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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

12/04/07 - Give Me Back My Phone Or I Am Going To Call The Police

White Plains Journal News, NY


A Port Chester man was arrested today after he held a deliveryman's cell phone hostage for $40, police said. ...

...The deliveryman had noticed a man standing suspiciously close to the truck after making the Midland Avenue delivery, police said. He said the guy offered to sell him a jacket before he and his partner drove off. The victim suspected this was the man with his phone.

The suspect, Aaron King, 31, of 5 Leonard St., was riding his bike toward the victim at the Midland Avenue shop when police closed in, police said. Spotting the approaching police, King took flight, police said, but they caught him going up nearby Weber Drive....

12/04/07 - Port Chester Fire Department Helps Out A Shocked Harrison Fire Chief

The Journal News

HARRISON - Assistant Fire Chief Dino Del Signore couldn't believe his ears when the call came in about a house fire last night: the address was his childhood home, where he had lived with three generations of his family for more than 20 years.

The 43 Nelson Ave. fire, which investigators determined today was caused by an electrical malfunction, ripped through the duplex's front bedroom and extended to a rear bedroom, hallway and bathroom. Firefighters were able to extinguish it within 15 minutes, before it spread to the kitchen.

"I was able to let the guys know the layout of the house, and that made it a lot easier," Del Signore, 32, said today. "All my neighbors were there, everyone that knows me since I was a kid. It was sad to see it, actually."....

... the first floor. The Harrison Fire Department was assisted by firefighters from Rye, Larchmont, West Harrison, Port Chester, Purchase and Mamaroneck.

12/04/07 - Port Chester Crime Report - Attempted Rape

Journal News

A 24-year-old Port Chester man is accused of dragging a woman between two houses with a knife to her throat in an apparent rape attempt, according to police.

The man claimed he was trying to retrieve $200 and a cell phone she had stolen after it started to ring in his pocket, police said.

Carlos Gonzalez of 235 S. Regent St. was charged with first-degree attempted rape, a felony.

He's accused of coming up from behind the 38-year-old Port Chester woman around 8:35 p.m. Saturday on Central Avenue, mumbling something she did not understand, and putting the knife to her throat when she turned around, police said.......

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