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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

07/20/11 Rye Town Supervisor Joesph Carvin Reported On His Continued And Substantial Losses At Rye Town Park (Updated)

Photo: Party Hardy - Rye Town Supervisor Joseph Edward Carvin Is Too Busy Hanging Out At The Ritz Carlton Hotel In White Plains, Instead Of Fixing The Problems That Are Causing Deficits At Rye Town Park / Oakland Beach.

Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin will chaired a meeting of the Rye Town Park Commission last night to discuss how the Carvin administration will deal with another year of mounting losses at Oakland beach, as well as, the latest expensive Carvin RFP (request for proposal) on automated parking and beach access system.

Many Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye City and Rye Neck taxpayers say that Mr. Carvin's obligations at Altima Partners has prevented the Rye Town Supervisor to properly manage Oakland beach. Last property owners had to make up an unnecessary loss.

However, some park commission members have said that Supervisor Joe Carvin has put in controls that may prevent or limit the deficit. This is very critical in 2011, because Supervisor Carvin promised that there would be a surplus at Rye Town Park, before his term was up this year.

Commission members have said to prevent a deficit this year the Rye Town budgeted expenses may be cut from $980,000 to $950,000 mainly by cutting employee hours. Security and life guard hours would not be cut.

It is rumored that pre-season park income was almost non-existent for some reason and was about $20,000 less than last year. Park employees say that the beach only made about $1,200 this year on July 3rd compared to $45,000 last year.

Meanwhile, the
Friends of Crawford Park will focused on ways to beautify the other Rye Brook park that Mr. Carvin has ignored. The Friends of Crawford Park met last night at Crawford Park mansion, 122 North Ridge St., Rye Brook.

Conservative, Democratic, Independent And Republican Voters Are Starting To Say That The Town Of Rye And It's Parks Are Suffering, Because The Joe "AWOL" Carvin Is Too Often Missing And Can't Be Found When Critical Decisions Must Be Made;

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07/19/11 The The New Colonialism Is Being Directed By The Man Who Sits On The Third Floor Of Rye Town Hall

Rye Town Supervisor Joesph Carvin Snaps Up African Farmland

Joe Carvin's Altima Partners investment fund is buying up farmland in Africa and Latin to grow food for export -- a profitable business, with a growing global population and rapidly rising prices. The high-stakes game of real-life Monopoly is leading to a modern colonialism to which many poor countries in African and Latin American countries submit out of necessity.

Every crisis has its winners. A group of them are sitting in Joseph Edward Carvin's Altima Partners LLP's offices in New York.





Contact Person:

Bishop M. Nowotnik

Purchasing Director &

Confidential Secretary to the Supervisor

Town of Rye

10 Pearl Street

Port Chester, New York 10573

Tel: 914-939-3075 ext. 101



Commission Members
Joseph Carvin-President

Douglas French, Mayor-City of Rye

Dennis Pilla, Mayor-Village of Port Chester

Joan Feinstein, Mayor-Village of Rye Brook

Benedict Salanitro, Commissioner

Joseph Sack, Commissioner

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, 7/19/2011@ 6:00PM

PLACE: Rye Town Hall

10 Pearl Street-3rd Floor Courtroom

Port Chester, New York 10573

Tentative Agenda:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Comments from the Public
  4. Park Manager’s Report
  5. June Financial Report
  6. Capital Repairs Discussion
  7. Automated Parking RFP Discussion
  8. Correspondence

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to PortChesterRoundup@gmail.com

07/20/11 The Rye Town Confidential Secretary Bishop M. Nowotnik Releases Current Rye Town Park Financial Statement

Approved Variance

June 30, 2010 Audited 2010 June 30, 2011 Budget 2011 To Budget %


Rental Income - Concession 33,765 84,413 34,778 90,000 (55,222) 38.64%
Parking Fees 150,356 335,847 86,217 305,621 (219,404) 28.21%
No. Gate Admission 16,126 50,373 9,286 44,839 (35,553) 20.71%
Mid Gate Admission 111,584 293,305 77,108 262,908 (185,800) 29.33%
South Gate Admission 40,239 107,616 31,141 95,931 (64,790) 32.46%
Investment Income 102 509 39 500 (461) 7.80%
Permits 50,680 60,530 87,435 68,000 19,435 128.58%
Other Income 17,332 52,767 20,385 52,576 (32,191) 38.77%
Total Revenue 420,184 985,360 346,389 920,375 (573,986) 37.64%

Salaries - Directors 19,309 41,912 24,041 44,100 20,059 54.51%
Salaries - Foreman 15,891 31,781 16,208 32,417 16,209 50.00%
Salaries - Groundsman 62,091 133,839 37,618 130,961 93,343 28.72%
Salaries - Security 27,881 84,541 30,195 66,042 35,847 45.72%
Salaries - Life Guards 23,171 115,155 35,330 114,351 79,021 30.90%
Salaries - Cashiers 27,155 93,608 39,796 92,288 52,492 43.12%
Salaries - Attendants 23,289 46,787 8,732 35,325 26,593 24.72%
Total Salaries 198,787 547,623 191,920 515,484 323,564 37.23%

Social Security 13,443 43,718 15,402 39,435 24,033 39.06%
Workman's Compensation 2,500 5,500 3,000 6,000 3,000 50.00%
Medical Insurance 11,100 22,200 7,500 15,000 7,500 50.00%

- #DIV/0!
Unemployment Insurance 5,375 65,610 699 30,000 29,301 2.33%
Total Benefits 32,418 143,628 26,601 90,435 63,834 29.41%
Utilities, Taxes and Interest

Telephone 1,825 4,682 2,420 5,800 3,380 41.72%
Utilities 13,084 44,491 14,658 44,500 29,842 32.94%
Sewer Tax 29,764 29,764 30,328 30,000 (328) 101.09%
Interest Costs 23,689 6,258 15,000 8,742 41.72%
Total Utilities, Taxes and Interest 44,673 102,626 53,664 95,300 41,636 56.31%

Professional Fees 22,338 43,050 19,658 52,900 33,242 37.16%
Insurance 54,550 54,550 54,241 54,275 34 99.94%
Office 1,567 2,713 1,293 3,210 1,917 40.28%
Total Administrative 78,455 100,313 75,192 110,385 35,193 68.12%
Operations and Maintenance

Miscellaneous 134 535 9,599 2,000 (7,599) 479.95%
Beach Supplies 8,743 13,161 4,767 13,000 8,233 36.67%
Refuse Removal 325 325 427 5,000 4,573 8.54%
Promo, Print, Signs
7,775 6,000 (1,775) 129.58%
Equipment 12,300 25,397 13,028 15,500 2,472 84.05%
Equipment - Repairs 6,763 14,652 5,837 15,000 9,163 38.91%
Repairs - Building and Grounds 36,087 118,008 39,490 105,000 65,510 37.61%
Concerts and Events 1,517 7,190 5,600 8,000 2,400 70.00%
Uniforms 5,697 10,976 5,280 7,000 1,720 75.43%
Total Operations and Maintenance 71,566 190,244 91,803 176,500 84,697 52.01%

Total Expenditures 425,899 1,084,434 439,180 988,104 548,924 44.45%

Net Expenditures over Revenue (5,715) (99,074) (92,791) (67,729)

07/20/11 Astorino To Cuomo: Build This Bridge And More News From The Port Chester Topix News Message Board

Topix Port Chester

Port Chester - News July 20, 2011

See Port Chester Weather

Astorino to Cuomo: Build this bridge
Astorino to Cuomo: Build this bridge (LoHud)
A replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge doesn't have to be fancy - it just has to be built before it becomes unsafe and must be shut down, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino said Tuesday.

... the Hudson River just north of the bridge. A $16 billion plan would include improvements to Interstate 287 from Port Chester to Suffern while adding new mass transit in addition to a new span. But, with money tight everywhere, Astorino said they ...


07/20/11 Only A Fool Would Pay A Buck To Look In The Westmore News For A Job !!! Here Are Free Port Chester Job Listings From The Daily Port Chester

Weekly job listings for Port Chester:

• Disaster restoration company seeks experienced fire/water damage restoration technicians.

• Start-up company has opening for an entry-level salesperson.

• Cleaning company is hiring a carpet and upholstery cleaning technician.

• Wholesale jewelry company has openings in sales and administration.

• The Carver Center is looking for two middle school team leaders.

• JT Straw's Bar & Grill needs cooks for full-time evening shifts.

• Bartaco is hiring managers and assistant managers. It also had an opening forkitchen manager/chef.

• Renewable energy company seeks to train salespeople for solar energy.

• Marketing company C.A. courtesy is looking for brand ambassadors.

• Nessa Restaurant needs a server/busser.

• Tarry Lodge is hiring reservationists.

Are you looking for work in Port Chester, or are you a local employer looking for workers? Send an email to rvillarreal@mainstreetconnect.usto post your job listings.

07/20/11 Port Chester brothers get 'big' break with bank musical

The plot of "The Big Bank" -- a musical about a banker who falls in love with the owner of a flower shop he is sent to foreclose on -- could have been plucked from today's headlines.

Instead, it was written and composed 16 years ago by two brothers from Port Chester, N.Y., with help from a Greenwich piano teacher.

The story behind the musical is a bit more timeless. Years after Jacob and Daniel Seligmann had given up on the dream of seeing their creation on stage, and had moved on to separate careers in show business, "The Big Bank" will have its premiere, with 12 performances through the Emerson Theater Collaborative in Mystic from July 21 to 31.

The production has also been accepted by the New York Musical Theatre Festival , a fall festival where such acclaimed Broadway productions as "Next to Normal" and "title of show" have premiered.

The Seligmann brothers had their sights set high when they first started working on "The Big Bank" in 1994, in the house where they grew up. As Jacob, now 36, tells it, the two were watching journalist Charlie Rose interview composer Andrew Lloyd Weber and lyricist Tim Rice , who had collaborated on such hit musicals as "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Evita."

Daniel, a writer, had just graduated from college and Jacob had finished his freshman year at Brown University in Providence, R.I. Daniel, now 39, turned to his brother at one point and said, "We could do that."

So they did.

Daniel wrote the book for the musical, drawing from his experience of seeing friends jumping into jobs at investment banks after college, working 70-hour weeks. Jacob was the musician, having taken piano lessons from Stuart Hemingway in his Riverside home, so he came up with the melodies. The two even named the main character, Stuart, after Hemingway.

Hemingway, who lost his vision years ago, taught his students to play piano by having them listen to him, sending them home with recordings instead of sheet music. After Jacob wrote the songs for "The Big Bank," he brought them to his lessons, and Hemingway worked on the piano arrangements.

"He would sing what he wanted and I would play behind it, and it seemed to work pretty well," said Hemingway on a recent afternoon at the Nathaniel Witherell nursing home in Greenwich, where he now lives. "It sort of evolved out."

Later, Jacob made digital recordings of Hemingway playing the musical's score by using a keyboard that connected to his computer.

After the Seligmann brothers finished "The Big Bank," they shopped it around, at one point even meeting with legendary theater producer Harold Prince, who was interested in the musical for a director's workshop. There was even a reading of the play at the Lambs Club in Manhattan, but nothing came of it.

"It was the first real rejection I took really hard as a writer," said Daniel, who eventually moved to Los Angeles and has been working in the film industry as a writer and producer.

A couple of years ago, on a rainy day in New York City, the pair's mother, Michele Seligmann, was sharing a cab with a woman and they got to talking. She was involved with the Emerson Theater Collaborative, and Michele told her about "The Big Bank."

In 2008, as the economic crisis took hold and foreclosures popped up in every city and town, Jacob started thinking about getting "The Big Bank" going again.

"`The Book of Mormon' took forever," he said of the show by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which recently won the Tony Award for Best Musical. "These are monumental projects. The timing has to be right. The timing for `The Big Bank' is perfect."

Daniel said he and his brother used the foreclosure process as a way to easily dramatize what banks do, never foreseeing how close it would come to reality.

"It's funny that I've been absolutely riveted and fascinated by the hypocrisy of investment banks and the government," Daniel said. "I think this is a story that just wants to be told. That's why it's finding the path that it is, even 16 years later. I don't think it would have meant a lot to people back then."

Back when he and Jacob were recording the music for "The Big Bank," Hemingway suggested Old Greenwich resident Stephanie Kies to sing the part of Iris, the flower shop owner. Hemingway had accompanied Kies when she sang at local church services and other venues. What Jacob and Daniel didn't know, however, was that Kies owned the Old Greenwich Flower Shop, which she ended up selling shortly afterward, in 1996.

"I always thought this would happen someday," said Kies of the musical's recent successes.

The men's father, Joel Seligmann, believes "The Big Bank," with its theme of love and kindness winning out over selfishness and greed, has Broadway potential.

"The message isn't just timely, it's for the hope in all of us," he said. "Look, I'm the father, and even great people have fathers."

The achievements are particularly bittersweet for Hemingway, who suffered a stroke several years ago that paralyzed his left side, leaving him unable to play the piano.

"I'm glad for Jake," Hemingway said. "He's worked so long on it."

Hemingway, who at one point taught 75 students a week, said he considers Jacob one of his most talented pupils.

"I think he could have been a jazz player," Hemingway said.

Jacob has worked for the last 10 years composing music for television, and also teaches piano to his students in the same way Hemingway taught him.

When it was confirmed that "The Big Bank" was going to be performed, Jacob used Hemingway's recordings and other computer software to create sheet music for the show, a painstaking process.

"Hearing the music director now playing, (Hemingway's) like living and breathing through this guy," Jacob said.

Jacob is anticipating a busy fall. The cast party for the Mystic production will be held Aug. 1, and by the next morning, he'll be working full-time in New York, getting the production ready for the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

"For sure Broadway is the goal, and I really think that's where it's going," Jacob said. "It seems so inevitable at this point."

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07/20/11 Westchester Tops State Norm For Felony Conviction Rates and more from Port Chester Patch

Today s 89° 72° Tomorrow s 95° 73°

July 20, 2011

Your News

Westchester Tops State Norm For Felony Conviction Rates

William Demarest | Jul 19, 2011 | 7 Comments

image2010 saw a nearly 50 percent decline in homicides from the previous year's 43 cases.

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07/20/11 Rye Brook Waldenbooks To Close And More News From The Daily Port Chester

What's Up in The Daily Port Chester
The Daily Port Chester
News Sports Schools Neighbors
Rye Brook Waldenbooks To Close
by Ryan Villarreal | 07/20/11

RYE BROOK, N.Y. -- Harrison resident Nora Holmes has always liked the feel of a real book in her hands and shook her head when she found out her neighborhood Waldenbooks was closing down. "They [book stores] have to compete with the Kindle and the iPad and they're losing business," said Holmes, 20,

State Senators Join Astorino On TZ Bridge Tour
by Meredith Shamburger | 07/20/11

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. — Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino's calls for making the Tappan Zee Bridge a priority were echoed today by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Sen. Chuck Fuschillo. The Long Island senators visited the bridge Tuesday to survey its condition and offer their support

Cancer Fighters 'Swim Across America'
by Danny LoPriore | 07/19/11

LARCHMONT, N.Y. -- Each summer for the last 19 years, thousands of volunteer swimmers have been diving into Long Island Sound and dozens of local swimming pools for 'Swim Across America-Long Island Sound – helping to change the lives of those stricken with cancer. The 2011 fundraising "swims" began

County's Rabies Outbreak Leads the State
by Robert Michelin | 07/19/11

MOUNT PLEASANT, N.Y. – Westchester has had the most reports of rabid animals of any county in the state so far this year, health officials say. Every day, it seems, there is another report of a rabid animal somewhere in Westchester. Last week, it was a rabid kitten that

Port Chester Taxi Drivers Wait To Be Heard
by Ryan Villarreal | 07/19/11

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. -- Taxi drivers and company owners showed up in force to speak at the public hearing on the extension of their licenses at the Board of Trustees meeting Monday, but the hearing had to be rescheduled due to an error by the clerk's office. Notices sent out by the clerk's office gave


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