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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Campaign 2013: Fundraiser Boosts Three-Man Ticket in Port Chester Village Election

Members of the three-man " Standing Up for Port Chester Taxpayers " ticket in the March 19 Port Chester elections were cheered on by about 85 supporters Thursday night in a fundraiser at The Willett House .

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/campaign-2013-fundraiser-boosts-three-man-ticket-in-port-chester-village-election

Port Chester Police Investigating Rape Charge on Poningo Street

Port Chester police are investigating an incident at a Poningo Street home, where a man living with friends has been accused of rape.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/port-chester-police-investigating-rape-charge-on-poningo-street

Remember to Change Your Clocks for Daylight Saving Time 2013

By now, most people in Port Chester have noticed that daylight is beginning a little earlier each morning.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.patch.com/articles/remember-to-change-your-clocks-for-daylight-saving-time-start-2013

The $220,000 In Back Taxes That Sam Terenzi Owes New York State Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

The Mean Lean Truth Telling Machine, Known As, Port Chester Roundup Has Once Again Broke A Story That All Of The Stenographers In The Local Newspapers Were Afraid Of..... No one wanted to break this story, because they were afraid of the very vindictive Sam Terenzi of Port Chester, but Brian Harrod, who is the Port Chester Roundup Editor, put the story out there on Port Chester Roundup and now Gannett's Journal News just grew a pair of Journalistic balls and reported the decade long story that no one wanted to report Unfortunately, the editor and Publisher of Port Chester's Westmore News is still in self induced coma and refuses to pull his head out of the sand. Richard Able the editor and publisher of the Westmore News certainly doesn't want to report this story, because the paper was founded by Bernie Able, who also forgot to pay over 100 Rye Town property tax obligations. In fact, Richard Abel has told people that he is not going to an article about Sam Terenzi's failure to pay federal and state income taxes for over ten years, because it would be "too political so close to the election". Maybe someone should tell Richard Abel that it IS political for a newspaper to refuse to report on a trustee that has not paid taxes for a decade. Too often the Westmore News publisher tries to be a king maker, instead of reporting the news to Port Chester residents. There is a reason that Richard Able wont go down to town hall at 10 Pearl Street and ask Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Carvin if 25% of the payments going to Terenzi are being sent to the IRS. Richard Able isn't going to ask Joe Carvin for a copy of Terenzi W-9, because good ole Joe Carvin gave his family that massive payout, even though Bernie Abel had got cheating on his property taxes in Florida. One of the reasons that there is so much corruption in Port Chester is because the local newspaper is a political whore that seeks favors from Port Chester and Rye Town politicians. You can get more breaking Port Chester Roundup news reports here:

via Port Chester Newswire http://www.topix.com/city/port-chester-ny/2013/03/the-220-000-in-back-taxes-that-sam-terenzi-owes-new-york-state-is-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg

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