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Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Abel's Fables At The Restmore Snooze

Port Chester investigating cause of bulkhead collapse

Village Board set to approve additional spending on Monday

With a multi-million-dollar bill staring at the Village of Port Chester to replace a section of the bulkhead that is collapsing into the Byram River, the village is in the midst of an investigation into the cause of the failure. A new bulkhead could cost the village in excess of $2 million and possibly as much as $4 million.

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla said the village board intends to approve an additional $75,000 worth of expenditures to shore up the bulkhead, dig out stones from behind the bulkhead and determine why it failed at their meeting on Monday. That is on top of $27,000 already allocated for emergency measures.

The initial collapse occurred over the summer, but the bulkhead took a serious turn last month when the structure dangled further into the water......



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