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Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12/07 - Greedy Richard Fable ThePublisher Of The Hopelessly Biased Westmore News Are Slowly Becoming Extinct.

Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel And The Hopelessly Bias Rag Known As The Westmore News Are Becoming Extinct.

The Fable Family will be done in by their greed.

More and More Free Online News Papers Are Providing Local News

Check Out These Nearby Online Newspapers

Look At How Much Free Online News The Journal News Provides Port Chester Residents Last Week...

Francella shoots 74 in final round of LPGA's Tournament of Champions
Monday, Nov 12, 2007
Port Chester native Meaghan Francella shot a final-round 74 yesterday to finish with a four-day total of 8-over par 296 at The Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions in Mobile, Ala. Francella won $11,164 of the $1 million total purse.
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Ceremonies honor veterans throughout the county
Monday, Nov 12, 2007
Matthew Ribuffo clicked his heels and snapped a hand to his brow as the Port Chester American Legion band played taps. He held himself as tall as a 10-year-old can and saluted his great uncle and other veterans. Ribuffo never knew his great uncle,...
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Rye town property taxes could decrease in '08
Friday, Nov 9, 2007
RYE TOWN - Residents of Port Chester, Rye Brook and the Rye Neck section of Mamaroneck would see a 10.7 percent decrease in town property taxes next year under the town's $4 million tentative budget. The 2008 plan calls for an $84,000 boost in spe...
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Morabito cites loss of Democratic base in defeat
Thursday, Nov 8, 2007
RYE TOWN - Swept to victory by a large voter turnout in Rye Brook and crossover support from Democratic voters, the Republican slate led by Joseph Carvin on Tuesday reclaimed the Town Board for their party for the first time in 16 years. Carvin ou...
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Pair in Port Chester face felony drug charge
Wednesday, Nov 7, 2007
PORT CHESTER - Police seized about $7,000 worth of marijuana last night from a Bush Avenue basement, police said. Detective Frank Suppa, armed with a search warrant, found two Port Chester men seated at a table with four large clear plastic bags c...
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Truck rollover in Port Chester causes rush-hour gridlock on I-95
Wednesday, Nov 7, 2007
PORT CHESTER - A truck carrying mail rolled over on the Exit 21 ramp of the northbound side of Interstate 95 in Port Chester yesterday, causing a traffic jam that lasted through the evening rush hour, state police said. The ramp links I-95 to the ...
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Two black men become first minorities on Port Chester board
Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007
PORT CHESTER - Two black men are the two newest members of the Board of Trustees, bringing the first minority voices to the board. Calling it a historic night for the village, board members voted 4-1 late last night to appoint Gregory Adams, a cas...
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Port Chester private school student healthy after MRSA diagnosis
Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007
An Our Lady of Victory Academy student with a confirmed case of the antibiotic-resistant strain of staph, MRSA, has already returned to school with a clean bill of health, Sister Joan Agro, principal, said yesterday. Her parents notified the schoo...
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Exit 21 ramp of northbound Interstate 95 reopened, expect more closures
Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007
PORT CHESTER � The Exit 21 ramp on the northbound side of I-95 has been reopened, following a U.S. Postal Service tractor trailer crash into an embankment, a state police sergeant said. The ramp, which leads to the Cross Westchester Expressway, ...
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WOW! The Journal Snooze has a lot free internet news stories about

Port Chester.

Now Look At How Greedy Richard Fable The Publisher Of The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The Westmore News Wants You To Pay Him For This Weeks Stories......

Local News
Greenwich Hospital opens Rye Brook facility
Rye Brook gallery raised money for MDA
PCHS 50th reunion set for Dec. 1
Westchester Medical Group adds two new specialists
Facts of Life
Government Meetings

Who in there right mind would pay to Read The We$tmore $nooze (Also Known As Abel's Fables).

Soon The Greedy Abels Will Soon Become Extinct And Replaced In Port Chester.

It Is Time For A New Feature At Port Chester Roundup Called....

"Let's Insult The Abels Every Single Day Until Bernie Abel Pays All Of His Damn Taxes."

The time is comming near that Richard and Bernie Fable will have bow down before the cutting edge internet journalists that will emerge in Port Chester.

The end is near for the vindictive sniveling the inbred screwball of a cockroach who is the child of the desperate vindictive slug who wants to be the self-righteous spaz of Port Chester.

Please come to read tomorrow's

Brand New Abel Insult.

Also don't forget to call 939-6864 and Tell Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel To Cancel Your Subscription To The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The We$tmore $nooze.

11/12/07 - Westchester County Argues That The Sound Cleanup is Too Expensive





“We are all for protecting Long Island Sound, but you’ve got to balance that over what people can afford to pay,”


Westchester County has finally said publicly what its officials have known for a long time – that it will take a hell of a lot of money to meet the Long Island Sound cleanup’s nitrogen reduction goals at its two biggest sewage treatment plants, in Mamaroneck in New Rochelle. In fact, they seem to be saying that the benefit is not worth the cost.

The cost estimate, according to yesterday’s New York Times, runs from $355 million to $573 million, which is almost as much as one of the original estimates for doing nitrogen removal at every sewage treatment plant on the Sound in New York....

... cover heavily-populated areas - ' New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, parts of White Plains and Scarsdale, Harrison, Port Chester and other towns - ' and presumably people who live there would be happy to share the costs. The other presumption, however, is ...

11/12/07 - Port Chester Reporter Needed For County Newspaper. It's Time For The Hopelessly Biased Westmore Snooze To Wakeup And Take Notice.



Hezi Aris a Westchester County a real newspaper Publisher and Editor would you like you to contact him.

He owns the Yonkers Tribune Website and Westchester Times Tribune online and the actual newspaper.

Port Chester residents are desperate for news about unbiased news about Port Chester because the Westmore News lacks a crediable publisher and editor.

If You can you help Mr. Aris by providing fair reporting about Port Chester then please contact him. Mr. Aris definately wants to expand his newspaper's coverage into Port Chester. However, Mr. Aris will not tolerate biased reorting in his newspaper.
Mr. Aris always says that Journalists should report the news story, not be the news story.

Here is The nessary contact information.....

Hezi ArisPublisher / Editor

55 Main Street

Yonkers, NY 10701-2739

Westchester Times Tribune LLC (newspaper)

Yonkers Tribune Ltd. (Webpaper)

Mr. Aris is also a radio host at WVOX-1460 AM

You can also reach Mr. Aris by telephone at....

Telephone: : 1-914 / 378.1433, ext. 235

Or his cell phone at....

Cell: 1-914 / 384.2767

Currently The Westchester Times Tribune has 19 drops in Port Chester, including the Port Chester and Rye Town offices. Mr. Aris says many more news drops are comming in the near future.

11/11/07 - Port Chester Native Szygiel, who recently won a $10,000 first prize in a Smash Brothers tournament in Las Vegas and soon will go to Toronto



"I hope to place in the top 3 today," Christopher Szygiel of Port Chester said Saturday in between games. "This tournament wasn't too far from where I live so I decided to come down."


Register Citizen


TORRINGTON - There was sweat. There was excitement. There was cheering. There was the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Emotions were running wild on Saturday afternoon as 200 gamers converged on Shookie Recreation for a two day video game tournament.

The tournament features gamers from all over the country competing in a video game called Smash Brothers Melee, a game that pits popular video game characters against each other in fighting matches. Christopher Szygiel Smash Brothersl of Port Chester, N.Y., is known in the Smash Brothers gaming world as "PC Chris". He currently holds the number 2 national ranking by Smash World Forums, a network that keeps track of high scores and wins in the popular video game.....

11/10/07 - Port Chester Editorial - Find middle ground on sex education

Find middle ground on sex education

“A veteran is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life.”

When will our schools get sex education right? I am referring to the article about an Irvington Middle School boy who told his parents, 'Today at school I learned that oral sex is safer than anal sex.' I also saw a TV special on a middle school in Maine that sells birth control and condoms to children as young as 11.

Maybe it is just me, but selling birth control and other forms of contraception is giving children incentive to engage in sexual activity. Don't get me wrong. I believe every person has a choice, but an 11-year-old probably cannot make the right choice when it comes to sex. At that age, a child's body is not even fully developed and will continue to change for years to come. The right approach to sex ed lies somewhere between abstinence and the handing out of contraception

By now it is fairly obvious that the abstinence-only approach isn't working; however, we do not need to promote sex. The amount of information that we throw on our kids should be done in school and at home gradually. Kids at 11 do not know the same amount as an 18-year-old. We do not need to rush them into premature sexual activity. I believe children should be aware of the different types of contraception, but should not bring it home from school and at no point should they be encouraged to engage in one type of sex over the other.

Vincent Fiscella

Port Chester


Greedy Richard Abel Of The We$tmore New$ wants you to pay to read your neighbor's letter to the editor.

Shane On The Greedy Abels

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