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Friday, August 17, 2007

08/17/07 - Now You Know Why It Is Called The Westmore Snooze In Port Chester



The Westmore Snooze Finally Came Out With Two Old News Stories Today. Readers Of Port Chester Roundup Had This Information Over One Week Ago.


Maybe, Richard Abel the publisher of the Westmore Snooze had better start having his staff read Port Chester Roundup to keep current.

We guess Richard Abel is too busy plotting with ex-Port Chester Republican Chairman Januez Richards on how to get even with the Town Of Rye. Richard Abel is so upset that the Town Of Rye once again caught his father, Westmore News founder, Bernard Abel, failing to pay all of his property taxes.

Maybe if Richard Abel was not going to all those late night Port Chester, Rye Brook and Rye Town Meetings to bad mouth the Town Of Rye he just might be able to keep up with what's going on in Port Chester.

Plus all of those late night meetings at the Port Chester Coach Dinner plotting with Joe Carvin, Janus Richards and Billy Vilanova is really effecting the quality of the Westmore Snooze.

If you want to give Bernie or Richard a hot news tip why don't you come to the next Rye Town Meeting this Tuesday night and try to talk to them after they are done screaming and yelling for the cable TV cameras.

If you don't want to watch Bernie and Richard scream and yell, drop by the Port Chester Coach Dinner and try to interrupt the Westmore Snooze Republican strategy session.

Then maybe you can tell Richard or Bernie about your community event.

Well here are this weeks Westmore News Stories.

Better Late Than Never.....

Public invited to speak on parking fine increases

The public will have a chance to weigh in on proposed increases in parking fines and extending the hours when meter parking will be enforced in the village when the Port Chester Board of Trustees holds a public hearing Monday night......... [more]
Here Is The Earlier Story
Where The True Blue Conservative Review
Scooped The Westmore Snooze.....
08/10/07 - Let's Really Get Serious About Fines. We Should Start Giving Huge Tickets To Cusamano, Didden and Gianfrancesco.

And Here is Another late Westmore Snooze Story.....

One less candidate for town supervisor

The number of people potentially running for Rye Town supervisor has decreased from four to three after both groups that had submitted petitions to run on the Independence line were knocked off by the Westchester County Board of Elections last week.......... [more]
Here Is The Earlier Story
Where The True Blue Conservative Review
Scooped The Westmore Snooze.....

Of coarse Richard and Bernie Abel missed the story that has tongues wagging all over Port Chester.

The story is that Rye Town Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin finally had his big fund raiser at Oakland Beach at Rye Town Park. Problem is that less than 35 supporters bothered to show up.

This fund raiser appears to have been a complete disaster.

But the story gets better the few supporters that Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin attracted paid big bucks to eat at his beach side party.

However, there was one problem Carvin's caterer never showed up.

Supervisor-Wanna-Be Joe Carvin
Doesn't Have The Beef

Unfortunately, the 30 some party goers that paid big bucks to eat with the Harvard Educated hedge fund guy Joe Carvin, went home hungry.

Word is many of Harvard Educated hedge fund guy's guests had to go through the Mc Donald's drive through window after waiting hours and hours for his caterer to show up.

It is pretty bad when a Harvard Educated hedge fund guy that wants to run Rye Town Park and Crawford Park can't even handle feeding about 30 people at his own political fund raiser.

Worse yet the Harvard Educated hedge fund guy that can't even feed his high paying guests wants to be in charge of all the school and property taxes.

Please don't get me started on how greedy hedge fund guys are destroying the credit and real estate markets.

The housing market has pretty much dried up here in Port Chester.

The liquidity problem caused by these greedy hedge fund guys is killing real estate deals right and left in Port Chester.

The mess that these greedy hedge fund guys are causing is having a rippling effect on the housing market in Port Chester.
Let's face it, if someone with excellent credit can't find a buyer for his existing house, then he probably can't afford to buy your house in Port Chester.
It looks like the Federal Reserve is going to have to use your hard earned tax dollars to bail out these greedy hedge fund guys in order to keep the real estate market from collapsing.
Until this sub prime hedge fund mess is cleaned up it looks like the Port Chester real estate market will be very slow.

The Port Chester real estate market is not totally dead there is still be a weak pulse.

It's not quite the cop's "nothing to see here, move along, move along." and I wouldn't panic......yet.

However, if you wake up one November morning and find a hedge fund guy in charge of school and property taxes.

Run for the hills!!!!
Source: True Blue Conservative Review
Publication Date: August 17, 2007
Reporter: Brian Harrod
Source URL:

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