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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10/30/07 - Football roundup: Brewster defeats Port Chester 21-14

Brewster 21, Port Chester 14: At Port Chester

10/30/07 - The Unfair Abell Tax Vendetta Is Comming To An End - The Fair And Balanced Gannett Editorial Board Endoses Morabito, Lagana and Borrelli

The Gannett Editorial Board Endorses Morabito, Lagana and Borrelli



"The Republicans have made strong charges of corruption and cronyism in this campaign. However, the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee, an independent volunteer body formed in 1991 by the League of Women Voters of Westchester, found such charges unfair and unsubstantiated."


It's hard to argue with the experience that the three incumbent Democrats bring to the Rye Town Board, as hard as their Republican challengers have tried.

Supervisor Robert Morabito, deputy commissioner of environmental facilities for Westchester County, has been on the board for 14 years - seven as supervisor and another seven as councilman.

Dominick Lagana, an engineer, adds another 12 years of experience as councilman, and Michael Borrelli, who owns an insurance agency in town, was first elected to the Town Board in 1997. All three are also running with Conservative and Working Families support.

As in years past, the Editorial Board endorses Morabito, Lagana and Borrelli, thius time to voters in next Tuesday's election. Again, we commend them and the rest of the board for having the political courage to undertake a townwide revaluation to reduce tax inequities and generate more corporate income for the town's villages and school districts. We wish other towns and cities would do the same.

More recently, the board has been working toward the installation of a legacy sports complex at Port Chester Middle School, beefing up flood-mitigation efforts for the Blind Brook River, and overseeing many improvements at town parks using state, county and federal grants.

This year, Morabito is facing a spirited challenge for his supervisor post from Republican Joseph Carvin, a hedge fund manager who lost a bid for a Town Board seat in 2005. We endorsed him in that campaign.

Joining Carvin on the Republican line for the two Town Board seats are David Gelfarb, an attorney who is active in the Bellefair Homeowners Association, and Robert Nioras, a management consultant. Town Board members serve four-year terms, and supervisors serve for two years.

The Republicans have made strong charges of corruption and cronyism in this campaign. However, the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee, an independent volunteer body formed in 1991 by the League of Women Voters of Westchester, found such charges unfair and unsubstantiated.


Year After Year I Have Seen Political Ads And Inserts In The Westmore News That Mentioned Or Reprinted Entire Journal News Editorial Endorsements.

I Think Morabito, Lagana and Borrelli should all chip in and buy some ad space in the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore News.

Morabito, Lagana and Borrelli should print this endorsement so that the Westmore News readers that have had to endure pages and pages of the Abel's Tax Vendetta against the citizens of the Town Of Rye can hear the other side.

But we all know that Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel would reject the ad, because the Westmore News is all Carvin Distotions all the time.

Let's Put An End To Abel's Fables.



and tell Bernie "I Forgot To Pay 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel to cancel your subscription to The Hopelessly Biased We$tmore $nooze.

Port Chester has enough of Abel's Fables.

Richard And Jananne Abel Are Treating Their Subscribers Like Mushrooms.

Why are the Subscribers to the hopelessly biased Westmore News paying to be kept in the dark and have tons of manure dumped on them?

10/30/07 - - All Of Westchester County Is Interested In The New And Inovative Open Call For Trustees That Was Proposed By Mayor Dennis Pillla.



"We have 12 very diverse candidates in terms of their experiences," Pilla said. "I'm proud that several of these people have no prior political affiliation since I am looking forward to bringing diversity of opinion and more objectivity to the board."


Self-nominated trustee candidates, from former elected officials to political newcomers, are expected to speak at a public meeting tonight about why they deserve to be selected for two open seats on the village board.

A dozen residents responded to an open call by Mayor Dennis Pillla for trustee candidates. The board is seeking to fill posts that became vacant after a federal judge halted the March 20 trustee election......

......Each candidate will have the opportunity to speak for up to five minutes tonight about major issues and opportunities in the village and how to address them. Candidates also may discuss their motivation to serve.

The board's goal is to appoint two new trustees at its meeting on Monday. The new trustees, who will be paid an annual salary of $5,200 each, are expected to serve until the March village election, when all seats except Pilla's and Democrat Daniel Brakewood's are set to expire.

The village is awaiting a judge's decision on whether its current at-large election method - in which trustees are elected in a village-wide vote - violates the federal Voting Rights Act. That decision will help determine whether the village can continue using its at-large system or must abandon it for one in which trustees are elected from different districts.....


Of Coarse The Obnoxious Bart "The Bigot" Didden is going to be asking Mayor Dennis Pila, Deputy Mayor Dominick Cicatelli, Trustee Brakewood, Trustee Crain And Trustee Sorensen to vote for his ignorant ass even though he is a lawbreaker who operates a business out of a building with no certificate of occupancy.

Let's see if Bart "The Bigot" Didden listens to Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Vilanova and apologizes to the Hispanic Community and Blanca Lopez, who will also be at the meeting.

The entire Port Chester Republican Committee published a letter asking for Bart "The Bigot" Didden to apologize for his two page racist flier, but the pig headed lunatic Didden refuses.

Now the insane Bart "The Bigot" Didden wants Republican trustees and a Republican Deputy Mayor to cast a vote for him.

Bart "The Bigot" Didden is like a crazy Pink EverReady Bunny that just keeps getting rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected.....

Good Luck To:

Anthony Saline, Two -Term Democratic trustee

Blanca Lopez - Housing Assistance Councilor at a Port Chester social service agency.

Ralph Rescigno, a sales manager and construction estimator

Ariel Acosta, pastor of Centro Cristiano Nueva Vida

Gregory Adams, Carver Center Board of Directors.
Brenda Crandell, a tax attorney

Dominic Carlucci, former village police officer

Vincent Coakley, licensed engineer.
Marie Pugliese, an executive assistant

Joseph Kenner, treasury manager at PepsiCo

Walter Quiroz, tax consultant and retired plant supervisor

Source: The Patent Trader

10/30/07 - Rye Town Debate Notes - Who Won The Debate Between Bobby Moribito And Joe Carvin?

Michael Borrelli Calmly Exposes

Westmore News And Republican Lies.

As usual Joe Carvin spit out the usual recycled unfair and biased lies of Bernie Abel's Town Crier Column from the hopelessly biased rag know as the Westmore Snooze.

As usual Carvin was a loudly and obnoxiously continued the Abel's Tax Vendetta against the Town By making false and wild accusations.

And as usual Rye Town Supervisor Bobby Moribito refused to lower himself to Joe Carvin's level and be negative. Supervisor Moribito talked about the continued fight against the airport, the Legacy Field, the new trees planted in the park, the new walking trails at Crawford park, the new energy efficient lights to be installed at Town Hall, the possibility of new Senior Housing at next to the Legacy Park site, the new flood control plans, etc., etc.

But what Supervisor Moribito fails to understand is that everyone in Port Chester has heard Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin and that wack job Richard Abel falsely say the Town is corrupt. These unfair claims need to be exposed as for what they are - LIES.

Lucky, Deputy Supervisor Michael Borrelli answered their unsubstantiated and false claims in a matter of fact and calm manner. It's about time that Carvin and the wacko Abel's were exposed in a public forum.

When the Republicans screamed about audits Deputy Supervisor Borrelli told them that the reason that you conduct an audit is that you are looking to find areas that you can improve on.

Deputy Supervisor Borrelli further explained that the auditors pointed out some problems with Sam "I Sure Am Sleazy" Terrenzi, the former Rye Town accountant and the Town Board got rid of him a couple of years ago.

Now, of coarse, the disgruntled Sam "I Sure Am Sleazy" Terenzi is a top 5 Joe Carvin individual campaign contributor and a close advisor (or should I say Liar) to Mr. Carvin.

Basically, Sam "I Sure Am Sleazy" Terrenzi has Joe Carvin blaming Supervisor Moribito for screw ups caused by Mr. Terenzi himself.

Deputy Supervisor Michael Borrelli correctly and truthfully pointed out that since Sam "I sure Am Sleazy" Terenzi left the Town the fund balance has been able to grow, while taxes have been cut two years in a row.

Three Cheers to Dominick Lagana for speaking up for the hard working Rye Town employees. It is so unfair that they have been treated so bad by the Abels, Carvin, Gelfarb and Noiras.

The Rye Town Employees should not be unfairly picked on just because Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel got caught cheating on his taxes again.

Plus Dominick Lagana's closing remarks at the debate brought on a spontaneous round of applause even though the League Of Women Voters asked that the audience not applaud for candidates.

But the Rye Town residents just loved when Dominick Lagana stuck up for the Rye Town Professional Staff and exposed the unfair and unsubstantiated lies cumming from Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin and the hopelessly biased rag known as the Westmore Snooze.
Help Bring An End To The Abel's Tax Vendetta Against
The Town Of Rye.
Do Not Patronize Businesses Who Advertise Or Are Are Affiliated With The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze.
Also Call
And Tell Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel To Cancel Your Subsription.

10/30/07 - When Is Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin Going To Accept Responsibility For The Rye Town Town Republican's Losing An Independent Line?


It is really not that hard to get an indepent line in the Town Of Rye as long as your honest and follow the rules.

Anyone can get an independent line with or without political party support if they want one.

I mean Goldie Soloman and that wacko Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel even went and got independent lines with any political party support what so ever.

I mean even the author of this blog, Brian "The True Blue Conservative" Harrod got on the ballot in the Town Of Greenwich with no political party supporrt.

Of coarse Goldie Solomon and that wacko Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel who got shallacked in their attempts to get elected.

Yes, it is true Goldie Solomon and that wacko Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" lost every single voting district including thier own voting district.

It also true that the True Blue Conservative was sucessful elected as a legislator in Greenwich.

It is really very easy to get put on the ballot on an independent line. You just collect signatures correctly and honestly.

You get enough honest signatures and your on the ballot.

Maybe, if Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin and Sam "I Am So Sleazy" Terenzi had not been so busy trying to take over and manipulate the Conservative Party Line, then maybe he could have gotten his so-called independent line Truth in Government.

But Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin often makes mistakes and does not want to take responsibility for them.

For example, when Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin got the goofy David Gelfarb to represent him in court. Everyone knew that the goofy David Gelfarb was not an election law expert and was in over his head.

The Goofy David " Don't Blame Me I Am Not An Election Law Specialist" Gelfarb, Esq.

But, did Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin say,"Gee maybe it was a mistake to get the goofy David " Don't Blame Me I Am Not An Election Law Specialist" Gelfarb."

No Joe "The Cry Baby" Carvin blamed the laws and the democrats and kept mumbling someting about some,"Byzantine confluence of laws that prevent average citizens from participating in the democratic process."

What ever the hell that means.

Let's face it the True Blue Conservative, Goldie Solomon and that wacko Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel never went to harvard but some how we were smart enough to figure out the "Byzantine Confluence Of Laws".

Plus, the True Blue Conservative, Goldie Solomon and that wacko Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel did not waste our money on a goofy attroney like David " Don't Blame Me I Am Not An Election Law Specialist" Gelfarb.

10/30/07 - A Slice Of Port Chester History - Back When There Really Was A Port In Port Chester

Source: Bangor Daily News

... Co.; A.F. Kindberg, New York, Eastern Mfg. Co.; Irene E. Meservey, New York, Eastern Mfg. Co.; Lottie Beard, Port Chester, Sargent Lumber Co.; Rosa Muller, Bridgeport, Sterns Lumber Co.; Sarah A. Blaisdell, Boston, Smith Planing Mill Co.; and the C. ...

10/30/07 - It's Time For These Fancy Nancy Milionaires And The Westmore Snooze To Stop Attacking The Hard Working Employees Of The Town Of Rye

Year after year the professional staff of the Town Of Rye gets unfairly attacked because of the Abbel's Tax Vendetta. It time that we started rewarding and recognizing the hard work of the Rye Town employees.


No Body Can Do It Faster, Better or Cheaper Than The Employees Of The Town Of Rye.


Every month the lunatic Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel goes on cable TV and criticises and distorts the hard work that is done at the Town Of Rye.

Supervisor Wanna Be Joe Carvin has talked about eliminating town employees.

Over and over know it all politicians in Port Chester, Rye Neck and most recently Rye Brook have talked about taking over town services in their area of the Town.

Over the years these know it all politicians have ordered four independent reports that have studied eliminating the Town Of Rye, and each and Evey report has said that no village or unincorporated area can provide the services better, faster or cheaper than the employees of the Town Of Rye.

These know it all politician have spent between $250,000 and $500,000 for four independent reports that said it will cost taxpayers more money if the Town is eliminated.

Just how many times do these know it all politician have to waste taxpayer dollars to get the same answer time and time again.

The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore Snooze Will Never Tell You That No other Westchester Town Or City Delivers The Services That The Town Of Rye Delivers At A Lower Cost.

Now we have another know it all politician wanna be named Robert Nioras calling for the Town Of Rye to hire an expensive Town Manager and we have the other know it all politician wanna be named David Gelfarb calling for an expensive Town Purchasing Manager.

Are These Guys Nuts.

We don't need to spend 1.9 Million Tax Dollars on these two very expensive positions, just because the Abel's and the Westmore News have a vendetta against the town.

Town Managers and Purchasing Managers need benefits, retirement and expense accounts.

Forget about it already.

Let's give the Town employees a little bit of a raise in pay for all the Town employees and tell them thank you for a job very well done.

I would like to see Carvin, Gelfarb and Nioras try and run the Rye Town Receiver of Taxes office for just one day. It's about time that these know it all millionaire wanna be politicians did an honest days work for an honest days pay.

Let's face it these Fancy Nancy Millionaire Boys would not last a week at Rye Town Beach or Crawford Park.

And For The Record I Would Not Ever Leave Richard "The Rye Town Drama Queen" Abel Or Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel Alone In Any Rye Town Government Office. I just Don't Trust Those Two Weasels.

10/30/07 - Port Chester Sports Coverage From The Journal News

Area high school events: Scores and schedule

Yesterday's results Football Brewster 21, Port Chester 14 Spring Valley 39, Panas 19 Boys soccer Section 1 playoffs Opening round Class B Westlake 2, Dover 1 Other games: Harvey 9, Soundview Prep 1 ...

Francella shoots 71; Wagner still playing

Port Chester native Meaghan Francella shot a final-round 71 for a total of 290 at the Honda LPGA Thailand yesterday.

Girls tennis championships highlight today's varsity schedule

... state tournament Here's the full schedule of today's area varsity events: Today's events Football Brewster at Port Chester, 4 p.m. Boys soccer Section 1 playoffs Class B Dover at Westlake, 3 p.m. Girls soccer Section 1 playoffs Quarterfinals Class A ...

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