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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

01/30/08 - Port Chester Newswire For Wednesday

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Near Clinton’s Home, the Latest ‘Major Event’
New York Times
Ms. Kemp was visiting an aunt in Port Chester when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, destroying her home in Biloxi, Miss. A television reporter gave her ...

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Explorers on Calls?
Where I am in Glenville, explorers are not to respond to emerency calls on a rig and/or with their personal vehicles, however in Port Chester and other surrounding areas, explorers seem to do whatever they want to do. ...
- http://www.emtbravo.net/index.php

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  1. Seven honored by McDonald's

    Journal News

    ... Taylor of Stepinac, White Plains senior guard/forward Sean Kilpatrick, New Rochelle guard Simeon Marsalis, and Port Chester's 6-11 center Jordan Henriquez. All seven players are seniors. A group of 24 players will be selected to compete in the ...

  2. TZ Bridge replacement project gets some new wrinklesRead the original story

    Journal News

    ... commuter train service from Rockland into Tarrytown, along with bus rapid transit running between Suffern and Port Chester; and creating a separate, dedicated busway for BRT service all the way across Westchester. The scenarios are all new and ...

  3. Port Chester mayor rethinks plan to restructure legal department

    Journal News

    PORT CHESTER - A voting rights lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice against the village has prompted the mayor to rethink his plans to restructure the village legal department.

01/30/08 - Meet The Old Boss - Same As The New Boss - No Bid Contracts Are Still Alive And Well In Rye Town

Paul J. Feiner,
Greenburgh Town Supervisor
Let's Ann Marie Berg Cash in Big Time.


Joe Carvin Says Rye Town Employees Need To Be Schooled In Avoiding Illegal Procurement As He Hires Consultant Without Going Out For Fair Open And Completive Bids.


"They, and we, need a seasoned and respected outsider to tell us what's gone wrong, what's right, and what can be done to make the town an outstanding example of quality management and governance."


Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin announced at the first regular meeting of the Rye Town Board that Ann Marie Berg would be hired for an initial payment of $4,000 to advise the town administration about the tasks of purchasing, staffing, budgeting and payroll.

This left many Port Chester Residents asking just what does the high paid Bishop Noitwick do at the Rye Town offices at 10 Pearl Street.

Some Eastchester residents are shocked that Berg will take in this work, outside of her normal duties in Eastchester. Many wonder if her job performance will suffer in Eastchester.

When Rye Town Councilwoman Michele Mendicino why the job wasn't put out for bid, Carvin flippantly responded that time was of the essence.

Ann Marie Berg Is Really Cleaning Up

Ann's Geting At Least Three Government Checks

Release Date: September 17, 2003
Ann Marie Berg, Eastchester Town Comptroller, has been appointed Greenburgh Town Comptroller effective November 3rd, replacing Norah McAvoy. Ms. Berg has been Comptroller of Eastchester since 1997

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