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Monday, October 8, 2007

10/08/07 - Hotel-condo project eyed for United Hospital site in Port Chester

Massive Multifamily Buildings Bring Density To An Already Over Burdened School System.

“People - partly empty nesters, partly young professionals - like the carefree lifestyle of living in a luxury condo with all of the amenities of a full-service, high-end hotel within walking distance of their home.”

First came The Plaza in New York City, then the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains. Now, Port Chester may be poised for its own hotel-condominium complex on the vacant New York United Hospital Medical Center property ... blah ...blah .... blah ....

Not So Full Story Or Should We Say Full OF It Story: The Journal News


You won’t read this in the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze…..

The hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze did not give you all the facts about Brookchester, Wellington Green, The Castle or The Mariner.

Way To Go Aldo….Massive Multi - family Condo Building To Bring More Density To An Already Over Burdened Port Chester School System.

Aldo “The Patronage Boy” Vitagliano is involved with bringing a Hotel And Massive Multi-Family Condo Building Complex on the vacant New York United Hospital Medical Center property on Boston Post Road.


Just what Port Chester needs is another massive multi-family condo building to raise school taxes even more.
This year's 13 1/2% increase in school taxes is killing Port Chester Homeowners.
Brook chester, Wellington Green, The Castle, The Mariner and now Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano brings us more of Bruno Gioffre's condos at the old United Hospital site.
Why isn't Bart "The Bigot" Didden screaming about all of the density that these massive multi-family apartment building is going to bringing to Port Chester?
Aldo “The Parsonage Boy” Vitagliano and the Bruno Gioffre's Developers Are Going To Increase Your School Tax Bill.
Well it's just about time for a 75 Million dollar school bond to build a new school, because of these Massive Multi- Family Condo Buildings.
Maybe we should name the school the Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano elementary school.

Port Chester has to put an end to these Massive Multi – Family Condo buildings.Residents are starting to experience a tunnel effect as they drive around the village.
Brookchester, Wellington Green, The Castle and the Mariner all use the "empty nester" code word to describe their projects. This is done to try and fool the single family homeowners of Port Chester. The developers all argue that these massive multifamily condo buildings are not going to affect the schools, but no developers will not guarantee you that their buildings will not send school taxes even higher.
If Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano, Bruno Gioffree and Starwood want this massive multifamily condo building, then let them pay the cost of educating any children that live there.
Let Aldo "The patronage Boy" Vitagliano, Bruno Gioffre and Starwood pay to build the new elementary school that Port Chester is going to need for Brookchester, Wellington Green, The Castle and the Mariner.

Has Brookchester, Wellington Green, The Castle and The Mariner Developments Reduced Your School And Property Taxes?

10/08/07 - The prize: Region's growing Latino readership

Source: HispanicTrending

For 11 years, El Sol has been the dominant Spanish-language newspaper in Stamford, dispensing news to a growing Hispanic population and drawing lucrative advertising dollars.

But the weekly publication now faces stiff competition from two other newspapers.

El Sol's longtime rival, La Voz Hispana, a New Haven-based weekly, opened a Stamford bureau last September. In November, William Caceres, a former El Sol and La Voz Hispana sales executive, started the biweekly Enfoque Latino....

... a circulation of 6,000 copies in New Haven. Today, the publication distributes 45,000 copies in Connecticut, Port Chester and New Rochelle, N.Y., and Springfield, Mass. The paper began circulating in Stamford in 2000 but didn't open an office in the ...

10/07/07 - Amid license debate, immigrants seek out auto dealers, driver's ed

Source: Journal News

While the debate rages on whether to let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses, Yonkers car dealer Rulaman De Leon is looking at some of the practicalities.

In business for 20 years, he often sees car buyers paying in cash, leaving for a few days and coming back with out-of-state plates and insurance. He can venture a guess that these customers are undocumented immigrants, heading to states where they can get driver's licenses and registrations.

Other potential buyers keep asking if there's some way to get a New York license without a Social Security number.

Those questions are flooding in now, since Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced a new policy Sept. 21....

... in April. 'Oh, God. I'd have to get four more cars, four more instructors,' said Linda O'Shea, who owns the Port Chester Auto School. She turns away a steady stream of immigrants who want to prepare for the road test but have no Social Security ...

Source: GuardDog
I’d have to get four more cars, four more instructors,” said Linda O’Shea, who owns the Port Chester Auto School. She turns away a steady stream of immigrants who want to prepare for the road test but have no Social Security numbers. ...

10/07/07 - Port Chester Boy - Rock arbiter still believes in 'the wisdom of the pop audience'

Rock arbiter still believes in 'the wisdom of the pop audience'

Source: The Morning Call

You might think the man who has had a big say in the music coverage of Rolling Stone since 1997 must be a rock snob by definition. Not so, says Joe Levy, executive editor of the magazine since February 2006.''

I still believe in the pop audience, and in the wisdom of the pop audience, that the pop audience validates interesting music by buying, listening and responding to it,'' says Levy, whose publication has a circulation of 1.3 million and a readership of 13 million.

While there are fewer central figures and the scene is more diffuse, Levy maintains, ''There is still good music near the top of the charts. Young, challenging, inventive rock bands such as such as The Arcade Fire and Spoon put out records that can be in the Billboard Top 20.....

... In the long term I may have be proven correct, but that year I wasn't exactly right.'' Levy, who was born in Port Chester, N.Y., in 1964, remembers the first single he bought was 10cc's ''The Things We Do for Love.'' His first albums were ...

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