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Monday, November 26, 2007

11/26/07 - Thanks To Ex-Long Time United Hospital Chairman Bruno Gioffre Port Chester's Loss Is White Plain's Gain

The hospital is a bedrock institution that White Plains Residents would never trade for a hotel.

Journal News

WHITE PLAINS - Midway through a major renovation, White Plains Hospital Center last week announced another - a $50 million-plus reconstruction that will move the hospital's main entrance to Maple Avenue and add 85,000 square feet of new operating rooms, maternity wards and radiology labs.

The project would come on top of other renovations costing $150 million in the past 15 years, including the continuing reconstruction of the hospital's emergency room suite, and could be followed by another round of rebuilding a few years from now, said Jon Schandler, the hospital's president.....

... United Hospital in Port Chester - closed in the past four years, Schandler said in presenting the plan to the Common Council last week. Annual emergency room ...

....The bulk of the new construction would occur on Davis Avenue, where an administration building known as Winslow Hall would be demolished and replaced with a six-story wing of maternity, operating and radiology rooms. On Maple Avenue, a glassy, two-story entrance and a traffic circle would be built. On Post Road, an elevated, enclosed walkway would cross over Longview Avenue to connect the hospital with a municipal parking garage that is now under construction.

The renovation will add 24 beds in single rooms, but the bed count will not change because 24 existing rooms will be converted from doubles to singles, allowing the hospital to stay within its licensed capacity of 277 beds.....

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