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Friday, November 9, 2007

11/09/07 - Community Events - Go Watch Some Port Chester High School Football

Saturday Kick Off:

Port Chester at Mamaroneck, 1:30 p.m.
Mamaroneck 21, Port Chester 7

11/09/07 - While Real Journalists Are Proud Of Their Balanced Reporting, Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel Is Proud Of Her Family's Maniplurtion and Bias

Last week Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel wrote page after page about how she did not have time to print the democrats letter about how they were not going to the campaign interviews at the Hopelessly Biased Westmore News.

Let's say that Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel is being truthful did not have time or space last week to print the democrats letter about biased reporting at the Westmore News.

What is Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel's excuse this week.

I guess Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel was too busy writing about how Supervisor Elect Joe Carvin credited the Hopelessly Biased Westmore News founder Convicted Tax Cheat Bernard "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel, a Rye Brook resident who cheated Blind Brook school Children, for starting the Tax Vendetta against the town five years ago which eventually led to Mr. Carvin's victory.

When is Jananne "I Am So Phony" Abel going to print the democrat's letter about biased reporting at the Westmore News.

Please Call 939-6864 and tell Jananne I Am So Phony" Abel to cancel your subscription to the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze.

Here are links to this week's We$tmore $nooze ......

(Remember Every Week The Phony Abel's Put An An Ad Saying "Free Internet Access". The Journal News and The New York Times dosen't try and trick it's subscribers.)

2008 Rye Town budget shows a 10% tax decrease
The Abel's are upset that they have to report that the Rye Town Democrat's kept their campaign promise and reduced spending in the 2008 Tentative Budget that was submitted to the town clerk by Town Accountant David Byrnes on Oct. 30. The Democrat's budget reflects a 10.7% town tax reduction for residents of Port Chester, Rye Brook and the Rye Neck section. However, The Abel's are still refusing to print the Democratic letter to the editor detailing the unfair reporting in the Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore News.... [more]

Veterans' Day observance
Veterans' Day will be celebrated in Rye Town with a ceremony on Sunday, Nov. 11 at Veterans’ Memorial Park, corner of Westchester Avenue and North Regent Street, at 11 a.m.The guest speaker will be Port Chester Mayor Dennis... [more]

Holiday sanitation schedule
Despite the Veterans’ Day holiday on Monday, Nov. 12, there will be no change in the regular sanitation, recycling or curbside pickup schedule in either Rye Brook or Port Chester this week.... [more]

School uses tree lesson to plant seeds of knowledge
Three new trees growing in Edison schoolyardFor much of the fall quarter, a group of second-grade students at Edison Elementary School in Port Chester learned about trees.On the morning of Oct. 29, they helped... [more]

Scary displays
A blowup hearse was the center of this scary Halloween scene at 6 Park Ave., Port Chester, on Oct. 31.A giant spider web and some scary characters comprised this montage at 48 Park Ave. set up on Halloween... [more]

A night to remember
Wanda the Witch (front right) flew into first grade on Halloween Eve to teach a phonics lesson on “w” and “wh” words. After the lesson had been taught in school that day, Wanda the Witch, Pat Levine, along with Ridge... [more]

11/09/07 - Port Chester Roundup Wants To Sincerely Thank Richard Fable Of The Westmore News For Mentioning Us In His Hopelessly Biased Rag.

Port Chester Roundup will personally answer all emails sent to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

For example here is an email we got yesterday.....


I enjoy reading your blog, especially the creative use of typography and headlines and the images. (Is that really a picture of you in the profile?)

[Response:] No that guy is much more handsome I am. Believe it or not I am a cranky one eyed reporter that types with one finger.
Further, I would like to appoligize to all the readers of this blog and to the readers of the True Blue Conservative Review for all of the typos. Unfortunately, my visual handicap gets in the way at times.
Hoerever, if you do notice a typo and I will correct it immediately.

I noticed you haven't covered yesterday's elections yet - I would be interested to read your take on it, given what you've had to say about the situation so far in the other stories on your blog.

[Response:] I admit I was a bit slow to report on the Bernie Fable's Rye Town Tax Vendetta Victory. Basically, I must admit I was somewhat angry seeing that miserable Bernie Fable and the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore News getting all that revenge against the Town Of Rye.

However, here are some links about the election.....

I look forward to reading your comments, and I hope you'll keep at it.

[Response:] I am planning on continuing Port Chester Roundup and Rye Brook Roundup. However, I am going to try a become more fair and balanced in my reporting. I don't want to continue being like Bernie and Richard Fable and the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore News.

I would appreciate it if you and other readers of Port Chester Roundup gave me some guidance on the proper tone for the blog. Unlike Bernie and Richard Fable I am willing to listen to my readers.

PS - I found out about your blog through the Westmore News! I like to read every one's perspective on an issue.

[Response:] Several people have told me they have started reading the blog, because of the Westmore News front page story that kept mentioning this blog. I really must thank Richard Fable for letting all of his readers know about my blog.

You also may get even more perspectives on Port Chester. I had a newspaper publisher contact and meet with me and another person from Port Chester. The publisher reads Port Chester Roundup and is considering developing a second Port Chester newspaper.

Thank you,

Name Withheld By Port Chester Roundup so that the vindictive Bernie Fable and the Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze Can't seek revenge.

11/09/07 - Meaghan Francella finished the first round at an 8-over par 80 and in next to last place.

Source: The Journal News

Port Chester native Meaghan Francella opened her round with back-to-back bogeys at the LPGA Tournament of Champions in Mobile, Ala....

11/09/08 - Reposted From Rye Brook Roundup - Morabito And The Loss Of The Rye Brook Democratic Base

Source: Journal News

RYE TOWN - Swept to victory by a large voter turnout in Rye Brook and crossover support from Democratic voters, the Republican slate led by Joseph Carvin on Tuesday reclaimed the Town Board for their party for ...

Read More About This Election:

Source: Rye Brook Roundup ( http://ryebrookroundup.blogspot.com/ )

11/09/07 - New Chef at Nessa in Port Chester

Alberto Guzman, who was the sous chef at Nessa — and who has been preparing everything from stocks to the homemade gnocchi since the restaurant opened — is the new chef at the restaurant, according to owner Mark Tessitore. Guzman used to cook at Harry’s of Hartsdale before Nessa.

In the comments on this post here, Jake said he’d heard the quality of the food has suffered. That I can’t say, because I haven’t been back, but I do remember loving my food on my first visit. Click here to see photos and a review.

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