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Monday, August 27, 2007

08/27/07 - Review - At Paleteria Fernandez, Popsicles Are The Prize. You'll Find Mexican Varieties Like Tamarind, Mango With Chili, And Rice Pudding



Though it waves in English speakers with the label "ice cream shop," at Paleteria Fernandez, popsicles are the prize. You'll find typical Mexican varieties like tamarind, mango with chili, and "rice pudding" as well as familiar friends like cherry, lemon, and lime, but my instincts sent me looking to the far end of the spectrum. ("I think that's spicier than you'll like it, sir," the counterman said, though not quite in those words.)

The pico de gallo, a mosaic of cucumber, mango, and jicama with orange, chili, salt, and pepper, is, indeed, a spicy popsicle — spicy enough that I chased it with a simpler, creamier guanabana (soursop) paleta not long after.

Even though Paleteria Fernandez seems to have an eye on wholesale business — the popsicles are sold in clear wrappers branded with the shop's name — the paletas themselves are idiosyncratic to a fault. The pico de gallo was aggressively spicy, and the guanabana still contained a few fibers from the soursop that flavored it. (For that matter, the pico de gallo was also presented as the "roaster's mix," the guanabana, as "sour soup.") And at $2 to $2.50, they're about twice the price you'll usually pay for a paleta. Artisinal popsicle, anyone?

Paleteria Fernandez
33 North Main St.,

Port Chester, New York


Publication Date: August 27, 2007

Reporter: Dave Cook


This slab of focaccia ($2.75) was so large and so soft you could use it for a pillow, except that you'd be picking olives, onions, and roasted red peppers out of your hair. Other eat-on-the-spot choices include ready-made sandwiches, salads, and the like, but the main attraction is the bread — perhaps 20 varieties, each hand-labeled with name and pedigree. Sweeter options include macaroons, croissants, and a reverse-engineered "Ring Ding."

The Kneaded Bread

181 North Main St.,

Port Chester, New York


Reporter: Dave Cook


Waggin' Tail cream soda (12 fl. oz.; $1.50), one of three Freaky Dog flavors, is sweetened with cane sugar rather than corn syrup (and at that price, it had better be); otherwise, just OK.

Marini's Deli

340 Willett Ave.,

Port Chester


Reporter: Dave Cook

08/27/07 - For today's Web-savvy youths, "R.I.P." pages on Facebook and MySpace and tribute videos posted on YouTube.



HAVERSTRAW - At first, Juan Serra thought it was all a bad joke.

A friend beckoned him to his backyard on April 21 and said, "Jensy died in a car crash last night."

Then Serra looked up the street, where their 17-year-old neighbor and North Rockland High School classmate lived, and saw the crying crowds beginning to form.

Shock turned to sorrow, then Serra turned to his laptop. Within hours, a group dedicated to Jensy Mendez's memory appeared on Facebook, a social networking Web site popular with teens and young adults. Within days, hundreds of members had joined, sharing their memories and photos of the athletic young man........

........"It makes me feel like I'm not alone," said Brendon Barnwell, 19, of Port Chester, who created the "R.I.P. Justin Miceli" group on Facebook.

Noting that the group now has more than 1,700 members, he smiled and added, "Justin always used to bring people together. Even now, he's bringing people together.".........

In compliance with copyright and fair use standards, this story has been truncated. Please click on the Source URL link below to read the entire story.

Source: Journal News

Publication Date: August 26, 2007

Reporter: Nicole Neroulias at nnerouli@lohud.com or 914-694-3527.



Some of the online memorials to Lower Hudson Valley youths, taken verbatim, and their titles:

Facebook Requires an account to view groups

Dominique Alice Blakely, 19, Pelham: "In Memoriam: Dominique Alice Blakely"

Colin Marren, 20, Rye: "RIP Colin Marren"

Jensy Mendez, 17, Haverstraw: "A Rememberance For Jensey Mendez"

Justin Miceli, 19, New Rochelle: "R.I.P. Justin Miceli"

Justin Wagner, 17, Mahopac: "Justin Wagner #45 ['07-'08 Is For You]"


Karesse Ebron, 16, Spring Valley: "I am the Resurrection and the LIfe: He who believs in me even if he dies, shall live: and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die." And "qone but never forqotten. thisz is for you karesse. [r.i.p]"


Emily Cornish, 16, Yorktown: "Slideshow for Emily" and "In Loving Memory of Emily Cornish!"

Justin Miceli, 19, New Rochelle: "RIP Justin"

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