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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Port Chester Roundup At Google Groups: Police: Port Chester man arrested for having sex with Stamford minor

A Port Chester, N.Y. man was arrested late last week on charges that
he had sex with a 13-year-old girl, police said.

Axel Oswaldo Ramirez, of 126 Boningo St., Port Chester, was charged
with second-degree sexual assault, Capt. William Mullin said.
Police were called on Friday when the father of the 13-year-old girl
came home and found Ramirez and his daughter together, Mullin said.

While the girl was not forced to have sexual relations, Ramirez was
arrested because the girl was too young to give her consent to have
sex, Mullin said.

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Port Chester Roundup At Google Groups: Rates going up for water customers in Port Chester

United Water Westchester is raising its rates for 12,500 customers in
Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester. The new rates, which the New York
State Public Service Commission announced Thursday, will take effect
Dec. 22 and climb over the next four years.

"The commission has recognized that it is never a good time to raise
customers' rates, especially in these times of economic difficulty,"
Commission spokesman James Denn said, "(but) it was needed to ensure
continued delivery of safe and reliable water supply."

On average, United Water customers currently pay $568 a year for their
water. Under the new pricing plan, that bill will climb 5.7 percent to
$600 the first year; 5 percent to $630 the second year; 4.8 percent to
$660 in year three and, finally, another 4.5 percent, to $690, in the
fourth year. With a 2 percent surcharge, conceived as an answer to the
rising price the company pays New York City for water and applied over
the first three years of the plan, customers can expect to tack
another $21 onto their annual bill.

The new rates will earn United Water about $693,000 more per year.
According to Denn, that money will be applied to maintaining and
repairing an aging infrastructure and buying increasingly expensive
water. United Water doesn't own any water sources; instead, it buys
water from neighboring municipalities that do. In July of this year,
New York City increased the cost of the water it sells by 25 percent.
Denn said $1.5 million is earmarked to repair pipes and valves over
the next four years. An additional $7 million will be used to replace
leaking pipes.

"Without the rate increase, the infrastructure, the pipes become older
(and) it leads to reliability problems," Denn said.

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Port Chester Roundup At Google Groups: Rock star: Actor-singer-storyteller Lou Del Bianco of Port Chester

He's such an exuberant performer, it's hard to believe singer-actor-
storyteller Lou Del Bianco was once painfully shy.
In fact, the Port Chester native says, growing up with six sisters
made it hard to get a word in at all. He spent much of his childhood
talking into a tape recorder, creating characters — a skill that
ultimately led to a thriving career on the high-school stage.

For the past 25 years, Del Bianco has focused primarily on young
audiences, presenting his original one-man shows all over the country.
With all the advances in technology, children's attention spans are
far shorter than they used to be, he says. Kids have also grown more

"It's made it a challenge for me to strike a balance between giving
them something that has quality but at the same time is hip enough
that they'll accept it and won't reject it,'' he says.

Del Bianco, a Parents' Choice Award winner, has released seven CDs.
His latest album, "Make a Good Choice,'' is a character-education
program he also presents in local schools.

Although he's spent the better part of his career as a kids' performer
— writing as many as 75 original songs — he's recently gone back to
his acting roots, with portrayals of historic figures for older

Want to learn more about this lifelong Port Chester resident? Go to
his web site (www.findlou.com), or just read on.

1. His grandfather, Luigi, was a principal carver on Mount Rushmore, a
role for which he was largely uncredited. Del Bianco has written a
screenplay about his grandfather's experience on the mountain and is
currently shopping it around. "I'm looking for angels and investors
who would want to tell this very positive story with this very
positive Italian-American image to counter all the 'Jersey Shore' and
other disturbing stereotypes that the media keep putting out there."

2. His mother named him Louis, but relatives prefer the Italian
version. "In my family, in town, I'm known as Luigi because of my
grandfather. People of my parents' generation will say, 'Hey, Luigi,
how are ya?' "

3. His height got in the way of a Broadway career. Del Bianco, who is
6-foot-4ÿ, says leading men are rarely over 6 feet tall. As a
storyteller and performer, height is a non-issue. Del Bianco has
portrayed Paul Bunyan, Abraham Lincoln and a character called Ollie
the Too Tall Elf.

4.He's got a bad case of arachnophobia. Once, he got laughed at by a
truck driver who saw him flailing his arms at a red light, terrified
of a spider on the dashboard.

5. TV executives found Del Bianco too manly for children's
programming. "I had Disney and Nickelodeon interested in me years ago,
but they didn't know what to do with me. I actually have a quote from
someone that said, 'He's too big and masculine. He'll scare the kids.'
Isn't that hysterical?"

6. He loves John Wayne movies, which often surprises people. "He was a
really bad actor and he was known for his conservative politics, and
I'm very liberal and artistic."

7.Even a pastry from the finest bakery has less appeal than a Hostess
cupcake. Del Bianco claims he's addicted.

8.He has no sense of direction. "I get lost easily. I have a GPS, and
that's why I got one. Once I went through the same tollbooth four

9. He can play songs like "Yankee Doodle Dandy" with his teeth. No, he
doesn't hit a spoon against his teeth — he chomps down and the tune is
instantly recognizable. "I can't explain why I can do it, why I can
think of the note, clap my teeth and that note comes out... I'm
chomping in exactly the same place, but the tone is changing to what
I'm thinking of. For some reason, I'm able to translate from thought
to music with my teeth."

10.He's married to his best friend and muse. Del Bianco's wife is
Camille Linen, a former Port Chester High School teacher who uses the
arts to teach English to non-native speakers.

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For 17-year-old Danny Ullman, being charitable is a tradition that extends beyond the holiday season.

At 17, Blind Brook senior Danny Ullman embodies the holiday spirit more so than many people his age.
Ullman has already established his own charity,Hearth for All, dedicated to combating homelessness in the New York area.
The organization has already held one major event this year called Sleep for Solutions to raise awareness and money for its cause. However, Ullman is just getting started. Hearth for All also has organized its second annual Scarves for Shelters program, which will provide hundreds of scarves to shelters and disadvantaged residents in Westchester County.
Ullman started Scarves for Shelter last December with the help of Blind Brook teacher Jane Romm and a large donation from Rye Brook resident Sally Sedler, whose family ran a garment company called Day of the Unicorn.
Romm, who runs the community service program at the high school, said she received hundreds of bolts of cloth from Sedler's company that could be made into scarves. The donation came about after Sedler's son, Jordan, contacted Romm and said the family had plenty of unused cloth sitting in a warehouse.
Romm went to the family's warehouse in Mount Vernon and brought back enough cloth to make 5,000 scarves. She distributed the cloth to several organizations in Blind Brook, including three synagogues and churches, as well as to troops overseas. She also gave the cloth to Ullman's Scarves for Shelter program, which began because of the donation.
With the help of volunteers, Ullman said he took five huge bolts of cloth, cut them to make a few hundred scarves, which he then distributed to homeless shelters throughout the county, including Port Chester's Don Bosco Community Center.
Ullman said several friends and family members will volunteer to help him cut and make the scarves this year. The scarves will be distributed this week, he said.
 "We might end up doing a batch around Christmas and then again later on in January." 
Ullman also will donate scarves to his school's Midnight Run program, which delivers meals and clothing to homeless people in New York City. He said the next Midnight Run event is scheduled for Jan. 14.
Romm said Ullman believes in giving, not only during the holiday season, but whenever possible.
"Danny has a heart of gold. He completely understands the incredible rush we get for doing things for others," she said. "He's one of those kids that does community service because it makes him feel good to give back. He doesn't do it to be acknowledged. There's no ulterior motive. He doesn't do it because he wants to get into college. It's just who he is."
Ullman said while donations are always a great holiday gift to local charities, it's also important that people give their time to those in need.
"Giving does not only involve money," he said. "There are several ways you can give—you can give old clothes you have or toiletries. Then there's also giving time, where you can donate your time to a local homeless shelter and help them serve food one night in a soup kitchen."
"In a period of time when so many are so fortunate to experience so much, it's necessary to give back to help others who might be less fortunate," Ullman said. "It's the spirit of the season."
For more information on the Scarves for Shelter program and Hearth for All, visithttp://hearthforall.org/ 

Police Subpoena Records from Port Chester DPW, Finance Department

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PORT CHESTER BRIEFING: Blind Brook Senior Organizes a Scarves for Sheltersa Program

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Port Chester News - December 22, 2010
At 17, Blind Brook senior Danny Ullman embodies the holiday spirit more so than many people his age.

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