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Monday, July 23, 2007

Archive 2007 July 23 Port Chester News Wire

“I am a total proponent of affordable home ownership and the fact that it is a tool to use with developers to get some housing for people starting out in the village”

Local housing advocates are dismayed over the defeat of a proposal to require moderate-income housing in new developments downtown.

via The Journal News

Full story: The Journal News

Archive 2007 July 23 Rye Brook Westchester & Beyond

Letters To Journal News About The Death At Playland Park Dominated The Opinion Page

Laurino Rubino Of Port Chester Writes....
Owner of ride put safety first

When I think of Playland, I think of Billy Lukaswitz. As a teenager, a lot of my friends used to work for Billy at Playland, running the Mind Scrambler........

........It is unfortunate that these incidents have occurred. I do not think that any of these rides or games owned and operated by S&L Amusements should be shut down. These rides and games have been a part of Playland history for many, many years.


William R. Lacerenza of New Rochelle writes...
Criticism of Playland is undeserved

The death that occurred at Playland was a very sad event indeed and should have never happened, but I feel there is a lot of unfair scrutiny of Playland and Westchester County.
First, you have to look at the overall picture. Playland, which opened in 1928, did not have the first fatal incident occur at it until 1988......
......The county has also come under fire in regards to Playland because it does not turn a profit and even some people are going as far to say it should be sold.

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