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Friday, April 3, 2015

Best Gas Prices In And Around Harrison

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. Before the weekend begins, find out where the best gas prices are in the Harrison, Rye and Port Chester areas.

via Port Chester Newswire http://harrison.dailyvoice.com/business/best-gas-prices-and-around-harrison-21

Port Chester man beats DUI rap in Stamford

A Port Chester, N.Y. man arrested nearly five years ago and accused of causing an accident on the Merritt Parkway while being three times over the legal limit and stinking of alcohol ' and later admitting to running away from the scene ' has been found not guilty by a Stamford jury. Following a seven-day trial, Samuel Hernandez , 36, walked out of court Thursday a free man, but will be back.

via Port Chester Newswire http://www.greenwichtime.com/policereports/article/Port-Chester-man-beats-DUI-rap-in-Stamford-6177705.php

Sleep Apnea-The Truth About Catching Some Z's

... the best treatment options," adds Lehrman. Westchester Medical Center is proud to support community news & The Port Chester Daily Voice. Visit westchestermedicalcenter.com to learn more.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.dailyvoice.com/lifestyle/sleep-apnea-truth-about-catching-some-z-s

Pace School Of Education Presents End-Of-Year Events

... should contact Jennifer Argenta at argenta@pace.edu. Pace University is proud to be a content partner with The Port Chester Daily Voice. Visit pace.edu to learn more.

via Port Chester Newswire http://portchester.dailyvoice.com/events/pace-school-education-presents-end-year-events

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