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Monday, December 3, 2007

12/03/07 - Port Chester's Biingual Citizen Journalist - 365 Port Chester - Once Again Scoops The Local Newspapers

The Westmore Snooze And The Journal News
Get Scooped Again.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Port Chester High School Receives $50,000 to renovate its library and media center

Thanks to the Tamarack Tower Foundation, a private foundation whose mission is to financially support the Port Chester schools and students, Port Chester High School will receive $50,000 to make needed repairs to its library and media center. The repairs will entail changing the carpeting, updating its furnishings, and repairing the ceiling and lights....

And In Spanish

La escuela secundaria de Port Chester recibe $50,000 para remodelar la biblioteca y Media Center

Gracias a la Fundacion Tamarack Tower, una fundacion privada que apoya a las escuelas publicas y a los estudiantes de Port Chester, la escuela secudaria recibira $50,000 para hacer reparaciones en su biblioteca. Las reparaciones sera relacionados a cambiar la alfombra, reparar los escritorios y los muebles, y reparar el techo y las luces.......

Plus 365 Port Chester also reports:

Encuesta: Muchos adultos de origen Hispano dicen que hablan el Ingles muy bien

La mayoria de Hispanos adultos en los Estados Unidos dicen que hablan el Ingles muy bien o que dominan el idioma, dice una nueva encuesta......


Survey: Most adult Hispanics say they speak English well

The majority of adult Hispanics in the United States say they speak English fluently or pretty well, according to a new survey.

Also 365 Port Chester Reports That....

For Hispanic Immigrants, Bias isn't only barrier to housing...

There are various obstacles in trying to find decent housing, but for Hispanic immigrants, it is not only bias, but also exploitation.

The article printed on the Journal News this past Sunday, discusses exploitation faced by Hispanic immigrants while trying to rent or purchase housing.

Blanca Lopez , Program Director of the Neighborhood Preservation Co., a housing program based in Port Chester commented that there are many landlords who do not want to rent to families with children. She said, "We get families that are just astounded that owners won't rent to (families with) children." While Lopez said she has seen instances of discrimination against Hispanic immigrants, she agrees the bigger problem is exploitation. In other words, tenants put up with small apartments and astronomical rents because that's all there is. And homebuyers are misled into taking on loans they can't afford.....


La explotacion de Hispanos inmigrantes en el campo de la vivienda

Hay varios obstaculos para obtener vivienda decente, pero para los Hispanos inmigrantes, no solo es el prejuicio encontra de ellos, tambien es la explotacion.

El articulo del Journal News que salio este Domingo, 2 de Diciembre, habla sobre la explotacion que encuentran los Hispanos inmigrantes al tratar de conseguir viviendas por medio del alquiler o de compra.

En ester articulo, entrevistan a la Srta. Blanca Lopez que comento que en su profesion como Directora del Neighborhood Preservation Company, un programa de vivienda localizado en Port Chester, hay muchos duenos de viviendas que no quieren rentar a familias que tienen ninos. Ella comento, "Vemos a muchas familias que estan asombradoas que existen duenos que no quieren rentar a personas con ninos." Y tambien, que aunque ha visto casos de discriminacion encontra de Hispanos inmigrantes, el problema mas grande es la explotacion -revelando que los inquilinos Hispanos viven en pequenos apartamentos y pagan rentas astronomicas porque no existe vivendas con bajas rentas, y que los compradores de casa que son Hispanos e inmigrantes son enganados al obtener hipotecas que son caras y que al largo plazo no podran pagar.

Keep Up The Excelent Reporting 365 Port Chester.

Your bilingual articles are providing a great sevice to all the citizens of Port Chester.

12/03/07 - The Beat Goes On

Moby Got His Start At The Beat

Does anyone remember this awesome bar in PC? the Port Chester music scene? Any opinions on any similar places around here?

12/02/07 - The Region Still Struggles, Because Of The Loss Of United Hospital

Fairfield County:

Hospital uses least Medicaid funds; Officials say few willing to apply
Norwalk Advocate
... includes the Medicaid patients who began coming to Greenwich Hospital after a major medical center in Port Chester, N.Y., closed three years ago. The statistics reflect the area's affluence and show that some poor, uninsured patients who might ...

Westchester County:

An institution grows
Journal News
... important safety net.' Since the closure of St. Agnes Hospital in White Plains in 2003 and United Hospital in Port Chester in 2005, that safety net has gotten smaller and White Plains Hospital has felt the pinch. Since 2003, its emergency room ...

12/02/07 - Port Chester Sports Report

Girls basketball roundup: Briarcliff downs Preston; Ursuline defeats...
Journal News
... 21 rebounds in the win. Teammate Alex Venuto added 20 points. Rebecca Robison had 10 points for Scarsdale. Port Chester 50, Fox Lane 41: In the consolation game of the Byram Hills tournament, Julia Dempson scored 25 points in the win. ...

Boys basketball roundup: Gorton defeats Sacred Heart; Port Chester...
Journal News
... for Gorton. Teammate Kevin Vanderpool added 11 points. Craig Henry scored eight points for Sacred Heart. Port Chester 68, Fox Lane 59: In the consolation game of the Byram Hills tournament, Shakeem King led the Rams with 16 points. Kafele ...

Port Chester takes second at Carlucci tournament
Journal News
PORT CHESTER - Johnny Maldonado knew his 125-pound final opponent in the Tony Carlucci wrestling tournament all too well.

Yesterday's matches
Journal News
Wrestling Tony Carlucci Tournament At Port Chester High School Team standings and key - 1. McIntosh 218.5; 2. Port Chester 200; 3. Harrison 156; 4. Westlake 149; 5. Beacon 145.5; 6. Eastchester 126; 7. Hen ...

Area high school events: Scores and schedule
Journal News
... St. Michael 37 Byram Hills tournament Championship: Byram Hills 61, Lincoln 58 Consolation game: Port Chester 66, Fox Lane 59 Eastchester tournament Championship: Eastchester 61, Salesian 42 Consolation game: Yonkers 90, Hunter ...

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