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Thursday, March 17, 2011

03/17/11 Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden Is Once Again Back To Being An Out Of Touch And Confused Board Member

Port Chester's Board Of Trustee's Meeting Once Again Features Bart Didden's Uninformed Lunacy.

The Man That Brags That He Flushed $80,000 Down The Toilet In A Mayoral Bid Wants Port Chester Taxpayers to Over Pay For An SUV

The Port Chester Board of Trustee's were asked to approve the purchase of a Ford Expedition, to be used by the DPW's acting general foreman, when Bart Didden interrupted.

Trustee Bart Didden questioned Village Manager Christopher Russo on why the village was purchasing the 2011 Expedition XL SSV from a East Hanover, NJ, company instead of from nearby Rye Ford / Subaru dealer that is a friend of his.

Russo told Didden that the New Jersey company, Warnock Fleet, currently has a contract with New York State. Since the company deals exclusively with municipalities, it's able to offer vehicles at a lower cost and thus save Port Chester taxpayers money.

The Expedition will cost the village $26,620.85. It will be used to transport personnel and goods, and will be outfitted with a plow during the winter months.

Didden voted against the resolution to approve the purchase, apparently he wants Port Chester taxpayers to pay more for needed vehicles.

Mayor Dennis Pilla and trustees Sam Terenzi, John Branca, Daniel Brakewood and Luis Marino all voted in favor of the purchase that will save Port Chester taxpayer money.

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03/17/11 Digital Dinosaur Richard Abel Can't Figure Out How To Get Video Up On The Web, But The Port Chester Patch News Website Has No Problem

Ace Port Chester Reporter Nik Bonopartis Is Eating Richard Abel's Lunch !!!!

Ace Reporter Nik Bonopattis Is Like The Clark Kent Of Port Chester, While Westmore News Publisher Richard Abel looks Like Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen

Westmore Snooze Publisher Richard "My Daddy Gave me This Newspaper After He Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel Can't Even Seem To Get One Report About Tuesdays Election Up On His Web Site, While Former Westmore News Reporter Nik Bonopartis Has Put Up Multiple Stories And Videos At Port Chester Patch.

Watch The Following Video Very Closely And You Will See Richard Abel Looking A Bit Lost In The Crowd As Real Journalists Get The Interviews And The Story Up On The Web.

Just Before Carolee Brakewood Is Interviewed, And As The Crowd Is Yelling,"Dennis, Dennis, Dennis !!!", You Will See The Jimmy Olsen Of Port Chester News Gathering Looking Dazed And Confused As A Camera Hangs From His Neck....

Video: Supporters React as Pilla Wins Re-Election

Supporters chanted the mayor's name as Trustee Dan Brakewood announced Dennis Pilla's victory Tuesday night.

Trustee Dan Brakewood stood on a chair inside Chavin Restaurant, hammering the wood divider in front of him for emphasis as he shouted to be heard above the crowd.

"...to our next mayor," Brakewood said, "Dennis Pilla!"

And he was drowned out by the cheers of the incumbent mayor's supporters, who broke out into an impromptu chant of "Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!" as Pilla was mobbed by well-wishers.

That was the scene Tuesday night, as Pilla's campaign set up shop in the Peruvian eatery and supporters packed in to await the results.

Click on the video to watch clips of the crowd's reaction, and Pilla's thoughts on returning to office for another two years.....

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03/17/11 BREAKING NEWS: Better Late Than Never - Two Days After The Fact - The Westmore Snooze Finally Reports On Tuesday's Mayoral Election

Westmore News: Pilla wins re-election by a landslide

By Nathan Mayberg and Jananne Abel

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla, a Democrat, won a landslide victory over his challenger, Republican and Independence Party-endorsed candidate Bart Didden Tuesday. According to unofficial results provided by the village, Pilla gained a third term as mayor by garnering 1,595 votes, or approximately 59.4% of the 2,689 votes cast. Didden earned 1,094 votes, or 40.6%, a figure that included absentee ballots....

....As the results started coming in and the restaurant filled up, the mood became more festive. Winning District 18 by 58 votes was a good sign.

Almost every runner that came in with results from a different district gave a thumbs up. First 10, then 18, then 8 and 9....

....The whole room, filled with voters representing a cross-section of Port Chester, broke out in applause......


03/15/11 Nice Guy Dennis "Good Government" Pilla Crushes Bad Boy Bart "The Bigot" Didden In Port Chester Mayoral Race (Updated)

This Just In To The port Chester Roundup Newsroom .....


Beloved Mayor Whips Political Villain In Port Chester

Projected Election Results Points To Huge Bart Didden Defeat

Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla Whips
Bart "The Bigot" Didden
By Approximately 480 Votes !!!!




Port Chester Patch

By Nik Bonopartis

Dennis Pilla has won a third term as Port Chester's mayor, according to unofficial election results.

"This vote is about the belief that the people in Port Chester have about our future and about how positive and hopeful it is," Pilla told an elated crowd at Chavin Restaurant on Main Street.

Pilla built a steady lead as vote tallies came in from districts across Port Chester. Fellow Democrat and Trustee Dan Brakewood kept the crowded restaurant updated, leaning over his laptop before shouting out results: "Dennis just won 18!"

Pilla built a lead of almost 400 votes before the margin became insurmountable for his Republican opponent, Bart Didden.

All results are unofficial until the Board of Trustees certifies the victory at a special meeting on Thursday. However, unofficial results show Pilla took the election by nearly a 500-vote margin, with 1,564 votes to Didden's 1,076........



10:12 PM



Hispanic-Slur Spewing Mayoral Candidate Is Kayoed
In Virtual Every Port Chester Voting District

Port Chester Roundup's initial analysis of preliminary unofficial district by district election results shows that there was at least one close district race.

In Bart "The Bigot" Didden's home district Port Chester's infamous racist won by only two votes.

That means that if Bart and his wife wouldn't have voted Mayor Dennis Pilla would have tied the USA Central Station Alarm company owner who repeatedly told everyone in town that he was going to spend $80,000 to become the next mayor of Port Chester.

It's amazing just how much money Extremist TEA Party Lunatic Bart "The Bigot" Didden flushed down the toilet. At Least Port Chester Republican Chairman Billy Villanova Was Pretty Darn Smart Not To Spend A Damn Dime On Port Chester's Infamous Racist.

Please Look For More Election Analysis From Port Chester Roundup

When Bart "The Bigot" Didden Finally Gets Around To Filing His Two Missing Financial Disclosure Forms It Will Be Interesting To See Just How Bart Flushed $80,000 Down The Toilet.




Pilla wins 3rd term as Port Chester mayor

PORT CHESTER — Two-term Mayor Dennis Pilla fended off a challenge Tuesday from Trustee Bart Didden.

Democrat Pilla beat Didden, who was elected trustee in June, by a vote of 1,595 to 1,094, according to unofficial results from the village clerk.

"This reflects the belief people in Port Chester have about Port Chester's future," Pilla said. "They see the village as heading in a positive direction. They see we're making good progress.".......

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03/17/11 Port Chester Girls Targeted On "Smut" List - Watch The Video (Updated)

A controversial so-called "smut list" targeting scores of female students in area schools has been circulated by students in Port Chester High School.

It is part of a recent phenomenon among college students and teens of publicly naming girls claimed to be promiscuous -- via mobile phones and the social networking website Facebook.

The list posted on Facebook contained the names of 99 students from area towns.

One version of the list names 24 girls identified as Port Chester residents.

Students from nearby Rye, Rye Brook and Greenwich are also on the list.

It was unclear where the list originated.

Students say that they are sure there will be many more lists in the future that will include more groups.

This practice apparently started a few months ago in colleges and has filtered down to area high schools.

One Port Chester High School student said some of the girls he knows, who were included on the various lists that have circulated, seem to be laughing it off, even though most kids know cyber-bullying is a serious issue.

The Smut List has disrupted the educational process in Greenwich where it touched off a dispute that led to a police response at Greenwich High School.

A fight occurred when a 17-year-old boy walked over to a male and female who were talking and punched the male student in the face. The two students were pulled apart by school security

The 17-year-old Greenwich student who threw the punch was charged with disorderly conduct and released on a promise to appear. His name was not released due to his age.

Greenwich was the only Connecticut town included on the list.

Port Chester education officials seem to be unaware and unprepared of how to deal with the smut list circulating in the middle school and high school.

Calls for comment from Port Chester educaion officials were not immediately returned.

Here is some more information in this video.


Connecticut School Officials Mad that Students

Are Circulating High School Slut List

.....Everybody just needs to calm down here. A high school slut list is the best thing that a high school kid could ask for. It saves so much time and embarrassment if you already know who’s down to......

.....If the ladies don’t want to be on the slut list, all they have to do is stop being a slut. It’s not that hard. Once you turn down a .....

......word will spread and you’ll be erased from the list faster than the speed of light. Nobody wants prudes on their slut list. That ruins everything.


'Smut List' in Area High Schools Raises Concerns of Cyberbullying

Students are circulating an online page listing in many cases, the first and last names of nearly 100 girls from eight area school districts, including Scarsdale.

....The sexually-charged list, titled "The Westchester Smut List," includes in many cases the first and last names of 99 girls from the districts. Almost all of the girls listed are younger than 18.

A Facebook page listing the names was taken down early Thursday morning. The list was also sent out via mass texts in Harrison High School Tuesday afternoon, according to a student who asked not to be named.
"It was out of nowhere," said the student. "Like, everyone got it."
The message was sent out around sixth period at HHS Tuesday. The list, and who was on it, became common knowledge at the school by the end of the day, according to the student.
The list includes students from Harrison, Port Chester, Greenwich, Scarsdale, Rye, New Rochelle and Yonkers.
It is unknown who created the list or where it came from. The Facebook page, which was posted on Tuesday at 6:37 p.m., garnered hundreds of comments and more than 7,000 "likes" in 24 hours before it was taken down.
A Facebook page dedicated to having the site removed went from less than 10 "likes" Wednesday morning to more than 1,700 Thursday. Comments on that page include links to anti-bullying sites and requests that the "smut list" be removed. ....
.....Scarsdale School District spokeswoman Victoria Presser said that she had heard of the list, but had not received any phone calls or inquiries from parents or the press.

"There’s nothing I can say about it," said Presser. "It’s a police matter. It’s been reported to various police departments, and it’s not just Scarsdale." ......
....Harrison Police Chief Anthony Marraccini said his department was made aware of the list Wednesday and is currently looking into the situation. He said police are looking to see if any laws were broken by the list's creators. If so the department would consider forcing Facebook to hand over whoever made the post.....


Port Chester Radio Show Gets Scoop on the 'Smut List

Zedalza New York webcast plans to interview the person who allegedly created the 'Smut List' Facebook page.

The Zedalza New York webcast on Tuesday night was moving along as planned until a caller named Brian dropped a bombshell scoop—a “smut list” with the names of 99 girls in the Westchester area was going viral on BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook.
The list ranked the “smuttiest” high school girls from Harrison, Port Chester, Greenwich, Scarsdale, Rye, New Rochelle and Yonkers, complete with first and last names and brief descriptions of their alleged transgressions.
“This is ‘Mean Girls’,” said one of the show’s hosts, Mike Alonzi, referring to the 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan about back-stabbing high school girls.
The Zedalza New York radio show, founded in 2006 by Frank Valbiro, Anthony Valbiro and Alonzi at Manhattanville College, now appears live on Ustream.com every Tuesday and Thursday night starting at 9 p.m.....
.....The joking came to a screeching halt when a 16-year-old named Alexa called in and said she and some of her friends were on the list.
“One friend who’s on the list, her mother just called me and said she’s taking her to the hospital right now. She just walked in on the girl slitting both her wrists,” Alexa said on air.
Zedalza will revisit the topic on the show tonight. Valbrio said guests will include his cousin Amanda, an 18-year-old student at Manhattanville College, and some of her friends who were on an earlier Port Chester-only version of the list.
Valbrio said his cousin and her friends are “laughing it off,” and they want to provide some support and a "voice of strength" for younger girls who have been hurt by their inclusion on the list.
Zedalza has another scoop in store, Valbrio said. Someone named Sergio Siano wrote on Zedalza’s Facebook page, (retaining punctuation:) "i didnt make the list. i made a facebook page with the list on it because people kept asking me to message them the list and i got tired of it. if anyone is mad at me because of this, then be angry because im not apologizing."
Siano is scheduled to call in live via Skype to the Vinny Brusco show, which airs at 10:30 p.m., after the Zedalza show.....
.....Valbrio said that Thursday’s show will be Zedalza’s last word on the matter of the smut list. “We’re wrapping it up,” he said. “The story is not going to have legs for very long.”
Perhaps that’s one thing the girls named on the list can take solace in—no one will be talking about the smut list once another scandal comes around. And these days, they seem to come around very fast.
To watch Zedalza’s live streaming show tonight at 9 p.m., click here.....


Patch.com - Barbara Heins
Dr. Sidney Freund, Greenwich superintedent of schools, on recent activity surrounding at least one so-called "Smut List" that includes the names of GHS ...

GHS girls targeted on 'smut' list‎ 

Stamford Advocate

The latest Facebook incident comes in the form of a 'smut list' that names a group of Greenwich high school girls

labelled as promiscuous by their peers, ...

Facebook 'smut list' of 'high school sluts' sparks police ... 
Daily Mail

HS Smut List‎ 

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV

The Journal News | LoHud.com



Facebook "Smut List" angers NY parents

KTNV Las Vegas

A list that ranks teenage girls by their alleged sexual encounters... Is causing serious problems for kids in New York. The parents of a 15 year old girl say she was bullied on Facebook after her name appeared on that so-called high school smut list. ...

Officials and Students React to White Plains "Smut List"

Patch.com - Dina Sciortino

Local officials and students react to a Facebook page titled "Smut List" featuring the full names of White Plains High School female students. By Dina Sciortino | Email the author | 4:18pm The White Plains school district has become aware of a Facebook ...

I on Bronxville: Talking Cyber Bullying and the Westchester 'Smut List'

Patch.com - Irena Choi Stern

Talk to your children about bullying and encourage them to speak up when they see it. With a screenplay by Tina Fey, Mean Girls was a film about a popular crowd of high school girls who wrote mean things about classmates in a “Burn Book. ...

Westchester Mom Outraged Over High School "Smut" List

Gothamist - Ben Yakas

For as long as there have been teenagers, they have been making lists of allegedly promiscuous peers, or "sluts," written on bathroom walls, classroom notes, and Facebook pages. And for as long as there have been those lists, so too have there been ...

Outrage Over High School 'Smut List'


The moon will appear bigger and brighter than it has in nearly 20 years on Saturday, March 19. That's … A Brooklyn man is under arrest after a crash during a chase on Long Island. By ANDREA DAY MYFOXNY.COM - Angela Viccaro, of Westchester County, ...

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