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Thursday, December 13, 2007

12/13/07 - Was 125 Poningo Up To Code? - Were all of the smoke detectors and alarms funtioning properly?


Eight hospitalized, several rescued after Christmas tree sparks Port Chester blaze


“People were yelling to get out. I ran and told my dad and we got out.”


A three-alarm fire sparked by a burning Christmas tree last night trapped several residents and sent eight people, including a baby, to hospitals, officials said.

The fire broke out shortly before 6:40 p.m. at 125 Poningo St. in Apartment A6, at the back of the four-story brick building, said Fire Chief Charles Nielson.

Village firefighters rescued residents trapped by intense smoke on the third floor.

Though the fire was quickly brought under control, eight people suffered smoke inhalation and were taken to hospitals, Nielson said. One was a firefighter, who was taken to a hospital for burns to his knees....


"I tried to get the extinguisher to try to put it out," Peterson said. "But I was so nervous I couldn't make it work."

Peterson ran out of the apartment and down the hallway to find another extinguisher.

...."I started yelling up and down the hall, 'There's a fire! ... Everyone get out!' And I was banging on doors," he said. "I was banging and screaming and I tried, I tried to get those people out....

...A man came out into the hallway. Peterson told him to call 911. The men then agreed that Peterson would alert the people on the second floor, while the other man should run up and tell those on the third floor....

....Jose Nigron, the building supervisor, said he was working just before the fire started.

"I was in the basement and I hear 'boom!'" he said.

Someone told him to call 911, which he did. He then went outisde and saw two people screaming at a third-floor window, overcome by blinding smoke that made it impossible to find the fire escape.....

....Francisco Gudino, 18, was on the third floor with his family in their apartment at the front of the building.

"I just heard screaming," he said. "People were yelling to get out. I ran and told my dad and we got out."

There wasn't too much smoke in the hallway, he said, but at least a dozen people were running through the hallway along with the Gudinos trying to get out. He said he heard that people were trapped in the back portion of the third floor and that there was smoke blocking the stairs to get out.

"I was just so worried about my family getting out," he said of his parents, younger brother and sister. "I just tried to keep track of where they were. We ran out a back stairway."....
It sounds like precious minutes were wasted.
There should have been a fire alarm pull station next to the hallway fire extinguisher.
Instead of residents telling each other to call 911. They should have used the fire alarm pull station to immediately call the Port Chester Fire Department.

No Port Chester Building Department Personnel Went To The Hospital, Because Of This Fire.
However, A Port Chester Fire Fighter Went To The Hospital With Burns To His Knees.
It Is Crazy That The Port Chester Building Department Conducts Fire Inspections In Port Chester.


12/13/07 - Port chester Native Victor Hernandez, a sophomore on the men's soccer team at Mercer County Community College, named an All-American

The Times

... College, has been named an All-American by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. A native of Port Chester, New York, Hernandez has played two seasons with the MCCC Vikings, who advanced to the national tournament both years. As part of ...

12/13/07 - The Shame Of Port Chester - Bart "The Bigot" Didden

National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association Immediate Past President Cecil Hogan with his good buddy Imfamous Port Chester racist Bart "The Bigot" Didden

Everyone in Port CHester knows about our infamous village racist, Bart Didden, who sent out the racist flyer during the mayoral village elections last march.

The flyer, as has been mentioned before, targeted Hispanics and Ms. Lopez, then Trustee Pilla's campaign manager. The flyer was a racial appeal for all non-Hispanic voters to not vote for Pilla because of his association with Lopez and the Hispanic community.

This writer has reported previusly that everything came to light when Didden was asked to testify at the federal court about his involvement with this flyer with the participation of Trustee John Crane and then Chair of teh Board of Education, Dom Bencivenga.

But the story does not end there people. THis writer has discovered by means of the Jounal News blog that Didden continues to attack Lopez and the Hispanic community, here are some examples....

And Here Is The Translation from 365 Port Cheter ....

Toda la gente de Port Chester, conoce al racista infamoso del pueblo llamado, Bart Didden, quien mando un folleto anonimo durante las eleciones para la posicion de alcalde el Marzo pasado. El boletin acusaba a la srta. Lopez de solo representar a la comunidad Hispana y que todo lo que ella mandaba, el alcalde (entonces candidato) dennis pilla, tenia que obedecer. Aparte de eso, el boletin hacia un llamadao a toda la gente no hispana a que votaran en contra de Pilla por su asociacion con la comunidad Hispana, por medio de su consejera politica, quien era la srta. Lopez.

Este escritor habia escrito en previos mensajes, que todo salio a la luz cuando Bart Didden tuvo que testificar en la corte federal, y es ahi cuando admitio que el habia creado este boletin anonimo con la ayuda del Concejal John Crane, y el ex-presidente de la Junta de Educacion, Dom Bencivenga, que fue derrotado este ano durante las elecciones de educacion el mayo pasado.

Pero el cuento no para ahi... hemos descubierto, al hacer una investigacion por medio del Journal News y su blog de escritores, que el senor didden sigue atacando a la srta. lopez y a los Hispanos en general, aqui hay algunos ejemplos.....

Why wont Bart "The Bigot" Didden stop attacking the Hispanic Community Of Port Chester.

Maybe Port Chester Hispanics should check and see if their home and business alarm services are provided by USA Central Alarm or All Time Detection which are owned by Bart "The Bigot" Didden.

12/11/07 - Driver Tasered, accused of DWI after leading Rye Brook, Port Chester police on a 15-minute chase

“There's a lot of people that were lucky their cars didn't get hit”

A 51-year-old man is accused of driving drunk after leading police on a 15-minute slow-speed chase through Rye Brook and Port Chester before police and an electronic stun gun stopped him early today, police ...

Update: Readers Comments About
The News Story At Lohud:

I hope this guy gets the max, but keep in mind that bail is not meant to be punitive. Your anger is mis-directed.Posted by: Romulus on Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:16 am

'Tis the season of office parties and getting loaded.Posted by: Plainer09 on Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:01 am

This barely rivals the idiot who did 100 mph running from the police with a 14 month old in the car -- that was only $200 bail. Maybe they knocked off 50 bucks because that guy wasn't obviously drunk. A joke, indeed. Someone will inevitably get killed at Christmas time by someone like these guys.Posted by: Felix Katya on Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:10 pm

They probably woke him up in the middle of a bad dream.Posted by: Plainer09 on Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:34 pm

$250 in bail!!! This has to be a joke of the sickest sort. This guy's bombed and throttling a few thousand pounds of potential horror and he gets treated like this? Throw him in jail...for a long time..and save us in the process.Posted by: DenisIan on Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:48 pm

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