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Sunday, October 21, 2007

10/21/07 - Independent Committe Says The True Blue Conservative Is Right And Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Is A Liar.

You Will Not Read This In The Hopelessly Biased Rag Known As The We$tmore $nooze. But The 1,172 Current Visitors To Port Chester Roundup
Know That...

Which Is An Independent Body that has these outstanding Westchester Citizens

Stephanie Sarnoff, Chair

Milton Hoffman, Vice Chair

Miriam Cohen, Coordinator

LaRuth Gray

Susan Guma

Ruth Hinerfeld

Burton M. Leiser

Robert Peterson

Ernest Prince

Susan Schwarz

Evelyn M. Stock

And Also Has Represenitives From The

Republican Party
Democratic Party
Independence Party
Conservative Party
Working Families Party

This Committee is comprised of community leaders who represent a wide range of public interests and are recognized as being independent and fair minded. Members representing recognized political parties serve ex-officio without vote; they contribute political perspective and experience to the discussion.

"that a Republican Party flyer stating that the 2007 New York State Comptrollers report is a devastating indictment of the corrupt hiring and contracting practices of the Morabito-controlled Rye Town board is unfair as the report does not use the word corrupt."

Finding: UNFAIR
On September 5th The True Blue Conservative and Port Chester Roundup said the same thing.

The single family homeowner's of Port Chester are not stupid they already know that Carvin is being a Parrot for the Vindictive Bernie "I Forgot To Pay Over 100 Property Tax Bills" Abel

All the WESTCHESTER COUNTY FAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES COMMITTEE had to do was read this post in the Port Chester Roundup and they would have learned that Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin is knowingly lying to the residents of Port Chester.
Here Is The Port Chester Roundup Link From September 5th exposing Bernie Abel and Joe Carvin's lying and unfair campgain practices: http://portchesterroundup.blogspot.com/2007/09/090507-joe-carvin-is-bernie-abels.html
Here is the October 22 link for the WCFCPC: http://www.watpa.org/lwv/fcpc/fcpc.html
Call 939-6864 and tell the Vindictive Bernie Abel to cancel your subscription to the hopelessly biased rag known as the We$tmore $nooze

10/21/07 - Obituary - Singer Teresa Brewer

Singer Teresa Brewer established herself as a big voice in a petite package with the novelty hit "Music! Music! Music!" in the 1950s.

Teresa Brewer, 76, a bold-voiced singer whose novelty hit "Music! Music! Music!" established her as a jukebox favorite in the 1950s and secured her four-decade career performing in nightclubs and on Las Vegas stages, died Oct. 17 at her home in New Rochelle, N.Y. She had progressive supranuclear palsy, a brain disorder.

Ms. Brewer was a veteran radio performer at 19, when "Music! Music! Music!" became a pop-chart smash in 1950 with its bouncy Dixieland-ensemble backup and command to "put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon."

After a period of similar fare, she won over audiences as a balladeer singing "Till I Waltz Again With You" (which reportedly sold more than 1.4 million copies), "Let Me Go, Lover" and "A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl."

Her voice was startlingly brassy for a 5-foot-2, 100-pound singer, and the disparity prompted jokes. Referring to a brash nightclub performer, entertainer Bing Crosby joked that Ms. Brewer was the "Sophie Tucker of the Girl Scouts." Time magazine called Ms. Brewer "a topnotch singer with a voice somewhere between a blowtorch and a cello."

A striking brunette -- later a blond -- she was cast as a star of the musical western film "Those Redheads from Seattle" (1953) and was a mainstay of television variety shows for several years.....

....She was credited as co-author of several songs, including "I Love Mickey," a novelty tune she recorded with New York Yankees center-fielder Mickey Mantle in 1956.

Her first marriage, to William Monahan, ended in divorce. Thiele, whom she married in 1972, died in 1996.

Survivors include four children from her first marriage, Kathleen Monahan-Granzen of Rye Brook, N.Y., Susan M. Dorot of White Plains, N.Y., Megan Ahearn of Port Chester, N.Y., and Michelle McCann of New Rochelle; a stepson, Bob Thiele Jr. of California; a brother; four grandsons; and five great-grandchildren.



Pop Singer Teresa Brewer Dies from World News,Breaking News Headlines

theresa brewer from lisie‘s Blog

10/22/07 - Weekend Port Chester Sports Report

Yesterday's Section 1 Coaches Invitational results
Journal News
... (NR) 375; 16. Rye (R) 438; 17. Kennedy (JFK) 445; 18. Pleasantville (Pv) 450; 19. Putnam Valley (PV) 482; 20. Port Chester (PC) 590; 21. Harrison (H) 603; 22. North Salem (NS) 605. Individuals - 1. Andrew Gelston (WP) 17:06.76; 2. Chris ...

Westchester/Putnam notebook: Salesian winning despite big losses
Journal News
... as he called it. 'We have good character guys and some great athletes.' Midfielders Tom Manz of the Bronx and Port Chester's Sebastian Zambrano have helped Salesian outscore its opponents by a 22-5 margin through its first eight games. Although ...

Local women turn on The Power again
Journal News
PORT CHESTER - On a recent morning at Sound Shore Indoor tennis, one group of players stood out.

Roundup: North Rockland defeats Poughkeepsie 3-0; Tappan Zee defeats...
Journal News
... 14 of 27 passes for 186 yards. R. J. Medeo had a 53-yard touchdown run for the Bobcats. Spring Valley 16, Port Chester 13: At Port Chester, the Tigers' Mike Braithwaite caught a 30-yard touchdown pass from Jeff Volcey, who also scored on a ...

Yesterday's Section 1 Coaches Invitational results
The Patent Trader
... (NR) 375; 16. Rye (R) 438; 17. Kennedy (JFK) 445; 18. Pleasantville (Pv) 450; 19. Putnam Valley (PV) 482; 20. Port Chester (PC) 590; 21. Harrison (H) 603; 22. North Salem (NS) 605. Individuals - 1. Andrew Gelston (WP) 17:06.76; 2. Chris Mezias (HG) ...

Francella's round not yet complete
The Journal News
Port Chester's Meaghan Francella played her second round early today in the LPGA's Hana Bank KOLON Championship in Kyeongbook, South Korea.

Football playoffs move into the spotlight
The Journal News
... 3 p.m. Chaminade at Mount St. Michael, 1:30 p.m. Nyack at Our Lady of Lourdes, 1:30 p.m. Spring Valley at Port Chester, 1:30 p.m. Eastchester at Harrison, 1:30 p.m. Clarkstown North at Clarkstown South, 1:30 p.m. Lincoln at Saunders, 1:30 p.m. New ...

10/22/07 - Why is Blackwater, a privatizied militia, currently facing legal scrutiny for various massacres in Iraq, training Port Chester Police Dept.

Blackwater Mercenary at New Orleans Residence

Blackwater is also planning to establish regional training centers in Potrero, California and Mount Carroll, Illinois, billed as Blackwater West and Blackwater North, respectively.

These training centers, in addition to Blackwater's Lodge and Training Center in Moyock, North Carolina -- Blackwater East -- and a possible fourth rumored to be slated for the Pacific Northwest -- Blackwater Northwest -- may result in the establishment of a network of Blackwater-trained police, sheriffs, and other police units around the country.

Given Blackwater's Dismal record on Human rights and Brutality, this spells trouble for civilian control of police and paramilitary forces in the United States, from major metropolitan areas to small rural towns.

Will Port Chester Police officers who have been trained in Blackwater techniques transition from "Protect and serve" to "Kill them All, God will find his own".

Here are some of the courses offered to local Police departments..

Who on the previous 7 - 0 Republican Port Chester Republican Board approved or knew about Port Chester being involved with Blackwater.

Everyone is against corrupt cops, bad government contractors, killer mercenaries, scummy nepotism and lame scumbag lawmakers, but...

How in the heck did Port Chester Police Department and Blackwater get together.

Nobody knows who brought Blackwater to Port Chester.

But a few people around Port Chester have been playing Six Degrees Of Separation.

One chain of connections goes like this.

The Port Chester Chief Of Police has to admit that he knows Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano ***.

Now Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano *** is always taking over the Capitol Theatre, because he is heavily involved in ponzi like soap selling scheme know as Amway.

Now the Amway co-founder is Richard DeVos.

Now Mr. DeVos's daughter in law's maiden name was Elizabeth "Betsy" Prince.

Sister Of Erik Prince the founder, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater.


Blackwater CEO Erik Prince defends guards

The head of Blackwater USA on Sunday rejected a mounting series of reports suggesting the private contractor's security guards opened fire on innocent Iraqi civilians last month....

....Survivors told FBI investigators Blackwater guards shot at civilians presenting no threat. Video Watch a Blackwater witness describe his account »

The first U.S. soldiers to arrive on the scene after the incident told military investigators they found no evidence contractors were fired upon, a source familiar with a preliminary U.S. military report told CNN.

The soldiers found evidence suggesting the guards fired on cars attempting to leave and found weapon casings on the scene matching only those used by U.S. military and contractors, the military source said.....

**** Note About Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano

Yes it is true that Aldo "The Patronage Boy" Vitagliano is an Amway salesman.

Who in their right mind is going to hire an Amway salesman to be their lawyer?

Now you know why Aldo needs so much patronage from Port Chester.

This is just one mans opinion. I could be wrong.

Maybe its a good thing that Blackwater is involved with the Port Chester Police Department.

Maybe its a good idea to hire a lawyer that sells over priced soap on the side.

Please use the comment link below to tell me what you think.

10/21/07 - Home sales in Port Chester crash to 20-year low

Port Chester Area homes sales sank to a two-decade low in September, as tighter lending standards walloped an already-declining market.

Port Chester Realtors have said it was the slowest September that anyone can remember.

Port Chester has suffered month after month of declining sales.

The credit crunch hit with a vengeance in mid-August, as lenders backed away from jumbo loans - those over $350,000. Since home sales typically take about 30 days to close, the fallout hit the September sales data. Tighter standards for jumbos had a particular impact in the Port Chester Area, where, by necessity, most home mortgages are jumbos.

Port Chester median price also been has been hurt by the 13 1/2% School Tax Increase.

But with reckless Hedge Funds causing a credit crunch. It has made it harder and more expensive for potential Port Chester residents to get a larger mortgage, that is needed in Port Chester.

When you combine the price difference (for jumbos) with the restrictions in underwriting guidelines, and the massive school tax increase, that was a triple whammy that has devastated the Port Chester Real Estate market.

Goldie Solomon has repeatedly said that "All levels of Government need to reduce taxes, because we are headed for a recession."

Westchester County, Port Chester Public Schools, Blind Brook Schools, The Village Of Port Chester and the Village Of Rye Brook have all increased taxes the last two years.

The Town of Rye is one of a few Westchester governmental and school bodies that has reduced taxes this year.

The Town Of Rye is the only Westchester governmental or school body that has reduced taxes two years in a row.


Rye Town Supervisor Wanna Be Joe "The Harvard Educated Fool" Carvin explains how the hedge fund mess is going to cause Port Chester housing prices to decline.

This is just one man's opinion. I could be wrong.

I wold like to hear what other Port Chester Businesses, Realtors and Residents think about the pending Port Chester home sales falling sharply.

Why isn't the hopelesslly biased We$tmore $nooze reporting on the fact that Port Chester home buyers have struggled to get loans?

Why hasn't the hopelessly biased We$tmore $nooze reported that the outrageous 13 1/2% School Tax increase has helped cause a dire Port Chester Housing Market that will get worse?

10/21/07 - Port Chester woman critically hurt in I-84 collision in Southeast

SOUTHEAST - A Port Chester woman was in critical condition yesterday at Danbury Hospital after her sport utility vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer on Interstate 84, state police said.
Police initially said the crash appeared to involve a fatality but this afternoon said that Cheryl M. Bagdan, 52, was in critical condition after the 8:30 a.m. accident.

Investigator Ricky Peets said Bagdan was merging from Interstate 684 onto eastbound Interstate 84 when she apparently lost control of her 2004 GMC Yukon on the ramp, which curves sharply. The car continued onto I-84, where it was struck by a 2002 Volvo tractor-trailer driven by William T. Laffey of Pittsburgh, 32, which was in the left lane.

Laffey was not injured but Bagdan had to be extricated from her car......

Full story: http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pb...

10/21/07 - Talkin' Trash: Reduce And Rejoice. It's About Time That We Started Doing Stories On The Port Chester Trash Problem.

I received an email about the trash problem in Port Chester.

The email read as follows......

hey. just wanted to say great job on the roundup.

just wondering if ever think of running a story on the terrible port chester trash. how every wednesday port chester has more trash then the towns and villages around.its because of the overcrowding in houses. no one in port chester ever does anything about it. all the high power "officials" worry about themselves.never have they down anything for this town but raise the damn taxes.

PS- its great reading the roundup online and not paying!! keep up the great work!!

This person is 100% Correct.

I know the current administration and village manager has taken steps to try and solve the problem, but in my opinion they have not done enough.

In fact, I think the current trash plans are too punitive to the single family homeowners.

I personally think the problem is mostly with the multi-family and commercial property owners.

The trash problem is easy to measure.

All one has to do is look at the monthly weight totals at the dump and compare it to the year before.

The Village Manager and the elected officials are either reducing the trash costs or they are not.

All one has to do is go through the commercial district and see the abuse that goes on.

On Mill Street you will see car parts and several bumpers put to the curb for free pickup.

On Westchester Avenue, you will see file cabinets, desks and other office equipment put on the curb for free pick up.

Plus you have illegal multi-family houses putting out trash for two, three and four families.

However, these illegal multi-family houses are paying taxes for one family unit.

The single family homeowners of Port Chester are subsidising the trash pick up of commercial and illegal multi-family units.

All this is doing is increasing the profit margins of commercial businesses and property owners.

Yet the Village Of Port Chester wants to get tough with single family homeowners.

This is just not fair.

This is just one mans opinion, and I could be wrong.

Personally, I would like to hear what other Port Chester residents and businesses think about the trash problem in Port Chester.

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