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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Editor Of Port Chester Roundup Publicly Debates Jeffrey Lichtman Who Gets Nervous In The Service And Goes On A Deletion Binge

It Is Not Just Two Bit Port Chester Trustee Bart Didden's Cousin Kieth Morlino Who Censors Honest Public Debate At Making Port Chester A BITTER Place.

Jeffrey Lichtman A So-Called Journalist / Commentator At The Fifth Largest U.S. Radio Station Owner After Clear ChannelCumulusCBS Radio, And Entercom Resorts To The Cheap Censorship Tricks Used By A Tiny Controversial Port Chester Facebook Group That Wanted To Cover Up Maintenance Failures At Rye Town Park.

Curtis Sliwa's Fake, Fraudulent And Phony Sidekick Jeffrey Lichtman Brings Disgrace To Conservative Christian Radio Broadcaster Salem Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: SALM)

SALEM RADIO HOST SWEEPS IT UNDER THE RUG WITH CHILDISH AND SELF CENTERED FACEBOOK TRICKS: New York City's 970 AM The Answers' Nasty Jeffrey Lichtman Doesn't Have The Answer Or The Ethics Necessary To Be A Credible Broadcast Journalist Or Columnist.

NEW YORK BROADCASTING'S CORRUPT PAPER TIGER: Nor Is 970 AM The Answers' Nasty Jeffrey Lichtman Man Enough Or Big And Bad Enough To Stand And Deliver In A Debate With A Visually Handicapped Brian Harrod, Who Is Journalist By Day And A Janitor By Night.

If Thin Skinned Jeffrey Lichtman Can't Stand The Heat Then He Should Get The Hell Out Of The Kitchen Instead Of Deleting Posts And Fraudulently Altering The Public Record.

Jeffrey Lichtman · 520 like this
21 hours ago · 
    (deep breath)
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    • Daniel J Black Rock The Casbah!
      21 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Leanne Meinders Hoelzer Jeffrey Lichtman maybe we could underwrite a stone throwing course and make it work every time i love it jeffrey poetic justice
    • Richard Zuendt Don't let the Bama see this, he will want to ban "assault tires".
    • Tammy R. Lawson lol you are so funny sometimes~
    • Robert Belgrad Karma is a beautiful thing.... 
      Especially when a stone ricochets off if it, and kills a Palestinian who is attacking innocent commuters.
      21 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Bryan Ayers That dude rocked!
    • Pat McKell Hahahaaaa
    • Genea Anne Natale Bwahahaha !!!!
    • Shirley O'Brien There is a GOD!
    • Al Bert Just nuke the middle east:-)
    • Brian Harrod Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery.....

      "Police originally believed that the resident of Emmanuel who reported firing in the air had in fact fired at his attacker, killing him. The man was arrested and questioned. However, an initial forensic report showed tha
      t the attacker had not been killed by a bullet, and the detainee was released.

      A final forensic report, released over the weekend, showed that the attacker was killed when a stone he threw hit the car driven by the man from Emmanuel. The stone hit the car's tire and bounced back at high speed, hitting the attacker and leaving him with a fatal head injury.,"

      How in the world would they know that the rock bonces off of the tire of the gunman's car? 

      Where is the evidence to support this bizarre theory?

      Rock is thrown, then gun is discharged from a car traveling at a high rate of speed and the rock bonces off a tire and kills the roch thrower.

      Not even you would bring such a crack pot legal defense.

      The gunman is lucky that this occurred in an war zone that his country is occupying, and therefore this ludicrous explanation will stand.
    • Jeffrey Lichtman If the wound suffered by the dead terrorist is not a bullet would -- which is easily determined -- how can the victim who fired the gunshot be held accountable? Did his gun fire something other then bullets? Actually, the terrorists are lucky that they are not plying their trade in Mali or Pakistan wherein they'd be destroyed by drone strikes or French bombs.
    • Brian Harrod Councilor your needless hyperbole severely damages your credibility on this issue. 

      There is no evidence what-so-ever to support this ludicrous report of a "Rock is thrown, then gun is discharged from a car traveling at a high rate of speed and the ro
      ck bonces off a tire and kills the rock thrower."

      Moreover, there seems to no other news reports supporting this bizarre tale, that I am sure that you will endlessly promote this as the definitive truth.
    • Jeffrey Lichtman The word is spelled "counselor." I find that before I suggest someone's credibility is damaged I learn how to spell all three syllable words.
    • Jeffrey Lichtman And there is no "hyperbole" in claiming that dead terrorist with no bullet wound was not killed by discharged gun which fires bullets. And why am I having this discussion with you?
    • Brian Harrod Dear Jeffery, 

      Thank you for your editing, but that is just digresses from the issue of you promoting what appears to be a fraudulent story unverified story.

      I am a Jew who highly values the truth. I am also a Zionist that strongly supports the Stat
      e of Israel, who has repeatedly shut down this so-called "news organization" you are blindly supporting.

      Arutz Sheva (Hebrew for Channel Seven) is an Israeli website that fools uninformed people into thinking that it is a broadcasting outlet. 

      The Israeli government has never granted this deceptive group a license to broadcast. 

      It is essentially a questionable website with a podcast that pretends to be an Israeli broadcaster in order to fool uninformed non-Israelis about what is truly happening in the occupied territories. 

      But like I said above, I am sure you will endlessly promote this as the definitive truth.
    • Jeffrey Lichtman There is almost nothing in your last post that is factual. Being a self-hating Jew who supports Israel's enemies does not give you license to create facts. And please tell me where I am "endlessly promot[ing]" this story? Have I ever discussed it on air? Have I taken out ads in the media about it? Where is the "endless promot[ing]?" Look, you speak English as if it's your second language and you're an idiot to boot.
    • Brian Harrod That's enough FOX News for you young man.....

      Every man must choose if he wants to deal in facts or if he wants to deal in needless hyperbole. 

      There is one fact that I should have mentioned about this questionable group that provided you with this bizarre tale of a "Rock is thrown, then gun is discharged from a car traveling at a high rate of speed and the rock bonces off a tire and kills the rock thrower."

      The fact is this group, that you are using as a source, broke Israeli law by operating an illegal pirate radio station in the occupied territories. 

      In October 2003, ten employees of Arutz Sheva website were convicted of operating an illegal radio station during the period 1995-1998, both from Beit El in the West Bank. 

      Station director Ya'akov Katz (Real Name Ketzaleh) was also convicted on two counts of perjury for having lied about the location of the broadcasts.

      Your news source is not very trust worthy and hurting your credibility as a journalist , because you did not verify the information you posted. 

      It is a free country, if you want to use convicted perjurers as your news source, then use convicted perjurers as your news source.

      However, poor judgement often leads to bad consequences. 

      If you keep failing to verify news items and continue posting questionable news items like this then reasonable folks on Facebook will start commenting on your posts with....

      (deep breath)


It looks like There Is A Reason That A Liar.... Er.... I Mean Lawyer...... Should Not Have A Second Career As A Journalist.

You can see evidence of the mean spirited Jeffrey Lichtman's unethical Facebook activities at the link below. Let's hope that that his unethical behavior has not made it into our courtrooms.

Perhaps someone should tell Jeffrey "The Censor" Lichtman That Brave Young Men Like My Son Who Survived Three IED Attacks In Iraq, Voluntarily Put Themselves In Harms Way To Protect The Rights That He Takes For Granted.

Here is the link to AM 970 The Answer's Jeffery Lichtman's sneaky deletions of honest public debate.

The Cowardly Jeffery Lichtman is so afraid of free speech and public debate he even blocked the visually impaired reader who challenged the questioned the news source that the Salem Communications' Journalist / Commentator used.

I guess that ends that debate and now the AM 970 Journalist / Commentator To Spread False,  Misleading And Unchallenged Information All Over The Salem Communications Radio Stations.


What Is The Unethical Jeffery Lichman Going To Do Next. Delete The Entire Facebook Thread, Because He Can't Stand And Deliver In A Facebook Forum.

Haven't the folks at the conservative Christian broadcasters at Salem Communications ever read the Bible?

No one should try to hide the truth. That would be a foolish thing to do any way because the truth has a way of coming out. Don’t ever try to hide the truth about anything. Jesus said, “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad.”

I guess Jeffrey Lichtman, would labile Jesus, a "self hating Jew, because you can see above, that he loves saying "self hating Jew" on Facebook and on Salem Communications radio programs.

Maybe someone should tell sneaky and nasty Jeffrey Lichtman that the truth has a way of always coming to the surface like air bubbles under the water. Some people have ruined themselves because they thought they could hide something, but they were wrong and the truth eventually came out.

The founders of for profit Salem Communications, Stuart Epperson and Edward Atsinger III, support various religious causes. Epperson was recently reported in Time magazine as one of the "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America." In 2004 he co-chaired Americans of Faith, a religiously-based Republican electoral campaign. Both founders have served on the Council for National Policy. They gave $100,000 to the Bush presidential reelection campaign and $780,000 to the 2000 "California Defense of Marriage Act" (Proposition 22) ballot measure.

Let's See If The Cowardly Salem Communications Journalist Will Explain His Sneaky, Unethical And  Untrustworthy Behavior On Facebook.  Or Will AM 970 Be Known As The "Censor" Instead Of The Answer To New York City Listeners And Advertisers.....

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RUNNING SCARED: Wanna Be Journalist Jeffery Lichtman Just Can't Stop Hitting The Facebook  Delete Button As He Trs And Cover Up His Use Of Questionable Sources

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Wanna Be Journalist Jeffery Lichtman Has Totally Deleted The Thread With The Questionable News Source Mentioned Above.

I will be a gentleman and not post.....

(deep breath)

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