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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27/07 - Port Chester Residents Can Laern English Or Spanish As A Second Language For Free !!!!


Go To 365 Port Chester Every Day And Read About What Is Happening In Port Chester.

First You Read The The Short News Story In English, Then You Compare It To The Exact Spanish Translation.

Soon you will have all of the latest Information About Port Chester and you will also have quickly learn how Spanish is used in real life situations.

For Example:

First Read This:

365 Port Chester: Want to support Hillary Clinton for President?

A petition signing rally to qualify New York delegates for Senator Hillary Clinton on Monday, Nov. 26 at the Port Chester Carver Center, 400 Westchester Ave., Port Chester, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. A free buffet dinner will be served.....


365 Port Chester: Quieres apoyar a Hilary Clinton para Presidente?

Habra una reunion para colectar firmas de votantes en Port Chester registrados con el Partido Democrata. La meta es de recautar muchas firmas para apoyar a Hilary Clinton en su campana presidencial. La reunion tomara lugar el Lunes, 26 de noviembre en el Carver Center, de 6 p.m. a 8 p.m.....


Well Maybe it is because Richard Abel, the so-called publisher and Jananne Abel, the so-called editor of Americana Latina don't speak spanish.

Further, these two rarely interact with the hispanic community of Port Chester. There main interaction with the hispanic community is to exploit the poor hispanic woman that cleans the Americana Latina offices at 38 Broad Street. (We are currently withholding the poor hispanic woman's name, because she appears to be a victim of criminal activity and not a public figure like Richard and Jananne Abel)

Richard And Jananne Abel sure do save a lot of money by not paying for this this poor hispanic woman's disability insurance, social security insurance and unemployment insurance.

I sure hope this poor hispanic woman was not planning on getting social security when she retires from cleaaning the Americana Latina offices.

Please pray that this poor hispanic woman isn't hurt or diabled while cleaning at the Americana Latina offices, or at Richard Abel's father's house in Rye Brook.

If she gets hurt she can not get disability or unemployment benefits, because the greedy Abel's wanted to save a few bucks.

Please Read This Post For More Information About How The Greedy Abel's And American Latina exploit this poor woman.

11/27/07 - Communication Breakdown - There was a detainer warrant. Shoud Port Chester police have arrestted the sex offender and put him in jail?

Jose M. Broudwiack posted the $10,000 bail as set by North Salem Town Justice John J. Johnston Jr. on Oct. 31 and has been free ever since.
Judge Johnston has declined to comment on the bail, and Mackin, the other town justice, handled last night's docket.



"The people have reliable information that the defendant has fled the jurisdiction"


NORTH SALEM - Town Justice Ralph Mackin issued an arrest warrant last night for a convicted sex offender and illegal immigrant who failed to appear in court for arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of failing to register as a sex offender.

Mackin also revoked $10,000 bail for Jose M. Broudwiack, 48, whose last known address was on Sugar Hill Road in the Purdys section of town.

...That information came after Broudwiack was arrested in Port Chester, where he was accused of driving with a suspended license. He failed to appear in Port Chester court Nov. 9 on that misdemeanor charge .....

...State police investigators at the Somers barracks determined that Broudwiack, who also goes by the surname Broudwiack-Lartiga, was convicted in California in 1999 of a sex crime against a child younger than 14. He was in the country illegally at the time. He served time in a California jail and was made to register as a sex offender before being deported to his native Peru in 2003....

...Federal authorities had issued a detainer warrant for Broudwiack after his Oct. 31 arrest by state police in connection with failing to register.

The warrant meant that once Broudwiack was in a holding facility, such as a county jail, he would be held on the warrant, even if he managed to make bail.

But the warrant could never be enforced because Broudwiack never made it to jail....

....Sometime after that, he re-entered the country illegally again and wound up living in Purdys and working at el Palacio de Los Mariscos restaurant on Main Street in Port Chester, authorities said....


Purdys residents outraged over sex offender who skipped bail

The Journal News

NORTH SALEM - Neighbors of an unregistered sex offender who missed his court appearance are outraged no one stopped him before he apparently skipped town.

Jose M. Broudwiack, 48, who failed to appear in court Monday for arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of failing to register as a sex offender, so far has not been found and is believed to have left the area, authorities said. He posted the $10,000 bail set by Town Justice John J. Johnston Jr. on Oct. 31 and has been free ever since. Johnston has declined to comment on the bail.

"Judge Johnston had the power to stop this man, and he dropped the ball," resident Clare Gasparri said last night. "Because he dropped the ball, that man fled the jurisdiction. He will hurt another child, and that will be on Johnston when that happens."

Broudwiack, whose last known address was 2 Sugar Hill Road in the Purdys section of town, was arrested Oct. 31 by state police after they learned he had been living in Purdys for about two years without registering. That information came after Broudwiack was arrested in Port Chester, where he was accused of driving with a suspended license. He failed to appear in Port Chester court Nov. 9 on that misdemeanor charge.....

....."(Johnston's) decision really degraded the efforts of the local and state police," said Dough Dligulil, a resident on Sugar Hill Road.
Dligulil said he was one of the people who went door to door alerting neighbors that Broudwiack was a sex offender and living in their neighborhood.

When asked what he thought of his efforts in light of this latest turn in the case, Dligulil said, "It makes you feel like a ... total schmo. ... I can't believe how many hours I spent on the computer researching this guy. I just had spinal surgery and there I was, limping around door to door to tell people. But what I feel bad about now is that this guy is somewhere, setting up in a new community, maybe next door to some 1-year-old girl, and the family of that little girl has no idea that he's a sex offender ........

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• Video: North Salem sex offender on the loose

11/27/07 -- Forget About That Comic Book Known As Americana Latina - Read Port Chester's One And Only Bilingual Online Newspaper !!!

365 Port Chester: MASTER PLAN Community Meetings

Come to the meetings listed on the flyer and participate in the creation of Port Chester's master plan. The master plan is an important document for the village because it articulates a broad vision for Port Chester's future and directs all development activities. It also guides the City's capital improvement projects. Come and express your views on the strengths and challenges of this community. Let your opinion count!


365 Port Chester: Plan Maestro de Port Chester = Reuniones Comunitarias

El gobierno de Port Chester los invita a participar en varias charlas para dialogar sobre los temas de importancia que ocurre en esta comunidad. Venga y participe. Su voz cuenta. El plan maestro de Port Chester es un documento importante para la municipalidad porque desarrolla una vision amplia para el futuro de Port Chester y tambien dirije todas las actividades de desarrollo y projectos de mejoracion que ocurren aqui. Es muy importante que todos nosotros, como Hispanos, vayamos a dialoguar y hablar sobre los problemas que nos afectan al vivir y trabajar en esta comunidad. No importa si no hablan bien el Ingles, habra traductores.

365PortChester@gmail.com You Are Doing A Great Job And Providing A Much Needed Service To The Residents Of Port Chester. Keep Up The Good Work.


11/26/07 - Are You Ready To Rumble - Port Chester High School's Athletes Are Ready To Wrestle

White Plains Journal News

Port Chester's Tony Carlucci tournament and Rye's Bernie Miller tournament get the wrestling season off to a rousing start this Saturday. ...

11/26/07 - Metro-North customers get a 5 percent discount on cars rented from the Port Chester Train Station. Cars can be rented by the day or hour



"The railroad has worked hard to provide transportation for all people in our region, not just the commuter traveling in and out of Grand Central Terminal every day," said Metro-North President Peter Cannito in a press release. "There are more and more people traveling out of New York, within the suburbs and for sightseeing jaunts. This rental car program has been designed to serve customers who need an end-to-end transportation package."


Connecticut Post - Metro-North Railroad is betting that bringing car rentals to the train stations will help it land more suburbs-bound tourists and commuters.

Monday, the railroad announced an agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to have automobiles available at 23 New York rail stations. The agreement does not extend into Connecticut, where rental cars have been available at two stations for years.

...According to Enterprise's Web site, the day-long cost for renting a car from the Port Chester station can start at $43.82. That does not include the 5 ...


For details about the rentals visit www.mta.info or www.enterprise.com .


San Jose Mercury News

The survey brought good news for one rental car company, however: Enterprise ranked highest in customer satisfaction among rental car companies for a fourth ...

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