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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12/11/07 - Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel must avoid conflicts of interest and stop reporting stories with a given slant.

It is unethical for Westmore News Editor Jananne Abel to report on stories that affect her personal, economic or political interests.

Westmore News reporters and editorial staff are not distinct, and this violates every journalistic code of ethics known to mankind.

Week After Week The Westmore News Violates -- the public trust, truthfulness, fairness, integrity, independence and all accepted norms of accountability.

Unfortunately, the hopelessly biased Westmore News refuses to guarantee that competing points of view are balanced and fairly characterized.

You Just Can't Trust The Biased Reporting In The Westmore News.

If Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel wants to dictate Port Chester Village policies, then he should run for elected Office.

Oh wait a minute, I forgot the very unpopular, Richard Abel did run for elected office in Port Chester once before.

And when the biased Westmore News publisher presented his weasel words and ideas to the voters of Port Chester he was voted down big time. In fact, the unpopular Abel lost every single voting district in Port Chester.

Even Richard Abels Neighbors voted overwhemingly against him in his home voting district. Basically almost all of the voters of Port Chester said,"Richard Abel Shut The F___ Up."

But, the mentally challenged and vindictive Richard Abel just doesn't get the message.

He continues to go and speak at Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Town meetings with the veiled threat that, any politican that goes against me will be visously attacked in the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore News.

No other local newspaper publisher violates journalistic ethics the way that Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel does.

All other Publishers engage in newsgathering and reporting that emphasizes eyewitness accounts of events, corroboration of facts with multiple sources and "balance." It also implies an institutional role for journalists as a fourth estate, a body that exists apart from government and large interest groups.

Richard Abel and Jananne Abel have repeatedly used the hopelessly biased Westmore News to further the personal and political agendas in Port Chester.

This Type Of Biased Reporting Does Not Occur In Other Westchester and Fairfield communities. Take a look at Rye New York for instance.

If you go to a Rye City Government Meeting you don't see the Co-Publisher, Editor Robin Jovanovich of the Rye Record trying to influence or intimidate elected officials. Ms. Jovanovich does not have conflicts of interest problems or create ethical dilemmas like Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel does.

Howard P. Sturman the publisher of the The Rye Sound Shore Review would refuse to partisipate in a political process that his paper was covering, because it would be against all journalistic and professional codes of ethics.

The Martinelli's who own the Rye Chronicle reporting things without bias, as if one just came to Earth from another planet and had no preconceived opinions about our behavior or ways.

Nor do you see, Michael Fisch President and Publisherof the Journal News meddling in the governmental affairs of Rye City. Mr. Fisch is not like Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel, because he insists that his paper practicee journalistic truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability

Henry Freeman Editor and Vice President / News at the Journal News would never use the paper that he works for in an unethical manner. Mr. Freeman would never edit a paper in the manner that Westmore News editor jananne Abel does. Mr. Freeman prohibits his paper from making biased statements of opinion, rather than fact.

Journal News reporter Lazy LIZ SADLER would probably lose her job if she started trying to influence Rye City Government actions instead of only reporting the facts.

There is a real hunger out there for local news. People don't want to know what's happening in Oshkosh. They want to read unbiased and factual news about themselves and their neighbors.

Unfortunately, The Westmore News has a prejudice in a general, usually this bias is vindictive in nature.

For example if the Westmore News founder is caught once again failing to pay all his property taxes, then the paper will attack the politicans and official who refused to violate the law and look the other way.


Actually, things have gotten so bad at the Westmore News, that when I went into the Port Chester Library and asked where could I find recent copies of the Westmore News. The librarian behind the counter directed me to the fiction section of the library.


Please call 939-6864 and tell Westmore News Founder, Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel to cancel your subscription to the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore News.

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