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Sunday, December 16, 2007

12/17/07 - Westchester Residents to Benefit From Verizon Wireless Network Expansion

“Reliable networks are not built overnight”

In a continuing effort to provide the best wireless service for residents, commuters and visitors in Westchester County, Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the most reliable voice and data ...

... site. The new Westchester cell site will improve network coverage and capacity in the following areas: - In Port Chester, along the Merritt Parkway and along Route 120A near the New York/Connecticut border. - In Greenwich, along the Merritt Parkway ...

via TMCnet

Full Story: TMCnet

12/17/07 - The Raw Port Chester News Feed

Norwalk Advocate
... Ruth DiDominica. In the middle school, students prepared Thanksgiving baskets for the Carver Center, in Port Chester, N.Y. Students in Jennifer Thayer's English classes organized food contributions. Upper school students in the Community ...
Santa Cruz County stories, Bonnie Keeshan: 'Book Lady' embodies the spirit of giving Santa Cruz Sentinel
Bonnie Keeshan's life is an open book -- in fact, thousands of books. Bonnie Keeshan Born: Dec. 9, 1953, in Port Chester, N.Y. Which books disappear: 'I can't keep dictionaries or Harry Potter on the shelves.' What's needed: Donations of ...

Region is ready for today's snow
The Journal News
... mostly cloudy with flurries. "Wind gusts could exceed 40 mph," said Bob Klug, an AccuWeather meteorologist. In Port Chester yesterday afternoon, the parking lot of The Home Depot store was nearly full. Greenwich, Conn., resident Eric Grandjacqu....
Henriquez enjoys block party as Port Chester downs North Rockland
Sunday Dec 16 Journal News
... a career-high 14 blocks - seven coming in the first quarter - and had 17 points and seven rebounds to lift Port Chester to a 59-53 win over North Rockland yesterday in the first round of the Horace Greeley boys basketball tournament. Port Chester ...

GM testing fuel-cell vehicles
... GM will even cover the cost of hydrogen fuel and insurance. Maria Recchia-O'Neill, science coordinator for the Port Chester Public Schools in New York, will be among the first consumers to receive a hydrogen Equinox. Like other recipients, ...

12/16/07 - Spam From Westmore News Editor Jananne "The Spam Queen" Abel

Please pull out your credit card and pay $33.00 in to read at the online rag known as the Westmore Snooze Published By Greedy Richard Fable

12/15/07 - One rejection after another, Jordan Henriquez swatted shots in all directions. Off the backboard, into the stands, out to the perimeter.

Jordan Henriquez turned in an impressive display, especially on the defensive end, in Port Chester's win over North Rockland in the Horace Greeley Tournament yesterday.

Henriquez has block party as Port Chester beats North Rockland

The Journal News

Jordan Henriquez had 17 points, 14 blocked shots and seven rebounds to lead Port Chester to a 59-53 victory over North Rockland in the first round of the Horace Greeley boys basketball tournament today.....

...... a career-high 14 blocks - seven coming in the first quarter - and had 17 points and seven rebounds to lift Port Chester to a 59-53 win over North Rockland yesterday in the first round of the Horace Greeley boys basketball tournament. Port Chester ....

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Lots of tournament hoop action today

The Journal News

... Hud tournament Consolation game, 1 p.m. Championship game, 5 p.m. Horace Greeley tournament North Rockland vs. Port Chester, 2 p.m. Leake & Watts tournament Consolation game, 1:45 p.m. Championship game, 5:30 p.m. Mamaroneck tournament Sleepy Hollow ...

Boys basketball roundup: Greeley buzzer-beater sinks Yorktown;...

Journal News

... had 17 points. Brendan Kurpis had 31 points for the Cornhuskers. Horace Greeley will play the winner of today's Port Chester-North Rockland game on Jan. 12 in the final. Canisius 61, Fordham Prep 39: At Canisius, Kristian Duravec scored 14 ...

12/15/07 - Lower Hudson Valley ready for snow and sleet

“But it's important to make sure everything is handy.”

Many across the Lower Hudson Valley were busy this weekend stocking up on shovels, salt and other items to combat expected snow and ice.

... cloudy with flurries. 'Wind gusts could exceed 40 mph,' said Bob Klug, an AccuWeather meteorologist. In Port Chester Saturday afternoon, the parking lot of The Home Depot store was nearly full. Greenwich, Conn., resident Eric Grandjacques bought ...

Full story: Journal News


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12/14/07 - 911 operator praised for work during Port Chester blaze

“I'm here 23 years and I've never seen a person handle something so well like that just four months on the job and two months out of training. She did an unbelievable job. I'm proud of her.”

Tracy Pitocco had been on the job as a 911 operator for just four months, when village police called to report smoke at 125 Poningo St.


12/13/07 = Video Of Port Chester Fire That sent A Baby And A Port Chester Fire Fighter To The Hospital
Fire on Poningo Street A fire caused by an electrical cord that shorted out and ignited a Christmas tree broke out in a 40- to 60-unit apartment building at the corner of Poningo and Parker streets Wednesday night. The flames were quickly extinguished, but... [more]
Warning - Jananne "The Spam Queen" Abel Will Beg For $33.00.

Update: Readers Of This News Article Posted Comments At LoHud.com :

Being a dispatcher is a very "Thankless" job. We receive the 9-1-1 emergency calls and get units rolling as soon as humanly possible, but sometimes that's not good enough for the caller. They want help there "Now". And if we do a good job, rarely does someone call back and say thank you. They may tell the 1st responders that they interact with on scene that the dispatcher did a good job, but that message rarely gets back to us. It is great that they recognized this dispatcher for their good work. Sure, they were doing their job, but it seems they went above & beyond. Not all dispatchers do that. I bet you didn't know that most dispatchers in New York State have to work for 30 years before they can retire. This is a very stressful job to do for 20 years, let alone 30. Hopefully the New York State Government will pass a 25 & out for us dispatchers. Make sure you tell your representatives to support this when it comes their way. Thanks !Posted by: Photofires on Sat Dec 15, 2007 1:33 am

Aww thank YOU romulus!! =)Posted by: catiebug143 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 4:04 pm

Thank you Catie!Posted by: Romulus on Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:49 pm

Romulus, I couldn't agree with you more. There is nothing wrong with thanking someone for doing their job. It raises their morale and generally makes them happier. I thank everyone, policemen, firemen, hair stylists, the cashiers, toll booth workers, janiters...Anyone who does some sort of service in my life gets a genuine, warm thank you. It always surprises people when I thank them, but the smiles that stretch across their faces, well it's all worth it. Posted by: catiebug143 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:02 pm

But it costs nothing to give a compliment. When the woman in the supermarket hands me my change, I say 'thank you.' You are right that she is doing her job. One she applied for and one she gets paid for. But she did her job well. As trained. And as she was suppose to. And for that I say 'thank you.' And to answer your question, yes -- the press would have slammed her if someone died and it was her fault (and rightfully so). If she lost her composure and sent help to the wrong address, or if she ignored procedure and instructed someone to do 'something stupid.' If an employee comes into my office and hands me a report they were suppose to do, guess what I say to them??? Yup! Thank you for listening to me on this topic.Posted by: Romulus on Fri Dec 14, 2007 9:36 am

12/14/07 - State Supreme Court Justice Peter. Rosato: Port Chester has 90 days to pay Brody the balance of $2.6 million awarded In 2006.

Journal News

A state judge says he might sanction Port Chester up to $10,000 a day if the village doesn't pay former property owner William Brody more than $1 million it owes him for seizing his downtown buildings as part ...

...Mayor Dennis Pilla said he had not seen the judge's decision and could not comment on it.

Brody and Port Chester have been embroiled in a 7-year fight over the village's seizure of his four South Main Street buildings as part of a downtown redevelopment. A shopping mall and parking lot now stand on the spot of Brody's buildings....

UPDATE: A reader of the news article commented at Lohud:

Good for Brody, but what about all the other land owners whose property was taken?Posted by: ei1815 on Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:31 am

12/14/07 - Another Thumbs Down To The Hopelessly Biased Westmore News And It's Attempt To Shove A Bad Library Funding & Bonding Agreement On Taxpayers

Three Thumbs Down To Jananne "We Are Down To The Wire" Abel

Today The Hopelessly Biased Westmore News Led With A Headline And Story That Screamed And Indicated That There Was Some Kind Of Reckless Rush To Approve A Library Agreement That Had Not Even Been Drawn Up Yet.

Westmore Snooze: Villages down to the wire on library agreement


Why is Westmore News Editor Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel, trying to create a crises environment, that demands that Port Chester must do what her friends at the Port Chester Library want. This non-existant agreement must be approved right now !!!!! Who cares if the lawyers have not even drawn up the PROPOSED agreement yet.

Westmore News Editor, Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel, falsely writes that "All agreed they were under a tight time frame if they wanted to have the papers complete and the amended charter to Assemblyman George Latimer by the end of January in time to submit it for legislative review in June."

Would some one please tell Westmore News Editor, Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel, that there is no rush.

The Port Chester Board Of Trustee's have not even been given the library's proposal yet.

While Westmore News Editor Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel is in a panic pushing that Port Chester must act now.

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla is clearly indicating that he and the other Port Chester Trustees will not be rushed into a bad and illegal bonding agreement.

Hey , Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel here is a news flash for you. There is the possibility of keeping the current funding agreement in place. It's worked fine and protected the taxpayers of Port Chester for years and years.

Maybe someone should tell Jananne "Down To The Wire" Abel that the current Port Chester funding method was even working way back when her father in law Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel had all of those fire trap apartments on Willow Street.

Read Lazy Liz Sadler's Report About The Port Chester Library's Proposed Agreement And See If It Indicates The Need For A Panicked Rush To Approve A Document That Has Not Even Been Drawn Up Yet...

The Journal News / Lohud.com, NY


Attorneys are drafting a new charter and intermunicipal agreement for the Port Chester Public Library, signaling progress in the slow-moving negotiations over the library's funding.

The villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook and the library board have agreed to retain the law firm Turner & Turner of Croton-on-Hudson to rewrite the library's 1877 charter. The three entities will share the legal costs, which are capped at $15,000.

The revised charter, which needs approval from the library board and both village boards...

Would Westmore News Editor Jananne Abel Please Explain To Everyone How We Are "Down To The Wire" !!!!!!!

There are still a lot of facts that a panicked Jananne Abel is not telling the taxpayers of Port Chester, about the library's illegal bonding scheme.

Why wont Westmore News Editor Jananne Abel reveal these facts to the tax payers of Port Chester.

12/10/07 - The Taxpayers Of The Village Of Port Chester Are Not Required To Give The Port Chester Even One Cent. This Is An Accountabilty Moment

In New York State There Can Only Be Three Kinds Of Libraries Licenced By The Department Of Education.
1). A Self Sustaining Library Association
2). A Municipal Library That Is Part Of A Town Or City.
3). A School Library
The Port Chester Public Library is a self sustaining library that is owned by the members of the library.If you have a library card you are a member or owner of the library.The library charter and bylaws says that the members should be approving and electing board members.
That's how things were originally done in Port Chester, before the library went down hill. But things have been manipulated over the years so the Port Chester Library Board Members are no longer accountable to the public.
Worse yet the Library Board now wants to lock Port Chester into an illegal 10 year funding and bonding scheme.




WE ARE DOWN TO THE WIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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