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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Archive 2007 July 26 Port Chester News Wire

Police Blotter

"If it Bleeds it Leads"

A village teen charged with hitting his uncle on the head with a bottle was additionally charged with participating in a burglary a week later, police said.

Christopher Stanley, 16, was accused Monday afternoon of being among the three to five men who participated in a Sands Street home burglary on July 11. During the burglary, one of the men sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman who was asleep alone in an apartment, police said.
Stanley was arrested Mondayon a...

A man and woman helping a 78-year-old widow hang curtains filched an envelope containing nearly $4,000, police said.

But one of the thieves had remorse and turned herself in.

"I think it got the best of her and that's why she came in," Lt. James Ladeairous said about the 41-year-old Port Chester woman.

Carolyn Turner went to police headquarters yesterday and told detectives that she and Larry Johnson, 49, picked up an envelope containing $3,995.......

Ann O'Keefe-Bave of Larchmont

Needs facts about drinking age

Letter To The Editor

As the parent of teenage children I am puzzled about the item in your A.M. Report on July 20. Apparently an 18-year-old from Rye purchased beer at a Port Chester grocery and only the clerk in the grocery was charged with a crime. Is it really legal for underage people to purchase alcohol, just not consume it? What if the beer was open, is that a crime?

Full Letter To The Editor: Via The Journal News


Here is one for you all - Restaurant review: Palomino (Norwalk Advocate)"Rafael Palomino is well-known for innovative interpretations of his native Colombian and other South American cuisines.

With Sonora in Port Chester, N.Y., and Pacifico in Port Chester and New Haven, Palomino established his reputation for upscale, sophisticated Latin food in a colorful, fun setting. The newest venture, Palomino, in Old Greenwich, expands these horizons by billing itself as ..."

Here is the linkRead More


On The Lighter Side....

Warm Hands Is Looking For A Hook Up

26 Jul 2007

Gender: Man

Income: Please ask me

Age: 20

Located in: Port Chester, NY, United States

Title: I seek a hot white girl that is looking for a black guy.

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