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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Archive 2007 January 25 Port Chester News Wire

Port Chester attacks federal lawsuit on election system
“These individuals have not experienced a history of discrimination in Port Chester”
PORT CHESTER - The village filed court papers yesterday that pick apart the federal lawsuit that accuses its election system of illegally suppressing the Hispanic vote. via Journal News

Archive 2007 January 25 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 25 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

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Archive 2007 January 24 Port Chester News Wire

Archive 2007 January 24 Port Chester News Wire

Archive 2007 January 24 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 24 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

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Archive 2007 January 23 Port Chester News Wire

Goldie Explains Things To The Journal News
Our Freedoms And Line Dancing ????
"... the history of the United States of America so that government doesn't violate our freedoms. Goldie Solomon Port Chester With regard to the Jan. 17 article about senior-citizen line-dancing in Yorktown, 'Senior citizens keep the line (dance) ..."

Archive 2007 January 23 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 23 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 22 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

Mamaroneck A&P fire: Fire out, no injuries

No injuries were reported after firefighters from the village and Port Chester extinguished a roof blaze today at the A&P grocery store on Mamaroneck Avenue, police said.


Via Journal News

The public will soon get a detailed look at what the Tappan Zee Bridge corridor from Suffern to Port Chester might look like with a new bridge and mass transit.

Open houses in Rockland and Westchester are scheduled for the end of February, Michael Anderson, team leader for the Tappan Zee/I-287 Project, said.
The dates have not been set.

At stake is the fate of the 51-year-old Tappan Zee Bridge, which carries 135,000 cars and trucks daily. Officials are considering four plans for a new bridge, which include commuter trains, light rail or bus rapid transit. Two options involve keeping the bridge and providing degrees of upgrades and rehabilitation.

Proposed project costs range from $500 million to $14.5 billion.

Another Journal News Dead Link
Jewelry designer marks 105th birthday
Via Journal News
PORT CHESTER - Four generations gathered yesterday amid clicking cameras, hugs and laughter to celebrate the birthday of their eldest relative, Jack Tamis.

Archive 2007 January 22 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 22 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 22 - 31 Port Chester Business Wire

Brockton's Rocky: Family hopes olive oil is a hit
Jan 24, 2007 The Patriot Ledger

Louis ‘‘Sonny’’ Marciano wants to bottle up his memories of growing up with his famous brother Rocky - with olive oil, that is.

Marciano, a Brockton native now living in Port Chester, N.Y., plans to launch ‘‘Mama Marciano’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil’’ this year, he said.

Marciano came up with the idea last year while visiting an Italian friend who lives and grows olives in California.

‘‘I say, ‘You know, olive oil, it should be a Marciano label,’’’ said Marciano, 73.

He said the product will pay tribute to his mother, Pasqualena Marchegiano, who fed the Marciano brood at the family homestead at 168 Dover St. in Brockton.

It will also honor his brother, undefeated heavyweight Rocky Marciano, who died in 1969. The product label will show a well-known photograph of his mother feeding Rocky a bowl of pasta, he said.

‘‘Olive oil was such a big part of our life,’’ said Marciano, an ex-professional baseball player who owned a scaffolding company and is now retired. ‘‘We had a salad just about every afternoon and night,’’ he said, recalling the family garden from which his parents would pick lettuce and tomatoes.

Full Story: The Patriot Ledger

Archive 2007 January 22 - 31 Port Chester Diversions

Birthday Greetings
Steve Wesley (23rd)
Stephanie Martinez (23rd)

Marie Genteale (24th)

Jackie Perna (24th)

Aimee Moribito (24th)
Audie DeBell (29th)
Ann De Carlo (31st)

Archive 2007 January 22 - 31 Port Chester Media Watch

Port Chester Media Watch
Abel's Fables #2

Local News Should Be Free

Most content on http://www.westmorenews.com/ is available on a pay-per-view basis … Richard Abel (the publisher) makes no apologies: He sees no logic in giving back to the community. While virtually every paper in the New York Metroploitan Area gives something back to the community the Abel's want you to pay and pay and pay.

It’s a minor trend for newspapers to go to paid subscriptions, and contrary to the myth, enough readers will pay for content to make such a move profitable. But paid subscriptions are not the only way for a newspaper to make money online, and, in the long run, is probably curtailing potentially larger profits available to a free-content site.

It is also a myth that online news sites are not making money. Many, many sites are making money. In fact, it has become so easy to make money online for a newspaper site, that the only news sites not making money are only doing so because of poor management, not because putting local news online is a bad business model. There is no reason to resort to paid subscriptions to make money.

So my problem with the greed of Richard Abel is that there is no logic in charging for content.

While it is possible to turn a profit charging for access, you greatly restrict the size of your audience, and there are bigger profits to be made from money-making applications that rely on aggregated eyeballs. There are numerous ways to repackage and upsell classified ads and featured ads, there are online auctions, and many local newspapers have found great success in banner advertising and building custom Web sites. When you restrict your audience size through paid subscriptions, you take all of those options off the table.

So, in short, I don’t agree with the way the way Richard & Bernie Abel are running their online operations.

Archive 2007 January 22 - 31 Port Chester Sports Wire

Port Chester Travels To Tapan Zee
January 26th
Port Chester Rams out scored The Dutchmen 64 to 60.
This Win gives Port Chester a better chance to win the leauge.
This win placed Port Chester in to second place be hind Spring Valley.

Jan 22, 2007 SI.com
BRIARWOOD, N.Y. -- Dennis O'Grady, looking as though he just changed out of an altar server's cassock and into a navy blue practice jersey and shorts, walks the length of the Jack Curran Gymnasium floor as the clock inches toward noon last Saturday.

"That's our point guard over there," says Archbishop Molloy coach Jack Curran. "All six turnovers of him."

O'Grady hears his 75-year-old coach's quip and laughs it off as he begins warming up. Curran moves on as well, a wry smile rippling across his wrinkled face.

"The reason he has six turnovers is because we trust him so much with the ball," says Curran, who also has won more than 1,300 games as coach of the school's baseball team that lost in last year's city title game to LaSalle. "He may look like an altar server, but he's got toughness about him, and can run a team. He's going to Duke next year as a pitcher in baseball. I called Mike [Krzyzewski] and told him to let his baseball coach know about him. He's a good one."

Curran should know. Now in his 49th year as the Stanners' head coach, the winner of 874 basketball games and five New York City Catholic league titles, was named as the inaugural recipient of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame's Morgan Wootten Lifetime Achievement award last week. Wootten, who won 1,274 games at DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.), is the only high school coach to be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame.

"I've always had great respect for Morgan," says Curran, who coached his first of two McDonald's All America games in 1975, a year after Wootten coached the inaugural game. "He did so much for the game on the national scene. We had our battles over the years, playing down in Myrtle Beach, at the Bishop O'Connell tournaments, and others across the years."

A lifelong bachelor, Curran has stayed loyal to Molloy, choosing to endure broken bats and heartbreaking losses with teams that never changed in age, only in personnel.

"Methusedah has nothing on Jack," says retired St. John's coach Lou Carnesecca, who preceded Curran as the varsity basketball coach at Molloy. "All the changes that have gone on through the years with kids and the game, and he has adapted each time, and still won."

Once a vibrant redhead, never shy to shout or invoke a higher power to instill discipline, the coach's red hair has since gone white. A daily communicant at Corpus Christi parish in Port Chester, N.Y., a suburb of the city, Curran has sat on the wooden bleacher bench in the same building for nearly five decades, as much a constant in the gym as the American flag and crucifix hanging on the walls.
Full Story: SI.com
January 24th
Southern/Central Westchester notebook: Ardsley thriving on balance
“We have to work hard every game.”
Last season, coach Julie Ford always knew what was coming: 20 or so points from Jenna Franciosa, 10 from someone else, and away Ardsley went to victory way more often than not. via Journal News
January 27th
Spring Valley's stock continues to rise
“Every time we seemed to make a surge, they'd hit two or three free throws.”
WEST NYACK stood among the county's elite. The Tigers were ranked third in Class A by The Journal News, having lost only to undefeated Lakeland. via Journal News

Archive 2007 January 22 - 31 The True Blue Conservative Review

The True Blue
Conservative Review



Opps !!!!

Nationally new housing starts are up for the second month in a row and unemployment continues to seek a new low level, but pockets of the real estate market continue to suffer.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a condo-glut in Naples Florida where speculators are are stuck with unsold units. One lady has 17 of them - make her an offer. In washington DC according to the New York Times, condo developers have also over built and are converting there projects to rentals for far less of a profit or even at a loss.

Arround here things are also not so hot, the dirty little secret amoung Port Chester Realtors is that single family homes are languishing.

Even in Greenwich, which has a much more robust single family house market has a house on Stanwich Road , a year to the day, that if sold, and went to contract will sell at a loss of $135,000.00. This has been sending shockwaves through the Greenwich real estate sales community.

This should serve as a reminder that one can indeed lose money in real estate if the rosey projections, or if the plans change and one has to get out as soon as possible.

As we speak, Bruno "Makes Out Like A Bandit" Giofree has already shoved the massive multi-family Castle project down the throats of Port Chester tax payers. Now the guy that makes out like a bandit is well on the way of being approved for a second massive multi-family Mariner project.

When Bruno's foolish condo-glut hits the streets of Port Chester slowes down, it will further slow the Port Chester single family sales.

The single family homeowners wiil have to clean up Bruno's condo - glut mess through higher school and property taxes.

When this condo - glut becomes a rental apartment glut, the single family homeowners of Port Chester will probably be forced to build a new school.

Maybe we can call the school the Bruno "Made Out Like A Bandit" Elementry School.

Archive 2007 January 21 Port Chester News Wire

Rye town-United Hospital tax dispute resolved
RYE TOWN - The town will recoup more than $1 million in property taxes now that a three-year battle over the value of the shuttered New York United Hospital Medical Center has been resolved. via Journal News
Mamaroneck A&P fire update: Fire out, no injuries
No injuries were reported after firefighters from the village and Port Chester extinguished a roof blaze today at the A&P grocery store on Mamaroneck Avenue, police said. via The Journal News

Archive 2007 January 21 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

For 7 decades, 'sole man' has been satisfying customers

“I started pulling on her shoe, and her (prosthetic) leg came off with it”
Looking down keeps Marty Cantor's spirits up. Cantor, who turns 82 next month, has sold shoes for close to 70 years.
"... first job selling shoes. After serving four years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, he took a shoe-sales job in Port Chester, N.Y. One day he wandered into a five-and-dime to buy chocolate-covered peanuts. "I asked for a quarter-pound, and she gave me ..."

Archive 2007 January 20 Port Chester News Wire

Warning Dead Links
White Plains traffic stop leads to drug bust
Two Port Chester men were arrested on a felony drug, police said. via Journal News
Catherine Lakatos, 85, No. Brunswick
Via Home News Tribune
... died Friday, Jan. 19, 2007, at Willow Creek Rehabilitation and Care Center in Somerset. She was 85. Born in Port Chester, N.Y., she lived in Milltown and North Brunswick for most of her life. Mrs. Lakatos was a communicant of Sacred Heart R.C. ...
It's time to broaden discussion of homeless to include other mayors
Via Journal News
... information about alternative locations, whether in White Plains or Yonkers, New Rochelle or Mount Vernon, or Port Chester. Delfino met with Spano on this and other matters last week, and the two have covered the same ground in phone calls; ...

Archive 2007 January 20 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 20 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 19 Port Chester News Wire

Warning Bad Links
Port Chester-Rye Brook library talks to continue Tuesday
The joint meeting of the Rye Brook, Port Chester and Port Chester Public Library boards will take place on Tuesday after an earlier meeting was called off due to scheduling conflict. via The Journal News
Will West Putnam Hole Get Filled? Time Will Tell
Via Greenwich Citizen
... foot (about 1.6 acres) property located at 644 W. Putnam Ave." The property fronts on U.S. 1 not far from the Port Chester, N.Y., border. Tesei said there are around 10 properties on U.S. 1 from Port Chester to Stamford that also might be suitable ...

Archive 2007 January 19 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Via Stamford Advocate
As part of an effort to curb drunk driving in town, police have installed new off-ramp signs on highways with the message to drivers to stay off the road when they are under the influence.

The signs, the brainchild of Officer Robert Brown, a state-police-certified DWI enforcement instructor, features a graphic of a martini glass inside a red circle intersected by a red line.

'We wanted it to emphasize that we take drunk driving enforcement very seriously,' said Brown, a 20-year veteran of the Greenwich Police Department. 'We want them to know that we're out there enforcing the law.'

Brown said his time spent at the Institute of Police Technology and Management in Jacksonville, Fla., spurred him to come up with an initiative that might prevent drunk driving in addition to punishing it.

The signs were made by the town's highway division, and paid for using police department and highway division funds, Brown said.

'We have the problem in our community and we already have strong enforcement,' Brown said. 'We need to hit people with education. Just punishing people is not good enough.'

In 2006, Greenwich had 203 arrests for driving under the influence compared with 231 in 2005, according to Sgt. Timothy Berry, who oversees the police department's traffic Division.
Berry praised Brown's initiative, and said the signs might reinforce the fear of arrest for drunk drivers.

'I think they're great,' Berry said of the signs. 'The message isn't really directed at the law-abiding people but at the drunk drivers, so they may think about it more.'

Berry said he hopes to secure funding for greater enforcement through the state Department of Transportation's Expanded Enforcement program, which gives police overtime grants for enforcement crackdowns throughout the year rather than just on holidays, when drunk driving is considered more prevalent.

Berry said he'd also try to arrange for Greenwich to get more grant money for its traditional holiday DWI checkpoints and patrols, funding that fell off in 2006. Berry said he believes the number of drunk drivers caught reflects only a percentage of an unquantified larger number of drunk drivers.

'I don't think from our numbers you can really say if there was more or less drunk driving,' Berry said. 'If we had a full-time crew working on it we'd probably have 500 arrests a year.'
The signs are being installed on all highway off-ramps along I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, and on the Post Road at the state line with Port Chester and the town line with Stamford, Brown said.
Full Story: Stamford Advocate

Archive 2007 January 18 Port Chester News Wire

Port Chester voting-rights suit sparks call for statewide reform
“This is a simple and practical solution and one that modernizes our elections system”
A Hispanic politician is calling for a statewide ban on at-large elections, using the federal government's voting-rights lawsuit against Port Chester to bolster his argument. via The Journal News

Archive 2007 January 18 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 18 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 17 Port Chester News Wire

State lawmaker, community leaders unveil plan to protect minority voting rights
“Federal courts throughout the nation have ruled in recent years that at-Large elections systematically dilute the minority vote.”
On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of slain civil rights leader Dr. via Mid-Hudson News

Archive 2007 January 17 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 17 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 16 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

Just Do It


The Canceled Library Meeting Will Now Be Held On January 23rd.

The Port Chester And Rye Book Board Of Trustees will sit down with the Port Chester Public Library Board headed by Kathleen Giofree.

Hopefully, NYU Professor Allen Zerkin will still moderate the meeting.

Supposedly, Professor Zerkin is an expert at governmental conflict resolution.
The last meeting was cancelled, because Mayor Logan ssays he forgot to look at his calendar, and he latter discovered he had some kind of conflict.
Many residents want to know what was more important than our library.

Sorry Bart, But The Supreme .....

Court Won't Hear Eminent Domain Case

The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to consider a property rights case involving a redevelopment project in New York state where businessmen are fighting local government efforts to take their land.

The businessmen say the village of Port Chester, N.Y., filed a condemnation petition to acquire their property the day after the businessmen rejected what they said was a demand by the project developer for $800,000.

The developer allegedly was demanding the money or a 50 percent interest in the businessmen's own project to put a CVS Pharmacy on the site.

Archive 2007 January 16 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 16 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 15 Port Chester News Wire

Eye On Port Chester

Surprise, Surprise !!!!

Logan Screws Up Library Meeting

The January 17th meeting that was set up to to help the Village Of Port Chester Board Of Trustees , The Village Of Rye Brook Board Of Trustees and the Port Chester Public Library has been cancelled by Mayor Gerald Logan.

The meeting was to be held at the Senior Citizens on Grace Church Street.

Mayor Gerald Logan had ssome lame excuse that he forgot to look at his calendar and he did not realize that he had something more important to do.

The Meeting should of went ahead with out Mayor Gerald Logan. The Deputy Mayor and the other five members of the Port Chester Board Of Trustees would have done a fine job with out Mayor Gerald Logan.

Actually, with Logan gone maybe something might actually get done.

Many folks around town have been saying that maybe Mayor Gerald Logan is delaying the meeting in order to help his family members who are heavily involveed in the Port Chester Library.

Bruno & Kathleen Giofree will be away in February.

And nothing can be agreeded to if the Library President (Kathleen) and its attorney (Bruno) are not there.


Warning Dead Links

Shame On The Poughkeepsie Journal, Mid-Hudson News & The Journal Snooze For litering the internet with broken links.

Hispanic advocates push bill to revamp local elections
Jan 15, 2007 Poughkeepsie Journal
... has no need for district elections, he said. Last month, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a suit against Port Chester, a Westchester County village of about 28,000, half of it Hispanic. The suit alleges that the village, which has a seven-member ...

State lawmaker, community leaders unveil plan to protect minority voting rights
Jan 15, 2007 Mid-Hudson News
... a statue of Dr. King in White Plains. "The federal lawsuit filed last month against the Westchester Village of Port Chester to ensure the voting rights of the thousands of Hispanics residing there has promoted state lawmakers, civil rights advocates ...

Youths preach King's legacy to congregation
“I, for one, will build on Dr. King's legacy. I will study and get an education.”
Moments before she was to address her church's congregation, Naomi Lambert had a confession to make.

"... holiday today in his name. Interfaith services were held in Bedford Hills at Antioch Baptist Church and in Port Chester at All Souls Parish. Colonial Terrace Caterers in Cortlandt, meanwhile, was the site of a Continuing the Dream dinner. "Bringing ... "


Former pharmacy now a pizza place
“We're trying to provide good Italian food.”
A pizza program and the village's ... via The Journal News

Archive 2007 January 15 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 15 Rye Brook, Westchester & Beyond

Archive 2007 January 15 - 21 Port Chester Business Wire

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