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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10/07 - If You Want To Illegally Hold Office While living Elsewhere Don't Do It In New Rochelle. Do It In Port Chester So You Won't Get Caught.


New Rochelle councilman claims opponent lives elsewhere


NEW ROCHELLE - City Councilman Roberto Lopez is charging that his opponent, attorney Richard St. Paul, does not live in New Rochelle - an accusation St. Paul disputes.

Lopez's camp hired a private investigator who found that St. Paul's registration with the state court system, required for all attorneys, shows his address as a home in the Bronx, and that the New Rochelle address he uses is the home of Ronald Williams, former president of the New Rochelle chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

"I was in shock," said Lopez, a Democrat. "Being that he's a lawyer, and (considering) the high ethics that lawyers have, I couldn't believe my eyes," Lopez said......

......He said he has been involved in several Westchester election campaigns and legal battles, including an ongoing federal lawsuit against Port Chester claiming that the village election system dilutes the Hispanic vote, and a 2004 lawsuit opposing redrawn election districts in New Rochelle. Williams leads the organization that filed the New Rochelle lawsuit.

St. Paul's voter registration card shows he began using Williams' home on Inwood Place as his address for voting on October 11, 2006. In 2005, it says, he had voted in New Jersey......

Full story: The Journal News


When ex-Port Chester Port Chester School Board President Dominic "I Did Not Edit The Racist Flier" Bencivenga moved out of state for six months, the Port Chester Teacher's Union became concerned at went to see Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel and Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel at the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze.

The Abel's decided to hide this from the single family homeowners who had to pay the outrageous 13 1/2% School Tax Increace this year.

But the school board member Jim "Leave My Wife Alone" Dreaves started getting nervous that the cover up was about to come to light, so the Port Chester Chief Of Police was enlisted to help Dominic "I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga get a tiny little apartment in Port Chester.

Dominic "I Did Not Edit The Racist Flier" Bencivenga is now back home with his family.

The Port Chester Teacher's union sent a letter with both of these accusations to each of the school board candidates who were running against Dominic "I Did Not Edit That Racist Flier" Bencivenga. Both candidates told the We$tmore $nooze they had received the letter and one candidate even gave the We$tmore $nooze a copy of the letter.

But, Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel and his son the Rye Town Drama Queen were in on the cover up.

You are paying the Outrageous 13 1/2% School Tax the We$tmore $nooze is a hopelessly biased rag that is being used to attack the Town Of Rye which has cut property taxes two years in a row.

The fact that the State Of Florida and the Town of Rye has caught Bernie failing to pay all of his on his property taxes has nothing to do with the fact that the We$tmore $nooze winks at the School Board Republicans, while attacking Democrats that have taken him to court for once again failing to pay his property taxes.

Don't Make Our Politician's Kiss
Bernie's Old Wrinkly Ass

If you let Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel is allowed to use the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze to punish government officials who have taken him to court for tax evasion, then you will see all the school and village officials lining up to kiss his old wrinkly ass out of fear that he will use the We$tmore $nooze against them.

10/10/07 - Mayor Dennis Pilla And The Port Chester Trustees Add A Third Board Meeting


10/09/07 – Meeting Notes – Port Chester Board Of Trustee Meetings.

Quote Of The Day:

“When it comes to parking you happen to understand the village Is actually a small city”

Captain John Telesca


The new additional Board of Trustee’s Meeting got off to a very rough start.

There was a mix-up over where the meeting was being held.

No Government Cable Channel Coverage

No Agendas for the public

No press kit

Police Chief and staff were not given all the information for the parking discussion.

Worse yet the public were not allowed to participate or comment on the meeting.

Deputy Mayor Dominick Cicatelli was unable to attend the meeting even though he was out of town.

The Board discussed the

G&S Parking Proposal

Permit parking

Valet parking

Leberge Group Parking proposal

New parking laws

The Columbus Park Project – surveillance cameras

And 120,000 and 50,000 in additional funds for construction inspections and rocks.

Personally, I started to get a little bored durring the long discussion about if Port Chester would partisipate in a regional storm water utility district. I was tempted to touch Richhard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel on the sholder to see if he would act like a girly man and run up and disrupt the meeting.

However, I decided not to upset Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel, because Mayor Dennis Pilla hates it when people act crazy at his board meetings.

10/10/07 - Mayor Dennis Pilla Would Not Let Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin Whine And Complain About Rye Town Cutting Taxes Two Years In A Row.

A Lonely And Isolated Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carrvin has been upset that Rye Town has cut property taxes two years in a row. For about a year, Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin has been basically repeating himself. Mr. Carvin is a disgruntled antagonist who is used to getting his way. But Mr. Carvin is entitled to his warped opinion that two years worth of tax cuts is very bad.


Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla Does Not Want To Hear From The Public About Items Discussed At Public Work Sessions And Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel Does Not Get A Free Sandwich


Five or six Port Chester Residents wanted to speak about issues concerning Port Chester at last nights Port Chester Board Of Trustee's Work Session meeting.

These Port Chester residents were disappointed that they could not speak about issues discussed at the work session.

However, there was an upside to Mayor Pilla's ban on Public comments.

Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin did not get to go on like a broken record about how the Town Of Rye has done a bad job by cutting Town taxes two years in a row.

When Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin found out there were not going to be any public comments or TV cameras he left the meeting.

Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel followed Carvin out of the meeting saying “ I thought there would be comments. Apparently there not having comments tonight. There’s no television coverage anyway.”

Richard talked with Joe out in the hallway for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel seemed to be disappointed that Joe Carvin did not take him to the Port Chester Coach diner for a free sandwich.

Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin always takes Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel and Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel out for a free sandwich after they act like fools on the cable TV cameras at the Rye Town Board Meetings

I think Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin was pissed off that Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel drug him out durring a thunderstorm to go to a meeting with no public coments or cable tv cameras.

10/10/07 - Why Wasn't Bob Sorensen Informed About Bruno Gioffre Bringing Another Bad Condo Project To The United Hospital Site In Port Chester


Would Someone Please Explain To Trustee Bob Sorensen That His So-Called Republican Buddies Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitaliano And Bruno "Spot Zone" Gioffre Want To Bring Another Massive Multi - Family Apartment Building To Port Chester


"It was a surprise to me" - Trustee Bob Sorensen


Even though Mayor Dennis Pilla said that there would be no public or trustee comments at the October 9th Work session, he went ahead and let the trustees make comments at the meeting.

Trustee Robert Sorensen said that he was upset that he read about the United Hospital project yesterday morning and that he already had two calls before he got to his newspaper sales job in Stamford.

Trustee Sorensen was very upset that the press had been briefed about the project before he was.

Mayor Pilla said that there had been a great deal of talk in the community about the Massive Multi - Family Condo project and that Trustee Sorensen was present during board comments about this project that will increase school taxes a few weeks ago.

Plus Mayor Pilla said that there had been a previous story in the Westmore Snooze.


Doesn't Mayor Pilla realize that Trustee Bob Sorensen probably never reads the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze, since Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel encouraged ex-We$tmore $nooze columnist and chief pollster Bart "The Bigot" Didden to go after his family for all those parking tickets.

Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel sure did use a lot of space in the We$tmore $nooze to attack Trustee Sorensen and his family, because they paid a lot of money to the Village Of Port Chester for parking tickets.

Trustee Sorensen has probably heard how Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel has bragged to scores of people about how he will never be re-elected because of all the biased stories and letters that appeared in the We$tmore $nooze.

I bet Bob Sorensen dose not read the Westmore Snooze, because they allowed Bart “The Bigot” Didden to unfairly attack his family over parking tickets in the Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze.

10/10/07 - Port Chester Roundup Poll

Question #1 - Have You Ever Seen an Article in the Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze About The Outrageous Port Chester School Tax 13 1/2% increases.


Question #2 - Have You Ever Seen an Article in the Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze About Bruno “Spot Zone” Gioffre.


Question #3 - Have You Ever Seen an Article in the Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze About How the the Massive Multi-Family Apartment and Condo Buildings Are Destroying Port Chester.

Question #4 Have you ever thought about canceling your subscription to the
Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze by calling Bernie “I Forgot To Pay 100 Property Tax Bills” Abel at

10/10/07 - Are More Condos A Good Bet For Port Chester. Starwood Has $3 billion Of Outstanding Debt In A Declining Real Estate Market (Ratted BBB)

Fitch Ratings Assigns 'BBB-' to Starwood's $400MM Sr Notes Issue

(Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

NEW YORK----Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'BBB-' rating to Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.'s 6.25% $400 million senior notes due 2013. The Rating Outlook is Stable. The notes rank equally with Starwood's other unsecured and unsubordinated debt.


Source: Yahoo! News Search Results for hotels of new york


What does a BBB rating mean?

BBB (Rating Definitions) - ...The capacity for timely payment of financial commitments is considered adequate, but adverse changes in circumstances and in economic conditions are more likely to impair this capacity. This is the lowest investment-grade category.

Bruno Gioffre is once again bringing Port Chester a bad condo project.

First was the Castle, which is now wants to change to rental apartments and is looking for a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) Deal. Plus Bruno wants to add apartments and increase the density of the project.

Then there was the Mariner which wants an extention.

Now here are more Condos at the United Hospital Site.

Bruno Gioffre is going to make a lot of money bringing all of these Massive Multi - Family Apartment Buildings to Port Chester and you are going to get the massive school tax bill.

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