Base hits do score runs too. We need a combo approach to load up the bases often, and hit a grand slam every once in a while. Put another way, we don't have a flame big enough to boil all the water in the ocean at once. But we do have a big enough flame to take one pot at a time and make it good and hot. Please don't let anyone convince you otherwise. This is not just hype. It's true, and it's how I am trying to advance Port Chester. This is how we are being successful.
  • Stephen Simmons So are the detractors saying that we should take the cameras down? By my logic having a videotape to use as potential evidence in a trial won't necessarily enable the cops to stop something in progress, is at least better than not having cameras at all. Additionally, visible cameras have been shown to be a deterrant to crime since the bad guys don't necessarily know who's watching. Finally, this is no different than security cameras in most small retail shops...nobody's watching, just the tape. Say they were being monitored 24/7 and somebody gets mugged, the guy monitoring it still needs to dispatch somebody who may or may not get there in time to stop anything, or make an arrest. IMHO, videotape is better than what was there previously....nothing.
  • Bart Didden I am not the detractor, security is my business. But it is clear to me that when the Mayor starts this discussions just a week before he announces that he is running for re-election is an insult to the intelligence of the people on this site and the voters of Port Chester. What my point was again to a Dennis Pilla posting is don't raise your expectations of a significant change because there is a camera. Just as in Super Storm Sandy, the Mayor announced that the Calvary had arrived. He falsely raises the expectations of the public and then calls the realists "detractors" or "partisan"s. I talk about the realities of the taxpayers pocketbooks and their ability to either pay for the Mayors claims or prioritize local government like our own household budgets. I have a question, not for Dennis Pilla but for the members of this FB page, where has Dennis Pilla been as the Mayor of OUR Village when it comes to noise, nuisances, stiffing the entertainment law and the other quality of life issues. Get ready for the Dennis Pilla agenda of re-election and self promotion narrative rather than what the residents need.
  • Michael Bambace The ones who care won't run, the ones who run don't care. And neither can agree on the issues. All this bickering is the perfect example of the business of politics as usual, and nobody gains from it. In the end its all finger pointing and no results. The biggest loser is the loyal residents.
  • Stephen Simmons Agree with Michael here. Are camera (free no less) good? Yeah. End of story. If Dennis cured cancer, you'd find fault with it, Bart. We get it already. The bickering makes everybody look childish.
  • Dennis Pilla Michael, I hope you can see that I am not bickering with anybody or being political here. 

    I also hope you see that I care. I have been trying hard to move us forward in a new direction in many areas, like this one. 

    Actually, if you look in the history books, you will find that people who try to lead others to go in a new direction, "pioneers" or "trailblazers", often get shot at. Usually, it's in the back, and often they get killed. 

    Please keep this in mind when you see the arrows flying around. 
    I am not shooting these arrows. Instead, I am advocating that the members of the Board drop their weapons and stop shooting at each other, and instead work collaboratively so, through a consensus process, we can get the best of the group's thinking to (more quickly) move Port Chester in a new direction that makes it a better place. 

    Positive progress gets slowed when people disagree just for the sake of it. This is a big frustration for me and for many residents I know. 

    Also, we will strike out more when we only aim for the fences as some people (maybe with good intentions) often advocate for. 

    I hope this is helpful to put what you read here into context.
  • Bart Didden No bickering here, just pointing out the realities. Dennis Pilla communicates more with me when he posts on FB then he has over the last 6 months. He has not called and his e-mails could be counted on fingers. You can't be a "trailblazer" or a "pioneer" if you refuse to communicate. Speak about dysfunctional leaders, Boehner, Pelosi, Reed, McConnell, Sheldon Silver and the list goes on all the way down to and including Pilla. I have offered olive branches in the past but they have just been trampled time and time again. Not once has the Mayor taken a step toward cooperation, it has and remains, his way or no way and I have the facts. Stephen, be sure when you comment about bickering that you include the Mayors posts when in effect he says if any of the current board members are not merciful that should be replaced in the upcoming election as a 100 percent political statement in support of his position.
  • Michael Bambace Can any of you name 5 major noticeable changes in the past 5 years that have made Port Chester a better place?
  • Michael Bambace What have each of personally contributed to that makes Port Chester a better place?
  • Dina Goren Great questions! I would love to hear candidates talk about what they have personally done to make Port Chester a better place and what their vision for the future of Port Chester is. This would be so much more informative than listening to negative campaigning and back and forth accusations.
  • Linda Turturino Dina I agree 100% let hear what the people running are going to do I for one am tired of negative campaigning turns me OFF
  • Keith Morlino Do we still do debates ?
  • Linda Turturino causus season will be here by the end of the month then the candidates have to agree to one
  • Michael Bambace To hold a debate you have to have two candidates who represent the people not themselves. So u would have to find candidates you believe in.
  • Michael Bambace And from what i'm reading here, theres reason for skepticism for all potential candidates as well as incumbents. Everybody plays harder around the stretch runs. Seems we need to put the present seat holders to task.
  • Mary Ellen Smith Michael are this involved in your City of White Plains?
  • Michael Bambace Yes i am, very involved and why should i not show an interest in the place where my family has been for three generations and the place I was born, baptized and spent a third of my life. I eat and shop more in PC than WP. Maybe someone outside looking in can offer a different perspective and view not seen by the resident. and And why do u feel the need to question me? I apologize if you are offended by my participation here in this group. I think we have the same goals in mind.
  • Stephen Simmons I find it interesting that Dennis and Bart allegedly don't respond to each other's emails. As a voter, I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not. It might be interesting if the candidates opened up their emails to the public so we could see what kind of commentary actually is going back and forth. Not holding my breath on that one.
  • Dennis Pilla Michael, I can actually name many things if you're interested. I don't want people to think it's grandstanding or campaigning however. For me, this work is truly public service (volunteerism) to give back to my community. It's not about boosting my ego or for any self-serving purpose, I promise you.Here are 5 that come to mind, just off the top of my head. There are actually many more.- started an effective code enforcement program and multi-family / commercial property inspection program that rooted out 269 illegal apartments, & issued thousands of violations. - eliminated lifetime benefits for part-time elected officials saving over $1.8M- rooted out apparent corruption in parking collections, building department, code enforcement (cleaned house).- upgraded village bond rating from near junk to prestigious AA rating (reduced s/t borrowing costs to below 1%). Increased fund balance and reduced avg tax increases to ~1% avg over last 5 years.- implemented a downtown revitalization strategy, upgrading downtown anesthetic & building facades (through grants), zoning, architectural guidelines & licensing ordinances, bringing dozens of new jobs and new businesses to PC.- also, while we're on the topic of this thread, installed surveillance cameras in public housing projects and several parks.This all translates to:1) The downtown looks better, 2) our streets are cleaner, 3) services are improved, 4) spending is under control, 5) our reputation is improving.I will stop here for now although there's more. Again, I am just be responsive to your question. I hope this is helpful to you. Best regards, .
  • Dennis Pilla Sorry that paragraph formatting doesn't seem to work right on my mobile device. Yikes!
  • Michael Bambace Midland avenue seems dirty and littered more than it has been in recent years. Maybe a few retail facades can use some upgrades. Any future plans for Midland ave?
  • Regina Grillo all I said was that you have now put cameras in place to monitor nothing because at the current time the waterfront is not usable..i understand they were free.. and went into other areas but i still dont feel it is useful enough to warrant such a big post... how about letting us know who the intelligent person who wrote the grant proposal was.. that would be a person to congratulate... but this choie ofPosting is just that.. a posting.. I looked at it and said.. BIG DEAL.. the waterfront isnt open STILL... and as a person who use to take their kids there after costco to run around and see the boats come in and out i find the post sad... you are protecting nothing there.. sorry.. just my opinion..
  • Keith Morlino Well Regina Grillo I do have first hand experience and I have seen what it is like there on a given summer night and it does warrant cameras. Boats are being broken into and vandalized. I have seen on a number of occasions more than my share of groups of young adults drinking and making it not pleasant for anyone to walk anywhere near there. Is the bulkhead and Broadwalk "broken" yes, but not the whole Broadwalk is in the water. Could the cameras have gone in a better place ?? Maybe , but like I said its a start.
  • Nancy Casino Yes, the boats have been broken into and vandalized, good point.....and that's been going on for many, many years now....
  • Dina Goren Will these cameras catch folks who jump the fence and vandalize the boats? I too have first hand experience with this and it is a definite problem! There are times when I feel unsafe going to the dock -- either because "kids" are hanging out on the dock or because drug dealers are doing "business" in the parking lot. I hope these same folks don't vandalize the cameras.

    (Side note: It would have been nice if the cameras were hidden a little more from an aesthetic standpoint -- aesthetics really do make a difference in how people respect an area).
  • Regina Grillo So put them in the boat yard.. and no it will not help stop this process because there is no one monitoring them... they will still get broken into.. good point yes.. but will these cameras PREVENT this... NO... it will be a catch after the fact program.. if it is clear enough a pic to even do that...I still think that the credit should go to the person who wrote the grant proposal and got us this money... yes it is a start.. but a real tiny one and not as grandiose as is being promoted here...I want the promenade back or the river walk as it was first called..find a grant for that too.....
  • Regina Grillo Oh and Keith Morlino... Mayor Pilla himself said that the cameras are NOT WATCHING THE DOCKS OR THE RIVER.. they are watching the promenade... as per his answer to Michael Bambace.. so there is your answer to break ins on the boats... not gonna happen... even SMALLER STEP TO NO WHERE....
  • Regina Grillo so in answer to Dina Goren's question.. NO it will not.. sorry Dina... not part of the grant...
  • Michael Bambace The boats are there for six months, the other six they just watch the tide go in and out! Just in case any medical waste floats up the river!
  • Keith Morlino Yes what was I thinking cameras are a bad idea because anyone going down there to vandalize or get on the boats will fly passed the promenade with there ACME rocket skates andMichael Bambace you know that's not the case.
  • Michael Bambace I support the cameras! If they don't deter crime, theres always barbed wire and armed guards! At least, they found a grant and took advantage of it. I wonder how many other useful grants go unclaimed that would benefit the Villiage?
  • Regina Grillo are you serious.. I didnt say they were a bad idea Keith.. I just said this one in particular is quite useless right now...could it have not been in an area of use fullness????The part of the promenade that this is on still isnt near the docks... it is not on the docks regardless of how long the boats are there... it is not going to help the boats... sorry... Mayor said it himself....
  • Regina Grillo Thats what I said Michael.... find a grant to restore the waterfront again...
  • Keith Morlino Well first of all its kind of hard to comment on the type of cameras and the view or angle the are aimed at...do they move? Wide angles etc? . I am not an expert... Second, is it at all possible that anyone in the area will be viewed on the camera? It maybe not pointed on the docks but do you have to walk in the view of the camera to get to the boats I don't know ?.. All I am saying its good there are cameras down there and it's a deterrent but I will be the first to post and let anyone know it has made a difference this summer so I must thank you as well because all the attention we are drawing to this I hope will even make it more of an issues to ensure that these are working shortly and are going to be doing what they are intending to do.
  • Regina Grillo Keith.. you are in denial... the mayor himself said it is not trained on the docks or the river.. yeah sure.. might pass by..
  • Keith Morlino Well thank you for that anyway
  • Diana Paniccia Berardi If someone is monitoring the cameras and they notice something askew...they can get someone there. I hope they are internet cameras!
  • Keith Morlino Now that would be great if these camera can be viewed publicly on the Internet !!!!!
  • Diana Paniccia Berardi If anyone has security questions, please inbox me. If I don't have the answer for you, I can obtain it in no time.
  • Diana Paniccia Berardi Sometimes they are public, but oftentimes they are not. Its up to Port Chester to agree to public view.
  • Regina Grillo Diana Paniccia Berardi Its already been established that no one will be watching the cameras....
  • Diana Paniccia Berardi Cameras can be watched anywhere from a laptop, cell phone, office computer and anywhere you want to have access to the network cameras you install. You can watch your house, business, kids in daycare or your employees if you so desire. You may think no one is watching, but perhaps they are. Mayor Pilla said he would like his patrol officers to have access from their police cars to the surveillance cameras installed around PC. Well, the technology is here.
  • Regina Grillo well you find the budget and man power for it.. and yes.. I got your point.. just telling you what the mayor said.... and yes i know.. you are in security.. thanks...
  • Michael Bambace Put cameras in Village Hall and let the public access them online to see our tax dollars at work!
  • Regina Grillo No grant for that huh???
  • Diana Paniccia Berardi Your welcome Regina Grillo ?!?
  • Brian Harrod Dear Michael Bambace

    You seem so angry about your former hometown, but I sincerely believe that you have an affinity for the village that has been so very good to you and your family.

    Most Port Chester residents are pleased that our Port Chester Police Department was given yet another law enforcement evidence gathering tool for free. 

    What do you want to do here? 

    Take this law enforcement tool from our Port Chester Police Department and send the free high tech camera system, back with a note that says... "Thanks But No Thanks" 

    Too often Port Chester is not able to reach its full potential, because there is a bitter history of putting politics before Port Chester.

    If we work together in a positive way, we truly can make Port Chester better one step at a time. 

    Port Chester will have a bright future, if we keep things positive and helpKeith Morlino to use this Facebook group to build a consensus that includes all of the diverse voices of Port Chester society.

    For too long Port Chester has been held back, by the greedy self centered takers who do not put the needs of Port Chester first.

Never Mind That Port Chester Has 200 Crime Control Experts At 350 North Main Street, the village needs Bart Didden's Little Band Of Idiotic Hatters to send "Liaison Members" To Monitor  Port Chester Police Chief Krzeminski And The Men And Women That Serve Under Him.

This Village is going down the Shitter faster than we all can flush our own toilets!!
Tuesday at 11:17pm near Port Chester

Is Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden And His Little Band Of Idiotic Haters Trying To Set UpSome Kind Of Shadow Government That Port Chester Village Employees Will Have To Answer To?

If Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla Cured Cancer Tomorrow..... Then BITTER BART DIDDEN And His Little Band Of Trouble Makers Would Be On Facebook Saying That Curing Cancer Was The Worse Possible Thing That Could Happen.

For Goodness Sake..... These Morons That Follow Bart Didden Around Have Gotten Themselves Negative Mainstream Press Coverage For Complaining About How Mayor Dennis Pilla Teaches His Sunday School Class At Corpus Christi Church.

Forget About The War On Christmas...

Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden And His Little Band Of Haters Wants To Have A Jihad Against Port Chester's Christian Mayor, Because He Has Invited On A Nationally Syndicated Christian Radio Network That Reaches About 11.5 Million Listeners Each Week In Cities Including New York, Chicago, San Antonio and Denver. 

You would think that Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla's fifth appearance on this national radio program would be a great way to showcase our little village to the nation, but no Bart Didden and his band of hatters at "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place" continued their Facebook Jihad against our  Christian Mayor.

Bart Dideden's Response To The Good News That The Mayor And Port Chester Will Be Presented To A National Radio Audience In A 30 Minute Program

Dennis, what topic are you not a self-proclaimed expect in? 
You See The Problem Is, According To Bart Didden Is That Our Mayor Is "NOT HUMBLE" Enough

First, I think you need to visit the definition of “humble”. A humble person does not brag
And Everybody In Port Chester Knows That Bart Didden Is An Expert On Being Humble

I was recently interviewed on the topic of school security & NY's new gun laws. You can hear the interview tonight on K-LOVE Radio, 96.7FM at 8:30pm.

Our PD is working closely with the Rye Brook PD, Port Chester School District, and larger law enforcement community to keep our schools and our precious children safe.
  • Bart Didden Dennis, what topic are you not a self-proclaimed expect in? 

    And since you are in campaign mode with all these posts after being absent for 5 years and 10 months, How about telling us what you are going to do about all of the stolen plaques that remembered OUR deceased Veterans from Port Chester that used to be in Lyon's Park?

    How about addressing the violation against Port Chester that has occurred!
  • Dennis Pilla Dear Bart,

    I'm sorry, did I say I was an expert here?

    I said I was interviewed by a radio station. 

    Why are you always so negative?

    I participate more on this group these days, merely trying to be responsive and communicative as the Mayor, to an interested group of residents, no doubt like you do. 

    Over the holidays, my son, David, encouraged me to get more involved on social media to keep up with the ways people communicate. 

    (He said email is old-fashioned, and he felt that for me to be even more effective in my role, it was important for me to participate here even though you are always slinging arrows at me.)

    I value his opinion lots.

    Bart, I like to think win-win, and I believe in "the abundance mentality": There's more than enough to go around. If we both work hard, we both can be successful. 

    Unfortunately, you always seem to think "win-lose" instead, where you always have to win, and you always want me to lose. 

    I really wish you would reconsider your approach. 

    I think the good people in Port Chester have grown tired of your partisan bickering. It only puts a black eye on Port Chester and holds the village back from achieving its full potential. The village becomes collateral damage to your personal attacks. Nobody wins that way, when Port Chester is held back. 

    I will look into the situation with the plaques asap and get back to everyone asap. 

    Have a nice day.

  • Bart Didden Dennis the partisan record has been crystal clear by the lack of communication from you to the rest of the Board members and your public comments about me and other members, even those from your own party that you will run with again this year are the telling truth to just how shallow your leadership really is and to what extremes you will take to win again. The truth is simple, you are the only candidate in Port Chester that is a professional politician. Everyone else on the BOT has a rewarding career or has completed one and is retired. You are the only one that has something to prove.
  • Dennis Pilla Dear Bart,

    There you go again, being "Win-Lose". You really should stop distorting truths for your self-serving political purposes....

    I am not a professional politician. I am but a humble public servant, giving back to God and my community because I feel blessed for the opportunities I have had in my professional (corporate) career. I recognize it is by the grace of God that I have received my talents, and had the opportunity to use them to be successful at some of the world's greatest corporations, where I spent over 20 years leading major change initiatives for them. I do this work in Port Chester for God, to share those talents to be helpful to others and to break the back of the good old boys who have ruined Port Chester and held it back for too long.

    Let's look at who the "professional" politicians really are: How many patronage jobs has Sam Terenzi been given for his fierce political fighting over the years? Rye Town, Rye Town Park, Yonkers to name a few. Please forgive me, but he seems to make a living off the taxpayers' back with these $40k+ jobs he gets as a reward for political victories. And Joe Kenner? Doesn't he have a $119k full time job with Westchester County that Sam got for him as payback for their hard work to get Astorino elected? And you? You seem to make a dandy living suing the Village you claim to love, making millions along the way.

    Let's not twist facts please. I have made a very good living helping corporations be successful. That was my profession. I certainly have nothing to prove there. That success has enabled me to serve Port Chester full time. And I certainly don't live off the taxpayers like you and your political partners do. You are the folks who give out patronage jobs to political allies, like the inexperienced politically-connected lawyers the Republican majority hired for DOJ that cost Port Chester taxpayers over $1 million, and our politically-connected and inexperienced Clerk that you hired. Both of these men had NO relevant experience and were high ranking political bosses in the local republican party.

    That disgusts me, and is a major reason why I work so hard to defeat the patronage politics that you and they support.

    Sorry folks, but I am not going to sit back and let Bart bash me here and try to fool you with his rhetoric. You need to check the facts of everything he says.
  • Bart Didden First, I think you need to visit the definition of “humble”. A humble person does not brag, however you in almost every memo to Village employees where you try to over step your authority,you restate your professional back ground, your superiority in corporate affairs (as in this post) which does not elevate the employee rather it diminishes the self esteem of who you are talking to. A humble person would not continue to step on your fellow Board members (as you do) and insert your comments to the point that those in and around now your conversation become nauseous over the thought that there may be one more syllable you will utter. An example of someone truly humble is Trustee Marino or Village Manager Steers who you openly mock in public. Even here in this post you mock and attack the Village Clerk. This is why you have been a consultant for most of your professional career, you are not a team builder or a leader.

    This conversation is not about Sam. It’s about my views of your lackluster and dismissive leadership that you offer this Village and the whitewash image that you portray. As an example, you were contacted by the management company of a property here in Port Chester in mid December, which you took no action on. They then called you on January 10th, again no action from your office. They called again on January 14th explaining to the office staff of your office that it was urgent and requesting a response. Is that what you call humble service to a significant property owner? Large or small it makes no difference, everyone deserves equal respect. But this is not the first time this has occurred, I can but won’t here recite the many e-mails and calls for service requests I have received in the last 30 months that all start off the same way, “I called the Mayor numerous times but he never got back to me. Maybe you can help me..”. Humble service, no and this post is just part of your snow job on the public for a failure of a promise made 6 years ago.

    I am shocked that you would even bring up my Lawsuit against the Village for two reasons. You are challenging my Rights as an American and as a property owner here in Port Chester to exercise my Rights which also protects these very same rights for all of the other property owners from the abuse of OUR government? Second, you are fully aware that not one penny of this judgment will come from the taxpayer because of a long standing agreement between the Village and the preferred developer. But let’s remember the formal written comments from the bench chastising OUR government for abuses while you were the Mayor in this proceeding. I guess defending the Rights of your residents doesn’t count.

    I have no political partners. I ran and was elected as a independent candidate. 

    I am not bashing you, I am just examining your record.
  • Joseph Amelio Mr Mayor, your personal success or wealth is of no help to the community, your ability to lead and help make the community a better place is. Can it be said that you have made a positive impact on the community? Has it been beneficial for Port Chester to have you in office? These are the questions you must ask yourself...
  • Linda Turturino I need to address a few things and I guess I am in the clear I dont have a patronage job or a relative who benefits from one. The bickering is two sided and EVERYONE is tired of it. We have not even had a caucus yet for the March election and the slinging has already begun. Please Please please talk about yourself and what you are going to start and finish to make PC a better place it is childish and boring to say he did he was he went. Both parties put people in place that have done work for them more power to them each party has done so. The social media should NOT be a place for bullying or personal attacks it should be a palce to get your message out. Email is not as old fashioned as one would think it is a record and I for one who like to email as a record I have had more then one NON response from a
    village employee and there is NO excuse for that. The theme for this election should be honesty, PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, and hope for the future and I hope all the folks throwing their hat in the ring understand the importance of this ..these are not just words they should be words from the heart.

If The Port Chester Republican Party Can't Reign In Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden And His Cousin Kieth Morlino At "Making Port Chester A BITTER Place", Then The Local GOP Is Looking At Losing In Another Landslide

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