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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

03/08/11 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Peter Iasillo, Jr. asks,"Have you sent this to Mr. Iasillo?"


Have you had the courage or decency to send this article and link to Mr. Iasillo for rebuttal?

I am sure you are distorting the facts.

It's your karma.

Peter Iasillo, Jr.


Dear Peter,

We don't have a an email address to send the link to your father and we do not normally notify persons of articles.

You can send your father the link if you wish.

Besides, I am sure that he and the others mentioned in your fathers article are well aware of the postings about the corruption in the Iasillo administration.

Your father is more than welcome to respond to the article.

He can either comment on the post or he can send a response to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

We are not distorting of the facts about your father's ethically challenged past.

Trust me your father did much worse than this.

Your father is very lucky that a Port Chester police officer and broke the law and informed him that the FBI was investigating him and he backed out of one of his dirty deals before he incriminated himself.

If you don't believe me take a walk down to the Westmore News And Richard Abel will proudly show you the award that he won for reporting about your fathers secret tapes.

Richard Abel still has those secret tapes and to this day and can holds them over peoples heads in Port Chester.

Richard Abel didn't release ten percent of what your father had on those tapes.

Trust me I gave Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel the tapes after Journal News reporter Kevin Grey turned down the tapes.

Goldie Soloman was was offered the tapes before I was, but I over heard her say that she also turned the secret tapes down even though your father treated her horribly at public meetings.

I don't know who was the original source of the tapes, because they were left at my front door.

I always thought it was Gary Gianfrancesco , because I over heard him bragging in a Rye Town hallway that he had heard all of your father's tape recordings.

I don't know if Gary Gianfrancesco heard the tapes, before I got them or if Richard Abel played them for for him later at the Westmore News office.

I do know that when the Port Chester Board of Trustees once again tried to send your father to the Port Chester Ethics Board Gary Gianfrancesco got a six figure job and your there wasn't enough votes to investigate your father.

When They were voting to send your father to the Port Chester Ethics Board your father recused himself and Gary Gianfrancesco suddenly resigned from the Board Of Trustees to take a six figure job as Port Chesters Planning and Development Czar.

After the next election cycle the good people of Port Chester voted in new trustees who sent your father to the Port Chester Ethics board.

Sam Lerner your fathers attorney argued that your father was hallucinating and making things up.

Once again your father escaped the punishment he deserved.

And By The Way:

I don't believe in "karma".

I am an Orthodox Jew who became a born again Christian.

Fortunately, for your father there is no such thing as "karma" because he certainly dosen't want all the bad things he did to come back around.

Even today, your father is writing letters in support of infamous Port Chester racist Bart "The Bigot" Didden.


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03/08/11 The Raw Port Chester News Feed

News Reports About Port Chester, NY
School Calendar Highlights: Instrumental Concert, School Bullying Seminar and ...
Whip out your day planners – it's a full schedule in the Port Chester School District this week. 

By Christine Loughran |

 A school bus transporting two teenage boys was involved in an accident this morning. ...
Board Will Convene Tonight for Last Meeting Before Mayoral Election
The former issue was tabled after the last meeting, when consultant Patrick Cleary answered questions about how Port Chester can regulate pawn shops and similar businesses. After two moratoriums and a study, Cleary's recommended course of action ...

Recently Updated Web Pages About Port Chester, NY
Port Chester | Politics on the Hudson
Candidates for Port Chester mayor meet with the Editorial Board at 1 p.m. today for an Editorial Spotlight interview. The session will be webcast live. ...
File:MNCRR M-8 at NEC Port Chester.jpg - Wikipedia, the free ...
Metro-North M-8 test train at Port Chester, NY. Source. self-made. Date. February 20, 2011. Author. User:bebo2good1. Permission (Reusing this file) ...

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03/08/11 Port Chester Organizations Join Forces To Host Family University

PHOTO: NBC TODAY Show Parenting Expert Debra Haffner

The Port Chester Cares Community Coalition along with its community partners presents “Family University,” an event designed to empower students in grades 6-12 and their parents to make smart choices within their family.

The evening will include workshops in English and Spanish exploring a variety of subjects affecting today’s teens. Family University is in session from 6-9pm on Tuesday, March 29 at Port Chester Middle School (1 Tamarack Road). Childcare will be provided for children ages 3-10, which will provide activities such as Open Door’s Reach Out and Read and the Clary Art Center’s art project.

Family University is comprised of several workshops for parents, students and families including alcohol and substance abuse prevention, “Comedy Hour,” “Do You Love Soccer?” and “Zumba Your Way to a Healthy Life.” With guest speakers including TODAY Show Parenting Expert Debra Haffner and MSNBC consultant Tom Grimes, the workshops will provide students and their families with information exploring constructive solutions for families when faced with issues like bullying, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol. Acknowledging the positive effect family meals have on teens, students and parents will also enjoy a boxed dinner together provided by Garden Catering.

For more information and to register for this free event, visit http://pcccc.org/ or email familyu@pcccc.org.

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03/08/10 Why Are The Corrupt Port Chester Good Ole Boys Lining Up To Support Bart Didden?

Now Pete "I Told The Ethics Board I Was Hallucinating When I Made Those Secret Tapes About Republican Corruption" Iasillo has decided to crawl out from under his rock to write a letter to the Westmore Snooze that urges the good people of Port Chester to vote for Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

This is the same Peter Iasillo (who to this day introduces himself as Mayor Iasillo) who was a target of an FBI sting operation back in the 1970s and he now wants Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden to replace the corruption busting Mayor Dennis Pilla.


This is the same Peter Iasillo who was involved in a 1993 ethics probe involving secret audiotapes that ultimately led him to leave public office, as well as, a previous year-long ethics investigation involving the Landmark Building and now wants the ethically challenged Bart "The Bigot" Didden to be the next mayor of Port Chester.

Long time Port Chester residents remember when five Port Chester officials, including its Mayor Iasillo, the Police Chief and the Village Manager, were being charged with a breach of ethics for buying condominiums before they were made available to the public at The Landmark, the former Lifesavers factory in the village.

Who can forget how Mayor Peter Iasillo, Joseph Coletti, a Village Trustee; John Grosse, the Chief of Police; Richard Falanka, the Village Clerk; Michael D. Ritchie, the Village Manager, and, in the words of the charge, ''all other village officials, officers and employees similarly situated.''
The complaint, filed with the three-member Village Board of Ethics by two Village Trustees, said the officials voted to rezone the property or performed other official acts in connection with the building and meanwhile ''had their names secretly placed on a preferred list'' in order to be first purchasers.
It also charges that the price was raised 5 percent to other buyers after the officials had bought their units, which were advertised as ''affordable'' that started out at $98.000.
Monroe Y. Mann, the lawyer for Vincent Sapione and Nicholas Fusco, the Trustees who filed the complaint, said 400 people had lined up to buy the condominiums and some of them had camped out for one, two or three nights to keep their place in line. When the office opened, 40 or 50 of the 199 condominiums had been sold at the lower price to Mayor Iasillo, the Police Chief, The Village Clerk, other officials, village employees, their relatives, contractors, business associates and other insiders.
Anthony B. Gioffre, a former State Senator, and Dominick D. Pierro, a County Legislator also were rumored to be in on the secret deal to scoop up affordable housing condominiums units at a discount price..
Mr. Pierro got one of those affordable housing condominiums as part of a three-member corporation - including his law partner, John Colangelo, and a third person whose name he said he refused to disclose.
After Mayor Iasillo and his friends got their discounted affordable housing units. The Prices for the affordable housing units were raised 5 percent.
This meant that EMTs,Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses, Teachers and other Port Chester residents who waited in line had to pay $5,000 to $15,000 more than the early buyerspaid for the affordable condominiums, which were priced in the beginning at $98,000.
It was widely reported that Mayor Iasillo and the other officials bought the affordable housing condominium units for investment or immediate resale because they all own their own homes Port Chester.
The corrupt and greedy Port Chester officials who had homes got discounted affordable housing units so they could flip them for a quick profit.
The Ethics Board, which was established six years ago, has never had a case come before it until Iasillogate came before it.
Now the master mind of Iasillogate wants you to vote for Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden.
What could possibly go wrong with that?
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03/08/11 Port Chester Democratic Committee Writes In The Journal News: Re-elect Pilla in Port Chester

Photo: Raymond And Migdalia Sculky 

Re-elect Pilla in Port Chester
Journal News - LoHud.com

With the upcoming mayoral election in the village of Port Chester, I feel compelled to express my support for one candidate who stands out in integrity, honesty and is hardworking, attributes which sadly are lacking in many political candidates today. He is our Democratic/Citizens for a Better Port Chester candidate, Mayor Dennis G. Pilla. Mayor Pilla is honest, open and did not at first publicly deny (like his opponent), then admit to writing a racist flyer (according to Justice Stephen Robinson) against Hispanic residents of the Village of Port Chester (in which my wife is one), which was used by the Department of Justice to justify and win their lawsuit against the village. Are we to be known as racists?

Mayor Pilla's opponent has tries to take credit for many of his accomplishments, as his website so claims. His opponent has also distorted and misrepresented many facts to mislead voters. This shows his opponent will do or say anything to get elected! Is this the type of person the village of Port Chester wants as mayor? We need a mayor that is honest, hardworking and results-oriented, who gets the job done and is proud to be a representative of the village of Port Chester. We need a mayor who will represent all the people all the time. We need someone such as Mayor Pilla. I urge all residents to re-elect Mayor Pilla on the Democrat or the "Citizens for a Better Port Chester" lines on March 15.

Raymond L. Sculky

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03/07/11 Today's Focus: Charlie Sheen

March 08
Enjoy a Qwiki with actor Charlie Sheen. The safe way.

Learn More:
Charlie Sheen


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